How to naturally start labor?

Thirty-seven weeks pregnant, my doctor wants to induce me @ 39, but I rather try and have my baby come out naturally; what can I do to help induce labor ???


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to naturally start labor?

Baby won’t come unless it’s ready to unless medical induction
There’s loads of old wives tales like sex a curry a walk/jog raspberry leaf tea

Lots of walking and sex worked for me :joy:

My doctor told me to have sex and let my husband play with my boobs, specifically to have him suck on them. It worked for us.

Have lots of sex! Lol

if you have a breast pump i heard pumping works to induce labor

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Baby will come when baby is ready! Sweeps would be the only thing actually proven!! Try and avoid induction much as poss!

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Walk, sex, nipple stimulation. But also you can refuse an induction before 42 weeks

With my first I watched movies all day and bounced on a birthing ball the whole time. Went into labor that evening and had her the next evening.

Walk a lot, squats, dancing, bouncing on ball, get intimate, pineapple juice. But baby probably still will not come until he or she is ready to come which is why medical induction if there is a reason baby should come before 40 weeks. I was induced at 37 weeks because of my bp and when I went in morning of I was already 3cm before induction.


There isn’t really much you can do , I try all the theories people are saying and nothing ever worked ,


There isn’t enough information here to give you an answer. The biggest question is why? If their isn’t a reason than tell the doctor no! Babies come when they are ready and not on any doctors terms.


They set a date to induce me as well at 39 weeks, and she ended up coming like 2 days before

Why do they want to induce you? If you aren’t comfortable with it and it is NOT needed then you can tell them no.

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Walk! Do stairs but the small stairs. Good luck :heart:

Walk a lot, supported squats, moving your hips in circular motions and dancing

Fresh pineapple worked for me on my first one


Is there a medical reason as to why they want to induce? If not, tell them that you don’t want to be induced and want to go naturally. They work for you, not you work for them. You call the shots mama!


Spicy food s, walking will help your labor also, pineapple or sex.

If the doctor has a reason to do it, I would trust them, I’ve been induced twice. Both medically necessary. If they want to induce because they just have other things going on, I would question it at that point


You can let your baby come when baby is ready and try not to force anything. Who cares if your labor requires pitocin or not.

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I would want to know why also, you can say no if there’s no reason medically. Activity, sex, membrane sweep are supposed to help induce.

Went for a long walk, sex, raspberry tea worked for me but every woman is different

Pineapple (real pineapple not the canned)
Spicy foods
N*pple stimulation
Real licorice
Spicy curries
Raspberry leaf tea

Sex with guy releasing his stuff in you and fresh pineapple slices after does it for me every time.

Lots and lots of S.E.X. … very uncomfortable at that point… but it works :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::rofl:

Get your membranes stripped. Worked for me twice! Went into labor the same night.


Please don’t induce till absolutely needed. Do Drs get more money for this or something??


Go on a long walk like 3 miles long lol. And stay on your feet as much as possible…I did that and had my baby the next day.

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You can say no to induction unless medically needed


Having sex an orgasming

Ask him to just leave you be until 40wks or 41. I don’t see why they try to induce you before 40wks unless medically necessary. I’ve found that the longer baby is in, the easier the labor.
But…get some raspberry leaf tea, nipple stimulation, sex, male cum is supposed to help loosen the cervix, bounce on a ball, walking, bumpy ride.

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Jump off some curbs.

There’s nothing you can do lol. There’s a million old wives tales and people will swear on their mama it worked for them (and honestly it might have), but there’s no science behind any of it and no guarantee it’s going to work. You’re not full term yet. Let that baby bake a few more weeks


Supposedly castor oil works. I found out that there’s nothing to get labor to start my son came 2 weeks late and I had tried everything from hot peppers, walking, elevator and sex nothing worked

Fall off back

Just tell them no. I told my doctor no about 7 times and my baby came two days after his due date

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Simply tell your doctor no.

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Do NOT do castor oil. No matter what anyone says, it can be dangerous


No way really to " Natually induce labor" i was 40 weeks and 5 days before I was induced and this child is my 4th. My 1st and 3rd child I went into labor naturally. First I had pain meds, 2nd I was induction with pain meds, 3rd NO pain meds at all, and 4th induced with no pain meds.
We could all share what kick started it for us but it night not be the case for you.

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I know someone who jumped on a trampoline and had their baby the next day

My ob mentioned this I’m a little on the edge about it as well. Do what caused the pregnancy, bounce on a workout ball, I’ve also heard spicy foods.

Walk lots of walking

Swing…go to a park and swing

I had 2 of mine at 41 weeks and I firmly believe that they’ll come when they’re ready and at home induction practices only work if they were ready anyway. Of course I did try all sorts of things to naturally induced labor for the last few weeks of pregnancy because I wanted to be proactive and i was miserable lol. I hope baby comes naturally and if not that’s okay too. My last had to be medically kick started and it wasn’t anything like I was afriad it would be.

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Walk, bounce on a exercise ball, sex, nipple stimulation, spicy food.

Walk walk sex sex lots of sex

Have sex. Spicy food. Lots more sex

Ask for the rough exam at the Dr’s worked both times fir me

Unless it’s medically necessary, you can tell your doctor no. Unless there is a danger to you or the baby there is no reason to medically induce.

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Exercise, walking, nipple stimulation, sex. None are really backed by anything really but you can try

Foot massage. There’s some pressure points around the ankle that can help induce. I was in labour less than 24 hours later.

Squats and bouncing on a yoga ball may or may not help induce but it’ll definitely help get baby down into position so it doesn’t take forever to push.

Sex usually speeds things up…

Sperm softens the cervix

For me it was sex, but make sure your orgasm…that’s the important part

Eat comfort food, walk, walk, walk, and sex.

I went in labor 2 weeks early with my 2nd being sexually active. Seriously i stood up outta bed and water broke right away my boy wasnt due yet. Im talkin 3-5 mins at it wasnt a marathon or anything

I have 6 kids and sex and really bumpy roads on a drive have always worked

Find an indoor pool & swim/walk the pool

Unless medically necessary you can delay an induction up to 42 weeks


Google foods that can induce labor.

Spicy food and lots of sex! That was my directions when I was 2 weeks overdue.

My second child was fully induced because the doctor thought she was overdue, I had the due date of March 20 based on my irregular period while the ultrasound put the date at April 14, my daughter was induced starting April 1st 5 AM, she was born 7:19 pm on the second it nearly killed me and she had to be put in the premee unit she was 3 weeks early the baby doctor was pissed because no ultrasound was done to see if she needed to be delivered. My mother and I both almost died when the doctor induced me. Get a second opinion if it is necessary.

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Unless it’s a medical reason for safety for Momma or baby I personally would not induce. They started that on me with my first child and I expressed I wasn’t comfortable with that unless it was a need to situation. Luckily and thankfully my son came on his own just days before they were gonna try to induce so I didn’t have to go through the nervousness of having to decide whether or not to let them do it. My son came perfectly on his own with no complications just three days before his due date. I give you my best wishes and prayers for you to have a similar experience.

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I had a sweep done when I was 39 weeks pregnant with my daughter it was on thrusday afrernoon by Saturday morning I had pains then I went into labour on Sunday I would say ask about sweep and bounce on a ball x hope this helps

Get busy with hubby! Stairs walk. I say with a stiff pillow on my lower back in a rocking chair it pushed her directly down and helped dilate. I ate the pinneapple the day before my water broke with my daughter so I believe that helped.

Walking or other exercises, intercourse (semen helps to loosen the cervix)

Don’t let them force you into induction! This group has loads of good advice!

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I would tell your doctor your not being included unless something is wrong. Everyone is in a hurry to induce ugh I hated it and it still took forever

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The easiest way to go into labor naturally is to wait for labor to start. Therefore, you refuse to be induced and wait on your body and baby to be ready.

if you want to have the baby naturally, why would you want help inducing your labor ??? If your OB wants to induce your labor at 39 wks, there probably is a good reason, Talk to your OB & ask


Lol good luck. I’m currently 40+5 and been doing alllll the things for weeks now to get this baby out. If your body isn’t ready it won’t happen. I’ve also had 3 sweeps starting at 38 weeks, currently 2.5cm dilated. I’m getting induced this weekend.

I agree with the ones saying to tell your dr you are not comfortable with being induced. That baby will come when its ready!! Being induced causes stress on you AND baby bc it is FORCING you to go into labor. I had an emergency c section with my first. So when i had my 2nd it was scheduled c section. Was 2 days before my due date. She was happy and healthy. My 1st tried to come on his own but was breech. My body was trying to push him out but he wasnt moving.

The baby is gonna come when it’s ready. Just be patient

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My first daughter was 40+9 at 40 the doc wanted to wait, at+7 he decided to induce at +12 . She arrived +9 in a huge hurry. I agree be patient

Hot food, hot shower

Why would you ask on FB? Ifyou have no confidence in your doctor find another licensed obstetrician.

If your doctor is want to induce there is prolly a reason you need to ask more questions… My daughter didnt want to come on her own and she was in shit and stuff you dont want that when they induced me she had been ready but never came on her own. Inducing isnt bad you cant even feel anything but maybe a little pressure I was induced with 3 of my kids 4th came on his own on his due date. Good luck mama

Stairs, sex, walking, bouncing on yoga ball, spicy food (all kinda old wives tales) baby is gonna come when ready, nothing really is going to speed things up unless baby is ready to come out. Unless medically necessary they shouldn’t be inducing you. I was induced with my 1st at 41 weeks and its was hell to day the least!

Raspberry tea, walking, and most of all, Time! Whatever is going on in life, embrace and enjoy each Moment… Being pregnant, labor , delivery, nursing… Cherish each and every step, don’t rush thru it, not let anyone rush you

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Unless there is an issue just communicate to your doctor that you’d rather wait. I know too many who have ended up with c sections after their doctors talked them into inducing. If you can’t communicate freely now, then I’d be worried about him trying to rush the labor process also. Just wait it out and if you go over 40 weeks and are dilating some, then maybe discuss induction.

If they want to induce you at 39 weeks then there will be a good reason for it. Speak to them and find out why they want to do this and also explain to them on how you feel about it

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starting your labor naturally is waiting til the baby’s darn well ready. Don’t force it plz there’s reasons why your baby doesn’t wanna come yet, it may need things to develop more


Unless there is a medical reason for induction, don’t do it. I was pressured into one with my first. Absolutely awful.

Second time I armed myself with a wealth of knowledge, knew that I didn’t have to go along with what I didn’t want to do.

Find badassmotherbirther on Instagram, it’s an amazing page xx

eat a whole pineapple

Ask Dr to strip your membranes.

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sex with cum to soften the crevix

Lol I love this question because people tell you the most outrageous things .if any of these suggestions actually worked the doc would tell you not to do it or you will be at risk of a miscarriage .and if they did go into labor after sex ,walking , spicy food , pineapple juice ECT it’s definitely not because of that it’s because it was time …

Sex. Works every time

Same way you got pregnant, worked 3 times :rofl:

I heard being induced is more painful than having natural labour but I wouldn’t know how natural labour feels like because I was induced twice with my two pregnancies… maybe try dancing? Or go for walks…idk…

Walking and I don’t know if this a myth or not but I heard eating eggplant ? I had some and went into labor the next week now if that was a coincidence or not I’m not sure but worth a try :rofl:

Don’t induce. You have rights.


You don’t need to induce labor through the doctors… you can stay home and wait for it.


Well first off just because your doctor wants you to induce does not mean you have to unless it’s medically relevant and necessary. My little girl came out 41 weeks and 4 days and my doctor tried multiple times to get me to induce and I refused each time. You can do pelvic exercises and ball exercises to help open your cervix and walk around around as often as possible but if you don’t want to induce then do not induce. It will ruin your experience if you don’t ha e your baby the way you want to.

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Look up THE MILES CIRCUIT on YouTube.

Black cohosh …primrose… raspberry tea …pineapple when I was prego with my 3rd my then husband was home on 14 day leave from afganistan for the delivery she had to come within those days he was home I tried all of them and with in 3 days I had her I was 38 and 4

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Simply don’t induce :woman_shrugging:. That is YOUR choice, not your doctors.

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