I am 37-weeks with a lot of pressure: Is that normal?

I’m 37 weeks and I’ve been having a lot of pressure/pain in my vagina. It feels like the baby is just going to fall out lol is this normal? I go to the doctor tomorrow but i want to hear your thoughts


Yes it’s normal! Your baby is getting ready to arrive! :heart_eyes:

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Yupp. I’m 38 weeks and it’s a lot of pressure, especially when sitting on the toilet. Ask your Dr to check you? I ended up being 1cm but my cervix is up high.

Normal. Your baby is head down in your pelvis ready to come out.

Definitely normal. Baby is descending for their big arrival.

Very normal. That last month is horrible

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Ha yes it’s normal #momof4

I’m almost 37 weeks with baby number four … I feel like I need to poop constantly from all the pressure. Baby is considered full term from 37 weeks anyway so not a problem after then if they do make an exit! X

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Yep it feels like you got a bowling ball about to fall out your vagina.

I’m 37+1 I feel the saaaame . This is baby #2 feels like my vagina is splitting lol . Having my c section in 13 days. :raised_hands:t2:

Not to scare you but that is exactly how I feel every time I’m about to give birth.

Definitely normal. Baby is head down. Boy do I remember that pressure. Lol

Yes it’s just pressure if the baby has turned it will be getting engaged with its head down

Yes. Try wrapping your belly with a Moby or something to raise the baby up

Yes that can be normal just keep an eye out with my third pregnancy my water broke at 37 weeks and 4 days

I felt that way from 35 weeks til the end (39+4) scared the crap out of me lol

Yep. Our middle one took up residents there. It was just the way that one was sitting. But yep it was really painful. It last about a week of him sitting like that, before he moved enough so I could get a little relief. Just about drove me nuts. Lol

You probably dropped. Your body is getting ready for labor!

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Yes! I felt like a bowling ball was weighing down when I walked. Baby came 6 days before due date.

Lightning crotch is the absolute worst. I had it with 2 out of 3 pregnancies . The 1st I didn’t because he was always breech

I had my first born at 37 weeks ! Be ready !! Baby is almost ready :slight_smile: good luck !

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I am going through this right now and I’m 36 weeks today.

Unfortunately, it’s normal… it’s just so uncomfortable. Hang in there mama💞

Depends on your body honestly. I had pressure below at 31 weeks and I was in preterm labour

The baby is in position. You’re gonna have him/her soon. Congrats

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Very normal and makes for an uncomfortable waddle!! :rofl:

Yup totally normal… baby could be dropping or just having lightening crotch

Very normal! Hang in there it’s almost time! Prayers for a healthy delivery!

I felt that way the last half of my last pregnancy. The doc said my uterian wall was very thin and as the baby grew, her weight was pressed on my pelvis because I had little cushion. It’s very normal.

Yes I had my son at 37 weeks :smiley:

yes very normal head is right there

I’m a mommy of 4 will be induced with my 5th tomorrow its 100% normal baby is now dropping into the position for birth causing alot of extra pressure iv had it with all my babies starting around 35weeks along with shooting pains in my vagina.

Yes, wait till baby gives you a nice kick down there bringing you to your knees lol. It’s real

Normal. Just be sure to express that to the doctor as she will ask you some follow up questions.

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Lightning crotch I believe its called, used to stop me in my tracks and make me hold my breath! Awful but it’s normal. Of course if your concerned it doesn’t hurt to give someone a ring and get professional advice

Definitely normal. I went into labor at 38 weeks but had my daughter via c-section due to the way she was trying to come out

Yep esp with first one-

I’m 37 weeks Thursday…i would definitely say normal this my 3rd and feel like she gonna fall out at any moment when I’m standing…lol

Yea normal until/unless u bleed or water breaks or regular contractions


Super normal babes, baby is settling into your pelvis for the grand finale

Completely normal. The baby is just getting into position

I had my first born at 37 weeks💖

Yup! It’s such a strange feeling.:revolving_hearts:

Totally normal. You’re body is getting ready.

Thank god im not the only one!

Very normal. I’ve experienced with my last 2 pregnancies and this current pregnancy. Didnt experience it with my first 3 pregnancies. I’d recommend mentioning it to your Dr, especially if it bothers you or very painful. I’m actually currently seeing a chiropractor. Found out my pelvis was out of whack and the adjustments have helped with the pain a lot. Baby #5 was almost 9 lbs and got stuck so she threw my pelvis out of whack lol Now I’m trying to get it fixed before little man makes his arrival

Most likely you "dropped ". Which means baby found its place inside pelvis and is in its final position so that it ready for delivery. With my last 2 pregnancies my babies dropped 4 wks early :roll_eyes:

Soooo normal. Baby is getting ready & so is your body. :heart::heart_eyes:

Normal…felt like my first was gonna stick a hand out or something. Stayed really low.

I will never forget that feeling! Like the baby is about to rip out the bottom of my pelvic floor

I thought I was the only one feeling like this and I am only 34 weeks :frowning:

I got induced for this! Let your dr know tomorrow

You might be dialating already

Yes hun I had pressure from about 32 x

Perfectly normal. Its the baby getting down and in position. You might go a little early. Id be ready

I had this at 36 weeks, could barely walk and at 37 weeks my baby boy was born, best of luck :crossed_fingers: :four_leaf_clover:

I had lots of pressure with my twins.
One was down really far in my pelvic area which cause the pressure. My doctor would just check my cervix regularly to make sure I wasn’t dilating. Every time I would stand up though it would hurt because there was so much pressure down there, I would say that lasted from 24 weeks until I delivered.

Completely normal! Baby is just getting in the right position for labor :slight_smile:

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With my youngest I felt that for the last month or so. I literally said daily…I feel like he’s just going to fall out

Normal! Baby is moving into place for birth!

Normal. Had it with both of my pregnancies , started couple weeks before my babies were born.

Yes, I would definitely let you doctor know but from what I was told its completely normal I had it for a atleast a month before I was induced at 39 weeks.

I had pressure for while before and it felt quite achey down there

Totally normal!! I just had my 4th and the pressure gets really uncomfortable… But its a good thing!! Means baby is wiggling down and getting ready to meet mama!!!

Definitely normal. I felt that from 32 weeks on. Delivered my son at 40 weeks on his due date. If you’re concerned, speak to your OB

I had a symptom that had the most embarrassing name… But they called it lightning crotch! Honestly kept feeling like I was goin to go into labour. It was tons of pressure and felt quite painful at times too! It happened with my 2nd child xxx


Yes. Be ready,you may be delivering a bit early. But it’s normal.

Yes, wait til the sharp pains in your butt hole begin :rofl::skull:


I’m going to be 38 weeks on Thursday and I have been having that feeling now since I was 36 weeks it is normal.

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Oh god mine was SO bad with my son from like 30 weeks on but the doctors weren’t concerned. Sorry TMI but they said “you have a really long cervix and solid plug, he’s not going anywhere!” But it hurt so bad i was in tears some days. A belly band helped a lot but sometimes i had to just lay down.

100% normal. Likely you’re starting to efface and possibly dilate a little if baby has dropped. Home stretch, yay!

Very normal. Your baby is dropping getting ready for birth. Very normal but always very uncomfortable.

Make sure that hospital bag is packed. I felt that for 2 weeks pre delivery…and that urge to pee got significantly worse

Babies head dropped into place. Totally normal. Get your hospital bag ready :wink:

I had this issue with my 3rd pregnancy. I went to birth center and they said i was dehydrated 🤷

I carried my second son so low it felt like bone rubbing bone the pain was so bad.

My daughter had to quit work the last month of pregnancy, because of public pain. Your pelvis is not expanding equally on both sides, preparing for birth. The pain didn’t fully go away for almost 2 months after birth

It’s normal. I began the same thing at 30weeks and it lasted until I had my baby at 39 weeks (c-section) it sucks. I went to the hospital 4 times thinking I was in labor :joy:

Baby is getting ready to come :heart:

I was wondering the same thing. Been having pressure for weeks, but now its accompanied by the urge to push. Im only 32 weeks :sweat_smile: on one hand Im glad other moms have been experiencing this too, but I am also terrified of the aspect of this continuing for another two months :confused:

Yes. You’re busting the seams at this point.

Very normal, baby just dropped most likely.

I had my water break a week before I gave birth and I was feeling lots of pressure as well I would definitely go get checked just to make sure!

I had so much pressure at that point that I couldn’t hardly put pants on or do anything that involved me moving my legs other then walking. Felt like she was going to fall out. Not to much longer though. The baby will be here before ya know it an you’ll forget all about the pressure pain

It’s normal. Baby is trying to position itself

I felt like my son would just stick his hand out and flip us all off at any given moment for the last 12 weeks of my pregnancy but I also wasn’t quite 38 weeks when I delivered 🤷


Very normal you’re just about ready ;") congratulations

Very normal. I had so much pressure the last 6 weeks. Just try rest as much as you can!

It’s normal. The baby is getting ready :+1:t2:

I have 6 children. Totally normal.

Yes baby is dropped more than likely

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Look up lighting crotch!

Its normal…i assure you your baby is not gonna fall out. Water might break soon tho

It’s normal just reach on up there and shake the babies hand :joy: it’s just getting ready to get here.


It’s normal. I’m 32 weeks and it’s been like that for a couple weeks now can hardly walk because it hurts so bad

18 weeks I get the same pains it’s called round ligament pains it’s from your expanded uterus

Yes, feels like you are carrying a bowling ball between your legs

Yep! Totally normal.

I’m just now 30 weeks with my third and have been dealing with pelvic separation and lightning crotch every time I move. I cant put on pants or underwear. It sucks lol but I’m told it can be very normal to feel like this, my Dr gave me stretches to try to help.

Sit on a chair with your legs shoulder width apart, put your hands on the inside of your thighs and push out while you push in with your legs, then put your hands on the outside of your thighs and push in while you are pushing out with your thighs.

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Very uncomfortable but normal