How to rid of lice for good?

My daughter came back from her dads house with lice. No matter my efforts, I can’t seem to get rid of it. I’ve spent hundreds now and treated both our hair soo many times but I’m still finding eggs in her hair (I don’t see anything in mine but I’ve been treating myself too) I’ve been changing sheets daily, washing clothes, etc and it just seems never ending. Help!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to rid of lice for good?

Use tree tea oil in her hair everyday!

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Find a professional who works specifically with lice.


Start using this daily after you get rid of it this time

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Tee tree oil in her shampoo and yours

Dawn dish liquid wash hair everything in it.then at hair saloon get fairy tail spray

They do really like clean hair with the stuff will keep them away. 

Tea tree or peppermint oil

lather hair in ton of mayo wrap in a bag and let sit for the night in the morning wash it out


Add tea tree oil to your favorite shampoo… and wash their hair with it every wash.

Have you cleaned her carseat? My friend was in the same situation and discovered that’s how they were hanging on.

Put Tree tea in the shampoo or spray her hair every day with it supposedly it helps

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Washing clothes and such isn’t normally enough anything fabric she has had contact either put in a trash bag and seal tight for at least 2 weeks. Then all the eggs/lice should be dead. Wash it after it comes out of the bag. Should strip everything while her hair is being treated.

Blue listerine and vinegar. Soak hair in Listerine and wrap in plastic for an hour and rinse. Do the same with vinegar. Wash out and comb out.

Call her doc my girls dealt with the same thing

Put some tea tree oil in shampoo .

This stuff worked wonders! One treatment and it was gone. Eggs combed out with ease.

Go to a lice clinic! That’s the only way I could get them out of my daughters hair. The store bought treatments didn’t work and destroyed her hair!

Sadly they have what they call Super lice now. If you’ve gone through all that and it’s time to call a professional and I will always be

Could she be getting it from her dads house? You’ll never get rid of it until he does too.

Also, stuffed animals, couches, carpets, beds, pillows— everything has to be cleaned

Mayonaise rub any mayo inro your childs hair leave it in for a hour or two and comb out

Clean out the car and her jacket! Also if it’s at her dads house it could be lingering on from thr

get rubbing alcohol….saturate her hair with it & comb thru with a flea comb get out all the eggs & live ones! put on a hair cover leave it for 30-45 mins then wash out with lice shampoo

We got rid of em with flea and tick shampoo

Does her dad clean and treat his household for the life as well, if you’re the only one treating your house and he’s not, it’s never going to end!

Clean car seat lounge hats ect

We treated with lice treatment and then put this thick lotion all over our hair to suffocate them and put a bag over our heads all night. And i washed literally everything in my house

What is dad doing at his place

You have to pick out every single nit, if you don’t they will continue to hatch weeks later. Its very hard and takes a lot of patience.

Call her pediatrician and tell them — They’ll prescribe you a medication to get rid of it!


Mayo in the hair overnight … sounds gross but it’s the only thing that worked when I was a kid and I never ever had them again

Go to the pediatrician. They will prescribe something stronger than over the counter. Hope that helps.

Not sure where you are located but here in Australia the best thing I was told about was Wheelie Bin cleaner, yep I know sounds weird but a friend of mine used it to get rid of lice on his horses. 10ml (I think) to 5 litres of water, I tried it out on my girls, worked a treat, doesn’t smell the best, but haven’t had an issue since!

This was our life saver!


Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar, apply the vinegar and let dry naturally, and then apply the coconut oil and sleep in it over night, after a few hours use a nit comb and keep combing until you see no more, works every time for us, we’ve not had lice in over 5 years now and this is all I use.

My niece needed a doctors prescription to finally get rid of them

If she’s coming back from his house with live, then the problem is at HIS house. Unfortunately, the lice has mutated and is immune to the over the counter stuff, so prescription strength lice shampoo is needed to rid the problems in the hair.

When my daughter got it from school years ago, our pharmacy gave her something… It smelled super strong like gasoline but IT WORKED and made the process very easy

Car seat… car… any stuffed animals?

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Try using a curling/ flat iron…my granddaughter had them years ago. after treatment and to make sure we got all the nits we fried whatever was hiding…

If you have a steamer steam everything!! Then do another head treatment. You may need to call her doctor and get a prescription.

Keep your hair dirty. Lice can’t attach to dirty hair with their glue. I had 3 kids with never ending lice and I kept putting mousse in my hair even after washing it and they couldn’t attach to my hair. You’ll be combing her hair endlessly so I recommend a very short hair cut for her (I had to do that for my kids over a summer) and comb comb and comb and keep mousse or hair conditioner in her hair (don’t rinse it out at all except when washing her hair and then reapply and keep in). You will eventually be rid of it after several weeks.

This stuff is awesome and they make leave in conditioner too

Shave your hair it will grow back

Unfortunately the only thing that helped me when I had lice a kid, my parents shaved my head. It was the only way to get rid of them cause the rid and other stuff does not work

Coconut oil is supposed to help. They can’t stick to it. Never tried it but I would if needed.

All the stuffed animals bedding everything needs to be put washed and died on high heat then put in ziplock bags for 30days to suffocate them. Also dads house has to be treated or it’s never going to end.

Call the Dr. Get the Rx

Nitwits is the only thing that worked for me and I had two girls constantly giving them back to each other :sob:

Vinegar full strength wrap in towel and let set for 30 min then shampoo

Get a spray bottle and put two parts vinegar one part water in it. Spray her hair. Get a shower cap and put it on her head all night. Wash the hair in the morning. Should do the trick. That’s what I did on my then 5 year old. Worked like a charm.

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go and get the biggest jar of mayonnaise you can get. saturate her hair in it, work it into her scalp and put it on THICK. Cover with a shower cap or a plastic grocery bag for at least an hour. Comb through it. Wash it out. do it every five days two or three times. This will smother the lice and the eggs. It won’t hurt her hair or scalp. It makes her hair soft. Put a little baby oil in her hair line, under her hair at the back of her neck every day to stop them from being able to hang on if they jump on her.

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My boys had them and I tried everything too. For weeks, if not a month after I used a flea comb everyday through our hair to get any left over eggs.

Coconut oil and a shower cap let her sleep like that

When you get rid of them the dr told us keep hair pulled up and use hairspray

After you wash with the shampoos, get a LOT of conditioner and rub it throughout the hair and scalp. Do not rinse. Use one of the rat tail combs and comb through hair from scalp to end, in sections. Wipe comb after each pass through the sections. The eggs will slide right out. Worked like a charm for my daughter.

Extreme Heat kills them like dryer so everything that can go in there put in and turn on high. I used the the super lice treatment last time mine came home from school with it but go to dr and get their RX kind for it too (most insurances pay for rx) it’s been in schools bad lately too. Sorry and hope this helps. Also between treatments use tea tree oil behind ears and neck etc

Go to lice ladies. They have locations everywhere. Worth the investment

My daughter’s hair is so long I had the same problem but luckily I used Vinegar and haven’t got any ever since🤷‍♀️

My daughter went to a lice clinic to get rid of hers that she kept getting from school. No matter how many times I treated it she always came back from school after the week with her dad because it wasn’t treated over there. Make sure to wash all blankets pillows and sheets.

Mayo. All over head overnight. Comb it through throughly

I went throught this with my daughter many years ago. Spent so much money. Was ready to shave her hair off. I put the clippers down and called our hair dresser as a last resort crying. She laughed at me and said of course I know how to get rid if them. Dye her hair. The ammonia actually get through the eggs and kills the egg. Get the closest color to her hair and dye it. I did it 1 time and it was dine. Preventative maintenance the hair dresser told me when ever she goes where she got it to spray hair with hair spray. The bugs can’t attach as easily when the hair us coated in hair spray. She never got llice again

Have you cleaned her carseat? They can hang on to the car seat. Boil everything!!! Boil all of her clothes and bedding in boiling hot water in the bath tub along with her seat cover. Tea tree shampoo is the best for treating it just use extra conditioner on the ends of her hair. They do also have lice clinics in the DFW area. An maybe speak with her father about it and if he refuses to do anything about it make sure you take screenshots of that because that is neglect. And if he does help on his end hey that’s great maybe he doesn’t know it’s going on.

Tea tree oil in the shampoo

Treat 3 weeks in a row

Get your dr to give you a prescription for spinosad. It kills lice and eggs no combing needed

Blow dry their hair!!! Only way we finally got rid of it after months of treating and cleaning everything!

I shaved my child’s head to be quite honest, nothing else (even prescription) worked. Never came back!

My daughter has thick wavey hair…we went thru a battle with lice…and this was the only thing that completely got rid of it…leaves hair greasy after…but that’s better than lice…

Tea tree oil. Hair up everyday.

Bag up all stuffed animals, pillows, throw blankets etc

The one thing we all forget any stuff animals and baby dolls need a dark bag for 7 days.

I would do the coconut oil all night then comb them all out and to keep them from coming back tea tree oil diluted with some water spray in her hair it works to keep them away

Put tea tree oil in shampoo and conditioner

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Number 0 haircut with clippers will make them homeless

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Go to a lice clinic! Expensive but garunteed and works!!! My worst fear and it came true this year.

He needs to clean his place too, it will keep coming back.


I used rubbing alcohol when my kids were old enough to sit still for 10-15 minutes. It dissolves the eggs and kills anything alive.

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They do a kids shampoo with with tea tree has a built in repellent works great or soak hair in conditioner and comb through it

Cut and straighten hair daily as hot as she can handle and as close to scalp as possible after 1 treatment ment of shampoo and combing! I also slept with a hug bottle of olive oil poured in my hair and slept with shower cap on. It suffocates them!

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Try The Lice Angel’s! I’ve heard alot of good stuff about their products

Make spray of conditioner and teatree oil and spray her hair everyday, leave it in.

I wash my daughters hair every hair wash in fairy tales lice repellent shampoo.
She has never had lice (knock on wood) & there has been multiple lice cases in her classroom this year. They also sell conditioner spray as well. It’s pricey but so worth it!

Put everything in the dryer. Treat her hair while everything is drying. Obviously everything won’t fit at once, so that stuff black bag it and set it outside. Change your clothing in between handling anything. Once you get them out of her hair, start using something like this daily. You’ll thank yourself

Get a can of Doom spray ur hair n cover ur head with a shower cap for 30min. Then wash with shampoo worked for us

We even sprayed the furniture with tea tree

Drench her hair in oil… put a cap over it and let her sleep like that… comb through her hair tomorrow and remove any eggs you find.

I mix tea tree oil and alcohol with water in a spray bottle. Spray heads real good.

If her dad isn’t treating his house you will never get rid of it.


I feel ya they can be ruthless
Tea tree diluted in water in a spray bottle and spray couches and pillows (wash all pillows in hot water and dry on high heat twice)
Spray anything where they could live
Put a few drops in shampoo
Hair up all the time in tight bun
Ir her dad isn’t doing the same they will always come back

Tea tree oil! Put it in your shampoo and make a spray leave in. Use once a week.

Try tea tree oil shampoo

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There’s nothing that will get rid of them FOR GOOD. Theres just a bunch of products to help treat the problem and ways to help prevent from getting them.

Also anything tea tree will ward them off as well

I used Nix first then we did coconut oil in the hair covered by a bag overnight then another Nix treatment and invested in Tea tree oil to put in shampoo and conditioner. Never came back since. The coconut oil in the hair overnight smothers them and makes it easier for the removal.

My daughter got it from school and nothing worked until I called her doctor. Tea tree oil and rubbing alcohol it will kill everything rub all on scalp and rinse out. Wash everything in hot water and put the tea tree oil into her shampoo to keep them away when she’s at her dad’s house

OMG that’s rough​:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:
No no no… The dude gotta clean up … where would lice even sit in the house to get INTO her hair… Nooooooooooo … I just felt like i got sometooooooooo🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆:sob::sob::sob::sob:o


Also it may sound funny but they live in carpets and shoes if theyre desperate. Id always wash any carpets and spray tea tree in my shoes if they kept coming back. My friend is a professional lice remover and she told me this trick

Lice center of america.

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