How to help my daughter start shaving?

I'm a mother of a daughter who is 9 i feel she needs to start shaving her legs but i dont know what is the best razor to start her out on? Any advice will help thank you .

1st. Let that CHILD be a child.
2nd. Once you start shaving, the hair comes in thicker. And darker. So it would be best, to teach her to only shave when necessary. And stop at the knee. Otherwise, your creating a life long hassle.

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9 she’s quite young to shave really, but if she’s gonna do it she will do it whether you approve or not, so might as well make sure she’s informed and doing things safely

Obviously make sure she’s aware that once she shaves once the hair grown in thicker and darker, it may persuade her to wait awhile :woman_shrugging:t2:
And it goes without saying to make sure she knows about exfoliating etc and avoidance of ingrown hair etc.

Personally, I’d recommend an electric shaver, it doesn’t involve the risk of cutting herself accidentally and we have all done it, even in adulthood we’ve all had the razor slip or cut too close and take skin… so an electric one would defo be safer, especially at her age.

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Oh wait… I miss read your post I thought it said SHE wanted to shave… but I have just realised YOU want her to shave



And you want her to have a complex about her body hair ALREADY!!!

Bliddy hell woman!!!

Are you actually serious.


My mom never pressured me to start shaving. I decided to when I saw other kids doing it (around 13 years old). It comes naturally and considering our kids grow up too fast as is, I don’t see any point to rush it if your daughter isn’t asking to start. Let your kid be a kid… it goes in a blink of the eye.:relaxed:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to help my daughter start shaving?

Wait till she feels she has to


My daughter asked if she could shave at 11. I completely supported her. Due to the type of hair she has, I thought it would be best if I helped her using a razor and shaving cream to get a good first shave. It took longer than I thought! The next time we practiced with an electric razor and now she does it independently. We did the same for under her arms.


She is to young they grow up to fast the way it is


We started with an electric razor. But her hair was so long and thick and wasn’t working. So I got her the same kind I use, Bic soleil I think, some shaving cream, and I shaved her legs for her the first few times and talked her through it. Then she did it herself and I watched. Now she’s good to go and 10 1/2. She asked me to do it and I let her. I’d rather her ask than try to do it herself


I think that should be her decision. I didn’t start until I was 15 I don’t have much body hair anyway.


I wouldn’t unless she’s actually started puberty…


I think when she begins growing hair under her arms or you notice her becoming self conscious and not wearing shorts it is time to consider allowing her to shave. Several people have recommended Nair in which might work well for them or their daughters but it is possible to have an allergic reaction . I am highly allergic to Nair and it caused painful chemical burns that took weeks to heal so make sure and test a small area if this is the option you choose. I started my oldest daughter on the Schick Intuition razors and she did well with them. She was around 12 years old.

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Unpopular opinion maybe but see what your daughter wants to do. If it doesn’t bother her then I’d leave it alone.
I grew dark black hair on my legs around 7 or 8 i was never bothered with it til high school. Started shaving legs and underarms around 17. It only made it grow longer thicker and darker definitely regret it.

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My daughters 9 & very dark haired. We opted for an electric one. Its not religiously used. More if she feels she needs to before wearing shorts.
Kids r cruel nowadays. Isn’t something i wanted at this age but i also Didnt want my daughter feel embarrassed or picked on!


I’d let her decide if she is ready to start shaving.


My daughter is almost 7 and when times comes, I’m definitely having her use this thing I just got for me and love. It’s a little electric razor and it doesn’t get fully to the skin… I get anything is possible but I feel it’s safe. And it comes with the first 2 batteries, is very easy and comfortable, and also very portable.

If she has hairy legs and wants to and mom feels ok with it shouldn’t be a problem my daughter started at 12 it each to their own she just wants opinions on good razors for young girls…I let my daughter use the same kind I use I shaved her legs first few times and now she does it all by herself

I took my daughter to walmart to let her look at the razors and showed her the differences, then let her pick one out and a shaving cream. Told her to put on a swimsuit, put a little water in the tub and i walked her through the first leg helping where I needed to. Then just watched over as she did the other leg on her own. She ended up not liking that razor so we picked different ones til she found one she likes.

When I was younger, about 13 I would ask my mom if I could shave at that point I stopped wearing revealing cloths like tank tops and mom always said no your hair isnt that dark. One day I got tired of asking and shaved. My mom was pissed and I didn’t care. I used the crappy razors then and cut myself several times. I like the shick now. Best of luck

My daughter is still scared to shave so she uses nair for sensitive skin it’s so much easier for her until she’s more comfortable with a razor

Both my daughters came to me because they were self conscious about it. I got them electric ones.

9 seems a little young. I feel these kids are being so rushed! When I was 9 I was digging worms up and naming them as pets


My daughter is the same age …I plan on getting an electric one for her…less cuts and bleeding…safer over all

My daughter is almost 13 and she only started asking to shave legs in the last year
Mind you she started her period in the last year as well

Electric razor!my 8 yr old loves hers and she has dark black thick hair and made her self conscious doing cheer and gymnastics. I left it up to her and I started shaving my legs same age as nowadays can be savages so I’m glad she asked if she could.

I feel like shaving before high school would be better girls don’t need to be shaving at 9 but each to there own

Nobody asked for anyone’s opinion.
My daughter turned 10 recently. We’ve done armpits a few times,legs twice.
First time she stuck out her forearm. I said nope.
My only opinion is your daughter will probably need help.


Schick intuition is a great starter. And don’t let anyone tell you she’s too young. That is a good age to start shaving and learning to care for yourself. The fact that you even care is a huge win.


I believe your daughter will let you know when she is ready. I got my daughter the Schick Intuition, its thicker razor with the soap attached to it. Worked great!
Amber Haynes my daughter started asking at 9, after a year of asking, I knew she was ready and she started at 10.


9 very young - educate her that once she starts it has to be done minimum weekly ….
I started my daughter at age 13 on Veet hair removal - no blades

My daughter is 9 and keeps asking to shave her legs. I just don’t know if its too soon or not. :confused:

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Just another point of view. Body hair is normal, society is the one that says women should shave. My daughter is 13 and doesn’t shave anything. She doesn’t want to. It’s there for a reason. Maybe explain to her why it’s there and why it’s important on her body.

If she is ready to shave, I think the intuition razor is a good start.

Every girl matures differently. If you feel like she is nearing that time then I think that you should start showing her the do’s and don’ts. But i would really start her off on Nair.

Get her an electric razor but educate her on all her options and dos and don’ts


When I started shaving I think it was an electric one. Not a regular razor.

She’ll let you know. Probably when they feel to hairy.

We just started using nair with coconut oil super easy and don’t have to worry Bout getting cut!

Why would you want your daughter shaving at 9 years old?

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I bought my daughter a Venus…seems to like it.

Venus … my daughter started at 8 . She’s 9 now , she’s very careful.

The Intuition is a great one. I got them for Mr twin girls, and use one myself too!!!

Your daughters feelings?

Wth she’s 9? Wait till shes ready and starts asking you about it.


Nair cream no need to shave ti be on the safe side

I like intuition. It just goes really soft over your skin and you don’t need any thing else the soap is on it.

Body hair is normal so sad that such young girls have shaving pushed at them let kids be kids

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Billie razors are great.

9 is too young. Just my opinion.


Nair cream if anything, I would never expect a nine year old to use a razor.

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The later they shave the better. My girl is 9 and I’ve skilled her about shaver… Coming from experience, it’s not really a good idea for a young person to shave . They tend to shave everything and regret it later in life…

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I’ll never understand why women jump on mums who allow their young daughters to shave. I was around 8 when I started shaving. I have pcos and I’m very dark haired as well as it being very coarse. It’s just shaving. It’s not a boob job or a lip piercing. I really don’t get the big hoohar :roll_eyes:

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9??? Way to young, just my opinion

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Leave the child alone ffs


Does she feel like she needs to start shaving?

Try Nair maybe then razors ? I used something like this when I started shaving, it’s so simple. I used it by itself so I never had to use shaving cream or make a mess.

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As a fully trained, qualified and specialised beauty therapist. I professionally beg and ask that you do not shave your daughters legs at 9 years old. The hair growth that will return and cause issues throughout her actual adolescent life. It will also hinder any proper growth that is meant to occur naturally as she develops through puberty. Please, do not take any actions to remove hair, especially on a child that young. Wait until puberty and if worse comes to worse, clipper the hair, dont wax, shave or use hair removal creams !!! Please !!!
If you would like more advice, I have been in the industry for copious amounts of years and have been a specialised hair remover for a very long time, or even just want to chat about options, please inbox me ! But do not shave her please !


If you dont shave you’ll never have too. #seenproofamproof


Why? She’s a little girl and that’s really dangerous. What if so cuts herself? Is this a joke? The hair is there for a reason!


My parents actually shaved my legs for me until I was old enough to feel confident doing it alone! Not saying that was a great idea but it worked lol. You could always start with an electric razor that isn’t sharp but will trim down the hair!

Use shave powder instead, safer and easier to do, if she’s self conscious about the thickness of hair the more she uses the thinner the hair will. I think it’s young to start worrying about but also that’s a time where girls start to be self conscious. I advise have a real talk about how she is viewing herself and why she wants to start.

There is obviously a reason shes asked 9 is way too young in normal standards but what if this girl has an issue where she produces a lot more hair and its noticed by others? As long as the childs happy and not in danger, i started shaving mine at 10/11 so its not long before shed be doing it anyway


Has she expressed that she wants to?


My parents started me around that age because I was in cheer and kids made fun of me. She used nair and I used basically a plastic “razor” so I didn’t cut myself and learned how to properly do it. I believe they have those nair kits still. Best way to learn, in my opinion.

9 is way too young. Just because you feel like it doesn’t mean she should, you’ll be giving her unnecessary insecurities about her body and she’s still a child. I didn’t start shaving my legs until I was near 13/14. Please don’t push her to grow up x


My first razor was like a dermaplaning razor. The hair at that age is fine enough for that kind of razor to deal with, and there isn’t a sharp enough blade to injure herself with

You shave yours in front of her… If she want to learn she will, then teach her the right way so that the hair won’t grow more thicker and cause uncomfort… if she is not interested, leave it…

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I’d say 9 is a bit too young. But ask her how she feels about it, if she doesn’t want to shave then don’t make her, even when she’s 13, 18, 25 whatever.
We live in a world now where people finally accept that hair grows out of our bodies and body differences are starting to be celebrated and accepted, her autonomy is more important than hairy legs, you can buy armpit hair dye now for crying out loud so don’t make her feel its abnormal or dirty or shouldn’t be there, make it her choice and help her safely if and when she chooses to.
I’d probably leave it a bit longer than 9 though if it was me :woman_shrugging:

A 9 year old does not need to shave her legs. Let her be a kid. Damn.


you feel she needs to shave her legs? What does she feel about it? You don’t have to shave just because you are a girl.


Use nair but make sure she uses it properly and do a test patch. It can burn you

I wouldnt let my 9yr old shave her legs but if ur both happy for her to be do it id say why not start with hair removal cream??
Wait to use a razor till shes older

Intuition!! Has the soap on it for extra moisturizer :slightly_smiling_face: less cuts

Cheap pink 1 layer disposable razors

If she hasn’t expressed that it’s bothering her or she’s getting bullied for it
Leave it 9 is still young …


I had a friend who didn’t listen to all the stupid men and all the idiots like you and guess what!! She doesn’t need to shave or wax or anything to this day because SHE LEFT IT ALONE! What is your kid not good enough the way she is? Guess she’s gotta look a certain way and dress a certain way to be loved? Cause that’s the idea YOURE putting into her head! Good job :+1:


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to help my daughter start shaving?

Don’t shave her legs ever. At all. All the hair will fall off when she’s 18 and she’ll never have to shave again. Happened to my grandma

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Gillette, the best a man can get

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Nair and thoes fake shavers to start, real razors around 12

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to help my daughter start shaving?

For the ppl getting angry at this, this is not your child to judge. Some girls mature and hit puberty very early. I’d recommend the razors that have a great moisture bar on them so her legs don’t dry out in the process. Kids these day and age are far more advanced at a younger age then I was lol. But sit and have a chat with her about how she is feeling about shaving and if its an issue for her then let her. If not then I’d wait till she’s more obliged to ask you


My daughter is developing early she’s 10 tomorrow and her hairs are quite dark it was bothering her so we talked about it and we decided to use Veet which she is happy with xx


Some of you pearl clutchers never had thick, black, long leg hair in elementary school, and got made fun of relentlessly when wearing shorts, and it really shows :ok_hand::black_heart: I would recommend venus comfort glide or Schick intuition and sitting on the edge of the bathtub and showing her on yourself first. Then help her establish the correct pressure and angles.


I think at 9 she’s to young and probably doesn’t even notice them herself but if you’re going to do it, I think an electric one would be better for some one so young, can’t cut herself and we all know how much that can sting and bleed


I would wait until SHE wants to start shaving. No matter her age it’s her body and not even her mother should be deciding that that NEEDS to shave… My daughter is 9 also and has a lot of leg hair, and she knows the option to shave or not shave is totally hers whenever she is ready to do so. If your daughter came to you asking to shave, then I would recommend the Shick Intuition.


I gave my daughter the Intuition razors with the built in shaving cream surrounding the razor. Its bigger and bulkier, which seemed to make it easier for her to learn to use.


I wanted to start around 9. I got made fun of for my hairy legs… my mom wouldn’t let me. I didn’t wear shorts again until I was 13, when she finally let me shave. I say, if she’s asking to do it, go for it. I like the Schick intuition ones… they have cute designs on them and have the moisturizer/shaving cream already on them


I just got my 10.5 year old a Schick intuition. Has the razor and soap in 1. She has been asked for a few months and my rule was once she got her period. Well that was a few months ago now and I tried to get her to hold off because I want my baby to be my baby. She was my first and I am not ready for her to grow up lol.

Anyone saying 9 is to young, doesn’t know the full background story.

To anyone saying it comes back fuller and thicker, that’s a proven myth. Learned in aesthetician schooling and a super easy Google search tells you that’s a myth.


I have a 10 year old and hoping I have 1 or 2 more years! It comes back darker and thicker so starting so young she’ll have to keep up with it


Your daughter does NOT need to start shaving at 9! Come on! Let her be a kid! The time will come soon enough where she will want to as a teenager! Both my girls didn’t start shaving legs until 13-14 earliest. Do not make her feel like she needs to to be comfortable with her own body!!


I begged my mother to let me shave at 8 because ibwas being made fun of…she refused. So I went to my older sister and did it anyways…if your daughter has expressed interest teach her the best way you know how momma!!! My single father best friend put his daughter at 10 in a bathing suit and taught her…I was there…but he did the teaching.


She’s so young. Let her be little for just a bit longer. They grow up so quickly!!!


That’s pretty young. Wait till she asks you. Don’t push her before then


I am a mother of 5 girls and I let them shave when I thought they were mature enough to handle it one daughter was 13 and the other 2 were 12 I now wait for my last 2 …10 and 7 and my 10 year old asks me every day and I tell her no because it’s a big thing to have to handle and I don’t think she is ready even though she is a lot more mature then her other sisters I don’t think it’s a good idea for someone that young


Honestly unless it’s an issue and she’s got dark thick hair like I had (which I got bullied for) I wouldn’t touch it. Wait until she’s a little older 11/12. If anything I’d choose waxing/laser hair removal over shaving in hind site. As the hair will take longer to grow back and grow back thinner and by 16+ wouldn’t be hardly anything. X


Personally I think 9 is way too young to start shaving. Really there isn’t any way to word it to her that isn’t going to knock her confidence. Let her raise the subject when she feels ready.


My 13 year old has no interest in shaving and i don’t push her. I bought her razors for xmas and shes never touched them lol let her be a kid is my advice especially if it isn’t bothering her personally


I got an electric razor for my daughter. The one that looks like a regular razor but electric. She’s 12 now so I’m going to get her a regular razor soon. She had to start shaving her pits at 9. Her leg hair finally changed recently and she just started shaving her legs.