How to lose weight?

Has anyone gone completely raw to lose weight and just to feel healthy? How long did it take to start losing weight? What were things you did to stay on track? I have a hard time sticking to diets. I’m 20 I weigh 160 and would like to get back down to 130 before I have another baby and be more healthy too.


I exercise everday, I always take the hard way around things I. E take the stairs, longer way to get to my car. I always run around with my kids. I try not to eat when I am bored. I eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack then dinner. Snacks are sorta healthy like carrots and grapes that sort of thing. I have lost 15LBS. It works for me.

I drink a coffee or cocoa every morning. It boosts energy levels, helps me focus and I’ve lost 19lbs and went down one size in jeans! If you’d like more information feel free to send me a private message.

🤷I’m on no diet and in the last two weeks I’ve lost 20lbs just from eating zero sweets, drinking nothing but water and the occasional Gatorade/Powerade.
I eat very small meals throughout the day. They aren’t even that healthy but I’m 175lbs now. When I started eating this way I was 285lbs no joke man.

Not everyone is the same but this has worked for me so much. I don’t even get out to walk other than to walk my kiddos to school.


I was diagnosed with a fatty liver around October. I cut out soda, and everything I eat is either low fat or no fat. I have also cut out potatoes, pasta, all that kind of stuff. I have the occasional cheat day, but overall I am down 30 lbs since then. I do drink coffee but other then that its water. It’s amazing how much your body changes when changing diet. Also, my liver levels have tremendously improved as well. I know this wasnt what you asked but it did help with weight loss!

I have a friend that was really into the raw diet, but I don’t think that was for weight loss or anything so I really couldn’t tell you anything about that.

I will say everyone metabolizes differently. Do your research on pros and cons before committing to a diet. What works for some won’t work for others.

Personally, I would just commit to meal planning, portion control and scheduling (eat less more often), cutting out unnecessary and processed sugars/fats, and doing some light to moderate exercise for weight loss as that generally works well for most metabolisms with the fewest cons. And you can combat weight plateauing (when you quit losing weight because your body gets used to a routine) but switching up the forms of exercise and your rest days.

If there is more imminent concern for your health beyond just general weight loss (like if you’re diabetic or something), I would maybe consult a nutritionist.

I know the raw diet is a little bit more difficult to keep balanced on proteins and such as opposed to just going vegetarian or vegan because it eliminates options such as tofu to substitute for protein, so it takes extra planning on your part to keep up the necessary nutrients to stay healthy and energized.

To stay on track you could use a calorie counting app and/or make a meal plan to follow. I don’t know what your current diet is, but if you have an issue sticking to diets perhaps a raw food diet is a bit extreme? You could lose weight and feel healthy by excising an hour a day, reducing carbs and limiting your caloric intake. I’d suggest setting a realistic goal (like losing 1-1.5 lb a week) and then calculating your daily calories and macro nutrients based on that.

I lost 25 lbs in 2
Months before I got pregnant and lost the baby weight quickly. Im a health/life coach and help people focus on their target areas and set up plans for them. Everyone’s different with metabolism and its my job to help people figure out what works best. Be happy to help​:heart::heart:

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My significant other goes all day without eating and just has one meal a day (it bugs the crap outta me when he does this) but he starts losing weight 2 days after starting his “diet” plus he drinks vitamin water or protein shakes during the day. He has vitamins as his “breakfast”

Keto diet works for me. Also isagenix is a healthy lifestyle product that changed my life. I had my baby almost two months ago I had gained 20 pounds during the pregnancy only 10 lbs were baby and fluid and now I’m down almost 30 pounds below pre pregnancy weight.

Look into the paleo diet…ive tryed so many different diets…and this one is has worked the best cuz i get full from the meals and im not starving myself or having to count calories…and so far im down 7 lbs in the frist week

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to lose weight?

I honestly feel this 100% I was always tiny and now at 40 in a wheelchair I have put on so much weight I don’t know what to do… nothing seems to work…

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Yes I’m on a program where you eat small meals 6 times a day and lots of water. I lost 30lbs and I’m 38 with 2 kids. You don’t have to exercise with this either. Message me if you are interested.


I just started wegovy. It’s a painless weekly injection for weight loss. I’m taking my second shot tomorrow

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No sugar, no carbs, and water. So basically lean meats and vegetables.

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Number one thing to do is to MAKE SURE YOU EAT!!!
Starving yourself or eating miniscule will not help you at all
Xo :heart:


Speak with your Dr abt a nutritionist. With a history of eating disorders, please don’t do this without medical help. :black_heart:


Look into Plenity, from
That’s what I take. It’s not a magic pill but it helps w portion control and hunger

Honey, I’m in the same boat and I need to lose a lot more than 40 pounds. I’m on meds that cause weight gain which doesn’t help. I never had eating disorders, unless maybe compulsive overeating… so I can’t help you there. I just know as you get older and have health or physical issues, the weight tends to be harder to lose. And with the cost of food nowadays, low calorie, low carb diets are too expensive. I can’t afford to be on them long. I’m 65 and porky. Good luck.

Drink only water and eat a lot of protein…exercise when you can…no sugar drinks

Contrave, you can get a Rx with a telehealth appointment and they will ship it to you

Intermittent fasting

Lean meat and veggies. If you can’t do a lot of veggies, do veggie powder shakes. Lots of water

Consistency and burning more calories than what you eat


I used Dr Amen book on weight loss. I have kept my weight at 150 for several years. You can find it at your library. Or buy it on line. Let me know if it helps.

got covid and lost over 18 lbs…then nothing really tastes good, so I just started pushing food away. And now I am over 30 lbs less, so my advice is start eating less drink a lot of water not cokes ,and when you see the pounds come off you will get more active

I stopped drinking soda and candy. Then I fast from 7pm to 7am. I eat much smaller portions too

Do your self a favor…see your Dr.Every person’s body is different. What works for one, might not work as well for others. I lost 40 lbs.eating salads with my meals went for walks .I didn’t change anything.


Lots of protein and count your calories. The calories you eat should be less that what you burn during the day, if you want to lose. A great calorie counting App is Lose It!

Cut carbs…a lot of them…works like a charm!

Keto, calorie deficit, and LOTS of water.


It’s not what you eat but how much you eat. Small portions is the key. Not too many protein shakes. They also add on fat.

Try an walk atleast for 1 hr a day… if u can jog do that instead. If u can’t do either bike for 45 min then come home and do some push ups/ situps… eat one less meal but make sure your other meals are loaded with vegetables. Stop drinking anything other then water and vitamin water with the juice flavor is okay. Don’t eat take out and I tell you it is easy as hell and wish I woulda listened to buddies of mine in high school.

Binge eater here!

First eating disorders need therapy because we need to retrain our thought processing surrounding food. For me, I had to literally break up with my relationship with food to understand it’s just fuel.

However for weightloss, highly recommend looking into gut health - been a game changer for me.

Best of luck love


Ask your Dr to refer you to a dietitian and there are exercises even if you’re wheelchair bound. The Dr or practice nurse can refer you to appropriate exercise clinics
Swimming is a great exercise for disabled people and your local pool should have a chair to lift you in/out the pool if necessary.
We all need to eat from all food groups daily but cut down on carbs increase lean meat and veg. Lots of water instead of soda and cut back severely on processed foods /snacks but don’t cut them out completely or you’ll binge .

I am a binge eater and emotional stress eater and I also have hypothyroidism and put due to medications I take I put on a lot of weight. I’m 59 and have been overweight for 25 years. I now weigh 238 and am 5’9”
I am type 2 diabetic and have fatty liver. Saw a dietitian and have been put on a low fat diet. I don’t really overeat and I try to eat healthy but the sugar is what gets me the most. I crave sweets. I’m also a recovering alcoholic with over 27 years sober.
I was going to planet fitness and it does make me feel so much better, but I’ve been sick with terrible nausea everyday since the 1st of the year. I had my gallbladder removed because it was not working at all. The nausea has been worse and they keep running test to find out what is wrong. And I’m having to carry a cup with me and toilet paper because my sinuses are making me gag and spew up mucus all the time. I’m miserable :weary:


Honestly I’d consider therapy to cope with the mind set of this ideal weight and size you’re fixated with. If you are healthy that extra 40 may not be bad. I put on an extra 20 pounds after quitting smoking and it was kinda hard to deal with because I’ve been very skinny my whole life but the reality of it was I kinda needed that extra. I look back at pictures from just a couple years ago and think I look gross skinny and it makes me appreciate the little bit extra plus I know my health improves all the time from not smoking anymore. Not being mean or rude but if you dealt with eating disorders your mind should be the concern before the scale number

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Intermittent fasting and low carb

Get thyroid and hormones checked. B-12 shots work for me bc thyroid doesnt work. Also drinking apple cider vinegar mix…

2 tbspns apple cider vinegar
Cup of water
Drink mix
1 tbspn lemon juice
Pinch of baking soda

Every night before bed. Also had a friend go to weight loss clinic and get some pills that made her shed a lot of weight.

Try low carbs or keto. Drink plenty of water. Good luck sweetie

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Try swimming. Our local YMCA has a lot of different water activities that are easier on your body.


Get new friends, not rude ones!

Walk every day if u want to have a friend go with. Make sure u look at labels when grocery shopping. Look for saturated fats and trans fats those are the bad fats. Air fry your food or bake them those are the healthiest drink plenty of water. If your drinking soda diet or regular stop. I lost 25 pds from stopping soda

First you.need to lose those people with snarky comments and bad attitudes. Very few people have great figures and those that do have great genetics and/or lots of time and money to take care of themselves in that way. On top of that the stress of modern living, caring for, four kids and dealing with a disabilitty can add weight, too. You are doing the best you can so stoo beating yourself up and don’t let anyone else do that either!


Check out the NCT I’ve lost 18 lbs on it feel free to message me Home | Northe Star

If you’re open to it, look into VSG surgery. Being disabled, a doctor/insurance would approve solely on that because when physically disabled, weight loss can help with mobility. I had it done in 2018. It helped me lose 125lbs in a year and it helped retrain food habits.

No matter what you choose a majority of weightloss comes from being in calorie deficit… Grab a calorie app, set your goal weight and it will tell you how many calories you should eat a day… Try not to be discouraged by slow weightloss weeks as it all adds up… Watch 600lb life on TLC, you don’t need to move lots to lose lots. You just need to be stubborn about your goal… Good luck!!

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Intermittent fasting.

At the end of your eating window, fill up on a casein protein shake. It’s a slow digesting protein that keeps you full. Start with a 12 hour fast. Over time you can work up to 24-36 hours. I frequently maintain 16 hour fasts. Doing this I’ve lost 50 lbs of baby weight in a year and a half. I have a very slow metabolism and this definitely helped kick it up a notch. I also recommend breaking your fast with protein as well, whatever you prefer. Eat whatever you want in your eating window. It’s not a diet, if you think of it this way. Your stomach will shrink, you’ll be surprised how little it takes to satisfy you. Cleaner eating during this time will expedite success. This works because we as humans function as hunter/gatherers still genetically. We used to have to forage for food all day to get the luxury to eat at the end. There’s a lot of science behind it. 12-12 fasts for 2-3 weeks and you’ll improve that fast time without even realizing it. The first few days are rough but it’s cake with casein protein, and my non diabetic hypoglycemia issues are completely gone and I don’t have junk cravings. I crave protein. (I’m also disabled and hardly exercise excluding housework).

You need to speak to a dietician if possible, to come up with a healthy eating plan. You should seek out help finding an opportunities to exercise within your limits :heart:

talk to your primary care, theyhave different diets.I eat more raw vegetables likea carrot salad broccolisalad lots of vegetables very little sugars I do ten minutes with a floorbike 99dollars from walmart, everybody picked up weight during this oandemic you are not alone take your time do not stress.