I am 6-weeks pregnant and found out I have a subchroinic hematoma: Advice?

I’m pregnant with my 2nd, around 6 weeks. My primary did an ultrasound on me, she called with the results of me having subchroinic hematoma. I go into my gynecologist a week from today. Has anyone else had this?


I had one with one of my pregnancies… my was quite large and ruptured several times causing a lot of bleeding at random times. I sadly had a miscarriage but my doctor said that was unlikely the cause because they are quite common. It’s basically just a build up of old uterine lining.

I have and I now have a healthy 2 year old prepare for extra ultrasounds most likely

I had one that ruptured at 7 weeks, it was terrifying. I had an ultrasound every 2 weeks to measure it and got put off of work. By 13 weeks it had shrunk down to the size of a blood vessel. I’m 19 weeks and they’ve put me on a normal schedule. My little guy is right on schedule, even though we were pretty shook up.

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I had this with all of my pregnancies actually.

Yep, very common, usually dissolve!

I had it with my 2nd and now with my 3rd. Both times they told me mine were really small and nothing to worry about they said it’s usually gone by my anatomy scan and they were right the first time. I’m only 13 weeks with this one so I’m not sure on this one yet but my last pregnancy I didn’t have no complications with it and I had a wonderful labor and delivery!

Had it with all three of my pregnancies. Bed rest for a couple weeks and pelvic rest, but all should be ok

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I had this at 16 weeks with my third pregnancy, I was just gushing blood everywhere and terrified! It completely resolved by 28 weeks and absolutely no harm to my baby. :heart:

I had one with numbers 2,3 and 4! Quite common and they tend to heal up before 20 weeks x

Had it with my youngest. Mine was particularly severe, did not reabsorb like most do. Heavy bleeding from 8-13 weeks and again at 18-21 weeks. Hospitalized once for threatened miscarriage. Put on bedrest during both bleeding sessions for 4 weeks each time. Pelvic rest the entire pregnancy, zero sex, zero orgasm. Partial placenta abruption during labour. Healthy rainbow baby born naturally 3 days early at 7.8 pounds!

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I did with my 2nd pregnancy…did a ultrasound to see if everything was ok because I kept bleeding and found it. I bled from 6-12 weeks and then it stopped.

The doctors found mine at 7 weeks and described it as a bruise from implantation. The perinatal doctors told me to take it easy and don’t do heavy lifting or strenuous exercise. But the next ultrasound it was resolved. I just had my daughter healthy last week.

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I had two large ones with my second pregnancy! They were underneath my daughter and were tripling in size every ultrasound and started spotting around 12 weeks. I went in for a scan a few days later and they were both resolved and gone! My dr told me they’re more common than we realize because a lot of ob’s don’t even order scans unless absolutely necessary before 20 weeks and by that point they’re almost always resolved.

I had this with my current pregnancy. It’s actually pretty common and it goes away on its own . I bled from 6 weeks to 9 weeks and by my 12 week ultrasound it was healed .

I did very early in my pregnancy I thought I was having a miscarriage there was so much blood
…they said it was a subchorionic hemorrhage…it last till the 2nd trimester but the pregnancy was fine

I had with my third had my daughter at 23 weeks 1 day

I had a subchorionic hemorrhage I was bleeding off and on till I got into my second trimester then it stopped. It’s very scary but it was cuz my placenta was laying low it moved up before I had my baby. Good luck tho

I had a sub chorionic hemorrhage (think it’s the same thing) at 13 weeks with my second pregnancy, it was never noticed on any of my ultrasounds. I started bleeding HEAVY and thought I was having a miscarriage so I went to the er. I bled heavy for about 12 hours and the lightly for a couple days. My baby boy was fine and is now a happy healthy 3 month old :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve had 2 you’ll be fine and so will the baby :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s very common mine went away. Most of the time nothing to worry about

Yes I had one with my 3rd. I went to the er for bleeding. The doc there explained what it was and that mine in particular could go either way since it’s the placenta having difficulties attaching completely. He’s now almost 4. I took it easy until it was gone. No lifting. No sex. Etc.

I did with my now 2 month old baby girl at 16 weeks it went away on it’s on then came back started off small then cane back bigger than before but went on an had a normal pregnancy and I worked the whole time

I had it and it resolved on its own.

Well I had it with my second miscarriage and it ruptured causing the baby to detach from the placenta. Then as I was waiting for my hysterectomy (after having a third miscarriage) they found out I was pregnant again, I had another subchroinc hematoma they ruled it was a missed miscarriage but then after another ultrasound they said every thing was going better and put me on high risk. My daughter is now almost 3yrs old. I did deliver her in the truck and had to deliver the hematoma along with her and the placenta. Just take it easy and try not to stress

I had this! Currently 24 weeks and it’s gone now!

I had one with my 2nd pregnancy. It was completely gone by my 2nd trimester. I was told they are pretty common and in most cases nothing to worry about. They usually resolve on their own.

I did at 12 weeks. It seemed really scary at the time but it went away on its own. I was put on bed rest just because I was already high risk, but he’s now a feisty 16 month old.

I had one with my second. They told me to go home and wait for it to happen. It never did. I gave birth to a healthy girl. But I myself took the initiative to put myself on bed rest and that helped. Good luck

I had one and bled my whole pregnancy. I had my son at 31 weeks. He spent 31 days in the NICU. He is a happy healthy 9 year old today

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I had one with my 3rd pregnancy. Had lots of bleeding before I found out I was pregnant at 8 weeks, last spotting I had was at 12 weeks. I was never put on bed rest. My baby boy was born sleeping at 18 weeks and 5 days. We dont know for a fact that is what caused it but I would most definately limit activities and get as much rest as you can just to be safe.

My friend had one. She bled alot around 12ish weeks and it was from that. She bled about 3 more times but never as much as the first time and had a healthy baby girl! She was put on bed rest though for the last 6 weeks of pregnancy due to other complications from GD

I had this, they found it at 8 weeks and I did bleed on and off till about 12 weeks but by 16 weeks it had healed. This is my 5th… the advice I would give you is to call when you bleed. They’ll have you come in for an ultrasound but it’ll ease your mind to know all is well. Good luck mama!


Yup but they didn’t see it in my ultrasound till after I bleed like crazy thinking I was having miscarriage but baby was fine and I had a healthy baby at 31 weeks ( that wasn’t cause of the hemorrhage)

I’m currently pregnant with twin girls with it. I did bleed for awhile in the beginning. Just let your dr know when it’s a bright red. If your spotting you shouldn’t worry about it. You will have it throughout the whole pregnancy most likely. But it’s different with every one.

I had a blood clot in my uterus, not sure if it’s the same thing, but I delivered a healthy girl 19 yrs ago. I was around 7 weeks pregnant

I had a subchronic hemorrhage in the beginning of my last pregnancy…they juat checked it on every ultrasound and it eventually healed up and they couldn’t see anything…everything turned out okay!

I had one of these. Had a healthy baby girl. Mine was discovered at 8 weeks and I had it the whole pregnancy. I bled for about 2 months. Try to take it easy. I did not go on bed rest but as i was a single mom of 3 at the time and was just told mot to over do it. My daughter was born in 2015 and is now 4.5 years old!

I had it also…started at 11 weeks had heavy bleeding until 20 weeks. Bed rest and lots of ultrasounds…went full term healthy baby girl. Sending hugs…just pray and try not to think on it too much…I know it’s easier said than done…but there is nothing that can be done. Try to think happy thoughts. Sending prayers sweetie.

I had one discovered at my 6 week ultrasound. I wasn’t bleeding or anything tho. They scheduled a follow up for the following week. By then it was already starting to absorb back. Currently 32 1/2 weeks pregnant. I wasn’t on any restrictions either. Best of luck. Just remember everyone is different.

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I had this. Bled the whole time I was pregnant with contractions. Scary. But everything turned out fine Shouldn’t be lifting anything heavy or doing physical labor of any kind :heart:

I had one from 9-16 werks. Did alot of bed rest and healthy eating and water. Not much I could do but wait till it resolved or didnt. I took it easy ( not easy eith a 2 yr old at the time) light activity and trying to stay out of the stress zone was all there was . I was high risk for all 6 of my pregnancies ( 4 resulted in MC but not from a subCH). Praying for you and the little bean darling

I had this . Carried my sweet eli to 16 weeks. Drs told me everything would be fine. I did lose him And i bleed for almost 2 months strait. Prayers everything goes well for you guys.


I had one with my most recent pregnancy, bled during week 6-7, and it cleared up by 14 weeks. Healthy baby born on 5/26/2020 :blush: try to rest and keep off your feet as much as possible

I had one with my last 2 pregnancies and they were just fine! Wishing you the best!

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I had that with my second pregnancy. Just try to take it easy girl!! The bleeding can be scary at times . Just make sure you call them when you bleed and if you have cramping along with it!

I had 1 with my 3rd. Started bleeding at 7 weeks thought I was having a miscarriage but all was fine. Just gave birth to him 3 weeks ago hes healthy and happy no other issues with my pregnancy.


I had one with my first child and I was scared shitless because I was really bleeding thinking I was miscarrying and when I got to the hospital and they checked everything was good with the baby they just put me on like bed rest kinda for like a week so make sure all would be ok which it was thank god!

Yep had one. Bled at 6 weeks and that’s when I found out, the U/S confirmed. I did go on light duties until 12 weeks but I worked a very physical job. Everything else in my pregnancy was pretty normal, no issues, carried to over term and had a healthy bub.b

I did. It was at 8 weeks. Mine was small. The doc told me to just take easy and not to lift anything. I stayed home and really rested and when I went back 1 week later it was gone.

Yes I had one with my son, started bleeding at 11 weeks, was sent home because they said bleeding in pregnancy is normal I was losing a lot of blood daily… At 23 weeks at home I fainted and had a fit that’s when they found out I had a hematoma on my previous c section scars, I was on absolute strict bed rest, at 27 weeks my waters broke and had to have an emergency c section x

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I had one in the beginning of my last pregnancy. I just gave birth to him may 26th. They told me there was nothing they could do and it could resolve itself. I was terrified I was going to lose him! Thankfully it did resolve on its own. I made sure I rested when I could and abstained from sex for the time being. It was only a couple weeks after they found it that it was gone. I am so grateful and thankful for this because I now have my handsome baby boy. I wish you the best of luck and pray yours will resolve on it’s own!

I had one with my son… second pregnancy. I was put on partial bed rest till the 5th month. Mines was very close to the placenta. It resolved on its own and all was well

As you can see they are pretty common. I had then with my pregnancies and it was stressful because you are blood and think something is wrong or a miscarriage. About 1/3 of all pregnancies have bleeding.

I have two boys 13 and 9.

Try to stay calm and not to freak out. I know it is easier said than done. If you need to chat you can message me

Never had one but from the comments it sounds scary. I will pray for you and your soon to be healthy baby.

I had one bled alot. Doctor put me on bedrest around 12 weeks. Told me my son would be very small if I even went to term with him. Doctor ended up taking him 2 weeks before due date because he was a big baby. He weighed 8lbs 12 oz and the sweetest boy ever. He will be 18 in September last of my 4 kids.

unfortunately mine resulted in a miscarriage, but dont let that discourage you. I did alot of digging around with other peoples experiences and alot of people ended up having healthy full term babies. Just take it easy !

I had one. It healed on it’s own. My boy is now 4 years old. Prayers and good luck

I had one my third pregnancy until I was about 18 weeks. I bled so much I was constantly going through pads and passing clots. Very scary but they just said to take it easy, put me on pelvic rest, and it would eventually dissolve on its own.

I did with my 4th just had to take it easy I bled off & on…he’s a healthy 3 yr old now

I had one my last 2 pregnancies. Just take it easy and everything will be good!

I had one with my second baby. She is now a happy 11 year old.

From what I read, it’s fairly common. Can increase risk of miscarriage. Will limit your activity, may put you on bed rest

I had one in my 3rd pregnancy as well as This pregnancy.
Take it easy girl. Bed rest if you can. I had a huge bleed around 13 weeks and spotted for about 4 or 5 weeks following. Drink lots of fluids stay hydrated NO LIFTING . Both of mine went away on its own. Positive thoughts for you and your little one.

One with my youngest daughter and my then my son. They were perfect. I have a healthy 5 year old and a healthy almost 8 mo old. Also depending on your Rh status, you may need the rhogam shot. I am Bneg so I needed it.

I had this at 12 weeks. Then the placenta reattached to another spot and my baby was here may 27th but a week after he was born I had to have emergency surgery due to membrane left behind from the first implantation. I got real sick, temp of 102.6 cold chills sweats pain worst then cramping from after having a baby. It was crazy. But all in all just relax and do what the doctors tell you and you and the baby should make it thru. Its scary at first when you experience it for the first time and have all that bleeding but just stay positive thru it all. God does wonders.

I am almost 26 weeks now, and mine finally reabsorbed around 20 weeks. I had bled and spotted off and on for the first 14-15 weeks. Take it easy, lift no more than a gallon of milk, no sex until it’s gone. You’ll be fine, mama!

I had one with my last pregnancy, it went away by 2nd trimester and I had a healthy baby girl, I did bleed some during my 1st trimester though

Im 14 weeks pregnant and found out I had one at 10 weeks pregnant I had light bleeding and a bit of brownish colored blood off and on for about a week or so after that then about 3 weeks after that ultrasound I had another and it had already completely healed up so the blood I seen was just my body getting ride of what was there as it healed iv had no problems since

I had one with my 4th, but I never had any bleeding with it, and she’s a happy, healthy 2 month old now. :blush:

Yes I had one with both of my boys. They almost always dissolve on their own. Take it easy until you see your Dr.

Can cause first trimester miscarriage. Considered high risk. Best bet is to ask you your doc how severe your case is, because it varies from each individual

I have had 3 pregnancies, and had SH with my last 2 pregnancies. I lost one baby (due to Chromosomal issues not the SH) , and then my last pregnancy I just bled almost the entire last pregnancy but had no complications once I was put on a lift restriction and told to rest.

Just take it easy, go in for your scans and follow lift restrictions. I always bled more if I did too much.

Had it with both my last two babies there 2 and 4 best of luck take it easy

I had one with my last son. It is common usually resolves its self buy 6 months. Do not lift anything over 25 pound. But you should be just fine.

I would suggest taking it easy this week no lift heavy thing unfortunately that would mean you other child until U see the dr next week! Try to have as possible.

I had it. And it was completely fine. They saw it at 5 1/2 weeks ans by my 7 1/2 week ultrasound it was gone

I had one with my first. It was small. I had some spotting which is how it was found. It continued to happen until i was like 30 weeks. It kept getting smaller and then ultimately resolved

I had one at 13 w i was put on bed rest it just depends on how big it is i only bled for a few days and it went away on its own.

I did with my twins had a few big bleeds where i passed clots it was very small though had it from 5 weeks to about 12 weeks spotted inbetween

I had one. Large bleed early on approx 6 weeks. Scan found the heamatoma was told not to have sex but no other modifications. Took 6 months to resolve but healthy bub now 10 years old.

I had one at 9 weeks pregnant and lost the pregnancy at 17 weeks. :pensive: Could have been unrelated but the amount of blood I lost was unreal

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I had one with my first child, started bleeding around 11 weeks and went to the hospital and they did an ultrasound. They sent me home and told me to call my OBGYN. They just did scans Elmore often to keep an eye on it. It ended up going away on its own eventually. He’s almost a year old now. :heart:

I had that until it was absorbed at 16 weeks. I have a healthy boy.

I had one at 6 weeks with my second child. It was scary but dissolved on its own. I had to take it easy though

I did. I started bleeding at 7 weeks pregnant. Thank God it resolved on its own and I am blessed with a 14 month old❤️ Just try to take it easy!

Take it easy!! As long as it is not large and you are not bleeding excessively you should be fine!

Had this with my twins, bled lightly from 6 weeks till 13 weeks and it then resolved itself and had no further bleeding

I’m 24 weeks now, I had one when I was 12 weeks, they said it’s common and it usually dissolves on its own.

I had 2 miscarriages from this.

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I had one with pregnancy #3 and #4. They were close to the cervix and I would bleed ALOT…like gushing, go to the hospital bleeding, huge clots. I had several bleeding episodes from 6-16 weeks and after 16 weeks the baby put pressure on the spot and I didn’t have anymore. Pregnancy 4 the same but less episodes. Drink a lot of water and relax. I have a friend who had them too but they were high up and never bled out. Both my pregnancies were full term and are healthy babies

The only opinion you need is the doctors who are experienced professionals.

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My current pregnancy 35 weeks started with one. They usually aren’t a big deal.

Where is it located? Usually they are between the placenta and that isn’t fully formed until 10-12 weeks. I had them for 3 of my pregnancies but not until after about 12-14 weeks

Had this with my second baby at 13 weeks. I spotted here and there and she came out just fine.

I had them with all three of my pregnancies all absorbed by around 16 weeks

I had the same thing and it just went away on its own. I didn’t bleed or nothing

I had it with my last, he is healthy and 4 months old now.

I knew I had one from the beginning of my third pregnancy. They said it could clear up, or it could cause ‘spontanious abortion’. I went in weekly for scans. Everything was looking good into the second trimester. Still scanned weekly. About halfway through I went in for my regular Monday apt, everything was good, bleed had healed itself. Wed started feeling funny, thought it was a UTI. Went to doc, got meds, everything looked ok. Thursday, felt worse, went to er. Idiot doctor did a scan of my appendix (still have no idea why) and put me on bed rest. I took it easy but didn’t stay in complete bed rest. Had two other kids, wasn’t possible. Back to obgyn Fri, baby still good. Sat night started bleeding. Called doc, they said come in Monday. Went Mon… No heartbeat. Had to deliver a stillborn. It was horrific and traumatizing, and for the rest of my life I will hate myself for not staying on full bedrest because maybe just maybe it could have prevented the bleed from coming back and cutting off the oxygen supply to my daughter. So again I say, and from experience, TAKE IT EASY.

I did my second pregnancy. I spotted at 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 10 weeks.