How to increase milk supply?

My sister and some friends swear that chocolate milk helped increase their supply! I’m not sure how true it is, but it couldn’t hurt

Firstly your feelings are valid and real. Men just aren’t that great at understanding how to respond emotionally. He just sees it as it is what it is. But to you its sooo much more to it than that. Try reaching out to an LC they’re very helpful with these situations. Also recommend lots of skin to skin and hydrate hydrate hydrate and hydrate some more lol. Water intake is soo critical for supply. Try body armors or powerade. Coconut water is an excellent natural source of electrolytes. Also if you noticed the dip shortly after taking the fenugreek I’d try removing that and see if that brings your supply back up. I’ve heard fenugreek can hurt more than it helps. Breathe mama your doing an amazing job!!! You got this!!!:heartbeat:

Men will never understand the pressure that comes with breastfeeding/pumping. I felt the same way and I cried a lot. Don’t beat yourself up, your baby is getting what they need and the fact that you’re upset proves you’re a great mom. My supply didn’t increase until like 3 months postpartum and I supplemented as well. I found that self care helped my milk supply, specifically eating enough and drinking a lot of water. I know it feels really bad but you’re doing great. Hang in there. :heart:

The more you supplement the more you’ll have to keep supplementing. It’s called the “booby trap”. Also, products that may give a temporary boost like fenugreek can have the opposite effect and tank your supply, and also can make baby really gassy. The best way to increase supply is to put baby to breast. The more milk you remove the more it signals your body to make. I would also consider power pumping.

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I had a c-section, and start giving my baby formula after 3 months of struggling, you are not doing anything wrong, my husband told me one night : is the baby crying? Is the baby sick? Is the baby hungry? And I say NO so he told me: So there is nothing to feel bad about it, my baby is almost 18 months now and at the beginning I feel bad about it. Your husband is been supportive all this time its just sometimes is difficult to them to understand why a woman feel that way.

So I have had four kids. With kid one and two, I had a very difficult time with breast-feeding and didn’t seem to have enough milk. Plus my nipples hurt really badly. With the third child, I requested a lactation consultant to come in to assist me. I told her to pretend this was my first one and show me how to properly breast-feed my kid. She assisted me in proper technique and it really seemed to help. She showed me how to keep the baby on one breast for 15 minutes and then to switch to the other one to feed for another 15 minutes. She also gave me tips on how to stimulate my breasts and a whole bunch of other things to keep in mind to be as successful as possible. I breast-fed my third kiddo for way longer than I did my other two without having to supplement. When I started working full-time, it was a little more difficult at that point, and I had to go to formula and my breast milk supply that I had frozen in the deep freezer. But please keep in mind that some people can only breast-feed for a certain amount of time and milk production sometimes is not there. Please do not let this make you feel ashamed or upset. My first two kids, who I was only able to breast-feed for six weeks and three months respectively, came out beautifully and are in wonderful health. The longer you can do it, the more antibodies you get the kids. Doing it for only a few weeks is better than doing it for no time at all. So please don’t stress about how long you were able to breast-feed. It’s OK. Some have only been able to formula feed because they were not able to breast-feed, so please don’t be too hard on yourself.


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WATER!! can’t stress that enough yeah lactation cookies help a bit but increase your water in take and power pump you’ll see how much of a difference you’ll start producing

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Goats rue

Goat’s Rue Lactation Aid Support Supplement for Breastfeeding Mothers - 120 Vegetarian Capsules

I would drink a Gatorade and eat an (little Debbie) oatmeal cookie every day for mine.

My baby was born at 29 weeks, I also had to add formula to breast milk ( help her gain weight)… it was a huge struggle to get breast milk. I spoke with a specialist and she had me pump every 15 min all day/night and I took a medication for about a week.

Look at getting baby seen for lip and tongue ties
Also make sure you drink water and stay hydrated
Powered zero or Gatorade zeros for electrolytes…the sugar frees one so you don’t get unnecessary sugar for you

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Hun, it happens and the more you worry the less you make. But I assure you, you are not “a failure of a mother” because your supply is dropping or you have to supplement. All.that matters is you have a happy, healthy fed baby, no matter what form the food is. I dried up in 9 weeks after the birth of my son, and 5 weeks after the birth of my daughter, I tried so hard but sometimes our body just says enough. Yes I felt terrible at the time too, but now I know I did the best by my kids, yes I fed formula but now they are happy, healthy, bright 9yo & 11yo kids so what was there to stress about really.

Breastfeeding for 8 months!!.. You my friend are are A SuperMom!! As parents we often feel Not good enough but I’m telling you You Are A Wonderful Mom! just the fact that it bothers you so much you ask questions to other moms!! I’m no expert but don’t worry yourself about what milk she drinks!! As long as she’s happy and healthy. she’ll be eating table food in no time! and look on the bright side… maybe you and hubby can make some time together after letting it go! Guys aren’t like us he’s not gonna worry unless she’s missing a toe🤷🏽‍♀️! Take it easy mom just look at her she’s fine isn’t she!! She’s not gonna hate you in 20 years for this decision!! God Bless!!

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Drink Body Armour drinks. One of those and many of my friends and myself were completely engorged the next day. I usually drink it mid day that way night and morning feedings are well supplied. Plus pumping.

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Since your daughter is probably eating solids now that can cause your supply to decrease because she’s getting nutrients in other ways! It’s totally natural :heart: lasting 8 months breastfeeding is AMAZING and you are doing such an incredible job. Breastfeeding is HARD, emotionally and physically. But around this age there is a natural and normal decrease in your milk supply because she herself is getting ready to eventually stop nursing. You can also just introduce regular water at this age in small increments if you’re concerned about her fluids. Don’t be too hard on yourself mama!!! :heart::heart::heart:


Could baby be tongue tied possibly? It might not be you mama ask the pediatrician to look stay strong mama your doing everything right no matter what

Formula is fine. Breastfeeding isn’t great for everyone

Look up domperidone groups on fb they saved my breastfeeding journey.

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Have you tried a nipple guard? It helps with latching on. My now 5 yr old had the same problem, in the nicu he was so small and couldn’t latch so they tried that ans it worked.

Warm water hitting ur boobs may help increase supply. Stand in the shower and see if that helps.

My friend went to class for breastfeeding & they told her to drink a beer a day


Breast milk supply increases on demand, i.e., whenever the baby is latched and sucking. Pumping won’t do it, and supplementing with formula takes away from the time the baby could be latched. It sounds like you really need a lactation consultant to help you with the latch issue. If you want to exclusively breastfed, then that’s the route you may have to go. If you can, call the pediatrician’s office to see if they can recommend a lactation consultant.

I just want to say you are doing an amazing job. What a fabulous mum you are. :heart:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to increase milk supply?

be kind to yourself! I put so much pressure on myself with daughter. With my second i’m doing best I can plus supplementing with formula as needed. Warm heating pad on back use to help, oatmeal, water and not stressing out.

Oatmeal!! Oatmeal cookies and body armor drinks helped tremendously…also cuddling with your little one, maybe feed and pump at the same time…I exclusively bf and had a hard time pumping :upside_down_face:…there are struggles every way. Ultimately know that you have reached an amazing goal and have given your little one the best nourishment ever!!!


I know the feeling. I’m on my second time around of breastfeeding and it’s a huge struggle. Neither one of my babies would take formula so it was even harder when my supply was low. I did find that lots of water and granola bars helped.

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Coconut in any way. Also oatmeal. Keeping yourself hydrated is also super important. Drink drink and drink!

I don’t have any suggestions as far as increasing your supply of breastmilk. However perhaps instead you should realize that God made you exactly the way you are and he made you that way for a reason and and you are perfect just the way you are. I wouldn’t be so upset about not being able to supply as much breastmilk as you want, just be happy and thankful that you were able to supply as much as you could.:heart:
As far as your husband goes… Men don’t always understand these things. He probably just wants you to not miss out on the rest of your relationship with your child and to not miss out on the rest of what it means to be a mom.:heart:

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I drank Body Armor before I pumped and it helped me double my supply

Wow 8 months of pumping GREAT job mom!
Im currently going through the exact same w my 1 mnth old now. I love all the feed back you got. I found it extremely helpful:). Also look up a recipe for Assie bites they’re delicious and good for milk supply.

Try increasing the amount of fresh cloves of garlic in your foods. This should help

Don’t stress. I know that is not easy but it will cut down your supply. Even if you don’t feel like laughing do it often especially if stressed. It will help.

Do the best you can with breastfeeding if that’s your goal. Just know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing both! If baby needs a top off with formula, that’s ok. You are doing an amazing thing!!


Drink lots of water and body armor drinks, eat oatmeal, and try increasing your fenugreek to 4 capsules 3 times per day. When everything smells like syrup that means your taking enough. I mean everything sweat, urine, and milk lol. The most important thing is to try and relax and not stress about how much milk you are making.

I know how u are feeling. I had to have a csection which I had tried so hard to stay away from. Then few hrs later he was hungry I swore up and down he was not going to have formula but I couldn’t get him to latch on and he was hungry so I said ok to formula. Went to lactation counseling 2x a week. Found out at 6 day checkup hes double tongue tied. That’s why he couldn’t latch. At 1 month got his tongue clipped but by then he still couldn’t latch. Tried for 1.5 month to breastfeed by pumping only getting about 2 bottles a day. My body wasn’t making enough. Plus I don’t think it was nutritious for him Cuz once I stopped and fully gave him formula he finally gained weight. Took him 2 months to get back to birth weight. Literally nothing I wanted went right. But I had to adapt and do what was best for my baby. Ya it took a while to get over that feeling of failure but I didn’t fail I just had to tell myself that I was doing what was best for my child. I was feeding him even though it wasn’t exactly as planned. He was healthy and now hes a giant almost 11 yr old. Hes 5’5" by the end of summer he will be my height or taller. Size 11 men shoes.
I’ve turned my feeling of failure by not being able to formula feed to I tried did the best I could I gave him what I could. And once I stopped trying to breastfeed and pump the stress for both of us decreased tremendously. Feeding should be relaxing for both of you not stressful. You were able to give your baby 8 months of breastmilk. That’s really good you should be proud of yourself for getting to that point. Don’t be hard on yourself. Do as much breastfeed a day that you can and formula feed the rest so by the time you run out it won’t be a big shock on baby. Start weaning her off of breastmilk now while you still have it so that if and or when u run out baby will be fine with all formula. Now I had to give my son gentle ease formula Cuz he had bad spit up with regular formula.
But again your doing so good by getting to 8 months of breastfeeding. Don’t be hard on yourself.

my sister drank vervain and it worked pretty well

Do things to help you relax, warm bath while your husband watches baby, yoga or stretching exercises, light walking outside, whatever helps you to not worry or stress. Try body to body cuddles with your baby, cheek to cheek before you breastfeed or pump. Do not take it personal that you are not producing, maybe that is what your husband means, it is a normal thing especially when you are pumping. The more you stress yourself the higher the chances of you not producing milk.

You haven’t failed anything you have done much more than a whole lot of Mother’s are willing to do. At 8 months baby should be eating some food and water formula or breast milk from a cup. What you pump today should be what your body makes for tomorrow. Have you gotten your period. Perhaps if baby is eating well you’ll only need to feed a couple times per day.

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Body armor drinks helped me so much along with oatmeal

Its fine your baby has had a great start its all good i couldent continue when i had my baby and she did great healthy no skin problems baby will be fine and you can see how much bub is drinking now a full baby is a happy baby

Dark beer
Power pumping
Cluster pumping
Cookies the milk has some quick boost cookies, brownies and cookie dough that many moms swear by to help with a boost in supply when needed
If you are having latch issues, try the hakaa nipple shield, it’s just like a bottle nipple
Oatmeal, steel cut is best (steel cut helped me better than regular rolled oats)
Stay away from fenugreek!!!
Coconut water
Greater than sports drinks, drank them for 8 months and helped me stay hydrated.
Body armor on occasion but they are high in sugar. If any drink increases supply, it’s because you are dehydrated.
Try to drink the recommended amount of water according to what you weigh. If you over drink, it can have actually cause a dip in supply.
Manual pump, some people get much more with a manual.
Be sure flanges are the correct size for nipples.
Massage breast while pumping, you can also apply heat for 10-15 minutes before pumping, massage breast going downward towards nipple, the pump

That’s all that helped me throughout my year of exclusively pumping

Just know you are doing great and even an ounce of breast milk is super beneficial for baby :blue_heart:

Alesha McCurry any suggestions

LaLeche league international

Provides great support and information for nursing moms

Breastfeeding is hard work! Congratulations on getting this far. I can understand the feeling of sadness of a decreasing milk supply. Sometimes we just don’t have control over things like this. If baby is happy and satisfied with formula, then that could be all that you need to know you’re doing the right thing by giving it to baby. It sounds like your husband is frustrated seeing you upset. And his past compassion isn’t helping you to feel better about it. Sometimes you just have to let go and let god. Enjoy the little things before they aren’t little anymore.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to increase milk supply?

You are not a failure and eight months is something to he commended. ESPECIALLY being an EP momma. :flushed::star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My IBCLC told me to pump extra after every feeding, pump at night before bed too. You tend to get more in the mornings so try an extra sitting in the morning as well? Squeezing in extra pumping sessions triggers increased demand. Not power pumping but pumping a little more frequently.

EP is more of a challenge I think so an even BIGGER kudos to you momma. It’s natural to want to provide enough for your babe but sometimes our bodies don’t cooperate. Not. Your. Fault. Do what you can for your little and rest easy knowing you gave it 110%.

It is unfortunate that you feel your partner doesn’t support your desire to not have to supplement. He might just not get why it is so important. I’m sorry momma.

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My gosh…I didn’t get to give birth to either of my children and I didn’t get to breastfeed. Both were adopted at birth so I never got the opportunity. Personally I never Understood the hype (for lack of a better phrase). This is certainly not something I would lose sleep over.
You are not a failure as long as your child is healthy and happy. It doesn’t matter how they’re fed. Do your best and forget the rest! :heart:


I couldn’t breast feed at all, I pumped exclusively and I was completely exhausted by 8 weeks, let alone 8 months. You’ve done amazing. You need to learn to let some things go. It doesn’t always go according to plan, although it’s a hard pill to swallow, you have to accept that. Your husband should be supporting you in whatever you decide, but maybe he feels you’ve exhausted all your options & he wants you to move on and be happy.


I made skim milk and had to supplement with formula after nursing every meal with my oldest. My youngest had a wild reaction to something I was eating and needed formula while I pump and dumped (we couldn’t use it for a bath because it looked like an allergic reaction).

Fed is best- you are doing your best and that means making sure your little has milk whether it is from you, a donor, formula, allergen specific medical formula (which I feel for your pocketbook if that is the case because it ain’t cheap!). Men can talk about having to breastfeed when they are the one doing it. Your mental health is more important than anything when it comes to the wellbeing of your baby, so please, be kind to yourself.

At 6 months my supply dropped significantly too, probably because he was able to eat table foot by then. I was already supplementing, which I hated. Finally after a 4 oz bottle spilled on my lap at work after pumping (which I was only able to pump maybe 6 oz a day at work), I cried, whipped my tears, and made the decision to be done. It hurt, I had a hard time at first with it but my anxiety got 10 TIMES BETTER!! And you know what…he didnt even notice! :roll_eyes: So at the end of the day, ya it sucks and I do think breast milk is probably the better option, but you have to weigh out the pros and cons. My husband and I were bottle fed as a baby and we turned out fine. To me, it wasn’t worth the stress of working full time and trying ways to keep my supply up. Just something to think about. Breastfeeding was, to me, harder than giving birth (which was a c-section), either way you made it farther than many have done, give yourself some props! :slight_smile:

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Speak with a lactation specialist. You baby may have tongue ties that haven’t been addressed. For many women all those snacks and teas made for nursing actually do the opposite. Best bet is to stay hydrated and pump more often. As far as your husband goes, it doesn’t seem like he’s being very supportive, but cut him a break. Fed is best, and men tend to be more analytical like that. Plus if you were dealing with him being an emotional wreck for 8 months, you might get a bit agitated yourself. Plus, men will never be able to fully understand what it’s like to carry a child and be their life source, so I’d probably let it go and deal with the specialist.


Best way to increase supply is by nursing. But I see you are only pumping. My suggestion is this: relax. Try your best to let go of all your negative thinking surrounding how you feed the baby. Pump what you can. Formula feed what you need to. That way you’re still giving the breastmilk that is obviously really important to you to provide. But filling in with formula to save your sanity and that’s OK!! You are a great mom. But baby needs you to be happy too. The way you fed will not matter a few years from now. So snuggle that baby and feed that bottle of WHATEVER! Your baby loves you no matter what :blush:

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I had more trouble with my last baby (youngest of three). I found that making sure you’re feeding or pumping from both breasts per sitting very important in order to keep my supply up. If she fell asleep or was turning away from the second breast, done, I would pump. I realize this is probably bad advice but my mum said to try a Guinness, as the beer would up the supply :sweat_smile:. Anyway, I had to stop right at 10 months because I just felt she wasn’t getting enough. Don’t worry. 8 months is longer than a lot of women can breastfeed, for whatever reason. As for your husband, he’s probably upset seeing you so upset. He’s probably just wanting you to be happy.


Body Armor drinks worked sooooo good for me…they still do I’m going into 2 years of breastfeeding and Body Armor keeps the milk coming, never had to give any formula …I was searching too in the beginning of my breastfeeding journey and when I found those drinks let me tell you, They Help!.. be careful with supplements because some have ingredients that actually will slow down if not stop your supply.

You are NOT a failure as a mother when breastfeeding doesn’t not work! I had to stop when my son was only a few weeks old as I was not producing enough and I couldn’t even pump. My son was losing weight and was jaundice. I switched to formula and never tried breastfeeding again. That doesn’t remain I failed! Breastfeeding doesn’t work for everyone. Do what you need to do for you and your little one.


See if your obgyn will prescribe reglan to increase your supply. That’s what I had to do but unfortunately it was only temporary and after stopping my supply dropped again.

I had a section with my daughter and had a hard time getting her to latch. The day I left the hospital the nurse suggested to me to use a bottle nipple on my nipple. That’s how I breast fed my girl for almost 9 months. The suction helped me lactate. Although it wasn’t direct nipple contact this was how I got to breast feed and not pump. Might be worth a shot. With my son my milk supple just didn’t come in I tried for two month and he was having more formula than breast milk. He was formula fed. Don’t feel like a failure. Somethings we have no control over. :heart:

Try nipple shields they was a god sent for me
But ur not a failure if u can’t Brest feed as long as baby is getting fed that’s all that matters

Pump as if your baby was cluster feeding . It’s called something but basically you pump every hour for 30 mins to tell your body that you need more milk coming in.

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I pumped for 2 years with a very small supply. I had to supplement with formula. You can’t let yourself get too emotional about your supply or that will put a dent in it. I did all the teas and cookies and fenugreek and blessed thistle and power pumping and blue gatorade. I just had small supply. It would help me sometimes if I ate alot of grapes or watermelon or any kind of melon and watery type fruits.

You are not a failure. Bothbof my children were C-section, and my second was a preemie and started formula from day one. I pumped exclusively with both, neither ever latched.
Yes it’s ok to feel down about it, but just remember your baby is being fed and ultimately that’s all that matters. And men just don’t get it, a little compassion and empathy would be nice they can never truly understand what it’s like.

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Believe it or not mama try fruit punch Gatorade

Have you tried power pumping?

My opinion is your husband is seeing you struggle, doesn’t like to see you this way, and his way of telling you that mixed feeding isn’t so bad, might not have come across as intended, maybe he had a stressful day at work… have you recently tried latching baba again? Exclusive pumping is tough on your mental stability, and if you accidentally mess one of those liquid gold bottles :sleepy::sleepy:

My son didn’t latch for th first couple of months and then I tried again and it just worked, try it again,

Remember that you are already giving baba so much, don’t let this break you, she needs you, and a formula bottle is OK,
I’m sorry you are struggling

Oh hun you’re not a failure! These things happen. I was only able to bf for 2 months and my milk suddenly started to dry up. Try speaking with a lactation specialist and see if they can give you some tips. You got this mama!

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Salmon and blueberries

I used to have to supplement. It killed me to do so. But you’re right fed is best. It’s okay to feel down about it. I was the same way. My son is a fully formula fed baby now. I used oatmeal anything and lots of water! Milky mama supplements seemed to help to. If my son didn’t have a latching problem I’d still be breastfeeding. Don’t beat yourself up for having to supplement here and there.

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3 or 4 visits with a Lactation Consultant was a game changer…allowed me to properly breastfeed for several months more. Really tailors to how you and your baby feel most comfortable and teaches you a lot, things I would never have realized on my own.

I did all the things with all 3 of my kids ( twins and a single. I always had to supplement with formula and my sisters breast milk. Makings yourself crazy isn’t beneficial to you and your baby. You’ve got this!

Lactation cookies!! Oatmeal and flax seed! I went from having just enough for baby to complete overload the next day!

fenugreek…I used it for my last two and it worked like a charm. Also pumping after a feeding will def increase your supply. Don’t stop pumping until 10-15 min after you are empty. Trust me you will get more than you need. Drink a lot of water! At this point getting her to cooperate with nursing might be hard but pumping is still a great way to do it. When I pumped I left my pump stuff out and would pump every two to four hours. The trick is to keep pumping after your breasts are empty. It stimulates your body to make more.

I felt like this when I couldn’t feed my baby it was devastating to me. It was also the hormones too. Xx

Letting yourself get upset isn’t helping, that’s the way it goes sometimes and your baby will be just fine taking a substitute bottle

8 months is to old for breast milk


Body Armour drinks .


You are not alone, and you’re not a failure as a mother. Trust me I’m in the same boat, although there’s a light at the end of my tunnel. The more you pump you will see an increase. I’ve been pumping every two hours for a little over a week and I’ve seen an increase. Body armour drinks do work, you can also try eating oatmeal. Good luck darlin! Also might I add that my baby is not quite a month old, I’m basically struggling to get my supply going and because of it we’ve struggled with my son gaining weight. Fed is best, but I COMPLETELY understand how you feel because I’ve cried so much on my journey to get started.

Body armor drinks, oatmeal and lots of water. Feed on demand and pump if you need a bottle supply.

Thats kept me off medication so far my bubba is 5mo.
Oats for breaky are great too and oat milk in coffee is also a good one.
Best if luck.

Have you tried a Haakaa pump? I always got more with a haakaa over an electric pump!

I can very much relate to your story. Both my babies were traumatic c-sections that I struggled with majorly after birth.

And we had latch issues as well - with my first, we got his tongue tie clipped and that helped immensely. With my second, I just used a nipple shield until he was able to latch properly around 4 months old. With both, I supplemented when needed - more with my second because he was a NICU baby. Trying to keep up the supply for the demand was too stressful and not helping the supply problem at all, so supplementing was necessary for me.

You are not a failure or a bad mom or inferior for supplementing. No matter what way this goes, you are an amazing mom who is doing what is best for her child. :heartpulse:

Get advice from a qualified Lactation consultant. Lucy Ruddle IBCLC is amazing and helped me so Lucy Ruddle IBCLC

Your husband is likely weary from the emotional state you’ve been in and honestly believes “ it’s not a big deal “. He is right.

You’re no failure. There are plenty of us nursing moms who experience struggles with breastfeeding g/pumping. When babies are newborns, nurses and doctors encourage skin to skin for at least an hour. She may be 8 months, but maybe that will help a little? Also, maybe pumping to get the let down started then try her latching again?? My son never latched and I could only produce until he was 4 months but I was given those words of wisdom

I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with you feeding your child formula after 8 months of breastfeeding. I am a mother of four and never breastfed with a single child. I was a working mom I have a full-time job I didn’t have time to deal with all the inconveniences of breastfeeding. Good luck to you though.

Honestly for me, staying hydrated was the biggest help while I was pumping for my little guy (who is ten months old now). While I was pumping I was getting so discouraged because I was just barely pumping enough for him to eat. I don’t know the details of your issue with her latching, but when my guy wasn’t latching I just kept trying to put him to the breast anyway. He eventually learned to latch correctly.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, like you said, a fed baby is best. :heart::heart:

Body armour drinks and bai coconut water drinks were a life saver for me and get some original oatmeal (not microwave not the one Minute stuff but the whole oatmeal) have you a bowl of that every morning I’d always add local honey and chia seeds to my oatmeal, have your oatmeal every morning and drink at least 2 of the listed drinks and drink water :sweat_drops: , once I added these things daily and realized I would have dips in supply then like magic my milk supply became drippy lolz this was around the tenth month mark, we nursed for 14 months. I’ve delivered 3 living children and one stillborn, 3 vaginally 1 by cesarean and I’ll be the first to admit I’d deliver 3 more vaginally before I’d even consider another caesarean, it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my whole life, of corse I adore my children but honestly that caesarean made me love him obviously in an extra way but more. Congrats to you and you should give yourself a pat on the back for being able to pump that long, that’s real :100: dedication right there and maybe you need a good girls nite or whatnot and let your hair down for a little while it could possibly allow you to allow yourself to relax and kinda find some balance and balance mos def helps every aspect of daily life… oh and the very best advice I ever had while nursing was, do not quit on a bad day :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart: good job to all loving mommas out there :fire:

My midwife told me to take a fenugreek supplement which worked for me as on my 4th child I wasnt producing enough milk. They weren’t expensive either.

drinking a beer will increase your milk

Oatmeal!! I would eat at least two bowls of oatmeal a day, and put brewers yeast in it (be cautious, it doesn’t have a good flavor) but putting brown sugar and butter in it helped mask that, it helped tremendously. I also took fenugreek, drank blue gatorade (i think that one is mainly a myth but I did everything lol) The brewers yeast works really well though. They sell it at health food stores or on amazon.

Have you had your child checked for tongue tie? That’s one of the problems children have with latching. Even if you have to pump. She’s still getting your milk. And some formulas are pretty close. You got this…

Well you been on it for some time now if I understand correctly. Maybe he’s just sick of you complaining about something you’ve no control over. I’d tell you the same after 6 months


Ya you’re doing to much fr.

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I agree with these last two ladies. Do what you can and supplement the rest but being a basket case over breast feeding is a little much. You may be stealing the joy of having a nee baby from him with all your emotional complaining. Chill out it’s just milk. Enjoy your child, do your best and let the rest go.


Don’t stress mama. You know fed is best. Formula gives them what they need too love. Drink body armour. Use a heating pad on your breast before pumping and also give your breast and chest and evrn your armpit a massage. Gently rubbing downward toward your breast do this for a few minutes. Then apply heat again and while you pump. Cover yourself up and don’t look at how much your producing play on your phone or watch TV just distract yourself. Even drink and eat while pumping. You might need to.increase your calories too. Choose things with healthy fats like avocados. And chocolate helps make creamier milk. But just relax. Also if your not getting enough sleep that does make a difference too.

You’re not a failure.some women never.produce milk you’ve given your baby the best start dont put yourself down

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Your most definitely not a failure as a mom. It can be hard to keep up milk supply sometimes. Having to supplement with formula can make you feel bad but it’s okay. As long as baby is getting fed. A combination of both breast milk and formula is good for baby. You can get a tea called mother’s milk. Or lactational candies and cookies from Walmart and other stores. You can also try a health food store or talking to a lactation consultant. Drinking lots of water thought the day will help also. Eating oatmeal can also help! Don’t beat yourself up over not being able to constantly breastfeed. Your doing an amazing job! If your able to pump do it more often. Or have your daughter feed from your breast and then pump after this can help produce more Milk. Good luck! Keep your head held high. Your an amazing mom!

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My son never latched on, pumped for four months, then formula, he’s healthy as can be. Try not to stress, stay hydrated, you’re doing great.

She’s 8 months give your body a break and switch her to the bottle. We can’t always get what we want but just be thankful you got 8 months in.

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You are so lucky to have breast fed this long. I’m glad you care. Speak to your doctor about post pardam depression. Raise a healthy child
I’m not making light of this, it was my wish but I have adopted children
Mom had six kids and could never produce enough milk. We all grew up healthy