How to potty train girls?

I am potty training my almost 3 yr old daughter currently & she loves her potty. But only a few times did she say… “mommy potty” or “peepees potty” well this past Friday she told me potty & we sat for a bit, I kept water by her (I heard that was a good technique) & she peed finally. But it’s Sunday & only once she’s said “potty” since & she kept saying “I did it!!!” While she sat on the potty, I think cuz I made a big deal on Friday, she wants it again. But my question is how long after the first pee til they actually go potty. I know every kid different but she’s my first so I never dealt with this & my sisters both had boys. I’ve always heard potty training different between boys & girls. What’s yalls experience with potty training girls? What should I be doing? I tried the every hour sitting her on it & she’s stubborn it lasted 3 hours then she didn’t want to sit at all & I don’t wanna push her & make her hate it.