How to potty train a boy?

My son went to daycare at that age, and it made potty training easier, as all the kids would line up for potty time. Some children take longer than others. Be patient :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please yes I need this help too my son is the same

Better start spankin them cheeks :joy:

Our son was shy going poop on toilet it took him a while to finally do it. You just need to be patient and keep encouraging, he will don’t in his own time.
My son instead of pooping in toilet started to poop outside copying our dog, so be thankful he doesn’t do that lol.
He doesn’t do that anymore, he in his own time just started going to toilet oneday and we just praised him everytime and that encouraged him to keep going.
You don’t always need to reward with materialistic things as that can lead to negative reinforcment.
Just patience , encouragemnt and praise are your key factors.
Good luck :+1:

I nannied for a 5 year old who was so constipated from “holding it” he lost control of his colon and it ejected itself…mighty forcefully.
It looked like a submarine it was so big…but it was so traumatic, he never held it again.

He’ll get it eventually, reward him for just “trying”, sitting briefly. It’s not uncommon for even older children to not master the number 2s yet

For all those saying the child is too young…my son was using the potty at 13 mos. My daughter? 3 years.
Every child is different. Do not judge.

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Wait until he’s ready

My b daughter in law let him use the toilet
Bought little steps to get to the toilet. He used it it wee and poop

It takes longer for them to learn to poo in the potty/toilet than to pee, they’ll do it in there own time…

They will, when they’re ready.

Get either Everybody Poops or Where’s the Poop. You should be able to get both books at your library.

My son was 4 before it took. Stay consistent and be patient

Boys take way longer than girls. It is a bit more complicated than it is for girls. Be patient.

His girlfriend will fix that.

I don’t know why I’m reading this my son’s 28 lol

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You haven’t found His currency yet.

Pull-ups he will go big potty eventually

Tell him to try to make the worlds biggest fart. Maybe his pushing will end in dookie? :joy:🤷

Give him a Noise Maker and a pointy hat. Tell him there’s a Poop Party under the house and he needs to fart really loud while blowing in his Noise Maker and send The Guest along by flushing by himself. Worked for Cody.


Some kids take longer than others, it’s totally normal and perfectly fine, all kids catch up to each other by the time they are 5 and that’s the main thing. Just make sure he’s potty trained for the time he enters school, I am certain he will be. Boys often take more time in the potty training area than girls anyways. To me, I don’t see the rush or a problem. Take it easy on him and yourself. Please. Don’t scar your little boy for life over this.

My sister’s oldest daughter was in elementary school and the youngest want to go to school too. My sister told her she could not go to school if she still had to wear diapers…the next day she was potty trained. After a few weeks of no accidents, she got to go to preschool two days a week. If there is some where he wants to go tell him he can’t go there until he is out of diapers. Just make sure it is some where you will take him. Even if it’s a kids themed restaurant.

I had this same issue with my son. Truthfully, nothing I did helped except giving him time. Over a few months, he started going on the regular toilet with a potty seat on top. He was afraid of sitting on the toilet because he thought he something would bite his butt.

Punishment is a HUGE NO. He isn’t ready. I feel so sorry for him. He doesn’t understand. It’s not like this information isn’t out there for you.

Damn I wonder what the parents would be like when he’s a lil older. Throwing away his stuff because he’s not ready to go to the toilet? Yh that is mean an cruel. U don’t force 2-3 year olds to do that stuff they obviously aren’t ready an don’t understand yet. Hes not ready!

A kid will not poop or pee In the body until their body is ready and the worse thing you can do is punish them for it, it will just make them confused. And quit throwing away underpants wash the darn things out.

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Don’t clean him up,he will tire of his own smell

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Make him sit there till he shits…worked for my kids

Threaten to put the poo back where it came from


Sometimes Carrie-Ann Louise theyvwantbto be like mum and dad you could try a step up and toilet seat say do it like daddy.

Consistency. Literally.

Talk to your pediatrician!

Patience, when they’re ready they’re ready

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Some kids just seem to have a problem with this and it can last a long tine

Wait…. She’s throwing away his underwear after he poops in it​:poop::sweat_smile:
Damn she must be made of money , I wash that shit out (literally). My son is about to be 5 and he will still start by pooping some in his pants, but will finish the job on the toilet once we tell him to get in the bathroom. His underwear has mild poop stains but I couldn’t imagine just throwing every pair away just from a little poop.

Mine are already old, I am a great grand mother, but had to chime in.
Put potty chair in hallway outside of bathroom, gave them books to look at.
When my older son finally did go.
I let him carry the pan to the toilet and dump it in with my help if course.
Then taught him to say Goodbye to the name we called it.
So that worked well.

Stop trying. We tried so hard with our daughter and it made things worse. We didn’t even do anything with our son. He’s 2 and a half and goes on the potty when he want and we praise him when he does. That’s all you got to do. You are putting too much pressure on him and yourselves. Also have him watch dad use the potty and he’ll just want to copy.


My oldest didn’t potty train fully until it was almost time to start kindergarten. Boys can be especially stubborn for some reason about potty training. It came down to money, a nickel for pee, quarter for poop and the fact that he knew he had to do it to start school.
Ive heard it works too to make them wash out their own underwear when they have an accident. It’s gross I know , but they won’t want to have to do it then.


Sometimes young children get scared of the ‘plop’ of poo… Have you tried putting a nappy in the potty to line it? Then progress to a pad, then nothing, worked wonder for my two :blush: but as we all know absolutely everyone is different


How horrible of a parent to throw away his things because he has trouble going potty!! He’s NOT EVEN THREE !!! Oh my goodness setting him up for resentment already! Take him to the doctor! Some kids have nerve issues and they don’t even know when they’re going to the bathroom in their pants until its too late! Don’t have children if you don’t have the patience they need to grow.


I feel so bad for the person asking the question. Clearly the parent is asking for ideas, or has realized that past attempts didn’t work. Instead of shaming their parenting choices provide advice. Now as an early childhood educator, he may not be ready just yet. When he has a bowel movement in his diaper or underwear dump it into the toilet and have him flush it down. It will help ease fear. Also, try using a normal toilet with a stool for his feet to rest on. Potty chairs put them in an unnatural position and it won’t be as easy to poop in the potty. That is usually 1 reason they prefer diapers they can squat. Good luck and if all you get is pee focus on that. If he has a bowel movement the same time everyday go on there at that time and read a quick story or distract him. Once the initial scare is gone he will use the toilet.


The most psychologically sound method is to use positive reinforcement. However your child just doesn’t seem ready to use the toilet. With my daughter we attempted around 2.5 and she wasn’t ready. We let off and then a bit after 3 she was toilet trained within a couple of days. You don’t have to push it.

My daughter was 4 when she pooed on the toilet she was fully trained to wee at 2 but she was scared to poo on the toilet she never liked a potty i had to put a nappy on her so she could poo she would hide behind the door so no one can see her then one day she went to the toilet and did it she was so happy when she did it they will only do it when they ready.

My son wouldn’t :poop: anywhere other than a diaper until maybe 3 1/2 or a bit older. Your LO will do it when he is ready. One day it will just happen. I would encourage you don’t push it because you are desperate for him to :poop: in a potty. You could prolong it.


It’s a psychological thing. You can’t force him if he’s not ready. I can’t believe you’re throwing away his things :weary:


My grandson loved matchbox cars so I had a basket of them in my bathroom and if he went potty he could pick a new car out of the basket.

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He isn’t ready. I have 3 boys and my youngest just finished potty training and he is 4 next month! It happens and when he does make a mistake let him know it does happen and it’s a process. The encouragement will help him boost his confidence.

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That’s absolutely horrible to be throwing his things away accidents are apart of learning I think throwing his toys away for a accident is cruel and will probably make him go backwards praise him for what he is doing he will get there

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lotsa comments here so I’m sure repeat but… I can’t even imagine having punished my son or done anything negative for him not being developmentally ready. Imagine being a little human, learning how to do all these new things, knowing you have to go potty but also knowing what’s to come if you have an accident. That’s sad
My son turned 3 in April; back in January he started soaking through a dry diaper b/c he held his pee for so long. So, when we would get home from school/work I would take his pants and diaper off and say, just let me know when you gotta go! and he did. We did this for like a week, then the following week school said he was having dry diapers all day and letting them know when he has to go, so we made the switch to undies. He was ready and that’s why we never had a problem with accidents, even at night.

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My great grandson loved Bob the builder, so I bought him Bob the builder undies and told him not to pee on Bob and that worked

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My oldest was the same way, he was pee trained for MONTHS before pooping on the potty and I was desperate to have him potty trained since he is really big for his age and changing his diapers (while I was super pregnant) was very difficult. I hated the advice of he will let you know when he is ready, but that was exactly what happened. We stopped pushing it but had his potty set up at all times and he did it on his own. What also helped was a ladder potty seat- it made it easier for him to climb up on his own and he liked to grab the handles when trying to go potty. You can find them on Amazon! Good luck mama!

I feel your frustration. As I had 1 grandson that finally at age 4 is just now potty trained. We started having him sit on the toilet every half hour & waiting 10 minutes each time before he could get get off. Sometimes worked sometimes not. Stay strong keep praising 1 day it will all click.:pray:t2:

I think she means throwing away underpants because he’s soiled them.
2 is pretty young still and if he doesn’t get annoyed with the feeling of poop in his pants then there’s not much you can do really. One suggestion which sounds gross is to give him corn. As it doesn’t process he’ll see them in the poop. My preschoolers are crazy entertained by it. Also encourage him to sit on the potty every 45 minutes to an hour and spend a few minutes reading together or playing games. It might happen accidentally but he’ll soon realise. It’ll take time don’t stress. Stress when he reaches 3 and a half

Boys potty train later than girls son was 3 before he was completely potty trained so don’t get discouraged. My nephew has twin boy and girl and the girl potty trained easy but the boy could’ve cared less lol. They tried sticker charts and candy nothing worked finally one day he just started using the potty on his own your son will too

With my daughter we had the same issue. I finally told her that she couldn’t go back to Kindercare until she could go poop in the potty. She loved going to day care and that night she started using the potty to poop

He will do it when he’s ready…not all kids (especially boys) are ready at the same time!

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There is a storybook on potting that some use when they are potty training children. You might try that. And all you people that seem to be slamming this parent because of some of the tactics they have tried need to remember that there is NO MANUAL for being a parent! If you don’t have children and are badmouthing this parent then you need to shut up because you don’t have a clue how hard it is to be a parent!

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For some kids completely potty training can mean a final goodbye to babyhood. That can be scary and comes with a certain amount of grief. He may feel more secure hanging onto being a baby. Give him time.

For my grandson we finally got a sticker book, pinned a white sheet of paper on the wall in front of the potty. For urine he got a small sticker and for a poop he got a bigger sparkly one. It helped a lot but my granddaughter still potty trained several months befor him. Found out he physicaly didn’t have the urge to poop so it took a bit longer but we finally did it.

If you know when he poops, like after a meal or something. You can have him sit on the potty and stay there until he goes. Then of course give him some reward for actually doing it.
You could also try watching him, when he starts to poop, or looks like he’s about to, put him on the potty to finish even if he goes a little in his undies at least he gets some in the potty too! That worked for us. Best of luck!

I work in a Nursery in the uk and most children don’t like the thought of going for a poo in the potty. Potty training is a process and a very long one, you just need to keep encouraging him to tell you when he need to go for a poo and then maybe sit him down on the potty with a book to read.

I would put them on the potty after 30 minutes of eating, and encourage him to try

We put a little potty in the family room. This way he could sit there and go without “missing anything”. Kids don’t want to stop watching tv, or playing to go potty so it let them still be part of the action while learning to go on the potty.

I know this sounds weird…but some children will take longer to poop in a potty especially if they see it being flushed away…some little ones think that the poop is a part of them being flushed. Yeah I said it sounds weird. Three years old is still very young to comprehend the whole bathroom thing. Boys tend to learn slower too when it comes to that. He will get it before you know it and this will all be a memory. Be patient.

Find a seat that fits over the regular seat so it fits his bottom easier. My son was afraid he would into the toilet. He was afraid to go and would end up not going .

He’s not going to poop his pants forever. He’s still practically a baby, and boys can be a little more difficult to train than girls. I would mention the potty and ask him if he can try and use it next time like a big boy each time when cleaning him up, without being angry or scolding or anything. He’ll do it when he’s ready.

They all do it at Diffrent times so I wouldn’t stress about his age, I’ve had two boys and found that nappies off helps as it feels Diffrent.

Maybe just pants when he’s out ( and carry potty with you) and just naked bum in doors, you said he knows when he’s needing to go so maybe if he’s got nothing on then it will encourage him to go in the right place. Encores him to use the big loo if that’s what works for him…

Lots of positive encouragement when it goes right and lots of understand and support when it doesn’t. He will get there. Good luck.

Try sitting him on the toilet every 1/2 or hour every day then he’ll figure it out that he either sits when he has to go only or sit on the toilet all day it worked with my son and now my granddaughters good luck

My daughter was shy with potty training.
Reward ideas came at the same time as Poppa gifted her a ceramic plate set.
We called it her poo plate (gross, I know but it worked). Every time we caught one in the potty, she ate from her big girl plate. Worth a try? It can be an instant reward of some fruit on the plate.

He needs to be around kids his age who are potty trained. He needs to have an internal reason to care about getting out of diapers. He can’t be in diapers and do T-ball, or soccer, or whatever it is he wants to do. Don’t push too hard. Just gently plant the seed that big kid activities don’t include diapers. And if he sees kids he admires using the potty, that will help.

Try let him play with his fabourite toy only when he poos. Putvit away in between. It worked with disabled and challenged kids we worked with. The OT suggested it.

I had the same thing with my daughter.
Try using the big toilet.
My daughter would of been toilet trained 6 months earlier than I did train her if I had of known she would only poo in the “big girls” toilet.
I had been struggling with her pooping in the potty for 2 months while in training and then just kept going for a further 6 months. I went to a friends house one night to stay and did not bring potty with me. I sat her on the “big girls toilet” and she did pooed straight away. I then onwards was able to get her to go fully on the toilet with near no accidents from then onwards.

Same for my son- only did poo in the “big boys toilet”. I was able to train him much quicker.

My guess is he’s just not ready some kids just are later than usual what you might want to be able to do is stick his little potty chair and an area where he plays a locked or in his bedroom and just see if he starts to go on his own maybe use pull-ups instead of diapers and a silly as it sounds if he starts to go on his own reward him your sticker or something simple not food

My son wasn’t fully potty trained until 4 years old. I tried starting at 2 but he wasn’t ready. I started again when he was 3…It took a year for him to be fully potty trained

He’s only 2. There’s absolutely no need to rush these things.
My little boy is 3 and a half and we had lots of difficulty with potty training. Let them take the lead believe me, its much easier. He was fully potty trained in 3 days once he was ready (on his own terms, in his own time!) and had never one peed the bed. Has been fully dry since learning.

Give him time and space. You literally don’t need to rush or force these things. He has plenty of time he’s 2!

My boy is completely dry during the day and at night but 100% refuses to poop on the loo always asks for a nappy… when hes ready the time will come … we have tried blowing a baloon up when hes willing to try to poop on the toilet tho and it has worked x hes 3 will turn 4 in December x

I tried taking away my sons nappy and he was fine going to the toilet for a wee but started to hold his poo in and get constipated. So I had him in underpants all day and I put a nappy on him while he was having his supper and his bedtime book and he would do a poo just before he went to sleep and then sleep without a nappy. This happened for about two weeks then he started going on the toilet every couple of days. The days he didn’t I put a nappy on him before bed till a week or so later he was only using the toilet.

It took my son until he was 4 to be fully toilet trained.
It was the hardest thing I’ve done as a parent, he just had no interest in toilet training. We tried everything. Rewards, charts, stickers, different potties, books, songs. He just HATED it.
He also had a lot of bowel troubles which caused issues as well.

We ended up using the potty seat on the toilet and stickers. He just got the hang of it one day, and now is fully toilet trained. You would never guess that we struggled so much for so long.

The best piece of advice is not to stress too much and definitely don’t push them because they “need” to be toilet trained at a specific age.

Put several Cheerios in the toilet and ask him to see if he can hit them. Make it fun :star_struck:

My son was the hardest of my 4 kids… boys just take longer for some reason… he did good with pee… but struggled with poop… I was pregnant with my 4 th … he was 3.5 … he hid in a clothes rack at a store and pooped his pull up… I was in a panic looking for him… and he came out with a big smile and said change my butt … I told him if he was old enough to hide and tell me to change his butt, he was old enough to go on the potty… he struggled a few times and didn’t make it on time… but he tried … he was stressed when he had to poop and I felt bad… but after about 2 more weeks he was completely trained… at almost 4… I wouldn’t push him… he’s still young… just encourage the good behavior and talk about the mistakes… he won’t poop his pants forever…

Put him in big boy underwear give him juice and popsicles all day long he will have accidents in his underwear all day that day and hate it the next day he should be fine and tell you when he needs to go potty. It might take a couple days but it only took my son one day

Try reducing anxiety on this process by putting some books or small toys that he likes next to fhe potty. Buy stickers and let him decorate the potty seat. More stickers for poop. Keep a chart so 3 stickers equal a prize that he gets to pick from a box of small prizes. Consistency is most important.

Hang in there, he’ll get it. Try sitting him on the potty every once in a while to see if he goes. That might help. Try giving him a reward for using the potty. With my son it was the promise of He-Man underwear if he went on y h e toilet. My grandkids had a sticker chart. Every time they used the potty tbey git to put a sticker on t h e chart. After 2 weeks if they used the toilet everything with no accidents they got to go to Toys R Us and got to pick out a small item as a reward. Just be patient and don’t punish the slip ups. He’ll get it eventually.

Throwing out his things may actually give you a negative response to potty training. If that is your approach, maybe try just putting his things up instead of throwing them away. He’s 2, kids don’t potty train exactly the way you want them to, when you want them to. Most pediatricians discourage pressure because it can cause a relapse later on.

He’s little why would you punish him by something he doesn’t understand or can control yet? Absolutely bad parenting done there. Your probably making that worse by doing that. They will learn in time, scaring them does not work. By punishing him your actually holding him back. I suggest you get advice from a health visitor or someone like a professional.

My grandson used to forget to go to the bathroom, he was to busy playing. One day , he was 5 he was playing with his friend and it happened. His friend called him a baby and from that day on it never happened again. He just was not ready. He stayed dry at night, so there was really no problem.
There is an old saying: you have never seen a child in kindergarten. So Mom, be patient, he is not even 3 years old. It will happen!!

Try sitting him on the toilet with a baby step to help him get up. Also use the toddlers training toilet seat… don’t punish him poor little mite.

I had a terrible time with my oldest when he was small. He was 4! Before he was BM trained. I had all but given up. He came to me saying he messed his pants. When I was changing him and removing the pancake pooper, I said to him, how can you sit in that and everyone can smell it. He looked at me strangely and used the toilet from that day on. I guess the idea that everyone around him knew was too much.

I had my kids wash out their own dirty undies and made a whole big production of it.
Also make an example. If a baby doll or even you poop on the potty then throw a big party with dancing and decorations and everything then do the same for your child.

Anything can set things upside down… my daughter when she was 2… informed us that she would potty train when she turned 3 and not before so we could take the little potty chair and give it to her cousin… ok She turns 3 and picks it up pretty quick… we go to Disney World where they have automatic flushing toilets …. And it scared her and she flew out of the stall!!! I was standing in the door and she ran full go through me. Ok… so here we are at WDW with a kid who refuses to use the bathrooms In the parks. I am not kidding 12 hours and nothing … So we started to cover the sensors while she went…my poor husband … him hold the sensor me holding the kid… wow… that lasted for a couple months of anxiety for her as well as us. But like anything else she got it. The hardest part is the anxiety of us parents. Stop and try again in a couple months… do not make a big deal out of the situation… he will get it (he is young) I have 10 nephews and pooping was awful for both my sisters to deal with….they are now all in college or high school none of them are in diaper or pull-ups any longer!! They all figured it out!
Good luck ….he will be fine😃

Give him some more time his not ready, a potty is comfort to them remember how long it took him to use that it’s almost the same thing, with a toilet is so different to them maybe even scary it’s so big and he may feel like the toilet is going to eat him.
Also when they use the potty is easier because the way they sit like squat positions it’s easier for them to go when he is ready he will let u know but don’t give up .

Also this maybe be a little nasty but u can take his poop and dump it in the toilet and let him see it and say wow what a good job buddy , n u can say look it’s not scary it’s just a bigger potty and don’t call it a toilet still call it a potty , hope this may help u n any way it help me 3 times

My oldest son would grab a diaper and try to put it in when he had to poop. It will happen, so have patience. I put a couple of books in the bathroom for him. I would have him sit on the potty, look at a book, and try to go when he didn’t have to. This helped it not seem to scary.

We tried for months with my son and the same, he only told us when he wanted to pee, so we give up. But one day like a month after he on his own started to say he wanted to poop and made us take him to the toilet :woman_shrugging:t4:

I assure you, the worst thing you can do is blow it up into an emotional face-off…I’d completely leave it alone…his sense of control, power and self esteem are at risk here…he’s just Not Ready…hand him the reins…each child has differing clocks for developmental milestones. All in good time, and it should be His clock…not yours. Dial it down, bigtime…he may take another year…just go with it, and keep voice flat and nojudgemental…

I know it’s frustrating mom. My hubby and I didn’t put much effort into potty training but he started a new daycare and they got him going to pee pee within a few days. I am going thru the same thing where he poops in his pants and I’m ok with that. My hubby on the other hand starts telling him he is going to get a spanking. I totally step in and tell hubby he cannot be talking or scaring him like that just because he is frustrated and impatient. I’ve had to teach my husband patience with our kids many time. Our three year pooped the other day on his own while I was doing my make up and I praised him. Today he pooped in his undies and got poop on the carpet and dad will happily have that cleaned because that’s what our toddler has to do to learn. He will get it eventually but In the meantime I will not scold him nor let his dad do it. I grew up in a horrible environment where I was scolded at for just about anything and I promised myself that I will only say loving, supportive praise to my kids and be patient. Please be patient with you son. He will get it.

Hmmmm that’s funny because I have thrown away my sons underwear because I’ve been doing this with the last 4 kids and one more girl after him in which she is fully pee trained and working on poop already she is 2 he is 4. He still shits and pisses himself more often then I’ve ever seen a child do. I’ve had to warn the school because we have tried everything and they told me they will help. Not all schools will do that though because with my oldest girl she went to school peeing herself, I will tell you this I sent her in regular underwear and told her she will get sent home if she pees in them. Can you all guess what happened … hmmm and the next day no accident and everyday after that no accident. Can you believe that some kids think it takes to much time out of playing and doing what they want to do. And please I dont give 2 fucks if I get judged because that all I have gotten since my little man passed away from SIDS this year. Let her do it her fucking way… you do it yours and help if she asks for it dont be fucking dicks.

As long as the weather is nice and he can play outside when he poops his pants. Off and hose his butt off if he don’t like better yet every time he poops in his pants.

I took my son to the store and he picked out his big boy undies. I hung one on a hanger so he could see it. I said if you poop in the toilet as a big boy does, you can wear them. He wore them after pooping in the potty. He was so proud. If he pooped in his pants, he/I washed them and hung them back up for the day, as he didnt put the poop in the potty. Didn’t take long until he got the hang of it. BTW, boys “hang onto” their poop because its “theirs” … its a physiological thing.

Sounds like he’s not ready yet, I would put him in a pull-up and try again another time

Don’t give up
Weird but does he watch grown ups poop?
He needs to know its not a “show”
Its just normal.
All people and animals do it.
If you have a pet let him give a cookie to the pet when he poops. It will all work out.