How to lose weight?

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I wanna lose about 25# or least some inches have anyone used truvision? And it work? Including drinking oy water and eating right? I believe I need something to give me a boost…
Thanks in advance


The only way to lose weight healthy is to eat right (healthy foods), drink plenty of water and exercise. If you cant get to a gym, do at home workouts.

I use truvision and it’s amazing! I’m an associate OP can message me.

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Dear if you desire to get healthy, start eating real food!! Avoid artificial, low fat, low cal etc!! God designed us to burn fat!! But the foods that’s processed, added to or reduced by chemicals is unhealthy and will only result in illhealth!!

I use thrive and that works but ive heard good things about truvision

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to lose weight?

I had a boyfriend who lost 100 pounds by walking one hour a day. Not power walk, not run, just stroll around the neighborhood every day


I lost over 110lbs on keto.

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Beachbody. Lots of programs for workouts and different meal plans.

I have a personal trainer I see 4 times a weeknfor 1 hr seasons, I also bike 20+ miles, walk 1 mile every morning with my 3 year old twins. I put all my food on a kitchen scale and put it into my app. Burn 2K of calories a day, eat 100+g of protein a day.

I have lost 86 lbs by cutting out sugars and portion control with some exercise.


Walking, low salt diet, portion control, try to eat from each food group daily with most of your diet being vegetables and fruits. Drink lots of water. Coconut water can help with hydration when exercising.

Mindful eating, walking more

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I’ve done intermittent fasting for over a year and have lost 65+ lbs! When I first started, I weighed 247lbs and I now weigh 180 :raised_hands:t2: I changed my diet and added some exercise. It took a couple weeks to get used to, but once you start noticing your clothes getting looser, you’re never gonna want to quit! I quit drinking regular soda and I now drink Coke Zero, Water, green tea, and juice. I quit eating fried and fast food for most of the time, and I also started walking every day! I’ve never felt better about myself. What motivated me most was my daughter. I have a 2 year old that needs me healthy! So I did it and I’m still doing it. My goal is 160 by thanksgiving :heart:

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Count calories, drink water, healthy snacks, exercise, take calories down. You can Google your calorie intake to lose weight for your height & weight

Contact my friend Nicole May she lost over 200 pounds


I also recommend keto. Do your research as their are different options from being really strict with carbs to having cheat days. Pick the option that you think you can stick to. For me the scale doesn’t move much but the inches do

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Eat less. Take what you would normally eat and remove one spoon full to start with or a smaller piece of meat. Drink water before and with meals.

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I lost over 10lbs by going from eating once a day to 3x a day

I am a Herbalife distributor and have had great results myself and know others who have lost a substantial amount of weight. The wellness profile is free so it wouldn’t hurt to check it out! The best part is that you have a wellness coach always here to answer any questions you have and help on your journey and a team of like minded people who support you and hold you accountable! Here’s my link! If you have any questions let me know!


Its about balance. You don’t want to sacrifice one thing just to crave it later. Go by My Plate guidelines and exercise at least 3x per week.

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If you’re determined to lose weight you really need to do some research or speak to a Professional, people will give you diet plans and quick fix ideas that are no good. There are no magic shakes,teas or pills. And most of those will do you more harm than good. You can also exercise all you want but it all starts with good diet,and don’t do diets if you want to lose and then mantain your weight you need to get into the it’s not a diet its a life change. You need the balance of protein, carbs,good fats I use to do every diet going and quick fixes, wasn’t until I really researched about it ,that I lost the weight. I become a personal trainer from it ,not to train people but for myself. You need to eat 5 times a day and 6 if you exercise a lot. This will get your metabolism going ,once you’ve got to what you’re happy with then you can eat healthy 5 times a day and have a couple of cheat days.


Intermediate fasting is also extremely good for you. Low carbs!!! Not above 50. And if you don’t drink at least 16 ounces of water a day your body will never lose weight

Husband was suffering from high blood pressure too. According to the charts, he’s over weight. I cut out all white foods, rice, bread etc. I substitute carb balanced wraps for bread or wheat. I know food is very expensive right now but I try to get as much protein as possible. Just subtle changes in your diet can make progress. After trying 2 different medications and a 15 pound weight loss, his blood pressure is perfect! Oh, and portion control is huge. He eats until he is ‘satisfied’ now and not until he is super stuffed. I make fruit smoothies every night for ‘dessert’… just low fat Greek yogurt, frozen fruit mix and no sugar juice. It’s healthy and it fills him. Don’t rush, if you go to hard at 1st and eliminate a lot, you will hate the change. Cut a little each week. :slightly_smiling_face:

Caloric deficit and working out​:woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2: no other way around it…. Gotta put in the work

Being a calorie deficit. Burn more calories than you consume. You don’t have to go on some crazy diet like keto. You can still eat what you like. Portion control & u can make swaps. Don’t think of it as a diet b/c u will fail. Eat better & move !


I do intermittent fasting. My last meal is dinner at 6pm Then I have breakfast at 10am.


87lbs lost using the Healthi/itrackbites app, its just like WW’s at a fraction of the cost…

Several years ago I gave Weight Watchers a try (pre baby), and lost like 20 lbs. I ate fruit all day long, because they’re 0 points, and ate what I wanted for dinner. I also cut out soft drinks or any drink that contained calories. To this day, I only drink water and coffee (black). I also started running a lot! I got my diet under control before I started exercising.

Please please don’t cut out carbs,I hate people saying this,it’s the worst thing you can do like I said its all about balance…protein,carbs,good fats…also big factor is Alcohol, fizzy drinks try drink around 3ltrs water daily this will not only help with the weight loss it will put hunger at bay.


Im using golo, it seems to be working, no side effects, no jittery feeling. Look up the reviews on line and go to their website and read up on it.

Red Mt Weight Loss Program…lost 40lbs

I’m a mom of 8. Pregnancy took a toll on my body too.
And started doing zumba. I don’t calorie count. I eat what I want when I want… Keeping in mind portion and everything in moderation.
Just stay away from fad diets.


Oh and don’t pay attention to scales,people get disheartened, they see the scales going down and then up, and think they’ve gained,when in reality you’ve gained muscle not fat.take weekly pictures, you really see a change happening amd it gives you motivation to carry on.

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Keto is very effective for a lot of people. Also just make a point to do some kind of exercise every day, even if it’s just a 30 minute walk. Zumba is really fun for exercise, i also walk with friends regularly and it makes the walk so easy and feels fast. Stay away from mlms like Herbalife, they are not good for you. Also remember that for long term success you’ll likely have to adjust your diet and exercise long term too.


Keto (low carb moderately, not intense) and cardio 2-3x a week. Lost 50 lbs over the course of a year


Easiest for me cuz carbs and keto and all that was just so much to worry about. I cut out soda, snacks, and any kind of bread except tortillas. Veggies, fruit,dairy and meat was all I ate. As much as I wanted but absolutely no cheating on the other things. Lost roughly 80 pounds in a year

IMO and experience, don’t do diets or diets products. Eat clean and exercise. Stay away from bad carbs, processed food, drink plenty of water and walk at least 20 30 minutes a day to start. Good luck


Join Fasting and Autophagy group. Amazing, supportive, knowledgeable people. And seeing so many change their health and lives is truly inspirational!

Join the group Macros Inc. You can get a free macros check from the coaches and lots of free advice about how to track your food and different recipes. So much good help in that group! There’s a definite learning curve (I’m in the same position myself. Still at the beginning learning), but there are so many inspirational success stories from every day people who have found health by tracking foods and making different food choices. You got this!

Also want to mention that I’ve previously lost 65lbs with Keto but gained it all back. Keto was easy and delicious, but ultimately not sustainable for me. I recently lost 30lbs with Optavia and almost immediately fell off the bandwagon and gained half of it back incredibly fast. It’s successful because you’re barely eating, but in no way sustainable for me. Find a slow and steady healthy way to lose the weight. Tracking macros is great because you don’t have to deprive yourself of anything, you can make it fit into your macros.

Apple Cider Vinegar 2 tablespoons in a coffee cup of water or juice daily.Its excellent for BP, and weight loss and so much more.Dont skip around.Take it religiously daily. Bragg is the brand too buy.It says with the mother in it.


I lost over 100lbs cutting sugary drinks and snacks. Also increased my water intake.

Just eating healthier and counting calories. Also walking atleast 30 min a day will help more than anything. Keto isn’t for everyone and can have some awful side effects.

I tried to lose weight for years without success, I just kept yo-yo, but another 6 years ago someone told me to stop eating dairy. I was lactose intolerant so had nothing to loose. I went from a size 18 to a size 6-8 and have maintained it. I didn’t really exercise as I have osteoporosis and broke my back.

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Don’t join Beach Body or Thrive or anything like that!


Weight watchers works great if you follow the point system like you’re supposed to. Really any type of exercise works as long as you keep it routine…

Count your calories! There’s a great group on fb called loose weight weight pizza. The gist is CICO

Can your dr. Give you some specific guidance on what is a safe way for you to loose weight due to your health conditions? I’m low income so I can’t afford programs but my dr hooked me up with a nutrionast that was in clinic so took my insurance mainly cause I was on the verge of high cholesterol and my family history is borderline diabetic as well as family history of heart problems. From there she helped me figure out what I need more and less of…essentially more protien and veggies. Theres free workout aps for women if you can stay dedicated to doing them all you need is 5-10 minutes in the day to do some sort of leg, stomach, or arm work out. Then track your steps and try to beat your previous days worth. Its amazing how some days its alot less then you think you may have gotten vs other days its like wow can’t believe I’ve done that much. Please don’t stress I also gained a lot of weight with 4 kids especially with my last and im just now loosing weight after a yr of trying but im finally not stressing about it just being mindful of how much moving and how much eating helps. Sorry long post but I get you mama its a tough but doable journey!

Look up truvy tru :bikini::butterfly::sun_with_face::hibiscus::cup_with_straw::star:TRU GOALS!! :star::cherries::grapes::strawberry::lemon::coconut::running_man:t5::man_running:t4:on fb they’ve helped a lot of people lose weight I haven’t tried it yet but I’ve seen so many testimonies in this group

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My cousin Lissa Badger Tarbet has found a amazing diet

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ADD fruits and veggies to your diet, portion control, and try to exercise for at least 20 minutes a day… That’s how I lost 35 pounds back before I had my son. No food is off-limits… Just moderation.

Get ur heartbroken… quickest way.


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Don’t do any fad diet bullshit… lower carb and sugar intake, increase physical activity

Weight Watchers! Let’s you eat what you want but in moderation and makes you aware of what you eat.


Read this book: EAT TO LIVE. It’ll change your attitude towards your food choices. It’ll teach you to choose for nutritional value only. It will no longer be comfort foods or you like the way it tastes when in fact it does nothing to help you stay healthy. It’s a lifestyle change that will work no matter what you weigh.

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Intermittent fasting works. Just make sure you break your fast with protein, and your final meal before you fast should also have protein. Protein helps the blood sugar problems of fasting. I’ve fasted for 48 hours and not had problems, when I used to have random hypoglycemic events before (non diabetic). I will say starting with a 12-12 eating/fast is the best route. Your body will naturally learn and adjust. You will have more energy. Your body doesn’t get the lunchtime drag in energy.

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A couple simple changes, if you are using a large dinner plate, move down a size. We always like a full plate but our portions are very out of control. Start a food diary and be honest, it can be surprising how much mindless eating we do.

Never been a “diet” person, I have an incurable love for food LOL. Years ago I used to be roughly 260+ lbs. And when I decided to make a change the only thing I did to lose weight was I started walking 2 miles a day 5 days a week and I didn’t change what I ate but I changed how much I ate and when I ate. I feel like we do things backwards we start our days off with light breakfast or no breakfast and we work our way into a heavy end of the Day dinner / supper I reversed that I made the biggest and heaviest meal of the day breakfast and throughout the day ate lighter snacks/meals making my dinner/supper meal the lightest meal of my day I dropped 75 lb in roughly 3/4 months doing this. And pretty much it’s become a lifestyle for me. though I don’t always walk 2 miles 5 days (nowadays about 2/3days of walking 2miles)a week anymore now that I’m getting older and got grandbabies to chase around LOL. Good luck on your weight loss journey :100:


I lost 60 lbs in 9 months strictly reigning in my nutrition. I focused on whole foods, plants, and when I wanted meat it was lean meat only. I cut out processed foods and dairy.
Eat the rainbow and keep dishes colorful, we eat with our eyes too.
Whole foods, plants, and lean meats. Increase hydration. It’s 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.

I’m a big girl. I haven’t found a good plan yet. I think what I’ll have to do is get my doctor to refer me to a nutritionist. I’m pre diabetic and also have high blood pressure. Presently I don’t use salt, I drink plenty of fluids, and try to watch what I eat. But diet foods… meats and veggies are expensive these days and I’m on a fixed income. Food stamps for someone with my income are minimal. I do the best I can. I have physical limitations so exercise is difficult. I’m hoping that you don’t have these issues and can find a plan that works for you.

I find diets don’t work for me. & I’m not huge about exercise. I have been successful in losing weight in the past. I started working on it again very recently and find I lose weight fine if I just have cut out alot of processed foods. No fast food. No sodas or candy. No empty calories. Not a lot of processed sugars. Increase my vegetable, fruit, and whole food intake. Eat balanced. & Healthy meals 3x daily. & Take hour walks every day. Last time I lost about 70 pounds. I just didn’t keep it up unfortunately. So now I have to do it again. Lol

Go to the gym, work out with the weight machines, do cardio every other day, the rowing machines are the best!!! Alternate cardio machines, start first day 5 minutes each, 5 minutes on the treadmill, 5 minutes on the stationary bike, 5 minutes on the glider. See, stand, sit, stand…minimizes pressure on your joints at one time. Eventually do this on the days you do weights and gradually work your cardio days up to 15 minutes each. As the weight comes off or if your comfortable, try the stair climber, it’s fun. Muscle burns more calories than fat, using the weight machines will help alot. Good luck! It gets addicting when you see the weight drop off !


Fill yourself up with water often and before you eat, practice strict portion control, properly balance your diet, stop purchasing sweets/sodas/alcohol so that you cannot ingest them anymore, stop adding sugar to things, and do actual legitimate exercise. Try something more vigorous 2 or 3 times a day to get your metabolism going again. Dancing to the point of aerobic exercise could possibly be the perfect option for you.

Slim fast for breakfast, Gatorade zero sugar for hydration, lots of water, lots of walking, at least 30 mins to 1 hour a day. Eat lots of fruit and veggies, lean meat. Cut out sugars, salts, sodas. Switch from soda to flavored water zero sugar.

I’m going through the same thing, blood pressure and all, plus chronic pain.
Start slow, the first thing to do is fix food, that’ll give you the best start to exercise.
Loads of veggies, complex carbs, lean protein.
Avoid simple carbs, which break down into sugar. Complex carbs are necessary to function.
Diets and fads are crap. You just need to learn how to eat healthy.
Follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of your diet is healthy, 20% is what you’re craving (I just had a cheeseburger and an edible) denying yourself will just make you crash and burn.
The 1,200 calorie rule is crap, it’s outdated and verges on cruelty in a lot of cases.
Slowly decrease calories until you’re comfortable. I eat between 1400 and 1500 calories on my 80% days (obviously it’s higher if I ate a burger and edible).

Go for a walk 5 days, rest 2. Rest is important.
Strength train 3 times a week. Again, rest is important.
Contrary to popular belief, cardio won’t be your main calorie burner, it’s building up muscle mass.

Don’t go by the scale, measure your progress by how you feel and how your clothes are fitting. Muscle weighs more than fat and the scale will be disappointing.

It’s also a great idea to check in with a doctor for bloodwork to make sure you’re not struggling with thyroid problems or nutrient imbalances, which can have a massive impact on weight and how you lose it.

Following a “diet” has never worked for me. However, I recently lost about 60lbs by drinking lots of water, if I drink anything else it is either diet or sugar free/zero carbs, I don’t drink soda at all, my downfall is energy drinks so I just switched from regular to the sugar free. I do not allow myself to eat after 8/9pm anymore. Used to be a big night time snacker. I don’t think about dieting when I eat my mindset is “what is going to fuel me until my next meal” and make healthier choices. I still eat what I want but have really paid attention to my portions. I stop eating when I’m full and don’t continue eating just because it tastes good like I used to. I also switched from a desk job to a job that keeps me moving and on my feet so that has helped a lot I’m sure. But you could do daily walks for your exercise

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My endocrinologist says Weight Watchers is the best way for all of us to eat !


Best thing to do is to just start small, reduce your food intake( try to avoid soft drinks and packet snacks) and start going for short walks around the block.


Intermittent fasting with keto, mixed with some light cardio and the weight will literally fall off of you. Guaranteed

Maybe try going for a walk everyday, for at least 30 minutes, then every week increase is by 5 minutes until you reach an hour or how ever long you can go. Start with healthier foods instead of trying to stick to a diet, for dinners have meat and salad, for snacks cucumbers, mixed nuts, low calorie foods. I did try Noom and it was great and worked for me and someone I work with. If you are really serious and dedicated Noom would be great.

Water, water, water and Gatorade zero also I am on Ozempic for diabetics and weight loss. Cut back on portions as well. No snack cakes and stuff like that.

Fasting is never good unless your doctor recommended it for you. Cut out chips, candy, soda, rice, corn, potatoes, anything that is a starch. Cut back on milk. Look to see what non meat products are high in protein and make sure you are having proper portions. Meat portions should never be bigger then the palm of your hand. Start exercising by taking walks, start out with 20 minutes and work your way up to a hour. Then try to push yourself to go on hikes. Snacking is important but it needs to be healthy snacks. Celery is extremely healthy and your body burns more calories breaking it down then it contains. Gatorade is literally just salty sugar water so don’t drink that to stay hydrated, water it the best thing.

Drink lots of water, up activity levels, find healthy recipes that you like but also that you will make. If you drink soda cut that out and switch to teas if you still want the caffeine. Make deliberate changes you can stick to. Personally I switched to mini sodas on my path to going off of them. It’s really just about making small permanent changes to your food. Also when you snack are you bored or actually hungry. We also started incorporating more Mediterranean style meals bc my cholesterol isn’t great. Really good food and healthier than some of our go to meals.

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Cut out sugar and bread. Portion control and walking for atleast an hour a day.

I just lost little over 30lbs trying to change diet and eating earlier and mostly walking with my exercise during nice weather I walked to work kids to school sense its 15 minutes from home I also deal steps for me.

95% of the comments above are absolute bullshit 5% advising calorie deficit are spot on.



Eat healthy portion…weight traing over cardio…I used to be a WW leader…the old fashioned way…portion control…don’t eliminate carbs…just cut back.
.slowly build up your exercuse

Check out hcg injections!! If you do it right you will lose 1-2 lbs a day!

Calorie deficit, 10k steps+ per day, drink plenty water


Eat less, move more - Do not cut any food group! track what you eat , eat what you want all in your calorie allowance . You need to drop 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat so if you were to eat 500 a day less you will start to see a difference. A light walk a day will help you do not need to jump right in to full blown exercise concentrate on what you eat you’ll be surprised at the calories! Try work out your maintain calories and go from there. There is no quick fix or magic pill it’s hard work. I’m 3 stone down in 8 months with a lot of blips along the way and no exercise at all!! Good luck!!


Calorific deficit, calorific deficit, calorific deficit - you need to burn more calories than you eat its the only way to loose weight!


Call Kim about a livta diet plan 7735545840

Calorie deficit is the only way to loose weight. Most of these comments are complete and utter bollocks.

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water, increase your veggies and fruits less carbs (cakes or chips) avoid sugary food/drinks and start walking or increase your physical activity. Do it gradually so your brain can adjust.

I used DR amend Book on losing waight. Slow

I used a book that Dr Amen wrote about weight loss. I Lost 28 pounds anf

And have kept it off for 7 years . took me six months. I had sorted all my life.

My love, run ,run run run run. 30 mins a day and lower your portions. No salt!

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Real life health and fitness.
Calorie deficit and exercise x

I was going to write this bit at the end of my spiel but realised it’d probably get missed so;

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Make sure your MINDSET is in a healthy place. Realise that having some “non healthy” food every now and again is NOT BAD. Realise that skipping your walk/gym/forced excersise for a day or 2 or 3 is NOT BAD. YOU DID NOT FAIL! BECAUSE ITS NOT A JOB/RACE/COMPETITION, It’s your LIFE. You’re SUPPOSED to ENJOY tasty food, even if it’s not a damn salad! You’re supposed to be able to rest when you’re tired, that’s WHY our bodies get tired! It’s so important to remember this because so many people fall back into negative mindsets & depression/anxiety/feelings of inadequacy & failure, all over eating something they wanted or having a break & it’s not worth it. Having a better body is not worth your mental health being damaged. As long as you are still making positive changes, you are doing well! Now onto my original rant/spiel :sweat_smile:

Don’t diet! You need a sustainable lifestyle change, not a diet change. Unless your diet includes fast food every single day, you just need to rearrange portions of your current food really. And if diet allows it (no allergies, aversions ect) make swaps. There’s plenty of lists online to help but for example: coconut cream instead of regular cream, brown/black/red rice instead of white, wholemeal or at least high fibre bread instead of regular white bread.
If you drink it, have 1 sugar instead of 2 in your coffee/tea & no milk (decent quality coffee could see you drop to no sugars even)
In regards to portions, look up recommended portion sizes for your age, current weight, gender, lifestyle, health issues ect. If you’re eating too much protein for you, it’ll turn to fat. In contrast (like myself for example), you may be eating too little food even! I lose more weight when I’m eating at regular small intervals vs 3 meals a day for example. I lost more weight eating like 1800cal vs the around 800 I eat now thanks to my meds.

If you only eat peas/corn/Carrots (for example), try to incorporate more coloured vegetables into your foods on a more regular basis. You’d be surprised what naturally consumed vitamins can do for weightloss, especially in terms of real energy to increase ability to excersise a bit more, & WANTING to excersise more as well.
Add seeds & nuts to your snacks. (Even if it’s in a trail mix with reduced sugar dried fruit & choc buttons, it’s still good vitamins & minerals!)

Work your way up in regards to excersise. You don’t have to start a 5k run tomorrow. Start with a short daily walk & increase the distance &/or speed over time. While cooking dinner or watching TV or as soon as you step out of bed in the morning before anything else, do 5 jumping jacks & 5 squats. Increase how many over time ect.
Find an excersise you enjoy! I can’t stress this enough! You’re NOT going to excersise if you hate what you’re doing! It shouldn’t be a chore, it should become your lifestyle & it should fit your current lifestyle easily!
I HATE cardio. So, I don’t do full cardio! I do weight training, because I LOVE lifting weights. I learned how to do it in a way that I didn’t get bulky, because that’s not my plan, but that’s what I do. It increases heartrate just as much as ‘boring’ cardio if done properly. I also used to do Zumba as cardio instead of running or HIIT (I also hate hiit). It’s more fun, I could do it at home at my own pace. Do classes instead of going on your own, sometimes having others there makes you work harder. Find a friend to get healthy with. An accountability partner. Or get a really good PT you can bounce thoughts off, tell concerns to. Someone who listens to your needs & goals & plans sessions accordingly.

If you have it available to you, maybe look into a weightloss/health/lifestyle coach or counsellor. Just someone to help you make those changes slowly & sustainably. Someone who can teach you how to fit your current lifestyle & your new wanted one together.

I know its long but honestly it’s all so important so I hope if even you yourself don’t read it, someone else does & it helps them.

You want to eat less calories and burn more calories than you put in your body with exercise.

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I did keto, IF, calorie deficit, LOTS of water and working out. I’ve currently lost about 122lbs since I started in March of 2020. I’m still with it but have increased my carbs some since I am pregnant. Highly recommend.

Optavia is the best diet I have ever been on


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I’ve lost 15 pounds on keto in just 40 days. It works !


There’s a smoothie diet I’m actually gonna look into replace two meals with smoothies I think two snacks and your dinner…I can’t remember the name of it

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