How to treat constipation in toddlers?

My 2 year old keeps having trouble doing #2!! Its been like this since she has turned 2! We’ve tried cutting out regular milk to 2% then lactose and soy, nothing works! I’ve resorted to laxatives! That is all the doctors are saying to give her! The pediatrician is too far from my county! We’ve tried less cheese, different things… My baby is hurting and I’m scared she is gonna be like me cause I’m constipated all the time!! What should I do?! She screams, cries, and will claw me when it hurts so much… I had Pyloric Stenosis when I was younger… Just a fyi. Please mamas… I’m worried sick and the doctors aren’t helping any


Miralax works for my boys, along with less cheese and peanut butter

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Lots of fruits that begin with p (pear, peaches, plums). We have to give my son miralax on occasion for a week or 2 to get him regulated after a constipation episode

Daily probiotics… You can start with just a yogurt a day. Up fluid intake… Apple juice once a day.


My daughter was this exact way . We tried everything from suppositories to prune juice. In the end , all that worked was a change of her diet

Miralax! Works wonders for my son. No matter what we did to his diet it was still really hard.


Miralax works wonders and is very gentle on the gut.

Too many laxatives aren’t good anything with fibre like apples, pears prune juice oats or porridge for brekky even for you all the above is good

I give my daughter 3oz of prune juice every morning, mixed with water so it’s not so strong. She’s had this issue since she was a baby. She’s 3 now and loves prune and goes to the potty.

Apple juice and grape juice and if that dont work u might have to give him a suppository


She may need to see a gastro doc

My daughter was like that even later in life she ended up with alot of nausea and would be sick every morning. They finally run a scope and found out it was food allergies. They put her on miralax and a puffer twice a day and it helped but before than we gave her whole grains and prunes and it helped some.

My two year old daughter is going through this as well. Miralax on a regular basis, lots of fruit. Make sure her little bottom stays medicated if red. These have helped my daughter tremendous.

My nieces takes a fiber gummy every morning because they had the same problem and are picky eaters so it’s hard to get them to eat foods with fiber

Also dont let her be dehydrated bv that makes it hard to go

Apple juice apples prunes .I find apple juice is very good
All fruits except banana

Miralax ! Prunes , pear juice

Mandarin oranges, guaranteed pooping : )

My intestines turned when I was three weeks old and have battled with things since. But citracel is a drink that helps but baths with Epsom salt help as well. Apple juice actually would make it worse for me as well as enduce vomiting

Prunes and high fiber diet! Chia seeds and flax seeds to foods. Also young living essential oils “Digize” put it around belly button 2x day!!

We got to extremes and had to have him on laxatives for 3 weeks to make him not scared to poop the ween him off
Movicol jnr
Or sapositories
Much and more water
But it’s a vicious cycle
It hurts so they hold it which makes it hard and makes it hurt more
17months of holding my boy on the toilet screaming clawing at me
But we pushed through
And we only have minor set backs on long drives or not enough water

Probitics, miralax can take. Up to 7bdays before it actually works, if she is super stopped up use some mag citrate. They even have some at the dollar tree

Miralax. Our doctor actually gave us a chart to go by daily it’s worked wonders

Apple juice and miralx

Apple juice, fruits, more fiber

We went through this, limit dairy push water all day. We tried everything under the sun, er visits and all. Ultimately we realized the best bet was to push the water. We tried fiber, miralax, enemas, laxatives, apple juice, all juice lol.

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Miralax , pear juice, apple juice , fiber, green vegetables, fruit

Little bit Dark Kayro syrup and warm water in her cup


Water water and water! Also prunes and high fiber foods. Have her tested for what u had, I dont know what that is. Hope your baby finds relief. It’s common for her age.

Probiotics, my little sister (16 years younger than me) had really bad constipation and she was given miralax twice every day to sort her out. My son had severe reflux and had to be given rice early and it caused constipation, we were given laxtulose for him. But it caused tummy cramps but it kept him moving and regular.
As he got older we made sure he had lots of fruit and veggies and fruit juice. Grapes and grape juice kept him moving right along.

Our pediatrician just recommended camomile tea and works like a charm. The baby is 4 months old, but it’s all natural and doesn’t cause cramping and produces a bowel movement daily :crossed_fingers:

This happened with my sister in laws daughter. She was impacted pretty bad they removed the blockage in her bowel. And afterwards she upped her daughter’s fluid intake, fruit intake and started using miralax and she’s had no issues since and this was over 2 yrs ago. So sorry you’re going through this but best of luck mama :two_hearts:

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More fiber. Like apples, prunes. We do yogurts and such. Less of the breads and crackers type.

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Try Movicol sachets… worked brilliant for my son. And take it easy… it happens

Water and more water. I drink Propel it’s a flavored drink with electrolytes and no sugar and (it’s not a sparkling water with fizz) I hate those!

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Put More fiber in diet. Add prunes or prune juice, apples, apple juice, and extra water also give miralax daily.

My daughter was on miralax for 3 years. It is very safe and gentle.

Maybe try more fiber in her diet. They have fiber one bars that taste pretty good. More fruit. Try to get her to drink prune juice. Also, found that rubbing their tummy and going on walks helps a lot.

Probiotics or prune juice.

You need to take her to the hospital ASAP. My daughter had trouble pooping since she turned one. The doctors kept saying MiraLAX over and over and for three months straight that’s what we did, and then, she got hurt because she was climbing on something and got a severe stomach cramp, we thought she broke her ribs because it caused her to fall. We took her to the hospital and found out she had 2 feet of poop stuck inside of her that was about to cause an obstruction. I hope you see this comment because these problems are severely dangerous. PLEASE take her in…


2-4oz of miralax a day is what I’m giving my 2 year old for constipation.

Do you live in Albany Ga. Go to Live Naturally they do some awesome body testing. Find out what is really going on.


Mira lax works good for a lot of people my child had a lot of trouble & it worked great for them

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Incorporate some ground flax seeds in her diet

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dr told us to give miralax, it’s a little on the spendy side, but they said you can give it every day and it wont hurt the kid

Try miralax. We had to take our son to a pediatric GI specialist bc he kept having accidents in his pants bc he had gotten so constipated that it caused his muscles down there to quit working like they were supposed to & after using miralax he got cleaned out & hasnt had any issues with it since.

Bio kult for infants from any chemist. Works great for my little one. Its for a lazy gut. I find it works wonders.

1 teaspoon of cold pressed virgin olive oil.

We had same issue. Very painful for them and they tend to hold it for long periods of time because they remember it hurting. Add more fiber. Get the baby food in the squeezable by Gerber or whatever brand you like and get the prunes and apple one. If your child will eat the prunes with the apple try that first but my child like the combo flavour and would eat it. Also miralx in their water cup. Warm baths and do sit time on the potty everyday for 10 min. Also oatmeal,
The dried peas have a lot of fiber

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Miralax every day or try a children’s probiotic…

Lots of fruit and probiotics. When my girl was litttle they made an herbal tincture for kids to keep them moving and that helped

Give some prunes or a pediatric laxative and then stay on top of stooling

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They have been stated above but YES to a GOOD probiotic, Miralax and staying hydrated. Those are all keys to keeping your little one regular. I hope that she improves. Two of my three are contipation prone. More fruits, veggies and fiber less simple carbs in their diet helps too.

Prunes!!! 2 every morning and lots of water. My daughter(28) has to do this since 3 years old. But it works!!


Pear juice. Give her pear juice.

My 19 month has the same issues since birth. Morning time give half cap of miralax in with juice or water. Around dinner time give 1tbs mineral oil mixed in with yogart. Works like a charm. And this was the advice from a gi doctor for children. Good luck

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I had the same problem with my oldest I started giving her regular apple juice not baby apple juice regular apple juice but I cut it in half with water I give it to her twice a week and then I gave her prune juice once a week again I cut it in half with water after about a month she didn’t have that much problem her stools weren’t hard and it was more of a natural way then using suppositories or laxatives

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My naby was like that when he was a baby baby like 8, 9 months old. It was awful. I hope you try some of these remedies and it works :crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4:

Try apple juice or prune juice

I’m an adult with severe medical problems. I’m on opioids which cause constant constipation. Doctor also prescribed Miralax. It doesn’t work for me. My doctor buys me Activia Yogurt. It works wonders if eaten at least once or twice a day.

Maybe a hernia, if she hasn’t gone and she’s in that much pain she’s holding it and expanding her colon. Pediatrician is too far?? Clawing at you in pain?? Get to GI dr and pediatrician please!!! No dairy or gluten, pedialax twice a week and a saline enema to clear out what she’s holding. GET to DR regardless of how far it is

Drink lots of water! Eating beans and raisins helps too.

Lots of fiber… and try 100% fruit juices… my kids always gets the runs from drinking to much juice

Do you feed her vegetables

Make sure she’s drinking enough water and give foods with Ps. Peaches, pears, plums.

Or maybe try vitamins maybe shes missing something and vitamins can help

Prunes do work. I cut them up and boil them in apple juice till nice and gooey… Dessert.

I’m going through the same thing with my 2 year old. I cry everytime he tries to poop because it hurts him bad. He shakes, cries, grips on to you hard until he finally poops. I have tried everything besides a laxitive. We cut his milk out and now he drinks able juice. Hopefully he gets some relief soon, if it doesn’t than I’m going to try a laxitive

Fiber bars, 1 to 2 daily, and Metamucil daily mixed in juice

My son had/has problems going number 2! We tried so
Many different things but I have found that giving him a probiotic and some miralax (powder form you put in their drinks!) helps. I started with a teaspoon and increased it til he had an easy time
Going to the bathroom! Hope this helps. You can PM if you need any help!

You go in there as often as it takes for them to listen to you. I’d rather badger a dr and be wrong than to not do anything and have a serious problem. My daughter had acid reflux as a baby but I had to go in the dr almost every day telling them she was spitting up every bottle for him to believe me and once they ACTUALLY looked at her she needed meds for a little while to help. YOU ARE HER ONLY ADVOCATE SO MAKE THEM LISTEN TO YOU.

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Lots of fruits and veggies. Prunes, Pea, peaches, plums.

Mott’s apple juice, if they still drink milk add a tablespoon of dark kayro syrup to the milk once a day, 2 once of prune juice daily if they can drink it (ice cold helps) none of this all together. Best thing to do is if you know you have trouble either make the drive to the pediatrician or find a specialist that can handle the situation. Either way you do not want the child’s intestines to rupture due to not being able to go. The more fiber you can get them to eat daily the better off they will be.

Have the doctors recommended a pediatric glycerine suppository?

My daughter had the same issue at that age it was horribleeee she would throw a fittttttt I would have to set her on the toliet sit in front of her and rub her legs and sing to her as I cried along with her BC she would just scream and Cry in pain…we tried everything… Eventually her pediatrician suggested surgery BC she said its common that sometimes (idk how to say this without sounding gross or someone judging my comment) but sometimes basically if their too small there and the poop can’t come out well they can operate and fix it BC its often an issue with some kids and that was her problems unfortunately it just couldnt come it without making her bleed and stuff :tired_face::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Have you asked the pediatrician if it’s safe to use um I think it’s mineral oil… or something? There’s some oil that’s non toxic that helps release constipation. But you only give a little bit with like juice. It’s a terrible texture going down but it helps.

My boys’ pediatrician always reccomend Miralax. I never liked the thought of them being on something like that unless as a very last resort. Give them apple juice, and whatever else with the most fiber… prunes were great. Make sure they are drinking plenty water (age appropriate, of course.) Make sure your child is at least trying to go each day. Once my kids were older they wouldn’t want to make time to go. Make them sit on the potty anyway.

Lots of water and fruit and try a probiotic

I had the same problem with my now 4 year old. We still have the problem at times. Make sure your little one is getting enough plain water. When my little doesn’t drink enough plain water she gets constipated. It took her a while to learn to drink plain water but it will help.

Miralax mixed with her favorite drinks

Fiber!!! Gummies, powder in juice etc…

Be careful if she starts to have chest pains or r losing weight or getting sick get him to a Dr I ended up sounds gross but backed up w poop ND they kept saying do same w me and it in my head n blah blah till my mom went hours out the way to another hospital to find out I had shit backed up all way around my heart n tht it was a good thing she got me there then but try green stuff like lettuce spinach and stuff a probiotic each day helps regulate and prunes prune juice good luck momma prayers

Prune juice , probiotics , pear juice , lots of water , activia yogurt

Probiotics, yogurt, lots and lots of fresh green veggies, and fruits and lemon water, also give her fiber gummie…bless her heart. My baby girl was so bad it would be days for her without going… When she tried she would stiffen up and scream so bad. I use all of the above daily and it made a huge difference! Good luck to you :relaxed:

Do baby suppositories or warm soapy water in a syringe those laxatives are not good for a baby ,give her apple juices

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Try miralax that what the doctor gave my son. He would get constipated all the time. But if nothing is helping I think going to take that drive to the pediatrician is worth it especially if you had Pyloric Stenosis when you was young. It can be hereditary

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Bran ceral. Fiber One. Prune juice. Try a stool softner to.

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Try going to a chiropractor

Have u given her peanut butter or fruit snacks because the doctor my kids go to when they got backed up said to many fruit snacks or peanut butter will constipate them so half a cap of miralax mixed with juice usually helps my son he’s 2 also

When they start potty training ,they don’t want to go and they hold it ,then it gets ompacted in there and causes constipation,give her juices to drink while pottying and maybe salty chips have her keep sitting see if it helps

GoGo, apple/banana. My granddaughter had the same problem. Straining alot. Now, she goes #2 without issues.

Miralax is very gentle. Even 1/8 tsp is effective and safe for our 20# Main Coon kitty who gets hair balls constipation. Should work for a child in small dose.

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Apple juice or prune juice. Warm it up a little. Helps to work faster. It helps my grandbabies when they get constipated.

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My baby girl has had this issue since she was born. She is allergic to dairy but right away we took her off of it. She drinks almond milk. But I kept pushing the issue and even after being put on miralax she was having issues. Finally test were done and we found out that she has a really long colon, so her body sucks too much water out of her BM before it makes it to the end, and she also has “bird beak” shape at the end of her colon which makes it hard also. They thought she had hurshsprungs disease but thankfully after all the testing she didn’t. I would definitely not let it go and keep getting things done to figure out what’s wrong.

Increase green veggies

Fiber gummies… more water.

Try castoria it tastes like root beer and its safe for you both .

Probiotics given daily helped my son tremendously

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We had to do 1% milk and cut out bananas. Also we give my son green grapes. He will be 3 in July. We used to give him Miralax and laxatives and they didn’t help

Try fiber on there is all kinds of fiber cereal