How to lose weight?

I am needing tips on losing weight. I have issues with binge eating. I will start a diet, do good for a few weeks, lose a little weight, feel good about myself and then cheat and binge so much I feel disgusting…How can I manage the fact that I binge eat? I just want to be healthy for my kids, and I constantly fail.

I felt this on so many levels. You just have to be in the right mindset and FIGHT the cravings. Also think of it as a lifestyle change

First of all what your doing is natural everyone does it when dieting. Try not to think of it as a diet more so a lifestyle change. Start off slow… don’t cut everything out straight away that’s why so many people fail they go really strict with boring foods and it becomes depressing.

Count your calories make sure not having to much every day and if you have some left over for a nice snack then by all means have it. Once a week have a refeed. I carb up on pizza and it fuels me and keeps me motivated each week. I gained alot of weight over lockdown but since start of year down 20kg in fat and gained alot of muscle back. Male or female it doesn’t matter the principal is the same calories in Vs out… just don’t restrict everything all in one go