How to treat acid reflux in babies?

Has anyone had a baby with awful acid reflux? And gas? I currently have my four-month-old on nutramigen. Are there any moms that recommended something better for acid reflux and gas? He wakes up so often with both we are both in desperate need of sleep. I feel awful for him; the only medicine they have for acid reflux for babies doesn’t work for him. The side effects are worse than just acid reflux. I keep him propped up while/after eating, constantly burp him. I just feel helpless at this point. And I was exhausted. Thanks in advance.


Baby Zantac? Or peppermint water. My son was on nutramigen and if I tried to switch he would get stopped up and couldn’t poop. Lots of burping after eating. Prop up crib if you can

Infant gaviscon only thing that worked for my kids

Catnip & fennel drops! You can find at a health store

Our pediatrician had us start cereal with our daughters formula bottles at 3-4 months to help with reflux.

Few questions. How long did you use the baby’s medicine? Did you adjust the dosage at all?
I ask because those turned out to be the problems with my acid reflux baby and the ones I watched at daycare. If you haven’t done those two things, I would. The medicine can take 5-7 days to kick in and really see results.
If you’ve done that then I’d see if gripe water would help. That helped for all my babies too.

If you prop baby up after eating, make sure its at least 10 minutes and in something designed to keep them up. Also, I would not advise propping up the mattress or anything in their crib as that is a huge suffocation problem and increases the odds of SIDS.
Absolutely not trying to scare you with that, but sharing my information from infant development classes.
Best of luck!

I used ready to feed similac allimentum with my son. He has food allergies and still has an awful digestive tract (2 now). The powder formula in made with corn which can be hard to digest. Gripe water and baby wraps were great too for keeping the babe upright after a feeding!

My son had the same problem. Pediatrician put him on famotidine after doing an ultrasound making sure the valve between his esophagus and stomach was working properly. Also try using enfamil a/r formula or gripe water for gas if strictly breastfeeding. If breastfeeding try positioning so air isn’t being swallowed while in the breast

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Gripe water should help

My daughter had severe acid reflux when she was a baby. So bad that she was barely even eating. The doctor finally prescribed her a medicine. It was rough the first two weeks on that medicine because she refused to take it because the acid reflux had started damaging her esophagus. She is now 6 and perfectly healthy no signs of it now.
We were told to make sure that they are burping properly and to try to sit them up when they are eating. Also we were able to put a pillow under her crib mattress to lift it up a little bit per the doctor’s instructions.

Try Enfamil AR, worked wonders for my son. Was able to stop medication

My daughter had to be put on zantac (I also used gripe water) but if he already is and that’s not working ask his ped if you can start giving him baby cereal in his bottle I think my daughter was around the same age when her ped allowed it and it helped :slightly_smiling_face: as he gets older and can start eating foods and sitting up more it’ll get better hang in there

Ask the doc about a wedge under his mattress

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My great granddaughter had to be put on infant formula with rice starch in it ,I think it was Enfamil AE or something like that,the parent got the generic kind at Walmart, it helped her

Use Dr Browns bottles they deflect the air bubbles out of the milk. They worked wonders with all 3 of my girls. My middle one still has severe acid reflux

We had to use nutramigen also plus the acid reflux meds and it my daughter was still super fussy. Colic Calm worked wonders for her after we went through just about every remedy I could find. The colic calm is kind of expensive and I could only find it at Walgreens but it’s definitely worth the money

My second child had acid reflux so bad. He’d throw up after eating.
I don’t remember the medicine he took but we even use to put his car seat in the crib at night to sleep so he would be tilted up , burp more often , it’s been 19 years ago but if I think of anything else useful I’ll add on to this post
Good luck.

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My daughter had bad reflux to the point they had to do surgery to stop hers

Dr. Browns bottles, gas drops, letting them sleep propped up not only after bottles. That’s what helped for my kids

Ranitidine is what I used for my first born and switched to similac sensitive. For my second I used nexium and switched to similac alimentum
And for my third his wasn’t so bad so he used gas drops like my first two and then just switched to similac total comfort.
All kids are different I hope you find what works. Sometimes it’s not the first thing that helps.

Hi try lactogen that was only milk agreed to my niece after trying all the milks on shelves lactogen was the last option nd it really helped for the reflux nd it is not really expensive hope ur baby feels relieve soon :hugs::hugs::hugs:

Ask your pediatrician to order you a box of elecare formula & see if he does better on that. Also gripe water helps!

Tiny pinch of baking soda in bottle with water

My som had it from 3 months on… the dr. Had us put a wedge under his mattress. He also had us crush up all natural papaya pills (we got at central market or Whole Foods) and mix in a dropper bottle with water. We gave him one dropper before bottles and naps/bed. As he got older and started eating food with spoon, we moved to a spoonful prior to food, bottles and bed. It made all the difference in the world. Good luck momma. I know the no sleep feeling!

Switching formula may help, also see if pediatrician will give a referral for pediatric GI doctor to try other options. however with a baby that young I would not get medical advice on Facebook or try anything over the counter without consulting pediatrician. Just because it says a baby can take it does not make it safe to do so. Also adding things like rice to a bottle can become a choking hazard and has no nutritional value for baby.
The good thing is most babies out grow it especially when they become mobile. All 3 of my babies had it. The first one screamed 24/7 and the second one had silent reflux which caused issues with his growth for awhile.
It does get easier

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This may sound bizarre but take him to a chiropractor! I know someone who did this for a fussy gassy baby & it cured him


Keep baby in a up right position for at least 30 mins after feeding. And at night have them at a 45 degree angle to sleep. The make wedges approved to go under crib mattresses. I had rock n plays for my 2 kids that had reflux and they definitely help for peaceful naps. But they are banned now so I can’t recommend that.

Put rice cereal in every bottle

Boil mint leaves and drink for gas.

I had to use Enfamil AR (acid reflux) with my first that was the only thing that worked for him

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Emfamil AR it has rice cereal in it and helps with GERD. My daughter was also on antacids twice a day.

Only thing that helped my oldest was to mix a little bit of cereal in her bottles.

My son had severe acid reflux and was also on that formula. He slept on an angle in his bassinet for the first few months and it helped alot

Gripe water helps soothe. If the meds aren’t effective for the little one try a Happy tumi from Amazon. Natural herbs and soothes the belly. Keep baby upright and maybe ask the doc to rule out MSPI. MILK SOY PROTEIN INTOLERANT. My son was battling it and at 4 months is when we discovered it. He was switched to a formula called Elecare. Total game changer for him.

Elevate the cot head so not lying flat

Nutramigen didn’t work for my daughter. We switched to Enfamil AR (the Up&Up version at Target actually) and it made all the difference for her!

Gripe water/gas drops & bicycling my daughters legs have help tremendously!

has he been checked for a milk allergy? i thought my middle child had acid reflex and gas, and around 4 mo i had her tested for a milk allergy and thats what it was!

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My son was like that I used this and it helped him alot

Gripe water works the best

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Rub peppermint oil in his belly button.

My daughter had such bad acid reflux (gerd) that she wouldn’t eat she was also a preemie . They thought about actually putting a tube in her for feedings . But her OT recommended thickening her milk/formula with a tapioca based thickener / gel mix!

Check if it’s a cows milk protine allergy. Find a dairy free formula. Not soy or goat either as they have a similar protine.

Blue Gerber. Also put right side of upper belly below ribs on you shoulder and pat or circle motion. Even dance. The top duct of belly has a hard time opening for gas to go through as to why the belly and top area gets swollen. :hugs:

I heard you can give them a quarter teaspoon off pep to normal.

I hate spell check Pepto bismolol

Caitlynn Nicole read some of these

Have you asked your dr about loradadine? That helped my son when he was also the same age…also gripe water

My pediatrician had me thicken the formula with a teaspoon of cereal. But please check with your dr.

I was told to burp in the middle of feedings (like give them half the bottle then burp then finish the bottle then burp again) and have them sit at roughly a 45 degree angle for 20 minutes at least after each feeding by my pediatrician, that is all that helped me

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I was just there with this problem with my 3 month old. Nothing helped till the pediatrician put her on pepsid. We even tried both hypoallergenic formulas and nothing. She is amazing now with rarely any spit up. I also do rice in her formula át night to keep it down more and burping atleast 3 times during a bottle.

Idk how you do your formula but I found mixing the formula with a spoon sonstead of shaking it if you use powder is better but using the pre mixed liquid kind was best for my son until he got a little older

Mommy’s Bliss night time gripe water, leg exercises, rice cereal in formula, feeding smaller amounts more often, or check for allergies

Aw I feel you my daughter had severe acid reflux with colic and a milk allergy :sweat_smile: absolute nightmare she didn’t get better till 6 to 8 months old when she was staring to eat food, there is no miracle cure unfortunately but what I found that helped her was a thickener for her formula that helped so much

Cow and gate anti reflux is best milk I’ve found that helps I’ve used it with too of my children and we never get any regurgitation of milk x

You could speak to the doctors and see if it’s possible for them to prescribe Gaviscon for babies my granddaughter had acid reflux and once she was put on it it really settled down hope that helps my other granddaughter also had reflux and they put her on the same milk you have and she just grew out of it as she started on solids x

I used Enfamil AR ( acid reflux) it worked wonders for my son…honestly I believe it just has rice cereal in it, but it helped and seemed to be the correct amount

Try Elecare formula an also Pepcid worked wonders for my little one, we tried everything else to help an nothing did till we switched an put her on Pepcid, an it’s a very small dose

Use a little bit of baby cereal in the bottle and for gas gripe water best gas medicine everrrr. My LO is on nutramagin also both my LO had that problem never used to prescription after reading the side effects.

Breastfed baby? If so you should try taking things out of your diet. Dairy, coffee, broccoli etc. Formula baby try a chiropractor it can help immensely if baby is breastfed and you do take things out try the chiropractor route as well. Good luck! Poor baby and mama!


My grandson went through the exact same thing. We tried several formulas & Similac Alimentum was the best. Expensive, but worth it. Good luck!!

Have him sleep on his side or if possible in a swing or bouncer. Plus try probiotics and maybe even change his bottle??? I was told you use MAM for my baby, even use a binky, it could help relieve some of the gas

My heart goes out to you. I had that with my son, used gripe water, sleeping in a car seat. He is 10 now and still has issues every couple of months, he is on meds and diet changes at the moment. Good luck.

Theres a prescription formula that’s better than nutramigen I guess that could work. Prilosec can be prescribed along with Zantac but they both have side effects. Keep propped up always. Also ask the Dr… my son had to get a sonogram to ensure everything was okay because I guess sometimes things aren’t fully formed and that can cause an issue. My youngest had silent reflux and it was absolutely horrible :frowning:

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We did ranitidine (I think was the generic name) and Gerber soothe probiotics drops. I saw a huge improvement after those two things and then it stopped altogether once we had my sons tongue tie fixed.

Warning this may sound a bit strange.
When my daughter was a newborn she had pretty bad gas/acid reflux issues. We tried all gas drops and every remedy that you generally get at a store. So my grandmother happened to be in town at one point and saw how she was. She told me when she had her babies they used “catnip tea”. I’ve never known it for anything other than for cats. But you apparently CAN find it for humans on Amazon. I also did my own research on measuring it and how to prepare it for her correctly. The first time I gave it to her we saw a dramatic difference and within 3 weeks she wasn’t having gas problems anymore. You can research this if you would like. It’s apparently a European remedy and it happened to work for us. I pray your baby feels and gets better :pray::heart:


Switch formulas. Sometimes the formula can irritate a baby causing acid reflux, gas and vomiting. Try one that states “gentle on stomachs”. Good luck

Try changing to Similac alimentum. My son has a milk protein allergy and reflux. He couldn’t tolerate nutramigen but does better on Similac alimentum. Your pediatrician can also give you a pepcid script (they no longer give Zantac because of cancer risk it was recalled) and ask about thickening the bottle with oatmeal. We do 1 tsp for every 2 ounces. Good luck!

My first baby had reflux so bad she would turn blue from it blocking her airway. Slightly elevate the head of the bed, and don’t leave him flat even to change a diaper. Keeping the stomach acid from coming back up as much as possible reduces the symptoms to something more manageable.

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My now 2-year old had terrible acid reflux. To the point where milk would shoot through his nose and out of his mouth at an alarming rate after feeding. MAM bottles are the best for minimising gas transfer through feeding and gaviscon infant mixed in his milk was the only thing that enabled him to keep his food down. It was only available on prescription at the time so you may need to see your doctor. Good luck!

Gas drops in almost every bottle, add a little rice cereal to the bottle, switched his formula to allimentum/nutramigin
and reflux medicine from the pediatrician helped my son

Make tea out of fennel seeds. You could add a little sugar for sweetness…just a tad. It is amazing for acid reflux for babies. Also has the effect of causing a little sleepiness. Used this for my granddaughter. Was perfect! Natural and more effective than medication or changing formulas. It was suggested to me by the doctor. I didn’t make it up! Really solved some issues for us.


My daughter went through the same thing. I gave her a probiotic in her formula twice a day (for babies of course). She still had acid reflux but I was better. I just had to try to keep her up as much as possible and when feeding her had her leaned to her left side to help her (something about how the stomach sits, leaning to the left side works). I also use to keep her up right or a slight lean for at least 30 minutes after she drank. It got better after she started eating solids.

Periodically during the day, take your babies legs and bend them towards his belly, and hold and press very gently for a few seconds. That helped relieve gas in mine. Plus, I’d put him to sleep in his carseat which I put in his crib. Make sure that you strap him in. The elevated sleeping position helped with reflux…


Sounds weird…but a chiropractor visit might actually help. I’m not sure in the science of it but I know multiple families this has worked for


Please look into the possibility of a tongue tie. Posterior tongue ties can go missed and can cause a lot of reflux like symptoms. Both of my boys had tongue ties that needed to be lasered. There is no such thing as a “slight” tongue tie. If there is a tongue tie, it needs to be dealt with. Check out for information on it. I also had to give up dairy, soy, eggs, and beef while nursing. Both boys had to be on reflux meds as well.

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Go see an allergist. My son has the same problems. They switched us to some formula you need a prescription for. Made a huge difference. I also would give him gripe water…that stuff works and it’s all natural.

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We used Enfamil AR, and ranitidine for my kid with stubborn GERD. Ask your pediatrician though. They would know better than us.

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Have you tried soy formula my son puked so much and so often even on soy it helped and we could sit him on our knee for almost 30min after so he was straight up it helped a little bit as well

My daughter had the same issue, we tried different formulas, different medicines, different bottles, etc. we ended up finding out her flap that covers her stomach to the esophagus was crinkled… Apparently that’s pretty common… And the doctor suggested we add a small amount of rice/cereal to her formula. It was a game changer, we had little to no issues after that. I highly recommend speaking with a doctor to ask about your littles flap


Were on nutramigen for the same thing for our 3 month old plus famotamdinine for reflux medicine but probably getting it changed as it makes her puke every time we give it to her

I used enfamil AR and it worked really well for her…and there are actually multiple medications for reflux…my daughter used ranitidine which didn’t help…then used Axid for awhile which was great! Now she’s on famotidine which also works really well.

My daughter was breastfed and had what I called exorcist vomiting after feeding. She had horrible acid reflux and her dr put her on Rinatodine (spelling?) worked wonders! Also tried to burp her more during feedings and held her more upright during nursing which helped a lot as well

My daughter just turned a year and our journey was nutramigen,reflux,gas and the only thing that truly worked for her was “Prevacid” but her dr prescribed it and it was the biggest blessing that “put the fire out” and gerber probiotic drops really helped but be mindful because the nutramigen has probiotics in it already. I hope it helps

I just purchased a baby’s brew bottle warmer. You can heat the bottle to 110° and it’s supposed to help with reflux. Mine doesnt have bad reflux but she is super picky about her bottle temp. Also the babys brew has been amazing. You screw the bottle to it (you may need an adapter if it isnt an avant) and set it to whatever temp you want. It will heat the breastmilk or water up to whatever temp you pick and then hold it at that temp until you are ready to use it

Same thing happened with my son. It turned out to be a milk protein allergy. We used Elecare up until age 1 and Elecare Jr. now (he is almost 2). He was also on pepcid until age 1.You can also use Mylicon/generic simethicone (no prescription needed) for gas.

My daughter is on nutramigen and I do the gerber soothe drops and also gripe water , and make sure to elevate each feed and while they sleep to reduce so much gas also do gas exercises with baby ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Switch to an a2 protein formula! We use Similac a2 organic formula and it has done wonders for my son. He went from projectile vomiting and spitting up constantly to just the regular occasional spit up. I could tell how uncomfortable he was and I switched to a lot of different brands until I found out about a2 formula. It had gotten so bad that he was even pooping a little amount of blood. Some babies tummies just can’t handle the protein in regular milk.

My daughter was the same and turns out she was lactose intolerant, swapped her to sma lacto free formula and she was such a happy baby after

My daughter had reflux so bad it came out her nose. Enfamil AR was our answer.

My son also had bad gas, he would wake up crying. At 2 months I realized that it was the dairy he was getting from my breast milk (dairy I was eating). I stopped dairy but it can take a long time to clear from your system so I ended up giving him similac alimentum (already prepared in the can) and his pain and eczema cleared within a few days and he finally slept. It was also covered by my insurance after I got a prescription from his paediatrician, but you can buy it over the counter. I tried nutramigen before this but it smells terrible and he wouldn’t take it. He’s 2 now and has been on regular milk since 1 and he’s fine and not allergic anymore. Look into a possible milk allergy.

Mine got put on 10mg of Omeprazole at 3mos. I split a 20mg tablet in half, crush it, and add it to the first bottle of the day. It was a night and day difference!

My 3rd child had this issue. I placed plain baby cereal and formula (use breast milk or what the baby is already on) use about 1/4 or less of cereal and add milk to make a paste add a drop of real maple syrup. Bring to baby at beginning of feeding. Let the baby get a lil lick. Do not shove in babies mouth. This little cereal coats the babies stomach. It is not for everybody. My Mom said I was a “chollic” baby and this helped me. She was old fashioned using home remedies first before calling for a Dr. Hope you get relief for both you and baby.

I give my baby goats milk. Its closer to breast milk than cows milk and easier for babies to digest.

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Camimille tea was a life saver for my first born we bought the dried flowers in the ethnic herb section. (Usually in a cellophane package with a red n green top .) Use cheese cloth to strain add a little sugar for sweetness if you choose. Very calming and soothing for colic, gas , acid stomach.

My son lived on gas drops for the first year of life and also took a prescription medicine. Definitely talk to baby’s doctor about it!

My son was born prematurely and we had this issue- we tried the expensive formula and the meds- nothing worked. Our pediatrician (who comes from an older school of thought) recommended putting rice in his bottle at night… it didn’t completely fix the issue but it helped a lot! If you do this (If you haven’t already) make sure you get a thick feed nipple for the bottle!

Gerber soothe pro formula ( recommended for gassy, fussy, sensitive belly babies) it has comfort proteins and probiotics that make it easy to digest. pepcid twice per day ( pediatrician recommended and prescribed) those 2 things combined= happy baby. No spitting up, no gas.

Put ur baby on a good probiotic! I started using Mary ruths infant probiotics and noticed a change in the first day!

My baby has horrible silent reflux, she is also cmpa, we changed her milk to aptamil pepti 1, we add carobel to it and she also gets lansoprazole in the morning. She is much better now x

My daughter suffered with this. I read a book and swapped to lactose free formula then she was fine