I am 5 weeks postpartum and wanting to try for another baby....advice?

How long to wait until we start trying again?I am currently 5 weeks postpartum,l with my first, and husband and I are talking about trying for the next baby. I am at high risk, but I had such a positive pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey that I am wanting to start trying for my second already. I will be 34 in 6 months, already high risk. I will be talking with my doctor, and I’ve read on research suggesting too some will come with complications for both me and baby: possible autism, still birth etc. Of course I will listen to my doctors advise, but what are your options if you feel age is ticking against you, and you’re wanting to get pregnant again after such an amazing journey?


Why? Take in the baby. And all it’s wonders. Wait until you are healed completely, your 5 week old baby will appreciate having some time with just mom and dad


My boys have 2.5-3 years between each of them and I honestly think that’s the best gap. I know you are concerned about your age but wait 18 months before trying again, it’s not that long

I have 2 boys that are 11 months apart. It is very hard going, but definitely possible!! X

It legit takes your body a year to fully heal and recover from birth I wouldn’t rush it


I had my first in 2019 then my second last year and got pregnant again when she was about 4/5 months old but this pregnancy wasn’t planned it was a big surprise and more of a surprise to find out it was twins they are due in a few weeks


I’ve had two babies in my 40’s
13th was born last August when I was 42. Age isn’t against you :laughing:

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Enjoy your first baby!! And heal!

My 2 girls are 14 months apart. They are best friends. Do what’s best for you momma.


Don’t do it give your body time to actually heal and regulate again.
I didn’t wait and it was the biggest mistake. Not saying my child is a mistake but getting pregnant so soon my body wasn’t ready neither was I I now have a 1 year old and a 3 week old and it’s the hardest journey ever. Definitely wait


Mine at 8 years apart. I had my last one at 38. Babies are hard! Enjoy your time with your new bday

I’ll be 28 in a couple months and had my daughter a couple months before turning 27. I was high risk due to an incompetent cervix so I am very high risk. I was told by locum MFM doctors (who are from all over the US) to wait till at least a year and a half to try for another. I would speak with your doctor to get the best answer based on your situation but that was what I was told.:slightly_smiling_face:

I had two girls 15 months apart (they are now 16&15) and two more girls 13 months apart (a 16 month old and 3 month old)…. It can be done. Mine were all successful, only complication of pregnancy was baby3 was breach so I had a C-section. Baby 4 I chose another C-section. I have had so much fun with both sets.

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My kids are 19 months and 4 days apart, and I truly wish there was a little more time between them, I have one in pull ups and a newborn, and that was a lot, terrible twos with a baby was hard, my second was a C-section so that might be part of why it was harder, but give yourself time to heal, and enjoy the baby, because sadly the time will literally fly


Chill and enjoy that baby.

In general I wouldn’t lol my boys are 1 year and 7 months apart and they literally fight at all times about nothing ALWAYS but if you did 1 year would be recommended

My two oldest sisters are 13 months apart. To this day, they are very close. As long as your health is not compromised, go for it. But, talk yo the doctor first.

Time is definitely on your side you are still only 33. I had my last at 37 and it was a very healthy hitch free pregnancy. Take time to enjoy the moments with your newborn and give your body and mind time to heal. You never know you might feel greatful that you did :blush:


Mine are 1.5 years apart
It was a surprise
I wish I would have waited 1.5-2 years before getting pregnant. Tandem nursing and double diapers were intense. My saddest moment was when baby two was 3 months and my first was not yet two…baby 2 got a cold and was nursing around the clock…baby 1 was getting his first two teeth and was miserable. Baby 1 needed cuddles and I had to lay him on my legs for nights and tell him no so baby 2 could nurse. It sounds silly but I had little moments like that where I felt sad I had to divide my nurturing. Here we are 5 years since baby 2 was born and I still wish we had just a little bigger gap. It’s not an awful feeling or something I absolutely dread it’s just hard sometimes. Their cousin is just a little order than Baby 1 and it’s a totally different vibe.


Frankly my opinion is get the first out of diapers, and less dependent on you before having another. 2 in diapers can be a nightmare.

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Any doctor would recommend to wait 6 months minimum for your uterus to heal


I’m high risk . My oldest was 1pound 6 ounces , second I almost died (they couldn’t control the bleeding) , third they wanted to remove my uterus . I highly don’t recommend , all were emergency c sections . Being high risk they will probably have you seen 5 times a week with ultrasounds like me .

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Babies are alot of work. You have enough time for another. I had my last born at 38. My other kids are 18 and 12. They contribute to the much needed help with my baby. Wait at least two years.


My daughter was born 4 days before my son’s first birthday . That’s also after having a C section with my son . You are supposed to wait but I felt fine through my son’s and my daughter’s pregnancy even though they where so close together .

When it’s a toddler you won’t be in a rush to have another one :laughing::laughing:


Enjoy your newborn!!! You have plenty of time! I just had my last baby August 23rd, 2 days before my 42nd birthday. My second youngest turned 22 month’s September 1st and I had him at 40 years old. Both babies perfectly healthy. Just because you’re older does not automatically mean there will be something wrong with the baby. We weren’t able panning on either and definitely not planning on having 2 under 2 when we’re 42 years old, but we wouldn’t change it for the world. it’s a whole new level of exhaustion and sleep deprivation


Take time to soak in and enjoy motherhood with your 1st baby. You aren’t old and dried up lol you have plenty of time. My children are 10 years apart and it’s STILL hard. Give it a year :heart:

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Four out of my five are 17 to 18 months apart. Each time I had a baby, I had baby fever. But, I realized I was more prepared and attentive to the ones who were more spread out, (my now 5 years old and 2 year old) although I wanted it immediately, I didn’t have the chance to “miss” the baby stage. So although I thought it was what I wanted, I was overwhelmed. My oldest two are 18 months apart and my youngest two are 17 months apart, all preemies. So there is a difference.

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I had my 1st kid at 37 and the 2nd at 43…AND I have only ONE ovary…both are happy and healthy. Don’t listen to that old school shit that says you’re getting too old :roll_eyes:

Girl i wouldnt!! Your body needs time to heal

Enjoy your first one first wait at least 6 months to a year .

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I’m going to give you the advice I wish I would have taken when I had my first…enjoy it. Savor every sweet moment. You never get it back. I was on my own when I had my son at 27 and I wish I would have been more in the moment when he was with me. I worried too much about housework and such.


Minimum 6mths if it was me but doc usually say 1-2yrs


give yourself some time to learn about being a mom. there are so many stages to it :wink: congratulations


I had my first at 27, my 2nd at 34 and my 3rd at 36… My advice is to enjoy every minute you can with this baby and give your body time to heal and recover. You still have plenty of time to add baby #2


My middle 2 are 11 months apart and it was hard. I didn’t get to enjoy one as a newborn being pregnant as heck with the next one. Having 2 in diapers is expensive and exhausting cause it’s like you’re always changing diapers. Hard to get them on a similar schedule so lack of sleep as well.

You have time to try for your second. I just had my 4th yesterday and I’ll 38 at the end of the month.


Why not give your body time to heal?


I’m 42 and just had another (healthy) baby- and with only one tube!! Yes, I get chances get slimmer but not impossible. Let your body heal and take the time to really enjoy the baby u just had. U don’t want to risk complications from not being fully healed.


At least 6 months or more if you’re doctor recommends it. I was high risk and my two miracle babies are 3 1/2 years apart.

Would be nice for you to give your body some time to heal first and also enjoy your first baby momma.Why the rush for a second one…

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Well just go for it. My Godson had 3 children in 18 months. 3 pregnancies I kid you not. Feb 2001, December 2001 and September 2002. Same mother and father.

Your 36 your chances are getting slimmer as the days go on because of that reason if your are feeling that’s what you 100% wanna do try now this will be when your most fertile

I wouldn’t.
I think for the most part, the first few months are sort of a “blur”. I don’t necessarily feel like “life” has really kicked in. You’re still in that lovey dovey phase.
Also, ppd & ppa can begin anytime in the first 2 years. Mine didn’t start until around 6ish months & lasted until my son turned 2.
I’d honestly say just wait. Enjoy the first year or close to it with your infant. That way, your first is closer to 2, if not already 2 & slightly more independent.
That way you don’t have 2 babies in the infant stage who are both on completely different schedules. Plus, once they are around 2+, they can do all of the activities that you’re doing with you, like cookings & cleaning while the baby naps or what not. Which gives you a lil less responsibilities in the way of supervising a baby who’s hardly walking & still likely to put stuff in their mouths.
I hope that makes sense… if you still feel this way at around 8 months or so I’d say start trying but with no pressure. Just decide you’re ready if it happens & take it easy on your body :yellow_heart:


My youngest children are 17 months apart, it wasn’t planned that way. But I can tell you that my body wasn’t ready so soon. I had pretty scary complications after having bub, my muscles struggled more than my first two pregnancies and I was run off my feet between the two youngest children. I love my kids dearly and they’re very close as siblings but I won’t lie and say it was easy… the first 4-5yrs are kind of a blur for me because I was so busy with 2 under 5 and a third older child. But that’s just me… to each their own .


If your doctor gives you the okay to try, then do so, don’t wait too long. Congrats with your new baby and the others to come.

Being pregnant with a newborn or toddler is a whole different ball game :see_no_evil:


High risk and perfect pregnancy, birth and post…don’t usually go together. So something seems to be missing there. I would definitely give yourself some time to adjust


Maybe bond with the child you just had first? Healing from a baby takes at least 1-2 years.


What does my first husband mean? Also every pregnancy is different the first one could’ve gone completely smoothly with no issues whatsoever and the second one could be so horrible.

Ffs give your body a chance to recover!! Are you seeking attention or you just wanna hear yourself talk???


I got pregnant 8 months postpartum and it is awful… my first pregnancy was so easy and I felt Amazing, I ate everything and gained weight and was working daily…
this one, I can’t eat anything, I’m dizzy, I’m sore, I lost weight, get lightheaded and nauseous and have food aversion to most foods I try… I throw up now if she doesn’t like something… I am always calling into work because my immune system can’t keep up and I get sick or sore easily… I’m 22 weeks and wanting it over with.

Do yourself a favour and wait a bit


In 2018(Jan) I had a girl then I got pregnant in June… but I lost my son at 34w5d…
And again I had my second oldest in 2021… and my babygirl was born in July 2022… so yeah I had 2 back2back babies… the last 2 were hard I had to have C-section and they were both preemies…
My second oldest was 32wks premature stayed in the nicu for 2 m months and my baby was 27wks premature… stayed in the nicu for a lil over 3mths… I had high bp as I got further in my pregnancy and my heartrate kept going high while baby’s kept going low… but now I’m giving it time before we have one more… I want one more :weary::see_no_evil: but lol we have 3 girls and 1 boy he’s the oldest…

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Shit… Slow down. You just had a baby. Let your body heal. And your highrisk as it is…

You need to focus on healing your body first. Focus on what you currently have going on. Talk to your doctor in a year or at your post partum check up about when the safest time for you to try in the future is. Also if you will continue to be high risk make sure you understand that that means you have a higher risk of a permanent complication like death.

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I have 4, my girls are 11&6 and my boys are 3& almost 2. I had my last 3 kids in 4 years and my last two 17 months apart. I do not recommend the close age gap, my baby was also lifeflighted at 1 day old 4 hours away and had a nicu stay, my other 3 kids were in different places over thanksgiving that year and it was traumatic for everyone. All the things you should think of, would you be ok leaving this baby for weeks if your new baby was in the nicu? Or would you be ok if your new baby was alone in the nicu? What if it was over the holidays and your family is separated? Its hard. That was such a hard time.
Just for the record, all my pregnancies were great, his lung issue’s we didn’t find out til he was born.

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It’s MORE dangerous to get pregnant right away if you were already high risk…let yourself heal, and you’ll probably super fertile for the next 12-18 mos anyways…


Medically you should wait 12 Mo this vaginally and 18 months if you had a c section. Your body needs to heal. Also having kids that close together is the hardest thing. Enjoy your baby love. The risks aren’t worth it


You’ve lost your damn mind.

My girls were (accidentally) 10.5months apart. It is one of the hardest things ever!!! But it’s one of the most amazing things. They are now 4 and 5 and really close. I will say though, having a newborn and a 10month old, the newborn takes alot of time away from the 10month old. And that is 1 on 1 time you never get back. Pic of my girls now


There’s a reason they say no sex for 6 weeks. It takes months for complete healing after birth. Am I saying wait 6 months? No. But it’s been 5 weeks. That new baby deserves all of your attention for at least a few months. I had a friend that had a textbook perfect pregnancy and got pregnant again after 7 weeks. Her second pregnancy was hell as far as severe pregnancy symptoms. She had such bad morning sickness that she could barely do anything for the first baby cause she was so weak and sick and tired. She thinks it directly contributed to the ppd after the second baby came cause she had extreme guilt over not bonding with the first baby long enough. She didn’t feel like herself until the youngest was almost 2. You have to give your body time to rest and recover cause no two pregnancies are the same

2 babies in diapers at the same time that’s a big No

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For one damn slow down, for two this pregnancy might have been a breeze but not all are the same, I have had 4 Children and never had PPD until my last one and it was so scary and horrible. I didn’t think I would ever come out of it. And for three having two so close together when you are just on your first child, I don’t think you realize how it truly is gonna not only affect you mentally, but your husband as well. It could take a toll on your whole freaking life. Wait even just 6 months. Enjoy your newborn and if you are high risk why would you wanna go thru all that stress right away with having the stress of a newborn? Just wondering

My oldest 2 are just shy of 23 months apart. My younger 2 are just shy of 15 months apart, both C-sections.The first few years were HARD with the older 2, but as they got older, it was nice for them to have a sibling close in age. The younger 2, I cried, a lot. It was really hard. I think 2-3 years between babies is a decent amount of time. If you have a good support system and a good amount of help, so long as your doctor says it’s ok, have them as close together as you feel comfortable doing so.

I was pregnant 4 weeks after having my 2nd baby. 10 months between them, and i wouldn’t change it for the world! X

My mom had my little sister at 39. My kids are 2 years and 9 months apart. I was high risk both and both were born prematurely. Honestly, let your body heal and enjoy your baby!!

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I had 2 exactly 1 year apart in my 40s. Both perfect and healthy


Enjoy the kid you have for a minute!


Mine are two years apart and my second pregnancy was worse than my first. I was SO so sick. So I would wait a few months at least to let your body heal especially being high risk. But it’s your body of course. Congrats and goodluck! :hugs:

There is a three year gap between my first two. It was perfect I got to spend quality one on one time with both. When the second was about to turn one, my first started junior kindergarten. So they had nearly a year together every day.

I have Irish twin (11 months apart) it’s very very hard.


I got pregnant with my fourth at 39 and had her just before I turned 40. I had a beautiful pregnancy, an awesome easy delivery and she is perfectly healthy. As long as you take care of yourself and have good prenatal care, your maternal age isn’t as big a deal as dr’s used to make it. If it were me, I would wait at least a year before trying again and give your body time to heal and be ready for a second pregnancy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

First of all your body needs time to heal. The New baby needs time with you to bond. Enjoy the first one.

My youngest 2 are 2 yrs 2 months apart and I was almost 37 when my youngest was born. It was probably my easiest pregnancy and definitely easiest recovery (also had my tubes removed during her c-section). All my kids are healthy as can be. I was almost 23 when my oldest was born.

I will say it was a lot easier with the larger age gap between my oldest 2 kids which was 4 years. My youngest 2 love each other dearly but fight way more than my older 2 did at their age

Speaking from experience. Wait six months to a year

I was 36 when my son was born. Have those babies :bangbang:

I have a 13 month old and I’m due in 11 weeks. They’ll be 15 months apart. This pregnancy has been pretty rough on my body and it’s been a struggle.


Your age is fine. You’re not considered high risk by age till 40 now I think. It takes at least a year to fully recover, so I would wait at least that long. Babies grow and change so much, so quickly; enjoy it all. My oldest two are about 2 years apart and it’s great. The oldest was more independent, could help with Baby. It was nice. Plus, you can catch up on sleep for a while before the next baby keeps you up all night.

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Give your body time, give that baby the attention it deserves before having another. You still have time.

My two step kids are 12 mths apart. We have them full-time.
My kids are 2 yrs apart.
They’re both tricky age gaps. They get along well at times and are worst enemies at other times.
Its very hard when they’re little as one comes out of a phase and the other goes into it

I’d wait at least 3 months before trying if I wanted another so badly,I don’t think the doctor would agree with me.:laughing:
He might say a year.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was told wait 12 months from my delivery to start trying.


I’d give your body a minimum of a year to heal

My dear I had my 4th baby at 38 and he is fine although I was high risk and had complications at birth but we both good u still young

I would wait at least a few months for your body to go back to a regular cycle first. My kids are 14 1/2 months apart. I had them when I was 27 and 28 and it was hard at first but they are so close now at 22&23…no issues with pregnancies, births, or their developments☺️

It’s best to wait two years before trying for a second both for your body and your first baby’s sake. Let your first baby be the baby for a minute. You have plenty of time. I had my first at 34 and my third at 40.

You will need 2 years to replenish nutrients, regain some muscle and let your hormones settle before trying again.


Three months after my first I got pregnant again. It is hard on the mothers body and nerves. I am so glad it happened that way after it was all said and done but it’s hard.

Enjoy your newborn. You have plenty of time. I had my last baby at age 40 & his brother was 18!!

Your time is not running out. Relax! I had my last baby at 40. I got pregnant less than a month after stopping birth control.

Mine are just under a year and a half apart… best time ever… I found it much easier than waiting years like I did for my 3rd. They grew up best friends and loved the same things. All 3 c- sections. Every one is different. If your ready, your ready :green_heart:

I was nearly 44 when I had my daughter. You still have time.

You still have time. I had my first when I was 31 and I’m pregnant now with our second I’m 37. It’s just a little more tests nothing to be concerned about! I feel great! Every pregnancy is different also.

Technically your body takes 2 years to fully heal from having a baby. Usually Dr’s will recommend waiting 12-18 months to have another baby. I got pregnant with number 3 when my 2nd was only 5 months old (un-intentionally). My daughters are 13 1/2 months apart. I have really bad back pain now, and I think that’s due to have two pregnancies back to back.

You are still very young only 33 theirs no hurry in the world getting pregnant again, you have all the time in the world enjoy a deserved break with your new born and yourself.

Well mine were 16 months a part but i was younger …i was 20…second was breech but ok

I was 40 when I had my last child she was perfect in every way don’t rush having another baby too soon enjoy the baby you have first and try again in a couple of years you need to spend time with your new baby and let your body heal x

Mine are 14 months apart. I don’t regret it but i wouldn’t do it again. They’re 5 and 6 now, best friends one minute and enemies the next. I do love their age gap though. I am honestly glad I had them close together. It’s mixed emotions. It’s just so hard at times. It’s a easier now and days out are chill because they go off with each other. But before school started it was quite mayhem at times :joy: do what feel right for you Mama. All the best :heart:

Wait untill your body completely heals up from the first baby and your hormones are back to normal. At least a year .this gives second baby a better healthier chance .too soon can put second baby at a higher risk

Mine are 20mo apart and I love the gap but will say the first year with both was really hard! Both were c sections and with my second I got my tubes out as well so it was a longer recovery and that made things difficult too after my husband having to go back after 3 weeks off.

I know that I was so in love with seeing my H be a dad, I really wanted to be intimate. Maybe that’s more of what you’re going through than actually wanting to be pregnant again? You have to think too, when they’re that little and your holding them all the time, as you get bigger, you’re not supposed to be doing heavy lifting, and the baby plus a car seat can get heavy as they get older too… I was lucky to have my daughter learning how to do the stairs at a young age but every kid is different.

People do it and they manage, but the parents I’ve talked to that have had them closer than mine say that it was difficult to have both so young together. Good luck with what you decide!

I think if thats what you are wanting to do then do it

Give your body time to heal first! :heart: