How to wean from breastfeeding?

What are all of your weaning stories of a 16 month to 2 year old? I need tips and how you all did it. I want a job but he’s a niinii baby and mommas boy due to just being us 24/7. I want to wean him before I get a job.


wean him from you or the bottle???

A baby that just has different needs for right now? The child will be weaned when you’re both ready.

My little girl is 19 months and is completely weaned. I started with night weaning about a month ago. I would do one last feed before bed, then tell her “No more milk until Mr Sun comes up”. Then, when she woke asking for it, I would say “No milk, but you have paci and cuddles.” I would give her the paci and big cuddles. Tell her what a big girl she was, etc. She would eventually roll over and go back to sleep. Very few tears, thankfully! The longer we did it, the better it went. She got to where sometimes she didn’t even need the paci, she’d just roll over and cuddle Daddy.

Night weaning made her much more interested in solids during the day, as well as simplifying her day time nursing schedule down to just before and after naps. Which made day weaning much easier eventually. I just replaced the boob with cuddles and her paci. Good luck!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to wean from breastfeeding?

I let my son ween himself. If he’s not ready yet , can’t force it. Sounds like he has some sort of stomach issue. Definitely make an appt w the pediatrician


It sounds like his tummy is upset. Could he possibly have acid reflux? This doesn’t sound like a breastfeeding issue to me. I would make him a doctor appointment and see what’s going on.

My daughter has a lactose allergy she had a hard time with keeping dairy down as a little one now 9 years old and doing fine

I weaned when my lil’ one was 2 years old and felt ready. Didn’t have to force her. It happened effortlessly. Quite an emotional journey though.

Try to shift the attention elsewhere for e.g. read a story, watch something fun together or do a playful activity. The baby will gradually break this habit. Once distracted, the baby will find his bearings on his own. That’s growth. Can’t escape this. Good luck!

Way I did was too taper off, go slow and it worked. I would trade a nursing time for a food time every week until they were just nursing at night. Then I weaned at night, made son learn to sleep on his own. Letting them cry it out teaches them to self sooth which is very much needed.

What is baby having at 630?
When is the next time you feed him.
Are you using breast milk in cereal?
What other foods are you giving him with cereal?

9 pm to 6 am is actually a very solid amount of time to sleep straight through. You can’t wean him unless he’s ready, which he doesn’t seem to be. Also, “solids before one are just for fun” meaning he should be getting the majority of his nutrition through breast milk/ formula until 1. If he won’t take formula there is no way to wean him at this age without him having severe nutritional deficiencies. My kids hated the texture of rice cereal and it would make them puke too. It’s actually sticky and slimy in your mouth and makes you wanna gag. Maybe try Baby led weaning? There are great pages to get started an my kids really took off with BLW since they never wanted baby food.


Yes, he might be allergic to some foods if he’s throwing them up. For me that’s a decent sleep night lol my son stopped napping around 1. I would attempt to get him to bed earlier and try a sippy cup. Does he eat finger foods or anything other than milk and cereal?

If he’s always refused the bottle, you cannot just wean baby. If you need assistance please reach out to IBCLC This also sounds like baby has bad reflux so reach out to the pediatrician about that.

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All sounds pretty normal. Solid food isn’t all that important. Baby is sleeping amazingly well. Very normal and natural to want to fall asleep on the breast.

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Don’t start a bottle at 9mos. You’re just creating another thing to wean him from. My daughter was hospitalized at 10 mos due to vaccine injury. She was severely dehydrated. The hospital started her in the bottle. I had the hardest time getting her off. She used both breast & bottle.

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That is amazing sleep for a 9 month old…

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Wish my boy slept that long! He’ll go down around 6 then wake minimum 3 times a night and usually wakes around 5, 6 if I’m lucky. But he wakes every 4 hours on a good night, hasn’t slept through since bout 6 weeks

Try a training sippy cup with handles

Get a sippy. Also give him baby cookies and bananas to get him used to chewing and holding his own food. As for sleep, that’s a good night’s sleep.

He may not like the cereal…I mean, taste it, it’s not that good. :woman_shrugging:t4:
None of my 4 children ever really liked it, or any other baby food besides the fruit. I always just took what ever we were eating & blended it up for baby.


Sounds like an ear infection. Get in to see a Dr. ASAP.
My grandson acted this way every time he had one coming on. Now he’s having tubes in & adenoids out. :cold_sweat: Could also be teething as well, which is painful, & can make them cranky & sick feeling.

Hey different opinion here :raised_hand: but if you’re done, you’re done. If it’s mentally and physically exhausting for you, that’s OK! It may take kore time to wean, but you have to think about mommy too!


Ruth Petrov
Can you help this lady?

The puking is what would cause concern to me. The child is going to fight you over the switch. It’s typically done in a gradual manor. You have to stand your ground and be firm with the switch. I would consult the pediatrician about the puking. You may be dealing with an allergy

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He will eat it. Once he realizes he’s not going to get the breast/milk he will stop after a bit. It’s harder on mama. Lol then he will start taking it from the bottle. And he will start eating the food. It’s a battle of the wills. You just have to hold out. It will get better after a few days of fussing he will stop.


If u ween from bf then switch to formula til 12 mo.


He NEEDS breast milk or formula until 12 months. Cereal isn’t good for babies because it just fills them up and doesn’t have any nutrients. Also it sounds like he sleeps great through the night. These days are short so if you can keep breastfeeding him that’s awesome and if you aren’t willing to do that you’ll have to try formula in different bottles/cups. You can also give him real food at this age (search blw, finger shaped foods, round foods cut in half or quarters).


I am old school my babies were eating off the table by the time they were 4 months old and it didn’t cause no obesity or learning problems they were satisfied and they slept well


Try baby food…fruits…can switch over to formula or goat milk. Add in some vitamin drops for babies with iron. Starting with solids right off the bat could make them sick if havent started with mushy foods yet. Like someone else said…could also be teething or ear infection. Never know. Start with a transitional sippy with bottle like nipple and handles…


Weaning may not solve the issue
Not persuading you either way but it may make things worse as wont have breastmilk to rely on


My daughter breastfed until she was 14 months. I understand the frustration when he gets off the breast but you will look back and realize those were some of the best moments ever. I agree that he needs formula at 12 months and they will get used to the baby food eventually. Hopefully it will get better soon.


My little boy has been similar situation and I found out he’s a little clogged from the frozen banana in teether. My sister looked up the q-tip method and it worked!! He was so fussy from having a little clog and gas. He slept and was much better mood after this.

He sounds like a normal baby, your doing well mama!
Sorry I have no weaning tips but if he’s sleeping 10 hours a night your winning!

After I switched my baby from breast to bottle he had an allergy to milk, had 30 to 30 liquid stools a day and drew his little legs up and screamed and cried ALL of the time! At first my Dr. said it was MY fault as I was nervous which about KILLED Me!! (And I took him to Several Drs!!) But gradually found out that he had milk and food allergies after the diarrhea stopped as soon as I put him on Rice water! ( My mother-in-law’s old fashioned remedy!) It worked!! My Dr then had me give him skimmed milk, stopped his CHOCOLATE diarrhea med, as it went straight thru him too, no fruit juices etc! And he finally grew out of it but even at 60 some years of age, he STILL has to be careful, can’t take Vit. C, orange juice, spices etc—he has learned to NOT eat the things that upset him but can still eat other foods!

Never accept a Dr’s verdict that screaming with Pain is all your fault!! There is usually an answer! Just keep researching and changing Drs till you get a common sense solution!!


Put gross tasting stuff on your nipples.

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I use to mix the baby fruit with the cereal to make it taste better. Try that

You have to let him self soothe. Let him cry for a little bit and redirect him with something other than the breast.

Breast fed both of mine until their first birthday. By then they were drinking from cups and eating baby food. I found out my girl had allergies when I ate peanut butter and she broke out. Also the first time I gave her liquid vitamins she spit it out on her shoulder and it made blister, she’s allergic to iron. Wouldn’t trade that time breastfeeding for the world.

Let them self wean. Offer a sippy cup when they’re in the bath. Once they realize they can drink their fluids with ease they will be less interested in the breast. A night feeding will be the only feeding towards the end and then eventually they are more interested in books and have a full belly from eating. Did it with ease three times 10-13 months.

At 9 mo mine was not ready to wean. She ended up weaning herself just a couple weeks shy of her 1st birthday

He’s 9 months old. I don’t think he’s having a tantrum, hes a baby, he does need formula at the least it’s still a main source. As for sleep well he’s getting plenty of sleep by the sounds of it. They can also over sleep and become cranky. As of weaning from breast to formula I heard you can start with breast milk in bottles, then start to replace every 2 oz per bottle with formula but it’ll probably take a month or so I wouldn’t rush the process. Also baby cereal may be upsetting his tummy I wouldn’t give it too often until pediatrician is notified of current reaction or requests otherwise.

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Do not wean…it is recommended to at least 2 years. Babies need to have human contact. Pop the suction, but lay down with… then you can add a blanket you have used while laying down… to put between you and slowly move. Babies love the comfort of you with them… We like company in bed, why leave a helpless infant alone…

Yes, you should talk to his pediatrician about what’s going. Tell them exactly what you wrote here. Breast milk and formula is baby’s main source of nutrients until they turn 1yr.