How to increase milk supply?

I heard body armors help not 100% sure

I drank out of those giant soda cups from fast food places & filled them with water. The more I drank, the more I produced. Drank constantly all morning at work & could pump out two full-sized bottles on my lunch hour.

Your OB or hospital should have lactation consultants to help you. If you can’t make it work, no shame in using formula. Also there are teas at health food stores or online that are supposed to help. My pediatrician said feel free to drink beer also as it is supposed to help your milk come in! That was 30+ years ago though.,

Body Armor was a life saver for me! I was also given a cluster pumping schedule to follow and it really helped get me on track. Good luck :heart:

I wasnt a big producer… but with my 3rd child (13 months now) this product was a life saver!

See if there is a Le Leache League in your area. Talking with a League Leader and attending meetings is an excellent help.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to increase milk supply?

Have a stout beer, oatmeal, LOTS of water, no peppermint anything. Fenugreek tea, oatmeal nut better protein bites with collagen peptides and brewers yeast. I was prescribed domperidone also that helped me along with all these tips above. You can also pump between feedings to increase supply.

There’s a bunch of ‘suspected’ ways but most are just that…the only thing that truly increases it is supply and demand. Having them on it constantly.
What helps some people’s supply may hurt others…and vice versa

My doctor and lactation consultant recommended fenugreek 2 tablets, 3 times a day. And eating oatmeal daily. There are lactation cookies that help a well. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and eating enough. I also heard there is a copycat Starbucks on drink that you can make with white-cran-strawberry juice mixed with coconut or oatmilk that will help as well

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Breastfeeding is supply and demand so the more taken out, the more often, the better pretty much.

Be careful with Fenugreek it killed my supply with my last baby. It helps some and hurts others.
Lots of water, body armor once per day and oat milk all help. Eat enough calories. Get enough rest. I am taking brewer’s yeast tablets 3 in the morning and 3 at night. I get 10 more oz per day from them. Milkies breastfeeding postnatal is also good. There is one with and another without Fenugreek. I exclusively pump and am pumping every 2 hours. Pump after feeding to tell your body you need more milk. The more you feed/pump the more your body will make.

Walmart has snacks in the baby section that is supposed to help with that. Can’t remember remember the name. Sorry

I get the lactation cookies, they help alot, I also got oat granola for breakfast and eat alot of vegetables and fruits. Lots and lots of water! Anything with caffeine will hurt your supply (at least that’s what the lactation consultant told me) red meat also helps. Build that protein up.

Power pumping helps!

Hot shower with breast massage. Hot towel to breasts. Much stimulation to breast in between breast feeding. Stimulating increases milk supply

Hot show with breast massages.
Oatmeal and Gatorade

Your milk supply will provide what is needed. As you approach six months they will have less milk as they start eating solids. I found the best way of keeping supply was pumping (use pumped milk in purees) and looking at a picture of the baby before feeding.

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Fennel essential oil!! It works like a charm!! Do not use it more than 5 days straight. Apply it directly to your breast AFTER nursing. I would put it from my arm pit across my breast. I could notice a difference by the end of the first day.

Feed on demand and stay hydrated.

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After feeding her, try pumping. My preference was a hand pump by Avent. I did fast pumps at first to mimic the fast suckling my babies did to encourage let down. Then a pump, pump hold repeatedly as long as the milk streamed. It gradually, greatly increased the amount I was able to freeze. I often did this right after feedings. Just be gentle on your skin.

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your body won’t make this magical milk if it doesn’t have enough liquids.

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A dark stout beer like a Guinness

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These brownies work really good to help increase your milk supply. A lot of moms use them too and they v s a Facebook page too. I’ve tried high yeast and dark beers and they didn’t work but these brownies worked wonders. They have other products too but I haven’t tried them.

Their Facebook page is milky mama, llc

Body armor and power pumping at least once a day.

There is a tea. Eat a small snack and drink. Every feed. Lessen stress… try to relax and do deep breathing more often… especially during and after stress… light exercise… not strenuous.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to increase milk supply?

Oatmeal in smoothies mixed with banana strawberry’s milk and mamas boobie milk powder

So in my experience 1/2 to 1 can of beer, and or a tea that is called mothers milk, I think it’s celestial seasons brand but I could be wrong…

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Make sure you are using the correct size of flanges! very few people use the standard sizes that come with the pump. Make sure to hydrate and eat enough calories. And, power pump at least one a day! it is had work momma, but very possible. Good luck to you <3

Make sure you are well hydrated and I eat Aussie Bites. You can find them at Sam’s or Costco. They are packed with grains and really help me a lot. My mom also swears by lentils.

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Drink plenty of water, rest and they even have milk supplements out there that are supposed to make you produce more milk

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Lots of water or coconut water or body armor. When u was having issues, I’d pump for 15 min take a break for 10 min, pump 10, break for 5, pump 5, break 10 and pump again for 15 minutes. I did it twice a day and saw a small increase. Usually when pumping, I only get 45-70ml. It’s so discouraging, but keep going and you’ll see a difference.

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I heard that body armour drink helps a lot with production

Hydrate and relax. Our bodies tend to know when we are stressed. I used to make oatmeal bites and drink mothers milk tea. I had surgery which threw off my supply and tried the recommendation of dark beer… i hate beer but tried it. I pumped nearly 11 oz the next morning. The most i ever pumped at one session.

Maybe your body is telling u it’s time to quit…solid food and milk


Tons of water! Oatmeal, granola bars, coconut milk/ water. I make a “smoothie” with coconut water, frozen strawberries, and a little bit of sugar. It’s amazing to increase my milk supply

Fenugreek capsules or fenugreek tea

She is almost a year? She doesnt need Breast milk anymore!:thinking:


I would stay away from the lactation treats because most of them contain Fenugreek which fenugreek can cause your supply to tank. I would be careful drinking body armor because although it’s good for hydration, the sugar can cause supplies to tank. The best way to increase your supply is to keep pumping (try power pumping if you haven’t yet) or if you are also feeding her direct from source, latch her more. Ultimately the more milk you get out, the more your body knows it needs to produce so it produces. Definitely make sure you are keeping hydrated with water and eating enough to make up for the calories you are burning. You can Google foods that can help your supply - I know oats are one :slightly_smiling_face:

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There’s some all natural pills on Amazon that worked great for me

All my children was weaned the day they turned 1year old.they change everything now.tell you not to give them water& food till their older .mind was fine didn’t hurt didn’t have as many problems back then as they do now.


I want to cringe at all the advice on this thread. Please don’t listen to most of it. Join “expressions! Lactation services.” You can talk with a real IBCLC.


Wow some of you are cruel in some countries they bf for as long as possible some of you telling her to switch her to milk and solids aren’t really helping or giving her the advice she’s looking for

It’s been many years but I remember it was really important to drink lots of water and nurse or pump frequently like every 2 hours.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to increase milk supply?

Drink more,eat oatmeal, pump more


Lay with your baby. It’s hard but works.

Drinking more, eat more, heat pack on breasts before pumping, and massage to start

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A beer, The barley in it boosts the supply.


Oatmeal and grape Gatorade, works like a charm for me

Water water water seriously and food you need to be eating constantly to keep that milk supply two most absolutely important parts

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Increase water intake, pump more frequently to demand more milk… oatmeal and Gatorade and look up breastfeeding cookies

Drink a lot of water

Fenugreek tea. Drink more water and rest (easier said, right?) The more you nurse and pump the more you produce.

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Pumping is not an indication of how much milk you are producing. Breastfeeding is supply and demand so the more baby is on the boob, the more milk you will produce. Just keep pumping while away but don’t let pumping discourage you as it is not an indicator. In the meantime, drink plenty of water, eat some oatmeal and eat healthy. Just keep pumping every couple hours or any chance you get.

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Make a recording of your baby crying and listen to it while you pump. It helps with let down.

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U can go to the baby isle and get the lactate cookies not only are they addicting they actually work

You can drink O’douls, fenugreek supplements, mothers tea. That came from my on nursing teacher

Oatmeal, fenugreek, milk thistle tea, Chamomile tea, and hella water.

Massage your breasts. Warm or hot shower to your breasts. Breastfeed and pump frequently. The more stimulation the more milk. Eat full heathy meals and plenty of fluids.

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My son was in the nicu for a long time i couldn’t breast feed him…he was a 24 weeker so i had to pump. My milk supply was low so the doctors put me on reglan i think its spelled and i drank Mother’s milk tea and was able to hold out for 6 months doing that

Pumping doesn’t not indicate how much milk your supply is. It honestly sounds like your milk supply is regulating. I would make sure your drinking enough water, eating enough of the proper calories and nutrients you need. Keep on latching baby and keep on pumping. Breastfeeding is a supply and demand type of thing. The more milk you get out, the more that your body will produce. You can find a lactation counselor or an IBCLC around you to help you out as well ! :two_hearts:

I would avoid fenugreek at all costs. This actually causes supplies to take a hit. The sugar in body armors can also cause it to dip too. You could try lactation treats but they actually are not usually beneficial and typically have an ingredients that can harm your supply

Make sure your pump parts are replaced every 4-6weeks or according to your pump manual. Drink plenty of fluids. Stay away from fenugreek unless you know for sure that your thyroid is functioning properly as it can dry some people up. Pump more often if you can. Power pump and do breast compressions while pumping. Meet with an ibclc to make sure your pump flanges are the right size for you. Give yourself some grace, you are doing a great job momma.

Drink lots of water and pump/nurse as often as possible

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Body armor!!!
I used fenugreek supplements, although it’s controversial now and not recommended, I didn’t have to use much and quit once I noticed an increase. I’m not exactly sure what the deal was against using it, I believe it was said to increase fussiness and gas, but I had no problems…but I only used it long enough to boost my supply then stopped.
I breastfed and pumped successfully for a year.

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Also, make sure you are nursing on demand whenever you are with baby. Good luck!

See if you can get a hold of a lactation consultant. They may be able to help

Power pump a couple times a day. And drink body armour. I also used a hot pack on my chest and massaged while I pumped and had a haaka to catch my other side so I didn’t lose milk

Eat and drink more good foods. Nutritious stuff. Sleep and rest well. Xxx good luck.

Coconut water. Oatmeal multiple times a day. Latching.

Make sure you’re eating enough and when you breast feed at home, use the pump afterwards to fully drain both breasts, the stimulation should increase your supply :slightly_smiling_face: I was the same with my first and lost my supply and had supplement with formula but this time I’ve been making sure I fully drain both breasts and my supply has been insane, I’ve been using on breast, expressing and giving her some bottles (but expressing at the time she has those bottles just to give my breasts a rest as she’s chomping on them due to being tongue tied) and then I’ve been freezing loads so if my supply starts to drop I have back up :smiley:

  1. Stimulate Stimulate Stimulate! BFing is supply and demand so demand more milk by pumping more frequently and
  2. on the weekend you can do a babymoon which will trigger your hormones in hyper-drive to produce more. Basically skin to skin with your baby for 24hrs. Keep the baby with you literally all day. Sleep together, eat together and all.
  3. When you pump at work, look at photos of your baby and/or videos to kick those hormones into action. I always get more milk when I’m thinking of baby, looking at baby, etc. When I’m pumping in front of my laptop focused on work, my yields can be smaller

P.s. all of the supplements (fenugreek, lactation cookies, oatmeal, body armor/blue Gatorade, etc. help but help marginally). You gotta pump, feed and stimulate more for real results. Be consistent and give it a few days before you expect results

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The only way to produce more is to produce more. You can make formula out of condensed milk and Kayro syrup. Google for recipe. It used to be on old cards sent home with babies from the hospital.

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Pink drink at Starbucks is suppose to help has coconut milk in it. Also after every feeding pump. I because I over supplier by pumping after every feeding good luck.

Nurse as much as you possibly can - the more you nurse the more milk you produce - lots of luck !

A tea called mommas milk, eat oatmeal in the am and get you some lactation cookies. Also a Odouls or some brewers yeast will help too.

Make sure you are pacefeeding your baby when they get a bottle. Most mothers are not able to keep up when a baby is fed BM the same as formula. The baby at the breast is much more efficient than a pump so a pump is not indication of your supply.

Nurse on demand and pump the side baby doesn’t nurse off of that time and alternate. I pumped 4 gallons of milk total in less than month or so when my daughter wasn’t even nursing, hoping she would get over her sensitivity (I changed my whole diet to try and figure out what was wrong, but we never did, she was on lactose free formula in the end and I gave up dairy too) but donated it all in the end. I was able to get 4 oz from one breast each time I pumped for about 10-15 mins with a manual pumps, way more effective. Also increased water intake.

Beer helps too. If you’re comfortable with that. If not it’s okay.

Brewers yeast, oatmeal or oat milk, coconut water (mix it with water and a flavoring pack) and lots of pumping

You want the hard honest truth or myths? Stop working, apply for maternity disability, have your baby feed every hour. You want to produce milk, right. Only the baby sucking can stimulate breadt milk. Not the breast pump!!!

Make sure you have something that smells like your baby to help produce the hormones necessary when pumping. Buy fenugreek leaves and crush then up into your pasta sause. I put in my indian food all the time, so delish. Drinking extra water. Make sure the suction cup part is right size, not too big or small for your nipple. Get a lot skin to skin contact when you’re home with your baby. I noticed after working out the milk flowed out faster for me. A lactation consultant can offer more advice and support, if you have good one near you. I was told most of time (not all cases) when the supply is low there isn’t enough water being consumed. Worst thing you could do is stress over it. You are doing your best and be proud!

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Oatmeal helps, I ate oatmeal every day and lots of water. Let the baby nurse as much as you can bc the baby’s saliva encourages milk production. Try not to stress, stress reduces your milk supply.

Eat well, drink lots of water , rest whenever possible , the more you pump or feed the more milk you’ll produce but you must stay hydrated

I eat what I want but try to do more protein but make sure you get enough carbs too. I drink water but what helps me the most because I’m not a great water drinker is body armour LYTE. Low sugar etc. Occasionally do the gatorade. When you pump look at videos/pictures of baby. Also, note that pumps dont get as much as baby can. Baby supposedly only needs an ounce for every hour you are away from them…my boy is big lol so I started pumping before bed to get a few more ounces. Hes 9 lbs and goes to daycare with 12 oz. Hes in daycare 830-515

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to increase milk supply?

Make sure you hydrate well. Coconut water works really well. The stress of not making milk can actually make it worse. Try to relax and know that you’ve got this! One day at a time!

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I’m in the same boat☹️

Drink plenty of water, there’s also breast feeding tea that helps

Body armor is good for getting your supply up
Even oatmeal
And those cookies, I forgot what they’re called
Chicken soup is good too
Hydrate hydrate hydrate

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Is the baby nursing too? You can drink odouls beer, take fenugreek supplements that’s from my clinical ob hippie nurse :rofl:but she’s so good at what she does

Pumping is not indicative of what you produce. I’ve been breastfeeding for over 2 years now but can’t pump for the life of me. Nothing gets your milk out like your baby xx


Drink lots of water and Gatorade as well as tea and I’d say a little caffeine would t hurt. Those things will definitely help. Sometimes eating chocolate helps too. You should allow your baby to nurse bc even if there’s no milk her suckling will aid in milk production. Our supply is based on demand and it needs the baby to latch on an suckle plus the babies sucking and saliva triggers your body to make milk tailored to the babies needs and quantity. When I breastfed I drank lots of fluids and everytime I added juice or caffeinated drinks it my milk production will increase. If all else fails I’d call the doctor and honestly with as low as you say you’re getting I’d definitely call the doctor and ask for guidance bc that’s kind of low even for a newborn.

Please try to not be stressed (easier said than done). Stress is a huge reason we stop producing.
Exercise helps a ton! A brisk walk or some aerobics. Lots of fluids and rest too. Keep trying. I know it’s not easy to relax when you feel like this could be the end but do whatever you can to de-stress.
Also, try a beer. Guiness is good for your milk supply.


That happened to me too. I heard it’s normal. Just latch baby often, drink water and make sure you’re keeping up on eating

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There’s cookies, check Walmart or wherever you shop should have some, they’re specifically to help moms produce more milk. I don’t remember what they’re called. Also oatmeal, eat it before bed and drink a body armor drink or even a glass of water with it. Staying hydrated is so important when you’re breastfeeding. You got this mama! Instead of trying to pump nonstop, try to get baby to drink more frequently, they will get more than pumping. Then, give it a half hour and then pump. Also massaging them will help too. You got this mama! XOXO

The lactation cookies at Walmart helped me and I was able to continue breastfeeding my son until after he was a year old. Make sure your drinking lots of water, too.