How Would You Handle Your Child Saying They Are The Opposite Gender?


"My 12 year old daughter told me she wants to be a boy. I would like to know how everyone would handle this. I told her I feel like she needs to give it a couple more yrs before making that decision because she is so young. Please help. I need advice!"

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"My daughter said the same at 13. She's now almost 16 and back and forth. I told her to do what her heart desires because no matter what we still love her and her choices."

"Be her safety zone this is something she's probably already thought through if she's bringing it to you. Embrace it… embrace her and accept her for who she is and who she may become! Maybe allow her to express herself as she would like to (dressing, haircut, ect) and see if that's what she decides she really wants. It'll also prepare you more for her decision!"

"Be her safe space, first and foremost. This world is cruel and if no one else has her, her mama should. She’s got plenty of time to figure out who she wants to be, but for now just love her and make sure she knows that she can talk to you about it without judgement or shame."

"Be supportive. Telling her to wait to be sure undermines and minimizes her feelings. Most members of the LGBTQ+ community know they are different and feel different when they are younger than 12 they just didn’t have the resources to properly identify or describe what they were feeling. Start small.. wardrobe, hair etc. you are her safe place. By embracing and supporting her she will continue to confide in you about how she feels and what she wants.. who knows it may change. It may be a tomboy phase or it could be a full blown this is who she is. Just love and support her."

"Personally I would support her decision. I would have her back through any commentary, backlash or ugliness she may face. I want a happy, healthy, educated child. No matter if she decides she wants to be(with the exception of like a serial killer or somethin lol)."

"Support Him. Suicide rates are so high for that age group! He needs to know you love Him no matter what."

"Support her let, her dress however she wants ,hair etc just no surgery until 21 that's what I'd do any way."

"I think you should be really proud of yourself that you fostered an environment where your daughter trusts you enough to tell you this, and an environment where she truly feels like she can be anything she wants to be."

"Support them no matter what. She is not "too young" to have these feelings, children even younger do too. Just be there for her and don't make her feel like she is wrong for feeling that way, ever."

"I would just let her dress as if she were a boy if thats what she wanted to do. Maybes its just a phase. Some kids know at early ages what they want to be and what their sexuality is, and some just go through temporary phases."

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