How to lose weight?

Getting pregnant all the time doesn’t help
Food can become an addiction as well
Sometimes being in a weight loss group helps
It’s not how much you eat it’s what you eat
I eat a lot of vegetables protein and salads
I have a free day once a week
For take away food
And walk that is great take your baby in the pram


Keto and 3 mile walk every day.



I am Bianca and I’m the owner of DownsizingBee🐝.

DownsizingBee was created when I was 100kgs and about to embark on my weightloss journey after struggling for years with my weight.

My problem was FOOD!

Food was my go to thing, anytime of the day i would eat and eat and eat. Somehow consuming a ridiculous amount of about 5000 calories a day easily!

Chips, pies, chocolates, biscuits, samosas, energy drinks and not to mention my all time favorite Coca-Cola, that coming l at a good 3 x 2 litres a day!!! Yes you read that correctly.

Food was everything, food was comforting, and food never hurt me or turned on me!! It was something that was there to help me get through every emotion.

One day I just became tired, tired of sleeping all day, watching others exercise and feeling embarrassed to even try, so I decided that was it and embarked on my journey to lose weight.

I created my own meal plan, exercise plan and Detox plan with SUCCESSFUL weight loss, and soon I was creating plans for friends and family.

I lost 55kgs and this motivated me to help others. It motivated me to get people where they wanted to be. To support them and be at their sides so they didn’t embark on the journey alone.

Downsizing Bee is my business and I couldn’t be prouder of what I have achieved this far and can only imagine what the future holds.

To my clients without you, this wouldn’t be possible. Together we are going to buzzz all the way to our goals.

Our motto! “NO EXCUSES”
How it works: You send me your current weight, and you get a plan that will work for YOU. Designed For YOU!

You will receive the following

  • 5day Detox plan
  • 3 months meal plans
  • Exercise plan
  • You will be added to my Downsizing Bee Support group where all the other clients are. Here is where they share tips, useful information, motivate one another, encourage one another, and have fun.
  • My help as coach Bee

R270 - R420 depending on the package you take. For the three months once off payment.


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Intermittent fasting, lots of water and lots of walking. Start doing short workouts on YouTube and work yourself up to more intense cardio etc

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Optivia is an amazing program. I lost 60lbs in 6 months. Get rid of carbs and sugar!

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In 14 weeks I’ve lost 38 lbs by calorie deficit and hydroxycut a Alli (it’s a pill you can get on Amazon, it helps release oils and fats that you ingest before your body absorbs them)

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Weighted hula hoop 

The Sonoma diet. There’s a book 5 dollars on ebay. Its Mediterranean style eating. Very wholesome foods and amazing recipes You should check it out! It’s amazing!

Low carb and exercise

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Cut the carbs out . Meaning all the breads , pasta , potato chips , and pizza lol. Do some kind of cardio 20 minutes a day enough to break a sweat.Tread mill , bicycle , etc . I lost 40 pounds in a month doing that . It sucked first week but after that it was easy .


Please do not do keto, intermittent fasting is fine, Whole Foods is better and make sure you move and drink water everyday. Honestly if you have trouble go to a Dietitian to get a game plan. And give yourself the time to see it happen for you. It will :smiling_face:


Get a nutritionist.
You’ll have to readjust your diet, so…lower salt, avoid processed foods, avoid as much gluten and over processed wheat’s.
Talk to your Dr about what may work best for you health.

The Macros Lab! Small family owned business, we offer custom macro plans

I do intermittent fasting and Plexus


Try doing a no sugar no salt there is salt substitution at walmart tastes like the same thing I am currently pregnant type 2 diabetic with hypertension the the changes more keto diet in Dec of 21 my a1c was 12.4 now it’s 6.0 my blood pressure would constantly be over 160/90 by moving around more walking a lil each day for now then baby steps progress longer even tho it might get hot could take your family for a lil walk for 10 -15 mins switch white bread for whole grain /sourdough pasta to whole grain small changes make a difference as well try doing a lemon and cucumber water with ginger in infuse it over night in a pitcher and drink some threw out the day

No matter what you choose to weight loss comes down to being in :point_right:Calorie Deficit​:point_left: so the best thing you can do is grab a calorie counting app and track your food daily based on your weight loss goals.


No sugar, no processed foods, no carryout food fruit vegetables, apples will lower your blood pressure.

Ideal Protein Alternatives (IPA) there is a very supportive group right here on Facebook. I lost 100 lbs myself using that plan. Everything you need to know is in the files. If you need help with something after you’ve read the files, the admins are wonderful and will help you any way they can.

More fruits and veggies
Nothing that’s not naturally seedless ( grapes, watermelon, oranges) just to name a few
Smaller amounts of starch moderate protein less sugar increase water intake gradually to 1 gallon per day
Most important
3 meals per day and nothing heavy after 7 pm


Great advice everyone! But in my case everything is easier said than done. I did every diet possible and lost 10-15 lbs per usual, then I would have a weight loss stall, get frustrated, and give up :pleading_face:. I did this for 18 years until last month I finally decided to get a gastric sleeve :see_no_evil: my bmi was 34 (52 lbs overweight) mind you my problem is not maintaining my weight, it’s loosing it ( I come from an obese family). I’m not recommending you do the same, but I pray you have the willpower that I lacked :pray:t2:

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While 30 helps you find foods that affect you.

Calorie deficit is the only way you’ll lose. Fact. Calories in v calories out. Check out Team RH who have lots of content out there to help you start and understand food and calories. I’ve lost 3 n half stone after listening to Richie Howey explain nutrition. Years of slimming clubs and fab ‘diets’ screwed up my relationship with food. This no nonsense approach is brilliant


Calorie deficit is the only way you will lose weight


Team RH are the best, most genuine company out there


Calorie defict is the only way I’ve been to all the money grabbing don’t care slimming clubs I’ve done them all and they are bullshit…
Get yourself over to Team RH its a hell of a lot cheaper yes it’s more work weighing your food at first but you need to put effort in and eventually it so easy. Richie and Rachel care about people but it’s no nonsense and he does talk sense even with a potty mouth but I find it entertaining and true instead of making up excuses for yourself about why you put weight on I agree I often nod and know exactly why I put weight on…

Don’t listen to faddy diets because you need something for a lifetime not something that makes you miserable and give up. A diet should not be a chore of no carbs or eating crap yogurts because they are free on the plan or doing a cabbage diet or diet drinks. They still have calories you need to burn.
No need for treat or cheat days have a treat as long as you track it… Team RH work out your macros to ensure you get enough nutrition you will be suprised how many calories you get given each day.
It’s a lovely group and supportive team. Lots of people just like you… And they care about you

Calorie deficit! Look into Team RH


Cut carbs and sugars. Pasta bread rice noodles cake cookies soda booze potatoes milk juice. Drink tea without sugar and water. Eat meat vegetables and citrus fruits greens spinach kale lettuce


Intermittent fasting start at 12 hours no eating so like let’s say 8pm-8am or whatever 12 hr window frame. Increase the hour every couple of weeks and decrease your calorie intake while eating healthier (indulge here & there). It’s all a balance. Before you know it you will reach your goal. It’s all a journey. Slow & steady. Do not be too harsh on yourself. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Calories v calories out. So in plain English you should be in CALORIC DEFICIT.


Move more & use up more calories than you take in. Not rocket science. :man_shrugging:


No matter what you do, it all comes down to being in a calorie deficit. Keep active throughout the day. Drink plenty of water. Exercise will help, but the majority of weight loss is down to your calorie deficit

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Demosthenis Zambourides

I cut out pop and ate smaller portions though the day and I was doing Thrive while doing it.

When I found out I was diabetic after my third pregnancy I cut out everything basically. If you follow a diabetics diet you’ll definitely lose some weight. I went from 250 to currently 182 and still going. It’s basically keto. And lots of cardio. Lots of water.

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Keto…no carb, no sugar.

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Calorie deficit nothing else! It’s the only way…don’t need to cut any foods you enjoy out. It’s all calories in v calories out. Research calorie deficit loads of good people can help you out. Team rh the real loss boss. Don’t listen to anyone recommending keto or cutting out carbs and sugar or fasting! Slowly is the best way.


Team RH will give you advice, support and the knowledge to change your whole life!

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Team RH for sure the only and best lifestyle plan EVER the only thing stopping you…is you :woman_shrugging:

Caloric deficit Team RH can help calculate how many calories you should be consuming as every one has a different amount depending on weight, hight and how active you are.

Weight loss is about being educated- then you will understand why “ diets don’t work “ for the long term. I see Team RH has been mentioned several times - I am not a member of the group, however I do follow their page. Their knowledge and know how are spot on. It’s not magic - it’s just factual. Good luck you will be great!


Start with 3 small things :
Drink a glass of water before eating at all mealtimes .move up to 2 glasses gradually.

Start walking for 15 minutes daily at your own pace .Move to 40 minutes a day over time .These 40 minutes could be divided into two bursts over the day.

Cut your dinner intake by half .
Move to cutting lunch by half .
Have a protein rich breakfast.

Restrict eating between mealtimes .choose soup/ fruit / salad if you have to.

Cut down salt and sugar .

Wish you good health.


This is a very long sentence. Lol
Stop eating


Being a life long dieter since being an adult) 30 years +) I have done the lot.

My daughter introduced me to Team RH and I’ve never looked back.

They do the hard work by working out what calories you need each day. This is based on a few simple questions (age, gender, how many steps you can commit to daily etc). They tell you how much fibre, protein you need to hit each day. It’s so simple and easy. You have a team of coaches available all of the time. And you will never join a more supportive, kind and caring group of people. And if you get stuck at the beginning setting up. Believe me you will be inundated with help.

I would not hesitate for a single second recommending them. Best thing I ever did. :heart:

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Check out Macros Inc.

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I’m a two time liver recipient . You gain alot of weight with all the steroids . On first one I put on over 125 lbs double my original weight . I stuck to this for 30 days lost 32 lbs . Drank water I’m not a water person so that was the worst . But ate oatmeal and a nana in morning , fruit salad and a salad for lunch the spaghetti noodles with grilled chicken in maranara sauce for dinner and I walked for thirty days doing just that .

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start small and change one or two habits at a time! pilates are amazing too!

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Only way to actually lose weight is to reduce calories and exercise. Cut out junk food is a good idea

Avoid salt, drink lots of water and do a lot of walking

I lost 30 lbs. By cutting out all soft drinks. That was a big wake up call to me. And then portion control. Half of your plate should be vegetables ( not fried or starchy ) your protein should be about the size of the palm of your hand again not fried. Fill up on veggies first but you do need to get your protein in. If you don’t get enough protein your hair can start to fall out. Also do not drink while you are eatting. Eat first then you can drink water, tea or what ever you choose just not soft drinks. Not even diet. Good luck you can do this !!!

My doctor suggests looking at your weight loss goal one month at a time. Thinking about how many pounds you need or want to lose at the start can make it overwhelming. Start with losing one or two pounds a month. Start walking 15 minutes and work to be to 30 minutes twice a day over time. No rush. Try to eliminate carbs your first month. No bread, no rice, no starches. The next month, cut back on dairy switching to low fat then non fat products. The next month, give up most fruits leaving one or two portions twice a week. The next month, switch to oil spray from cooking in or adding oil or butter to food. You’ve got the idea. If you can, keep a food log daily so that you can see what you are eating each day.

You can ask your doctor if you qualify for any of the diabetes medications that are being used for weight control. Most programs require that your BMI be 40-44 or more.

Losing weight should be a long term process as habits need to be changed.

Good luck to you.

Keto diet has worked great for me. I’ve lost 49 pounds since the beginning of October. Never felt better!

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for a couple years. All I know is that MY ADULT WHOLE LIFE, regardless of working out and watching cals, I’ve never gotten below 150. But I am steady at 142-146 since starting intermittent fasting🤷‍♀️. Good luck jo what you try!!

I did optavia lost 80lbs and feel amazing this program totally changes my and hubby’s lives worth looking into

Wow all these suggestions is so overwhelming……:pleading_face::heart_eyes:
While you’re doing your research on which diet or exercise program you want to do you can start with the basic stuff….
Cut OUT ALL soda pop…
Drink A lot of Water… Drink at least 4 water bottles a day.
Also I just learned myself…
that you’re supposed to drink a bottle of water before you take a shower, it helps lower your blood pressure🙂
I’m not sure how old you are but I’m part of a women over 40 weight loss group

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Eat less calories than you burn. Dr told me if you cut out 100 calories a day that’s one pound a month. 12 pounds a year. Heck, we can all do that. Increase your metabolism in a healthy way. Walking. Work your way up to a minimum of 30 mins a day. Any extra is better. Now, I need to take my own advice! :rofl::rofl:


More goes out than what goes in … u will loose weight

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I follow a healthy living program that has turned into a lifestyle change for me
Balances my blood sugar and helped to loose and maintain my weight

Defo Team RH for the win :1st_place_medal:

Get the oculus VR gaming system. I’m 61 and actually look forward to working out. Check out the free games thru the browser before you buy a game.

110% deffo Team RH Team RH™ Official Members Group

All foods in moderation is ok
Try a meal replacement shake

I was so self conscious about my weight that I now suffer from an eating disorder
I went from 80 kilos down to just under 39 kilos in 8 months
Size 20
Down to a size 8

Walk for at least 30 minutes a few days a week. Walking is easily overlooked as being one of the best things you can truly be doing for yourself. Pop in some ear buds, put on a podcast, an audio book or some music and take a stroll!


Start by logging how much sleep you get for 30 days. Try to build to 8 hrs. Then water for 30 days… then move to looking at the food you eat.

The best shape I got into before physically demanding work—I went to a gym that had free sessions included with a personal trainer. Every couple weeks I’d get with the trainer to learn new routines to help progress. I went from 165 to 145ish after working out regularly and monitoring my food intake. I cut out a lot of fatty carbs and breads. Are a lot of fruited and veggies and eggs. No sodas. If I needed* caffeine I drank tea. LOTS of water. I used tuna or chicken salad to go on top of salads instead of dressings. I had also went on a week long juice diet to kind of reset my eatting habits. That was the worst of it though lol-and it was something I did before going to the gym because I had unhappy habits. I’m a smaller framed woman-who easily Carrie’s extra midsection weight.

I’m going to give you the only advice you should be listening to when it comes to weight loss: eat a healthy diet high in protein and veggies, drink lots of water and head to a gym. Good old fashioned healthy living is the only sure way to maintain healthy weight loss. Anyone that tells you there’s a flash diet or quick trick is setting you up for failure. The only way to stay healthy for a lifetime is to change your eating habits and fitness regiment permanently.

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Walk, drink water, reduce portions, and eat healthier. If you drink sodas, you should consider reducing your soda intake and increase your water intake.

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Watch portion sizes, lots of fruits and veggies, walking is the best form of exercise.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to lose weight?

First of all of you havent made any changes and gained weight I wld get your thyroid checked. I gained 30 pounds in a month, was constantly doing something and lived in and upstairs apartment so was climbing stairs many times a day. Went to the doctor and found out my thyroid was low.


I drastically changed my nutrition when my second son was born. It’s 80% nutrition 20% exercise. I ate mostly fruits, veggies, whole foods, and other plants. Lean meats. I ate till satisfied not full, and didn’t really have to cook much. Eliminating sugar, added sugar foods, sodas, and highly processed foods helped me.
It was easier than i thought it would be.


Eating habits need to change. Eat lots of fruit, veggies, lean meats. Cut out highly processed foods. Only eat complex carbs. Whole grains.

You just need to take in less calories than you expend in a day. Something like a fitbit can tell you how many calories you usually burn. I mean you can eat want you feel like. If it is high in calories then you cut calories elsewhere through the day.

Ok something easy would be. WATER. Cut out all drinks (alcohol, juice, etc) just drink water. Tall glass of water 30min before you would eat will fill u up some. WATER. WATER. Aaaand more water. Plus it’s good for milk production.


Girl me 2 me 2 idk how to get this baby weight off having to care for twins and an almost 2yr old. Even tho I’m doing a lot I’m still sitting a good amount of time and I usually have no problems losing weight,it’s never been a problem now I’m 5’9 weighing 210 5m after having twins.

Get your thyroid checked. GIVE YOUR BODY TIME. If you’re still nursing, then your body is likely still recovering. TWINS GIRL!! Give it time. When you’re done nursing, ask your doctor about Ozempic and make some small but simple lifestyle changes.


Honestly it sounds like you are not getting enough nutritious calories and your body thinks it’s starving. Which will cause you to gain weight. These people saying cut your calories you cannot cut your calories you will not have the milk supply to nurse your twins. Consulting your primary care doctor and getting blood work done to make sure it’s not underlining problem is a good starting place.
When you’re nursing sit on the edge of the couch, bed or chair tighten your core and do leg lifts. Use your babies as weights. When sweeping/ mopping tighten your core & Exaggerate your twist your movements your movements extend further. Honestly if you Google exercising with twins infants it’ll bring you up things you can do safely!


Have your doctor check your thyroid.

Make healthy food choices… find foods that are healthy for your body but low calorie choices. Drinking lots if water… but being you are breast feeding doing diets that throw you into a calorie deficit wouldn’t be a great idea. Protein is very important too. Also portion sizes for when you have a “treat”.
I would also make it a point to try and get some physical activity daily… even if you do some yoga with your babies or take a walk.


Drink more water, and less other beverages. Make sure you’re getting enough fiber.

A- any movement you wouldn’t normally do counts towards burning calories. So dance parties with the bebes, jumping jacks inside while you 3 watch whatever it is will keep them entertained for 30 mins. Take them for a jog around the block. You really only need like 30 mins of sweating 4-5days a week to make a sustained (tho slow) difference.
2- get your macros calculated. There’s tons of FB groups that will do that for free. Then focus on meeting or exceeding your protein while staying right at your calorie limit. Fats and carbs can fall where ever for just general weight loss.
3- water. Water. WATER…drink ALL OF THE WATER.


Get ur thyroid checked I was having a hard time losing weight as well I had 3 c-sections my Dr and I sat down and worked out a decent fasting to where I started off with 8 to 12 hr I watch my calories drink 6 to 8 bottles of water a day I buy crystal light 1 packets or squart bottles to infuse if I drink pop it’s always diet pop 0 calories snack on fruit during the day ( apples do make ur stomach full ) until u can make an actual food into u that’s what I do I try and put less then 2,000 calories into my body a day a yr and a half ago I was at my highest 260 today I’m 154 in a size medium good luck mama I hope this information helps

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Take white bread; pasta and potatoes out of your diet!

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I go off and on lazy keto. In a short time, less than 3 months, I’ve lost 60lbs. I don’t eat or drink much of anything with the word “diet” on it, aspartame causes a weight loss blockage and can actually cause you to gain weight. I switched to using monk fruit sugar, ethereal, and zevia sugars. I also don’t eat much bread, or any kind of starch. Beans, potatoes, bread… However, I do make it a priority to eat 1 donut a week, so when I take my break I do not over due it. Being active, lifting weights and really anything that keeps me moving constantly, I also fast for 14 hours everyday, so 7 pm- 9/10 is a.m also helps. I only eat when I am hungry, and I make sure to count my micros and I take in as many calories as I burn a day. 1800 is my goal.

Youre the mother of twins…feel good about yourself anyway :heartpulse:
Make sure you’re eating enough. The body will store everything as fat if you’re not taking in enough calories.
Drink plenty water.
Walk with your babies
Its easy to forget ourselves when looking after our children. So much easier to grab a sandwich than make proper meals but that bread will pile on the weight.
Chop up a bowl of salad and have a bowl of diced chicken /lean meat/ cheese etc ready to add when you get hungry
Buy wholemeal breads, pasta etc but watch the portion sizes.
Remember to eat regularly
Keep a diary of what you eat /drink…its amazing what a tired mom puts in her mouth without really thinking about it
Obviously if you feel unwell or notice unexplained changes the Dr is the first place to visit.

I am taking golo. Best stuff ever. It has taken away my sugar & carbs craving, been taking them for 6 weeks and have lost 14lbs, I take 3 a day with my meal or a snack, it does not give you the jitters, makes you feel full, helps with sleep and pain. I paid 79.00 for 2 bottles. Im usually leery about taking stuff like this but after reading reviews on it, I had to try it and am glad I did. Also I take blood pressure meds and these don’t effect my medication. Check it out, it may be worth a try for you as well.

You don’t have time to eat healthy? You can grab carrots just as fast as you can grab a bag of chips…


Fasting help , try to cut sodas , bread junk food, exercise with your twins, you can put them in a stroller and go out to walk .
I also take / drink a piñalim tea every night

Everyone is different everybody’s body works differently and will react to different things differently. I would talk to your doctor he/she knows your body best and what may work better for you.

I’am making over $155 an hour working online with 2 kids at home. I never thought I’d be able to do it but my best friend earns over $ 18885 a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless

Chk This—>>

Drink more than a gallon of water a day. No other sugar drinks. I lost 35 lbs in less than 3 months. The water helps make you feel fuller. I went from eating seconds at dinner to 1 scoop of everything and i was full.

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Lots n lots of water keep cut veggies and fruit to snack on while feeding. Lots of protein in the am. Helps a lot too.

Got a babies into twin troller,and push a distance of two miles and increase on a daily basis :100: your start feeling :100:per cent yourself.good luck.

Cut out sugar and carbs. I’m kind of on the Keto diet… i guess it’s the ‘lazy keto’ since i have had 2 cookies since i started lol. I’ve lost 18lbs since June. 15lbs since July 1st.


Get your thyroid checked, Mama. Especially after giving birth–its such a drastic hormonal change for your body to go through. Your thyroid could very well be underactive. Good luck.


Put them in the stroller and walk, drink water…less to no sugar drinks

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