I am 32 weeks pregnant with a toddler and have a strong gut feeling to run away

I had to run away from my sons abusive dad and was sooooo happy with my life and raising my son myself. I met a guy and instantly moved in with him, his mom and aunt and got pregnant. He’s 26 and I’m 21. He’s a full on mommy’s boy. We were happy until I got pregnant I started seeing his true colors. From his drinking days to being belittled as a mother. I cook and clean everyday for this man and it’s never enough for him. He’s extremely jealous and insecure. He’s a very veryyy manipulative person and I can see through all his bullshit. I’ve had the feeling of running away once I seen the red flags 7 months ago but now I’m 8 months prego and feeling like this again. I’ve said sorry for things that didn’t need a apology from me just to make him and us “happy”. I can’t take it anymore. He says he fell in but I can’t let my son continue seeing me argue back and forth & crying with this guy. And I don’t want my new baby seeing me like this.

Has anyone just ran away with there babies?

Instantly moved in! SMH. When you have a child you don’t instantly move in. He doesn’t even have his own place. WTH…When you leave a bad relationship you don’t instantly move in. Then you instantly get PG. This issue is with you. You keep finding the same thing because you haven’t fixed yourself. You will do it again and again until you find your self worth and learn to respect your children and put them first. You are currently putting yourself first. Moving them from one bad situation to the next is abusive. Men shouldn’t even meet your kids until you feel sure he is the one that would be there for the long haul… aka marriage. Once you have kids you don’t shack up anymore. It is a bad example and most of the shack ups don’t last. How many men will your son call daddy by the time he’s 8! Do better for yourself but more importantly those kids.
Also please get BC after this one. Not sure why you would want to keep having children in unstable situations… do better!