I am afraid my boyfriend is going to leave me for a dog....advice?

I REALLY need a vent session this morning. Please no judgement on what I’m about to say. So I’ve been dating my boyfriend a few years and I found out I’m pregnant a few weeks ago. well long story short he has a dog that I cannot STAND! He’s a husky and all he does all day is whines and cries. My boyfriend leaves for work, he whines alllll over the house. Our house isn’t big to begin with. Almost howls. He has extremely bad separation anxiety (the dog) he follows him around everywhere, whines for no reason. He’s just an annoying dog. My boyfriend works allll the time, either his regular job or a side job. So I’m legit stuck with him and I hate the dog. He won’t go get proper medicine for the dog so it helps his anxiety. It’s like I’m stuck with him all day and I hate the dog. I was getting ready to move out when I found out I was pregnant because I can’t stand being here. I don’t want him to choose me over the dog obviously because he’s had him for longer. I don’t know what to do!! If I mention anything to him about his dog he gets mad.


If you have been with him and have lived with him for a few years now, the dog is your dog too. Take it to the vet and get it help. If you feel it’s “‘it’s not your responsibility”, then I’d re consider your relationship.


Spend some time with the dog. You will need to bond and make the attachment for the baby. Or it’s going to be a fight.

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Dogs are like our kids. Try loving on him. He will probably calm down.

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Huskies are high energy dogs and they are known to get bored…

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My bf can’t stand my dog most of the time lol but there’s no getting rid of your furbaby … If he’s like most dog parents, he’s not going to get rid of him. You should probably warm up to the pup and bond, he’s a part of the family you’re currently creating♥️


Show that dog some love :heart:

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You could try to bond with the dog …

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I would be making that dog my dog in this situation unless you don’t want to be there then run

Some training, love, new adjustments and all will be fine. However, I do feel you want your bf to pick you over the dog. I know you stayed different but it’s the vibe I get from the post. Plus your kid will probably make that dog really happy and the dog will probably make your kid really happy. Time and patience.


He should. He’s had this dog. This is a you problem. He does need to help the dog with the anxiety though. That’s sad


I got rid of my ex husband, his dog however chose to live with me. It was a great deal.


He’s a husky… they talk and need lots of exercise.

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I didn’t like my boyfriends dogs very much for the first year. They are smelly and hairy. But I’ve come to love them. I give them baths regularly and take them on a lot of walks.


Take walks with it. Try to bond. If it’s comfortable with you it won’t be as bad. Hire a dog Walker if you need to. He needs exercise. Read up on the breed

I just feel sad for the dog


Huskies are very high energy dogs that need to be walked a lot to let out some of that anxiety he’s bored and under stimulated. Maybe hire a dog walker


Continue with your plans to move out


Dogs are very smart… he probably senses you don’t like him… poor dog, huskies are smart animals. Try to bond with it, a dog is an investment and becomes part of the family. Its a commitment.


Try walking the dog and start making a bond with it. Then it may stop crying when he leaves. I know it sounds crazy but you both love the same man. You gotta make it work.


Might take the dog to a dog park. Or walks in the morning. Try treats that take awhile to eat. Tons of things on YouTube.

Dog daycare couple days a week.


I don’t blame him. My pet has my heart


Do you feed the dog play with it … pay it … if not… start doing it … it will then learn you are the one that is home with it and not your partner that you are the one that gives it attention … the behaviour will stop … it’s that easy

The dog definitely needs to get his energy out. He needs to be walked and played with throughout the day. Also yeah a vet and a trainer to help with separation and just general training and knowledge of how to take care of a high energy dog. This is something you have to have a serious talk with him about. Effort needs to be put in for the dogs quality of life as well as everyone else’s. And someone has to put in the work with the dog. If he really refuses any of this and you don’t want to deal with it the only other option is to leave cause things won’t change.


There are lots of herbal remedies that might be able to to help calm him down. Burning essential oils reeeeally helps but the best thing for them is a minimum 30min walk in the morning

Try doggy day care a few times a week? Or the dog park to help him get some of his energy and anxiety out…

Huskies have a lot of energy and need to be walked/ran daily. If that’s not happening the dog is going to misbehave and be annoying. Training and vet would be the best thing to do. Poor pupper is bored and lonely.


Tired dog is a happy dog. Exercise and exercise some more. Dog park? Dog walker? And maybe some meds as well.


You take him to doctor work with him so things will get easy for both of you

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If BF won’t talk about it, you only have 2 options as I see it. Either put up with the dog and try and make friends or move out.


The dog knows you hate it , try too be more friendly with it play with it


Not everyone is a dog person, you just need to try to bond with him. But it’s hard.
I personally think animals are cute, but I don’t want any


Give it.some.love take it for a walk it’s bored


Sounds like there is something missing from this story. If you have been around this dog for a few years, he should see you as family as well. Have you tried comforting the dog? Played with him? Done anything with him? Maybe you and the dog need to go to training together.

The dog will be that babies most loyal friend and biggest protector.


You’ve had enough time to not like the damn dog but you stayed. I feel sorry for the dog not you :cry:

Please, try to bond with the dog, and tell yourself another story in your head other than “I hate this dog”.
Start looking forward to becoming best friends with that dog. If you found out that you’re pregnant, then you’ll no doubt need to get out and go for a walk, just like the dog. Make it your mission that you’ll go out and about and give yourself and the dog the exercise that you BOTH deserve. The truth is, if you’ve been around this dog for a long time, and you haven’t bonded with him, I don’t know what to tell you.
I agree with a lot of the other comments I’m seeing here too.
I hope you honestly don’t expect him to get rid of the dog. This can be excellent practice to deal with a whiny creature, and hope you turn this situation around!
Be nice, kind, and loving to that dog, and watch how your world changes!


Dog needs exercise and mental stimulation. I have a GSP which are huge whiners also. With a high energy breed, an exhausted dog is a happy dog. Your boyfriend needs to work him and train him to tire him out.


Bond with the dog. Huskies are amazing and very vocal. If you would communicate with him while your alone with him I bet the whining would stop eventually. Cbd gummies as well might help

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Try bonding with the dog. Huskies are actually great dogs once you bond with them. They’re great with babies/children.


If you can’t at least make an attempt to like his dog I hope he chooses the dog.

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Sounds legit, poor dog deserves better then being stuck with you… I suggest you move out immediately and let him and his dog be happy together.


Try bonding with the dog. If the dog learns to love you he won’t be crying for your boyfriend.


Instead of being so hateful towards the dog, try to bond with him. Huskies are great dogs. My husband has a German Shepherd that just loves him. I’m the substitute human for sure but our shepherd knows he can hang out with the kids or sit next to me to get love. Our shepherd will whine when my husband first leaves but then comes and sits with me. I think you should try to be kind to the dog and bond with him. He knows you hate him so he complains about being left just like you are… huskies are vocal.


Have you tried to pet, play with the dog? Let him outside to release some energy? Try bonding with the dog. Dog’s have a pretty good judge of Character. !


Huskies are a talkative breed. They are gonna make a lot of noise especially if they are upset. If you don’t bond with him he’s never going to stop. It’s pretty easy to get along with a dog. Treats treats and more treats and the dog won’t mind so much when your boyfriend isn’t home as long as the treat lady is there.


Either take on the role of Mom to the Husky…. treat him nice. Take him for walks or to dog park. Feed him and give him treats. Maybe even have a dog trainer come to the house for a few visits. Take him to vet.Huskies are big babies! OR leave.


Yup he should leave you for his dog. The dog probably doesn’t like you either and doesn’t want to stay with you


Id Choose the dog too. You’ve had 3 years to bond with the dog, learn how to care for it, knowing how important the dog is to your bf and it sounds like you have given no effort because it’s just “annoying”. Leave.


You need to leave if you feel like that about your boyfriend- and the dog!


My hubby had a 90lb dog before we met…when we were dating and he had to leave town, I would take care of his dog, along with his cleaning and laundry. We are going on 8 yrs, we have a 6 yr old, and his big puppy is still our biggest baby! :green_heart::green_heart::+1::green_heart::green_heart: along with his saltwater fishtank, my 3 cats, my tortoise and our newest addition, a blue macaw!!! Lol


Move out then it obviously picks up the hatred

You guys have a very active dog breed, a HUSKY cooped up in a house all day… no wonder it’s going nuts. Shame on you both. I’d leave you if I was him too. Such ick vibes chicky.:nauseated_face: If you have such little compassion over an innocent animal, I pitty your poor baby on the way. :disappointed: smarten up.

Can you take it to the vet to get meds?

As I have an opposite situation and I’ve had my dog 12 years, my partner does not care for my dog. Dog was here first. So if you don’t like it leave and move on. It would be selfish of you to make him choose considering you knew he had the dog when you got with him & made your choice then.


Learn to deal with it. That’s his Dog. Be nice to the dog try showing it some love and attention. Make it feel comfortable and safe. It senses you don’t like it and it’s probably causing loads of anxiety.


This is a joke write i don’t hate any animals but at end day. Third animals not human. If he leaves you over a dog you had nothing to start with sorry. It work or it doesn’t . My girlfriend dog bites her and her son the dog loves me two but will not bite me?? Hope for the best.

Take the dog to the vet, maybe he needs to be medicated for such anxiety- you moved in with him knowing he had this dog and wasn’t willing to part with it

You’ve made your bed sister. Learn to live with it and have a better attitude because I doubt he’ll regime the dog- find a way to find joy


Huskies need activity. I bet it’s not even like a hard case of separation anxiety that needs meds…he just needs a walk and a game of fetch. Literally anything to do makes them so so happy.


You realize that baby is going to do the same thing right? Of you can’t handle a dog fear when that baby gets here

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Take the poor dog for a walk and maybe just show the dog some love…he just wants some attention…if you think for one second the dog can’t sense you don’t like it your mistaken he’s lonely and needs some love…get over yourself …sorry not sorry


I had to reread that first sentence 3 times


If you have spoken to him about it and nothing has been done you may have to take matters in your own hands and get a trainer for the dog. It will help you bond with him better as well. My bonus son got a German Shepherd, thee most annoying dog ever, hair all over the place, constantly under foot etc etc. He no longer brings him over, thank goodness, but we do watch him when he goes out of town which is enough for me. If you want your relationship to work I suggest you make the dog your dog as well or cut your loses now.
Try to ignore the rude comments, some people weren’t raised right.

Walk the dog,it will be good for you during labor and the dog will get some energy out,and you may bond with the dog.Never hurts to try

Have you looked into dog training?


It’s very difficult for him to give up his dog. This should have been discussed long before now. I am sorry u are both in this situation. You have been with him a couple of years. You have stayed. Try to make friends with the dog.

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Why don’t you take the dog on a walk…

If you’re willing to work with the dog, Huskies are very smart and loyal to their person. He needs something to keep his mind busy and preoccupied while alone. Try Kongs frozen with wet food,or peanut butter. Hide treats throughout the house. Or place the treats in different size boxes along with paper to make him work a little harder to get the treats, you could also have your BF sleep with a shirt or blanket and then while he’s gone put the clothing in with the dog. If none of that works I would try the vet…


Try some CBD dog biscuits.

If you’ve been with him a few years already and haven’t done anything to bond with the dog, and now are pregnant and want him to choose, you should probably just see yourself out.


You can get over the counter anxiety meds at pet stores or Walmart. Taking him out for walks will help the anxiety. Huskies are notorious for separation anxiety but exercise can help settle them down.


Buy the dog cbd dog treats for anxiety, petco has them♥️

I hope you don’t expect him to get rid of the dog for you… I wouldn’t :heart:

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Nawh the dog don’t trust you is all ice had dog all my life and you cause the anxiety hun animals and kids alike feed off the emotions we let out :woozy_face: I feel more for the dog in this instant

I think the dog deserves better then both of you. The dog feels your hate toward him/her, and a dog like that should have more room to run around and be walked. He/she needs owners that are going to be able to be with him/her and give all the love in the world.


I was with someone that hated my dog. I chose the dog.


Take the dog to the park. Huskys hate being alone. I’d whine to if I had to stay indoors all day.

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I am not a dog person but I would try to bond with the the dog. If the dog bothers you that much and you don’t want to bond move on.

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He’s probably not getting enough attention or exercise… doggy daycare ?


Huskies are great dogs and very smart! Poor baby can sense you don’t like it. And if I were him I’d pick the dog over you too!

Oh my god, IT’S A HUSKY, THAT’S HOW THEY ARE. huskies need a lot of exercise, so instead of sitting around complaining, do something about it. The dog is telling you he’s bored and needs to exercise. If you can’t do that, hire a dog walker. You boyfriend really should have done more research on the breed. Also, dogs pick up on energy, so he can tell you don’t like him so of course he’s not going to be happy with tou alone unless you start bonding with the poor dog.


I have a half husky and he gets whiny when he needs some fresh air, a simple hour walk will change the dogs mood, they are also very smart and affectionate animals, if you gave it love and attention it wouldn’t be as whiny
I also have four children, and I can tell you that dog whining is nothing compared to what you’ll hear when your kid is here.

  1. If he doesn’t get the proper exercise then yes he’s going to make noise, they are a working breed.
  2. Why is this just now an issue because you’re pregnant?
  3. Try engaging the dog with exercise and see if a bond forms.
  4. That dog will love cherish and protect your baby at all cost.

My opinion coming from a previous husky owner and having a 1 yr old kiddo at the same time.

EXERCISE is key!

Best of luck.


Doggy Day care would probably be best for everyone. Even if only a few days a week. Huskies have a lot of energy.

Okay, so be calm.

Huskies are a neurotic mess unless they have a lot of exercise and playtime.
They are NOT a dog that does well sitting around doing nothing. Maybe find a dog park or somewhere where he can get his energy out.

Huskies are also just…talkative lol

Huskys are very smart dogs. Some have a way of communicating that sounds like they are talking to you. Encourage that, take her for a walk and talk to her. Find out what she eats and fix her meals for her cuddle with the dog and watch a movie together, they are very loyal dogs.

asking someone to give up a dog is “BIG” I would not give up either of my dogs for any man I have ever met. I’m definately a Love me love my dag person

If your going to have this baby and make a life better plan on doing it without him cause he can’t be responsible for a dog he certainly won’t be responsible for a child

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If you try to bond with him and spend time with him he would more then likely quit whinning all the time. Dogs can sense when ppl don’t like them especially huskies. I have owned several and they are very loyal dogs. You also don’t have to get prescription medicine there’s other things you can do and get to help with anxiety.


Have you ever tried maybe just bonding with the dog? After a few years???
You’re gunna have a dudes child… but not consider his LIFE before you found out about the LIFE you let him make inside you?

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The dog is bored and it feels you hate him. If had to chose between a boyfriend and my dog I’m always picking my dog.

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U chose this life with the dog. As u stated he’s had the dog longer. If they dog needs something while he isn’t there to provide it you accepted that responsibility when u moved in. Exercise/train the dog in ur own time (since u clearly have more time than he does). If you are not willing to do that then yes u should just consider a separation. Also discussing CBD meds etc would probably help but u have to be on the same page about it. Express to him in a healthy way his dogs behavior as it stands gives u anxiety n stresses u out and ask him to help u come up with a solution for it :person_shrugging:

Try looking into a trainer. He’s a husky. Not a low maintenance breed lol but with the right upbringing can be an amazing pet. He had the dog when you got together. He’s not going to get rid of his dog. It would help if he met you halfway on trying to do something to ease the stress of it all but don’t expect him to choose between the two of you.


Walk that dog twice a day. It’s good for you to walk, it’ll make the pregnancy and birth much easier, and you’ll train the dog.
He whines bc he needs to be walked and ran. Huskys need to be ran. And loved.

So he had the dog before he was with you and you guys have been together years and you can’t accept his dog? Put any work into training the dog? Treat the dog as a family member??? Sounds like the dog senses your hate and gets anxiety… my ex’s dog had anxiety when I had anxiety lol … just really seems unfair I wouldn’t blame him for leaving…


Start making a connection with the dog and do things with the dog instead of sitting in the house all day. If I was the bf I’d choose my dog for sure.

Sounds like you should leave… Animals are also our kids so clearly you haven’t done a thing to even try to bond with the dog for it to take to you. My sister has 5 & one has bad separation anxiety but my sister finds ways to help her with it… You sound jealous over a dog which isnt where you should be after years.

Huskies are very vocal and they also need alot of exercise.
Dogs also pick up on emotions and you hate the dog(which is ridiculous).

You knew he had a dog when you started dating,you have lived with the dog for a few years, a dog should of bonded by now which means you have nothing to do with the dog.

Did he have the dog before you came along?? If it was me and I had the dog first , I’d keep the dog


Excuse me ?!??!?!? I will chose the dog over a person like you that dogs was there first that’s his best friend why dont you leave if you hate him so much? Does your boyfriend knows that? No right if he finds out girl your out try yo spend time with him play with him do something if not then leave !


Huskies are very loud and verbal. That’s just how they are


Try bonding and excerise for the dog. They have lots of energy. The dog can feel that you dont like which could make his anxiety worse. Give him a chance