How to lose weight?

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My husband ended up in er with pancreatic so we have been eating nothing but fish and boneless chicken little rice and he has lost 70pounds in 6 months


First, see your dr and have got u hormones checked.
Then, move more. Stop buying junk. I stopped buying chips and most quick snacks. I had to stop making excuses and drink more water & tea.
Then, rest. Your body needs sleep. Aa friends to help out if yi you need it bc sleep resets the body.

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Cut all surgers drink lots off water eat smaller portions and walk more just that will make u lose a 10-15 lbs

Cut the sugar & carbs. It’s a process but you will lose the weight

The problem is not eating enough. Or not eating at all. U need to jump start ur metabolism do eat breakfast.
Instead of junk get nuts, fruit and deli snacks. When u have time cook chicken and salmon and store it in freezer. Just get some to defrost and get lettuce bags ready to go for salad.
U have to balance hormones. Get some natural herbs on Amazon. Read reviews. Drink plenty of water with lemon (warm)

Get up and move. Whether it be taking the babies for a walk, or putting on some music and dancing around the house.

Nothing helped for me, but then I used this app called " lose it " the free trial. It counts your calories depending on your age and goal weight. It was the only thing that worked for me. It worked so fast and I was so happy with the outcome I met my goal and still am maintaining it without the app. I lost 20 pounds without exercise just counting the calories. The app is so helpful! Good luck :relaxed::relaxed:

I take phentermine and I’ve lost 33lbs. My sister takes ozempic but apparently there’s a national shortage. It’s a little pricier too. Have you had your hormones, thyroid checked?

Drink grapefruit after you eat . I used to take grapefruit pills .For me that is what worked leave bread an sweets off to

I haven’t tried this but I see people going to their doctors and getting Ozempic medication . It helps people lose weight but it’s really for people with diabetes . Some doctors will prescribe it without being a diabetic.

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Try eating more natural foods and stay away from a lot of sugar throw some exercises in. That’s what I did and I’m down 45 pounds so far

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I can tell you “diets” don’t work. You have to make lifestyle changes, eating habits. Diets are only a temporary fix to a long term issue. Have you had sugars checked? Thyroid?

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting with the body fast app. I have lost almost 15lbs since June. I do the 16-8. Still eat what I want with light exercise and plenty of water.

I’ve been using GOLO. With much success.

Work out! Do the weight machines, muscle burns fat, takes up less space. Gradually change your diet by adding healthier choices, give yourself a year…trade pop for iced tea or flavored water, eat smaller meals more often, subway sweet onion chicken teriyaki on flat bread or whole grain is good.

How about doing some exercise but I have No room to talk as I hate exercise and I’m a little short fat bloke . Try to be happy with yourself and live a healthy and happy life

Look at the Nutra-check app, all about calorie counting, you can look at your recommended calorie intake with the Tedee calculator, I lost 2 stone easily with it!

It really only boils down to you need to eat less calories snacknon low calorie foods. You have to make better choices. You need to burn a 1000 or more calories a day then you take in a day to loose a lb-2lbs a week. Also have your doctor check you for thyroid and diabetes. The shakes the pills the hard work outs don’t work for everyone what works for everyone is cutting your sugar and starch carbs down and don’t drink your calories read all you labels. It’s really about what you put in your body.

A diet will only work for so long… it’s a total lifestyle change. Sounds like your body could be in “storage mode”. Research that and you should be able to see what you’re doing to enable it.

I started topirimate for migraine prevention and so far lost 22#. It curbs your appetite. I’m full after eating half my plate, rarely feel like snacking.