How to lose weight?

Plexus has given me the ability to function with energy.
This has given me my LIFE back.
My confidence back.
I’m calmer. Not constantly stressed out.
Happier. No insane or irrational mood swings.
I used to be really stressed. I survived on candy, chips, Pepsi, gas station snacks and fast food. Sure, every now and then I’d have a salad (on the side of my large very cheesy pizza! And then you KNOW I rewarded myself with a damn cookie for eating that salad! :laughing: I had crazy cravings. Going to bed with a big ol bag of Reese’s or some other kind of chocolate and a pop to watch a movie until I fell asleep happened more often then it didn’t. I didn’t sleep good AT ALL. My anxiety was through the roof, seriously THROUGH. THE. ROOF! Just ask my hubby or my mama, it effected my days and especially the middle of my nights so much! Yes, for some reason my anxiety got worse as it got closer to nightfall or when it got dark outside and when I was the only one awake in the house at night it was even easier for my mind to race with all the anxious thoughts.

I was always sick too… headaches, tummy issues. I had crippling digestive issues.

I lived with chronic pain in my neck for a couple years before starting Plexus. Which most likely stemmed from me being super overweight and working on my feet all day. Inflammation ruled my body. I lacked energy. I lacked motivation. I honestly had just resigned myself to the fact that this must be what it feels like to be a mama.

Until I decided to give this a try.
And guess what?
Within the first few days I could tell something in me felt a little different. Something was definitely happening. First, I noticed I had some energy and it felt GOOD. Then, I remember one morning waking up thinking, “MAN! I slept good last night!” Within the first few weeks I noticed I wasn’t craving sugar like a mad woman every day. Instead, I was craving healthier foods. I started drinking water, actually CRAVING IT again for the first time in a long time.
I had energy.
I began having pain free days.
My digestive issues started disappearing.
My husband noticed a huge change in my mood and he LOVED IT!

That was it. I was all in.

I’ve seen people set free. Over and over again.
I KNOW it will work for you too.

But here is the thing. I won’t force it on you. I won’t hound you or chase you down. I won’t make you try it and I won’t nag you to be consistent.
It’s up to you.
Being ready to make a change for yourself. Being ready to truly be consistent for longer than a week or a month.


Not just that. Your family is worth it.
They need you to be the best version of you.

If there was ONE thing you invested in, hands down, it should be this.
It should be you. :yellow_heart:

I have been taking thrive ( all natural vitamins it has made a world of difference for me. I was close to 300 lbs when I started. Binge eating was an understatement for myself.
I have now been keeping thrive in my system for the last 5 yrs been able to maintain the weightloss, even through the shutdown. Absolutely love my daily energy to keep up with the kids & the household. Be blessed hun. Let me know if you might have any questions.

Reach out to Sharon Chaput Costa

Look into Brag apple cider vinegar, I do two tablespoons in my mint flavored water in the morning…lost 12 pounds so far…and lots and LOTS of water

I really like bell peppers and hummus

I have tried everything in the world to lose weight and it’s always just one or two pounds here one or two pounds there never amounted to nothing 2 years ago I had something very bad happen in my life I weigh 270 lbs I got down to 224 I was losing over 10 lb a week by not eating but once or twice a week then one day my appetite just come back and I’ve gained a hundred pounds back I weigh more than I did before I started at 329 now I had a closet plum full of pants capris t-shirts night shirts nothing would fit now so I had the opportunity to box them all up and I’m going to give to my sister when she comes to get them some of them even has tags still on them at least my sister will be getting some use out of them

I would talk to your doctor. I know when I get really upset or emotional I tend to wanna eat a lot. For the last three months I have been on a lazy keto diet I keep My net carbs below 30. sometimes when I get emotional and I want to eat more I’ll go over but I’ll stick to the food that’s on keto. They have keto ice cream and keto candy so that’s really help me a lot lol I’ve already gone down three pants sizes. I also do 20 hour fast and then I have four hours to get my 30 net grams of carbs in. I also drink a lot of water. But I’m not a person that East’s all day even before I went on this life change I was only eating one meal but it was usually super unhealthy so I kept the eating schedule the same but incorporate better food and lots of water. I also take lots of vitamins since starting this. It’s extremely hard the first month but once I made it past that it’s been better. I also give my self a cheat MEAL once a week. If I’m feeling like I wanna eat something I shouldn’t. A lot of people on keto do a cheat DAY and for me it was to easy to slip back into it. So I just do the one meal. And desert of course :joy_cat::joy_cat: but usually a desert is once a month

I lost almost 60lbs on Noom, and I feel AMAZING!

Substitute a lot of the carbs with something else. Ex: if you’re a coffee drinker, use half and half instead of creamer. Tonight I made tacos, but instead of taco shells I used avocados. Get low carb wraps instead of bread, etc. many things you could do here. Also, you could try a meal supplement shake for breakfast and lunch, and then a high protein dinner. If you’re hungry in between… snack on some cheese sticks, celery and peanut butter, etc. also, a lot of walking is a great method of weight loss.

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Cut down on carbs an sugars. Eat lots of veggies. And drink lots of water. Walk at least 30mins a day. Make sure you are having 3 square meals with light, healthy snacks in between also.

Drink lots of water! Don’t snack after dinner. Watch carbs and sugar intake. Set a goal to exercise and get active. I always brush my teeth after dinner and I don’t crave anything! When you are bored and want a snack drink water or distract yourself! Keep healthy snacks in the house! And indulge but in moderation!! You got this! Focus on one day at a time and don’t get so caught up in the scale number.

Food is my weakness. Happy- I eat, sad- I eat more. I lose and gain, like a yo-yo. I’ve found for me personally, I can cut back on portions and work out 5 days a week to lose weight and actually keep it off as long as I’m working out. Diets are an absolute fail for me no matter which or what I try, because I just LOVE food. Especially rolls lol


Intermittent fasting, calorie deficit, it all depends. I would definitely talk to a doctor just to be safe and to get other options for your body type. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was really bad with binge eating(embarrassed to even admit) due to stress and never eating during the day(my kids keeping me busy). At night I try to stay away from the tv due to it being a trigger. I put my mind into reading a book or doing something productive. If I get hungry, I drink a ton of water at night or spoil myself with some herbal tea.

I have a free group you’re welcome to join- not an mlm, not selling any pills, powders or shakes lol I’m a registered dietitian and virtual weight loss coach

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Don’t think of it as a diet, but a change of lifestyle! Lots of fruits & veggies, lean meat, fewer carbs! You’ll do great, just take it one day at a time

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Count calories and exercise daily

I see an endocrinologist for weightloss. She put me on phentermine and topomax. She has told me to cut me food intake by 30% cut out alot of carbs, more fruits and veggies and to use a smaller plate.

You arent failing… if you keep trying.
So maybe do one extra thing every day… take a walk… eat less… work your abs… any little thing will help… and motivate you

Binge eating is a mental disorder!! No diet will ever fix that!! You have to change the way you look at food. Stop focusing on what you " can’t have". That alone leads to binge eating…trust me I know. I recommend talking to a specialist that focuses on eating and mental disorders.


I the same tips but wanted to say loving all the support instead tare down…losing weight is hard

Therapy first. Sounds like addiction as well as trauma plus bad habits. Why are you binging, what are your triggers, what hole in your life are you filling with food? See an addiction counselor or psychiatrist to get to and address the root of your problem, or nothing can get better.

Once you have that sorted out & have ways to counteract your binge behavior, get with a nutritionist who will work with your likes and dislikes. If you love chocolate, just eat small portions on some occasions (get a single bag of M&Ms from 7-11). If you like chips, maybe change to baked ones or ones made from cauliflower, for example. Instead of soda, order or buy unsweetened tea or sparkling water (with natural flavors, no aspartame).

You have to commit to change your life from here on, which sounds scary, but “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Take things very slowly as you change eating habits one at a time. Give up or change one thing and do it for a month before you change anything else.

Switch out foods for healthier versions: brown rice, whole wheat bread & pasta instead of white, for example. Or use spaghetti squash, zucchini “noodles”, or edamame “pasta.” Choose frozen nonfat yogurt instead of ice cream. Use an air fryer vs. grease in a pan.

Go for more whole grains instead of potatoes, rice, corn and pasta. Quinoa (Keen-wah) is easy to cook, only takes a few minutes, is delicious, and is the only grain that is a complete protein. There’s spelt, farro, teff, amaranth, buckwheat kashi, wheat berries and more from online if your local grocery stores don’t have them. And of course oatmeal is good, grits less so, and cream of wheat less beneficial, but still healthier than Wonder Bread. Add applesauce, bananas or other fruit to plain oatmeal; don’t buy the flavored kinds loaded with sugars.

Buy single-serve portions of cravings like one pack of Oreos or Sun Chips from a vending machine or those 4 oz. tubs of ice cream, so you won’t have any more to eat when that’s gone. Buy those bags of tiny potatoes so you can cook just 3 at a time to eat. Eat them with the skin on.

Eat off smaller plates and bowls with smaller utensils (teaspoons and dessert forks, for example), cut your servings in half of everything except colorful vegetables—double or triple those. I always have a bag of frozen mixed vegetables and a box of frozen chopped spinach to dump in recipes. You can also buy frozen chopped bell peppers and chopped onions or cans of greens to add to recipes. Commit to meatless Mondays or vegan dishes one day a week, but don’t load up on cheese. Think of cheese like the French—a small piece is dessert.

Add fresh fruit to plain yogurt vs. buying the sugary sweetened kinds.

Cook more at home. If you hate it, use Blue Apron or Hello Fresh low cal options to simplify matters. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store & skip most of the food in between. Avoid the bakery, pasta aisle, candy aisle & most prepared or packaged foods. Eat low on the food chain.

Plan your meals & measure your portions. If you need to eat out, decide the healthiest options to order. Choose Wendy’s salads vs. burgers, Panera or Mediterranean fast casual instead of McDonalds. I ask for a box with my meal & put half the meat & carbs in it immediately. I eat all the vegetables with what’s left on my plate, then add a bunch of colorful vegetables to the leftovers for another meal.

Buy organic meats without growth hormones (partly why Americans are so fat). Eat smaller portions and less meat/poultry overall and you can afford it. Buy organic dairy too—pesticides accumulate in breast tissue. Organic is always better for you, but meat and dairy are the most important to choose organic.

Always carry a full water bottle with you & skip sodas & plastic when out.

Have/make lots of healthy snacks on hand: veggie sticks & hummous, cut up fresh fruit, small bowls of soup to heat up, small portions of nuts & dried fruit for snacks on the go.

It’s easy to make your own soup. Start with broth or bouillon (bonus if you’ve boiled a meat carcass for hours to get bone broth). Add what leftover meat or fish you have, then any vegetable leftovers and a bouillon cube h DJ or each cup of broth. Add cooked rice, noodles, corn or cubed potatoes if you want, a can of (rinsed) beans, and whatever additional vegetables you have on hand that would go (no red cabbage—it’ll turn your soup blue). If you want a creamy purée, toss in the blender with tofu or unsweetened condensed milk. Add herbs and spices. If you need tomatoes and onions, buy salsa & use that vs. chopping it all yourself.

I did intermittent fasting. I stopped drinking pop and lowered my sugar intake. Also tried to make smaller portions.

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My biggest advice to you is to keep going. Even if you binge one day, just keep pushing past it and realize that you still lost weight and one day isn’t going to set you back. If it’s really hard, maybe set one day a month where you can eat as much as you want and then the next day switch back to your normal diet. I’d also not tell yourself “no” so much and learn you can have anything you want, but in moderation (eat a piece of cake, put the cake away). I used to binge a lot and this mindset really help. There is no failing, only bumps in the road. You will not gain all those lbs back in a day, believe me. Your weight fluctuates so much from day to day, but you are still losing fat.

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Look into intuitive eating. Love yourself

Protein shakes. Replace 1 meal a day. And eat small healthy frequent meals throughout the day. Cut out junk food and drinks…Drink tons of water

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to lose weight?

I would recommend a therapist, but what I have started doing is not really dieting just changing a small thing until it becomes a habit. Right now I have started doing a smoothie for breakfast next will focus on adding more veggies for snack or dinner. If I try to do big changes it does not work amd I revert back to old habits but baby steps are what is helping me…

Binge eating is actually a eating disorder. I would recommend talking to a therapist who specializes in this.

Portion control is all it is.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to lose weight?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to lose weight?

I use to be 350lbs and just bought my first bikini top today… The problem to start with are diets!!! Do you know what the first 3 letters in the word diet are?.. DIE!! Do not diet. What you need to do is make small lifestyle changes. I quit all soda and switched to just water. I switched to decaf coffee. I stopped eating after 8pm and I eat six smaller meals a day to help reboot my metabolism. I started off with walking an hour everyday and now I do yoga and dance. But it all comes down to will power. I have a food addiction and I had to also seek therapy. One of my mind tricks is to always leave some food on my plate at every meal… It eventually tricks the brain into thinking you are full. Anytime I want to eat, I go for a walk or work on a project. It’s like anything else you need to change your lifestyle in small increments… And you need to work at it every minute of everyday until it becomes habit.


Slimming world…its not a diet …its healthy eating…you eat as much as you want…your never hungry …and you have treats every day if you want them…although the treats are limited …ive lost over 3st …others in the lovely group I go to have lost more than double my loss…its so easy

My GP just started me on Rybelsus and it has completely stopped my cravings for sugar and carbs. It is a type 2 diabetes drug that drs are using to help weight loss. I have lost 13lbs so far but the better benefit is my appetite has gone way down.

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Whilst a lot of the advice is good advice, I suggest seeing a doctor for a mental health plan :sparkling_heart: I binge eat (anxiety/self sabotage related) and it is a disorder that needs treatment at the root :heart: good luck


Speak to a health professional. A GP can provide some advice and guidance or refer you to someone with experience with binge eating disorders who can assist.

Portion control, calorie control & exercise. Lots n lots n lots of exercise. Little to no sugars. Tons of vegetables. Cut out fried foods. Pizza. Junk food. Its a real world rocking lifestyle change.

Juicing can be a good filler. Always drink a whole cup of water before eating. Snack on as many fruits and vegetables as you want. Eat one ingredient foods (chicken,
apple, carrot, ect) no refined sugar or processed foods. Your fruit and vegetables intake should be as close to 50/50 as you can get in your juices or on your plate.

Low carb lifestyle. It’s hard (and a lil expensive), but it works.

Don’t binge eat and don’t diet find a balance, give yourself designated cheat days

Join a support group that will help you through those difficult times.

There is a condition called binge eating disorder. Talk to your Dr about it.

It’s your own mind set, You are in control

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Eat what you crave. Just in moderation.

Noom, it’s a weight loss app, I couldn’t lose weight for years and would overeat and not eat good foods. I’m about a month into Noom and I’ve lost 6kgs

Well…let’s just say my answer isn’t for everyone.
Move more, eat less.
It’s the only long lasting way I found after trying every diet around. Coming to terms with the fact that I was indeed the problem, wasn’t easy. It was always me blaming my thyroid or some other bs excuse…truth is: it takes a lot of calories to maintain a large body- not to gain or loose weight, but just to stay where you are. I was over 300lbs which means I was ingesting a minimum 5500 calories a day to just stay there. When simple math and some harsh self facing took over, my pounds dropped like a brick. I halfed my meals (use a small plate to make your portion look big…) and started walking 30-60 minutes a day- lost almost 100lbs in 1 year that way. Just walking and eating less.

Other tips
When reaching for food/snacks - ask, am I really hungry? Drink a water then if you still need to, eat.

Stop with sugar drinks and move to water. Liquid calories sneak up on your body in a big way

Be nice to yourself. Some days will be easier than others.


Dont ‘diet’ as such, its on/off. Just cut down, halve anything you would normally eat. Dont count calories, dont eat special diet food or diet regimes. Just eat how you normally do, but halve it.
Dont give yourself any deadlines, no ‘I want to loose 3 stone in 3 months’ kind of goals.
Dont weigh each week, if you can wait 2 or even 4 weeks between weigh-ins. Try and forget about losing weight.
It will be slow, but it wont be hard and this might take the pressure off you. Dont even tell anyone this is what you’re doing, just cut down by half and do some regular excercise like walking or swimming, (forget the gym, that’s dieting unless you go anyway and enjoy it).
Forget about good/bad, on/binge cycles, it becomes obsessive. Just live a natural life.

Pick up a hobby that requires you to put physical effort into
Biking, jogging, working out, a sport, dance classes, swimming, etc

Don’t eat white foods, rice, pasta, bread and potatoes.

If you don’t take care of your health now you’re gonna be taking care of your illness later

I went to a weight loss clinic and they gave me phetermine, completely rid me of my need to binge

Try noom! It teaches you how to eat, and helps work through the psychology of eating. I highly recommend it!

Find an activity you love so that exercise doesn’t feel like work. Diets don’t work for everyone, I suggest a nice daily workout routine

I have a slight issue with this as well and I found that keeping junk food out of my house has helped a lot. I just don’t buy it, and if I do, it’s not a whole box it’s a single serving.

Drink water, exercise, and DONT EAT AFTER 5:00 AT NIGHT. When you eat after 5 it dont digest properly and you dont do anything to work it off, you just lay down for bed. They say to eat your dinner for breakfast, so you have the whole day to work it off. Then for dinner eat a small breakfast, like a bowl of cereal, or maybe some eggs and toast ect.

I joined weight watchers. Over the years, I have tried it all but nothing sticks. For some reason, tracking my points with them really keeps me on track. I’ve learned how to be more mindful about portions and what goes in my mouth. Mainly, I’ve cut out alcohol, sugary things and the kids snacks. I’ve lost about 18 healthy pounds in two months. I’ve never lost weight like this before and kept it off longer than a few weeks. It’s a mental thing. Of course I want to eat what the kids are eating (snacks, doughnuts, ice cream, chips…) but I’m also so tired of being devastated when I try to go clothes shopping. You’ll find something that works for you, just don’t give up. My hobby is running, but also crafting. A mental outlet helps too.

Calorie deficit I been on it for a month and my clothes are baggy on me now stay away from scales though they could go up for any reason xx

Binge eating is usually associated with mental health, so make sure to do things that make you happy and keep you motivated! For my first 50lbs lost I gifted myself with a tattoo, and for 5lb increments I would do something smaller like buy myself a clothing item or decor for my house. I know it sounds silly but it made me love myself a little more when I reached a goal and did something for myself.

By giving yourself grace! You are a human.

Join WW. It is a health and wellness program that addresses mindset and how to create change and relearn better habits. Get some support from people struggling with the same. Some behaviors never go away but we can find a different path to practice.

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Don’t “diet”. That starts the restriction cycle, which makes you want to binge in the end. Start incorporating healthier foods into your diet without beating yourself up if you eat something “bad”.


Try by changing one habit per month, then keep going and start with another, and so on. Habits are hard to change and building new ones takes time. You may not notice significant changes right away but they will happen if you allow yourself time to develop a new healthy habits. Start by making sure your water consumption is adequate then month 2 try replacing carbs with veggies at dinner or by simply having haldd the normal serving of carbs. You make the changes that work for you.

Try trap Cardio on YouTube. You got this :muscle:t5:

Intuitive eating by Evelyn tribole is a great book from professionals regarding this topic! I’d definitely recommend it! Explains dieting and binging cycles, psych of diet culture and losing weight etc.

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I had dropped 20 lbs in 3 months by cutting out bread and sweets. Then Xmas came and I ate all the cookies. I put it back on. Now I’m back to little carbs with meals. I do the same thing so your not alone. I hate myself for it bc I hate repeating anything

Carbohydrates Addict’s Diet has helped with my cravings and I’m not hungry when I follow it. Some foods are restricted until the evening meal but nothing is off limits.

I am 33 and have had trouble with my weight my whole life.
If you like something but don’t let yourself have it… it just makes you want it more.
I have found something that works for me.
I let myself eat anything I want. Just small portions. And I don’t snack after 8pm.
And when I eat the second I feel “full” I stop eating.
I try to be as active as I can be.
So far this has helped me lose 45lbs and 11 inches in my waist.


I think therapy is a good place to start with an eating disorder.

Try to stop demonizing food!! There are no good and bad foods, no need for that mentality as long you find balance. When we over restrict ourselves on diets it will never ever be sustainable and you’ll feel like shit every time you “cheat” just eat the pizza or cookies every once in a while, it’s no big deal. The biggest thing is finding a healthy caloric deficit so you loose the pounds you want but exactly what you eat doesn’t need to be SO restricted. it’s all balance and finding what works for you, small lifestyle changes toward healthier choices :two_hearts: don’t be so hard on yourself, diet culture is soul sucking, it’s based on a system to make us feel like shit about ourselves. Food is NOT the enemy. Calories are NOT the enemy. It’s all about finding healthier choices that fit our lifestyles.

Get your family or good friends involved. Ask them to help motivate you and keep you accountable. Exercise together with family walks and work up to hiking or climbing a rock wall. Take turns picking out healthy food choices for your meals. It’s much easier to do this alongside people that won’t let you slide and will celebrate your accomplishments.

Binge disorders could require medical support
Personally I ditched 100lbs between 2017-18 and have kept it off for the most part (gained a little during lockdown) through just cleaning up my diet and got a PT. Started out going twice a week and getting 10k steps in, then progressing to 5 days a week. I try to just eat while foods, swap out sugary drinks for water, sugar free dilute and diet mixers. Also keeping the water intake high and make sure u get plenty of sleep is key.
Do watch your stress as it can also impair progression.
Most importantly, be kind to yourself. Find an accountability buddy or someone u trust to chat to when you’re slipping.
Best of luck

Burn more calories than you consume. The End.

Your problem is that you’re trying to be healthy for your kids and you need to try to be healthy for you you need to actually want it for you and not for someone else

Intermittent Fasting; that’s what worked for me. Went from 253lbs last summer to 196.8lbs now

Therapy. A dietitian. & personal development books. The rest will follow. Good luck :kissing_heart:

the key is moderation. when dieting, it’s okay to cheat on it. once a week to treat yourself for doing well. but it can’t be something that you do constantly, everyday. (when cheating on your diet, do it with something small. Like a candy bar or a small milk shake) another thing is excercise. you have to do something to help burn off calories. i recently got a bicycle to help me lose weight. start out slow. thirty minutes, once or twice a day. you want to be able to have time to do it. after that, and once your muscles are more used to the strain- try upping the time to an hour…ect. and good luck.

Stop doing diets and make a lifestyle change to eat healthier and remember it takes 21 days to learn new habits and 21 days to keep them. Also remember each day is a new day where you can start over

What ever you binge eat, just swap it with some healthier foods or snacks

Binge eating means it’s dangerous for you to try to go on a diet your diet is anything that passes your lips for the rest of your life so no more dieting it will backfire every time… Before you eat ask yourself what you want and eat that like thin people do and once you know that you’re not ever going on a diet there’s no reason to binge because you think you’ll do your diet Monday… Do I want something creamy crunchy spicy cheesy or chocolatey have the piece of cake and live your good life nobody who isn’t dieting needs to eat the whole cake and you’re probably not going to want to eat only that everyday try to learn to listen to your body and give up the idea of dieting… Eat as much protein as you can it builds muscle and burns fat regular food is 4 calories a gram and he’s burned immediately by your body…fats or 9 calories a gram and they’re stored simple survival of the species… Choose your favorite fats make sure that you really love them and eat them sparingly no more than two portions a day… that’s it… There are two ways to lose weight one is burn more calories another is to eat less calories…and not all calories are the same… learn what portions are so that you know what you’re eating… Carbs are a tennis ball protein a pack of cards or your palm… fats are a ping pong ball… Some fruits you can have a ton of the count as one fruit watermelon two and a half cups blueberries strawberries but half of a small banana is a fruit… Four tablespoons of pineapple juice is a fruit half a cup of juice try not to drink juice or water it down nobody would eat 40 oranges but you can drink them and that’s a lot of calories… Just educate yourself about nutrition and enjoy your life and eat everything you want to eat… Alcohol is metabolized like a fat in the body by the way… If you are binging like a bulimic then you need therapy no diet in the world can fix the underlying cause for binging.

wow…think about how you got it in the first place…!!!:thinking:

Hope you figure it out…good luck!

I am 70 and crippled and it is essential that I lose weight pre-surgery. I started, without knowing it was a thing, to do intermittent fasting. difficult to do if you have to cook for people but great if you are by yourself. I have so far lost 53# and it has been pretty effortless. The trick is to eat exactly what you want and as much of it as you want during your eat period and then quit for the balance of the day. Not hard to do when your belly is full. I have found that my appetite is getting less and less as I go as long as I always remember to feed the beast (raging appetite). If you want chocolate cake, eat as much as you want and then quit. I highly recommend it. :yum:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to lose weight?

Following! I feel ya :sleepy: I have been struggling for a little while now. I have the Mirena and just not comfortable anymore :confused:

Give it time to get out of your system. It’s horrible. Then look into macros :slight_smile: Watch out for the incoming MLM comments promising fast weight loss. Basic things like cutting out soda, junk, fast food are the easy start. Creating a calorie deficit :slight_smile:

Decrease intake & increase expenditure !!

honstley I Just cut out all junk food started to walk everywhere at least try go for a walk once a day and keeping on top of eating your 5 plus a day

Just cutting out carbs and fast food in general did wonders for me. I lost 34 lb in five months. And I’m not where I want to be but I’m getting there

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Depo is horrible i was almost 300lbs after ONE shot

Feel free to pm me, can tell u what I take, I’m down 50 lbs

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Depo is AWFUL!!! I gained 15lbs while on it. I have been off for 4 months and haven’t lost 1 pound yet!!!
I am very active, watch what I eat and drink. And still have not lost 1 pound! Dumb shot!

Read up on intermitting fasting it works I’ve lost 25lbs since March

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I joined weight watchers and it’s seriously amazing! It honestly teaches you portion control! And it’s sustainable for life because you don’t have to give up anything!!!

I put on 60 lbs after yes after I went off the repo and had my son. I only put on 10lbs with my son and he was born a preemie… 3lbs 4 oz.
And that was 25yrs ago and I have not been able to lose more then 10 maybe 15 lbs.

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Please watch out for MLMs on here. Mediterranean diet has worked wonders for me. I started the diet under my doctor’s instruction as well as increased my physical activity. It definitely helps to have a personal trainer or someone to help you make and keep your goals. Download MyFitnessPal to count your calories. Most of all, remember that beauty is not measured in clothing size. Reach for your goals, but don’t beat yourself up.

Working out, fasting, drink only water from 8pm until next day (breakfast)…babies sleep alone so you can do atleast 30 mins work out at home :house_with_garden:

Fluid diet. Milatry diet.

Drink at least a gallon of water a day, control your eating portions, and try to do some exercises. Stay off the scale sweety! If you want to workout and have a personal trainer (even at home) I can recommend you my trainer. She gives you workouts you can do at home. All you need is some dumbbells, yoga mat and a chair. Please PM if you want more info. It’s hard to lose weight but I promise you, it’s so rewarding.

Low carb! Swear on it.

I’m doing vita diet so 2 shakes 1 meal and unlimited veg and fruit in between.