How to potty train boys?

Hey mama’s! I need advice, my little boy is 20 months old so I know he’s on the younger side of the potty training journey and he very well may not be ready. I guess that’s what I’m trying to figure out. We have a potty for him in our bathroom so any time we go to the bathroom he follows. Well for the last month or so he’s been sitting on his potty and saying “pee pee” but doesn’t go. Just sits there. So for me, he’s acknowledging that the potty is for when you pee pee but with him being so young I’m not sure if he knows what going pee pee means lol. I’ve been trying to over exaggerate when I go to try to help him. Would you take this as a sign of readiness? I’m not sure if he’s ready because he’s still so young. Thanks!!