I am insecure about my appearance: Advice?

Why am I so insecure about my age and body? First, I need to say this. My husband is amazing! He loves me for me; he tells me I am beautiful every day, tells me to stop being so hard on myself. I just don’t know-how. I’m in my early 40s; I was severely overweight. I quit smoking, my blood pressure meds have decreased, and hubby and I have lost a combined total of over 250 pounds, and we’re still going. I can now wear a shirt that doesn’t have a number before the XL; I am almost in size 14 pants; it’s been about 20 years since I’ve been this “small.” I am proud of us, but… I feel like I should just stay fat. I have crepe skin on my neck, my face is saggy, I have pancakes for boobs, and now, at work, older women are commenting on my older age, and they specifically call out my manager when they do this like I needed a set of younger eyes to double-check. My manager is actually a few months older than me. I’m not offended by that, but more offended that these women, who are obviously 20-30 years older than both of us, feel the need to make a snarky comment about my age. I don’t feel like I look like I’m older than my early 40s! I just dyed my grays away after not dying my hair for years; I feel like I need to start saving for liposuction, a boob job, and a facelift. My amazing husband loves me how I am. Why am I like this?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am insecure about my appearance: Advice? - Mamas Uncut

It’s called body dysmorphia. It happens when you were bigger and then lost weight. My doctor diagnosed me with it about 2 years ago, after I had bariatric surgery and dropped 125lbs. I still saw myself as “fat”, no matter what. My arms and thighs sag and jiggle, I have a muffin top, not from fat, but from loose skin. My boobs look like water balloons glued to my chest. I’ve started noticing more lines and wrinkles and greys. I’m still not sure how to treat it because some days I see me and smile and some days I still see that fat girl. It really messes with your head. The best advice I can give you is listen to your husband. That’s what I do. He loves me for me, and he loves every inch of me. He shows me that daily, so I trust him when he tells me I’m beautiful.


Some people will always say things to make themselves feel better. They are prob jealous because you have things going for you and they are miserable clucking hens. Just throw up your middle finger and keep doing what you’re doing! Congratulations on your achievements!


It’s a woman’s prerogative to be down on herself, sad but true ! I do the same and my husband treats me like I’m still size 5 like the day we got married. Seems your lucky in the husband dept as well

Honey those women are probably so much more insecure. That’s why they have to try and tear others down. Just listen to your husbands words and try to see yourself thru his eyes. Congratulations on your progress!! :heart::heart:


Congrats to both of you. People are just mean and rude.


If your coworkers are making comments like that, go to HR.
Secondly, losing weight and being proud of yourself for accomplishing that difficult task, is probably more painful and harder to do than losing the weight itself.
I lost 90 pounds since having my daughter and no matter what size I shrank into, I felt more and more disgusted with myself because of my skin. I understand the thinking you would be better off just being bigger again.
It hurts, it sucks and can really bring you into a bad place mentally. I am so sorry you are going through this and feeling this.
You came a long way and proven you are dedicated and strong willed. Remind yourself that you have an amazing man, ask him for reassurance when you’re in the moment, having those thoughts. His reassurance can help you train your brain into thinking a little different.

Derma rollers, are great for restoring your skin. I notice a big difference when I am consistently using mine. I have a shorter one for my face, neck and chest. Then a longer one for legs and stomach.
You are worthy of this amazing new lifestyle. Do NOT let anyone, friends, family or coworkers, make you feel like you are a disappointment. They’re jealous you did something that they can’t or are too lazy to do.


Im sure you look beautiful. Some women are just bitches smh. But ive heard coffee ground and,honey and something else I cant exactaly remember,helps tighten skin maybe some skin care would make yoj feel a little better but i doubt you need it. Like i said some women are just bitches im sorry thats happening :heart:

I pick myself apart too. I drive myself insane and my husband because he thinks I’m perfect. I think we all do it at times. Self love is the hardest part of motherhood.


Feeling beautiful and feeling healthy are two different things. You need to separate that in your mind first and ignore these rude horrible humans. You want to be healthy and live a long life with your wonderful husband. Nothing else matters


Sounds as if the other ladies have an inferiority complex. People who are insecure about themselves. They talk about others to make themselves feel better about themselves…
Congratulations on the weight loss… that is amazing. Listen to your man,bc he’s the one who matters the most and you know that he loves you and that he’s proud of you…shrug those women off and keep on being you.


Losing weight is about your health not about what other people think of you. I’ve lost 95 pounds this year so far so this is coming from a person who understands.


I just had sleeve last October and I was looking older. I got filers and my lips done and I’m gonna do an MMO I’m 36 and I’m extremely self conscious and honestly I’ve always been vain so I’m gonna do it because I want to be sexy at 40. Do what makes u feel good

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Some people are assholes. You and your husband accomplished an amazing goal! Keep doing that together! As for work, I would definitely bring it to HR. That’s just unacceptable beyond all means. Women and myself included pick our selves apart everyday. You’re not alone. :heart:

Just keep at it! You are doing grear!

This is my take on life here on out; When I am on my death bed, I will probably regret worrying so much about my physical appearance to the point where I made my whole life miserable, where I spent countless amounts of money to fix myself when I could use that to go on a vacation or buy a new car, something that will be a happy memory I can take into eternity with me. They say when you die you go back to the best form of yourself in the afterlife.

Im 40 almost 41. Run circles around these younger girls at work. They all believe I’m in my 20s. I lost 50lbs a couple yrs ago. And sag in some places myself. I dont cover my grey. I have the color of hair people pay for. And mine is all natural. It took me some time to get over the saggy skin and no ass. But just like your hubby mine loves me too. And he is all that counts. And for the coworkers… Just remind them that one day they will be your age also. And a lot can change and happen to their bodies.

Girl, I am in shape and these adult bullies attack me, claiming that the only reason that I am not obese after 5 kids is crack. Even though I look younger than the 25 year old’s who talk shit as a 38 year old. They only say it to make themselves feel better in the moment, but when they reach my age, and look 65 because they wear too much makeup, they get to feel their own karma. Right now, I love introducing my oldest (17) when they introduce theirs(3). We look the same age. Who looks like a crackhead, the one who looks 30 with a 17 year old, or the one who looks 40 with a 3 year old.

Get some therapy/counseling to deal with the new you. Getting used to your new body is a real thing. Exercise as much as possible to get the underlying muscles to support parts of you that sag, and yes, save for skin surgery and a boob lift. With all the boomers looking to spruce up, maybe the cost of this type of surgery will get more affordable, but don’t count on that. Also, if you can prove some of this causes you pain, affects your posture, or is otherwise not cosmetic, insurance might pay for some of it.

Congratulate yourself on all the health benefits of your weight loss: less pressure on joints hence less pain, damage, and arthritis; less chance of diabetes, reduced stress on your heart (heart disease is the leading killer of women).

It’s hard to fathom but when someone complains about you it’s really all about them and you are just a handy target. If people are saying nasty things at work, document them and take it to HR. Ignore these harpies as much as possible (very difficult, I know).

Revel in your non-work roles of wife, fitness buff, (daughter, mother, aunt, gardener?), homemaker, practitioner of whatever hobbies you have, organizer of ____, knowledgeable person on (subject—I’d guess you know a lot about nutrition, for one).

Congratulations to you both on your awesome weight loss, and here’s to living a longer, better life.


WTF is wrong the HR at your work?? That is BS!!

Congratulations on your hard work!!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am insecure about my appearance: Advice? - Mamas Uncut

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am insecure about my appearance: Advice? - Mamas Uncut

Maybe these women at your work are just jealous. You have obviously made some huge changes in your life and sometimes people around that can’t handle it. It makes them feel like they should make changes about their lives but instead of doing that they make you feel bad about yourself. I worry about skin and everything you were talking about but I have to tell myself that it’s about being healthy and living longer for those who love me.
Also when I was in college I went to a counselor to help me have more self love. One of the most important assignments was every day waking up and say 5 things you are grateful for about yourself. It can be something about your personality or physical. It can be talents you have or even the simple abilities we can take for granted like waking up and being able to walk or talk or breathe fresh air. Some days are harder than others and sometimes you need to say it multiple times a day to remember all the great things about you. It really helped me and being able to focus sometimes on the small details even if I don’t like the whole picture at the moment. Good luck and hope you keep moving forward and see yourself in a better and more radiant light.


Don’t let yourself or anyone put you down. Others may just be jealousies that you are taking care of yourself
Ignore them
I am 89 years old and overweight and my beautiful red hair has turned white .
Yes there are people who pass me and give me those dirty looks but their opinion means nothing to me. You and your husband have accomplishes a lot
Enjoy your life


What right do these women have to make comments about your age? Did they create or birth you? Are they god? You’re beautiful the way you are. Anyone else who’s not comfortable with that can yeet themselves over the office’s topmost floor. You’re an amazing woman.

Get some post it’s and put affirmations where youare likely to see them. Look in the mirror and compliment one thing about yourself. Mommy makeover may give you some confidence as well although a bit expensive. If you
have good credit, CareCredit is good option.


I think most people are hard on themselves. Myself included. The one thing I always try to remember is how much my body does for me. :heart: I’ve carried 2 children. I can stand and walk whenever I choose to. I have no chronic illnesses or incurable disease. I am a health care provider and see sick people every day. I’m constantly reminded of what a wonderful body I have, regardless of the size and shape :heart:


I literally could have written this. Everything from the supportive husband to the weight loss. I do like looking thinner but yea the body doesnt snap back like it did when we were young. Im almost 39. Im trying to embrace it all. I worked in a nursing home and everyone’s body goes downhill, no matter how young and thin someone is now. Thats the way I look at it.

Google “panthom fat disorder” or body dysmorphia. Very common after big weight loss.


They are bullying you. Put your foot down and don’t shy away or they will likely continue because your allowing because you feel inadequate. I’m sure your beautiful hun. Our body is but a fleeting vessel.


Well…I think it’s the age. I’m 43 and recently have felt the “oldness” creeping in. My younger friends make digs and when I look in the mirror sometimes I dont recognize the girl I see. Its definitely a hard transition getting old. Do something for yourself. Aging is a part of life but noone talks about the process of it and how we feel.


I feel the same way about my age, I have a hard time with it right now, I’m 42 and just had a baby to boot. At least yours tells you your beautiful, mine does not, I can’t remember the last time he even said I look nice.

I will also never understand why other women can’t empower other women!


They make comments to make themselves feel better
It’s not ur looks it’s their character


You’re doing amazing! Screw what anyone thinks! You’ve come too far just to revert back to old habits. Do you girl! Do what makes YOU happy!:heart:

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Self-love is a choice, maybe find a therapist that you can talk to about how you feel. I’m 44, but I choose to do Botox and filler on my face to reduce the lines and wrinkles, and I recently had a tummy tuck and liposuction. My husband has always said I’m beautiful, but I do these things for me, not anyone else.

Are they being sincere or joking with you. Either way tell them you don’t appreciate their comments. Women should be lifting other women up on bringing them down. Be proud of yourself dear! You sound like you accomplished a lot. Not many people have the will power to be able to lose that much weight! 40 is definitely not “old”. You still have a lot of life back. Don’t let negative people bring you down.


I definitely struggle with being plus size despite my man loving me as I am. It helps to constantly remind myself that others opinions don’t matter. They don’t feed you, pay your bills, nor are they relevant in the slightest. Don’t let someone else’s opinions affect your journey, because it’s just that. YOURS. They make some skin tightening creams after weight loss that may help, but hey if you think saving for a skin tuck would build your confidence then go for it! Make yourself happy :blush: screw them.

You should be offended that they are commenting you and putting you down and protect yourself!

Try reading into empowering and self love poetry :heart: Amazon is the best to browse. It’s normal, self love needs learned, practiced and takes time

Others options of you is none of your business. That being said it sounds like they are just bitter.

Congratulations on the weight loss!!! That is so awesome and is you taking control of your life and health. We are our own worst critics. You mentioned so many positives that you and your husband have together. Take a step back and enjoy your success. Maybe get a group online of those who recently lost weight to, it’s not just physical but physiological too. Congratulations

Because we are our own worst critics. I understand how you feel though. I lost a ton of weight and have the pancake boob, tortilla ass thing going on plus the lovely wings on the bottom side of my arms. The only things that will change your outlook on yourself is either a) acceptance which is hard but possible or b) continue to save for toning/tightening/cosmetic procedures. Personally, I think you should congratulate yourself for a job well done and work on being more accepting of your new self!

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Oh girl listen our forties are amazing and our 40yo bodies are beautiful.
I understand 100% what you are feeling. I was 230lb (im 5’1) i was a size 18.
And I lost 80lb and I was so insecure about my body…i had just become comfortable at 230 and knowing that I am amazing no matter what my size was.
Im now 200lb and a size 14 again.
Embrace your struggles And triumphs
And who you are. Youll slowly start to become less self conscious about yourself.
You gotta learn to love yourself your body all of it in order to be comfortable in it.


This is exactly my life right now. I just went from a size 22/24 to a 14 in 3 months.
I’ve battled weight and going up and down most my life. I have an amazing hubs like you that’s never cared about my weight.
Here’s the thing… even though you have lost a lot… mentally your mind is still the mind from when you was bigger, you still see things like you are still that person. The insecurities are still there from who you was. The Weight loss and getting use to it, isn’t the hard part, the mental part is. Getting use to who you are now and how you look now… is hard. What we see is… the extra skin, the still looking fat, how it’s aged us… we don’t see how far we come, what we accomplished, our mind set only sees the things that make us insecure.
People are going to judge, people are going to say things … let them. What matters is getting to where you change how you see yourself now, being proud of how far you have come. Im trying to accomplish that. I look in the mirror and want to cry because I see the aging , and the a I’m still fat… because of the extra skin, my mindset won’t let me see how good I’m doing , the clothes I can now buy and fit in, and a lot has to do because I worry more about stupid people and what they might say.

YOu are doing great!! those women are jealous of you! . Keep going, it will all work ouit in the end, stop listening, You need to get used to the new you, there is alot that goes into losing weight and this one thing is the hardest part of all. Learn to love the new you everyday. I am sure you Look amazing!

Confidence really does come from within, however I discovered spray tans, a little make up and doing our hair, really does help bring out our natural beauty! Losing weight, also comes with a mental challenge to see ourselves differently….
I find getting dolled up every now and again, helps to be happy with myself! And maybe you and your sweet hubby, could go on date!
Day by day💜

Majority can be covered by your insurance for surgical procedures. I would look into that as just an option out there for you. I’ve had breast augmentation and I don’t ever want to not have them again. But that’s just me. You have options on everything. Just do whatever makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. :sparkling_heart:

I am the same, it’s hard when you start getting older, well it’s hard for me anyway because I look so different when I look in the mirror and I hate it, I hate the saggy skin especially, I use to be a lot bigger as well

Fuck what anyone else thinks.

If you YOU want to change things though, I highly suggest fasting. Fast for autography, it tightens the skin.
Read the obesity code, join the FB group… These are super helpful for those losing massive amounts of weight.

Congrats on the huge goal, be proud of it and do what makes you feel best.

Be happy honey that your husband actually shows you attention and love

I’ve lost quite a bit of weight, too, and skin doesn’t bounce back like it used to! Don’t stop, though! You are going to feel so much better, and you can do some research about insurance possibly covering some cost of skin surgery! I do think that losing weight after a certain age does make you look a little older, I see this in myself, as well, but, I’m still happier with my jiggly bits than I was being so overweight!

Sounds like a toxic work environment. Good on you both for losing the weight.I also lost a lot and am having a body lift for myself in 5 months. If you really want to feel better for yourself seek out a good plastic surgeon or even some things can be done with injectable fillers these days . No one needs to know and if it makes you feel better within yourself, why not.Kneck skin dose tak a bit to snap.back though. At the start mine was terrible now not so bad. Mines more my tummy legs and arms. Your hubby sounds great and supportive, good on him xo

Concentrate on yourself and those you care about. The other people are nothing. From the sound of it you have made a massive achievement and they’re probably jealous and can see how much potential you have. They’re probably intimidated by you. Honestly, jealous people really can be really nasty… Keep going and keep doing you .

You just need to adjust to the new you. Now that you’ve lost weight, I think you might be feeling “exposed”. Engrave the new you, you worked hard for this!! Your husband is Amazing! He believes that you are Amazing. YOU BOTH ARE, ACCEPT IT AND CELEBRATE!!

The fact that your doing this and health is improving that’s an amazing win for you . The fact that your doing this for yourself is an amazing win. The fact you haven’t given up is an amazing win. The fact you’ve changed to make healthy options from what ever lifestyle you had is an amazing win.
Your doing something most people can’t stick to that’s An amazing win. Feel proud of your body it has given you children and this life that’s an amazing blessing. The other woman are just rude and jealous :unamused: I’m not going to tell you to love yourself but be comfortable with yourself your body is changing again it’s uncomfortable because it’s different . Don’t give up. If you feel you need a face lift and libo do it because you want to not because you feel obligated to . Look at yourself and say this body is amazing I’m amazing too. I’m 27 and weightloss is something I’ve struggled with my entire life due to pcos . I have yet to stop smoking but I keep failing but I try . Changes are hard and your doing and done it .

First thing first :bangbang:

I’m so proud of you for losing all that weight!! Second…ur perfect the way you are… learn to love the skin you’re in then it be easier to love yourself… I’m trying to do that now… I think you got some haters!! You should own that hard work mama!! You did that all by urself!! Give the credit where it needs to be… only do what makes you feel comfortable!! If you dont like it change it… blessings… u got this

U r beautiful, u r strong, u got to tell yourself this everyday and believe it. People can be so mean. I’m sorry the other women say rude things to u. U have to do what u can to just let it go. It’s hard to lose weight and u r obviously doing a great job. I wish I the best of luck and send u many positive vibes :yellow_heart:

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That’s extra skin
Embrace the weight loss!

Start pole dancing. :purple_heart::orange_heart::blue_heart:

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ALOT of woman feel like this after dropping weight really fast, if it bothers you they do have mommy make overs, I know of several woman who have done this and never look back. Depending on how my body bounces back after this child I may look into it. Do what makes you happy inside and out love.

Girl love your best life . You have come so far . You are welcome to keep on working out and doing things that make you feel better thought but the less pressure you have the happier you will be. Go for a killer walk, but you eat that cookie :cookie: do something that makes you happy . Those people making rude comments are insecure. Don’t let them bring you down.

Keep an eye on the surgery sisters :eyes: they may have some reasources/help

We are all our own worst critic

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am insecure about my appearance: Advice? - Mamas Uncut

Try to find something you love doing and invest yourself into it wholeheartedly. In your daily beauty routine do everything you can to look your best and then forget about yourself. You are in bondage to a self image that brings you down. Stop looking in the mirror and turn your gaze outward.

My favorite phrase of all time (I love it so much I got it tattooed on my bicep) is “be your own kind of beautiful”. I feel that every person is beautiful in their own way. What makes someone “ugly” is the way they treat other people. Sounds to me like those “women” are my definition of ugly. If you have a personal issue with the way you look, then try to fix it. Do whatever it takes to make you look in the mirror and say “wow, look at that woman!” But please, do not do so because of what ugly people say. Be your own kind of beautiful, and remember that your husband loves you AND thinks you’re beautiful. Try and see what he does. Because, honey, you are beautiful. It’s time for you to find it. ML&R :heart::heart::heart:

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Bc you’re too focused on what others think. A swift throat punch for those little girls and go about your day. You did better for yourself and your husband sounds great embrace it

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People will always and I mean always have something to say about something :roll_eyes: but the love for yourself has to start with you! Good luck and congratulations!

Let me start by congratulating you on your weight lose that’s amazing :wink:
We grew up in a time when being overweight was a bad thing a defect.

But you’ve lost this weight but everything is loose which means you lost it fairly quickly
Google foods for belly fat and sagging skin.

Google skin firming lotions Nivea and fat girl slim are great and affordable.
Some spas do what’s called body wraps it slims you down.

I use shapewear for hiking and walking helps compress and flatten Flexees is great and you can wear your own bra.
Massages and dry brushing help

Buy some sugar in the raw
Look up essential oils for skin tightening mix with a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil even grape seed

I went from 130 to 225 with my pregnancy I’m losing it slowly
Takes patience

Pilates and yoga are great for toning you can stream video at no coast on prime video
And take walks somewhere you enjoy.

Avoid HOT showers it makes the skin sag tolerate a cool shower

But you have to be happy with yourself and remember there may be people putting you down but they’re are many who wish the could be your size!

You’ve got this and it’s sounds like you have a great man so don’t stress
You don’t need anymore cortisol released or you will gain it back!

Hope this helps!

Well for starters don’t listen to them . If your husband says he loves you and says your beautiful that is all that matters. I am currently dieting and working out and it’s hard lol. I was always 165 or lower and then I had a second another surgery and I am in remission from crohn’s disease.i have gained some weight and people look at me and say i look so good but then i am my worst critic. I hate the way i look my hubby doesn’t say i look beautiful but I know he loves me. Thos girls one day won’t be the same as they are now cause karma is a bitch and it will bite them in the ass. Just keep doing what your doing and things will fall into place . I so wish I could fit into a 14 size pants 1​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

I know this might sound stupid but try to remember our insecurities are usually our own and many people do not notice them like we do. Also, everybody’s got haters, you keep doing you and do what makes you feel happy and better about yourself. Inside and out, screw everyone else. You’re beautiful :heart_eyes:

I’ve embraced old age… My ex husband was very critical. He always put me down for being"fat". When we divorced I was 115 pounds. Later he said to me you were fat. He was a idiot :roll_eyes:. I was about 35 years old at the time. I’m 59 now and am over weight. But I’m so much more happier than ever. Yes I see the wrinkles and shaggy boobs. But I laugh and tell myself " look how happy and peaceful you are". Don’t listen to haters. They are not worth your soul.


do you know how lucky you are, You stopped smoking, you lost wt & you have a man who truly loves you, Not too many men will tell a woman how beautiful they are & tells them this everyday, See a therapist, Because again it sounds like you are one lucky woman with a truly amazing man. Oh & I would love to be in my 40’s again, Enjoy your life & live it well


You need to establish that zero fucks are given attitude in life. If you wanna do the surgeries, do it! I’d not don’t care what others think of you.

Babe love yourself look at all you accomplished. Rock the 40’s body you have worked so hard for. Self love is the best love

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Hit them back with snarky comments. That’s rude af and I would say something to them next time they make a comment.

I’ve lost 90 pounds pretty quick, things aren’t where they were when I was bigger. :woman_shrugging: But my boyfriend tells me I’m beautiful and he loves my body and that’s really all I need. Be proud

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They are being catty. Jealous of who you are and how you are. Don’t let some insignificant nat make you feel bad. Keep loving urself, ur husband and keep steady on ur weight loss journey. I’ve learned in my lifetime, the ruder the woman, the more jealous she is. Throw a little “cat” back at them. Next time they double check your work, in front of the supervisor say, thank you, I knew I was right but these girls didn’t catch on. Thank u for showing them I know what I’m doing! Good luck. Keep doing you. :heart::pray:

We are our own worst critics. You are beautiful just the way you are

People can be so mean and unfortunately it’s women who make others feel bad ….embrace your body and all your flaws I know it’s hard but you have created life and have gone on an amazing journey to loose weight you should be proud of yourself… straighten that crown and be the queen your husband and others see you as xx

You’re ‘like this’ because you listen to what others say about you. Don’t listen to a damn thing anyone says unless they mean something to you. Bc that’s all that matters. Those women are (I assume) nothing but coworkers so whatever they have to say doesn’t matter :woman_shrugging:t3: I learned a long time ago not to care what anyone thinks of me. Regardless of what it is and I promise life is so much better when you let all the negative just run off your back. If YOU are happy in your own skin, show that shit off and let them see you’re happy and proud and show em you don’t care about their rude comments. Rise above and come out on top :innocent:

What You Have Is Low Self Esteem Due To Mean Spirited Older Ladies

Honestly, it sounds like you need to mention something to the HR. department bc those women should not be making snarky comments like that. Then I would also look into some therapy for yourself, it will help a ton. Congrats on taking your physical health seriously and doing what you need to do to be physical healthier. Now don’t forget your mental health.

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Every woman is beautifully perfect in their own way :relaxed: Love yourself

At least your husband comments you are beautiful and you lost so much weight. Some times after weight loss yr skin sags, so don’t worry abt other people. My husband never tells me I am beautiful. That’s life

Honey, you are a warrior! Do you know what an amazing accomplishment it is to have the strength and determination to drop all that weight and improve your health?! That’s amazing!! Now, give your body some time to catch up…your skin will take time to get used to your changing body and it may not get exactly where you want it to be, but it will improve. And if you’re still not happy at that point then look into non-surgical skin tightening procedures that can be much more affordable and effective. It sounds like you have an amazingly supportive husband, and that alone is a head start on your journey. Be patient, it takes time. We are the hardest critics on ourselves, especially our looks and how we appear to other people. And you have no idea how you appear to others because you have never seen yourself through their eyes. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL :heart::crown::sparkling_heart::hugs:

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Because you are suffering from body dysmorphia. We are our own worst critics. Also, the people who judge you based on looks are usually just jealous.

People aren’t happy when they know YOU are happy. Just smile and nod at them. They hate it when you laugh WITH them at their own dumb comments and jokes. Your husband loves you so much and wants to reinforce that. You are beautiful and wonderful! Make sure you tell yourself that! Straighten your crown and keep steppin’! :kissing_heart::orange_heart:

they are renting space in your head. kick them out. if you hear them say anything… tell them… im sorry you feel like you to down me for becoming healthy.

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I’d check those females at work.

Keep doing what you’re doing health-wise cause you’re doing good with the weight loss.

I’ve never been one for plastic surgery, but it’s your life. Do that which makes you happy. I’d probably buy a more supportive bra and would just up my skin care game tho.

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After I had lost over 150 lbs the loose skin drove me nuts. It felt like a huge joke to have busted my butt to lose so much weight and end up with all of the loose skin. My advice? RUN :running_woman: It’ll tighten it up over time. Join a running club.

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I’m sorry you have to deal with those mean people. It actually sounds like something they should get in trouble for. Love your body…you only have one and you are doing great. Ignore the haters.

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Google “fasting for autophagy” It helps loose skin and so much more.

Youre doing amazing!you may be premenopausal(tons of hormones running wild) or having a midlife crisis.know your worth and that youre beautiful and youre putting all this work in to be healthier and live a better life!!!im glad your husband is amazing and hopefully helps you boost your esteem,but you.have to believe in yourself in more ways then one to get into your head and him to help boost confidence​:heartpulse::heartpulse:youre doing amazing!

Sounds like those women are incredibly insecure and need to bring you down to feel better about themselves. Next time let them know that you can fight aging if you were worried about it, but their flaws are much deeper and way uglier.

As we age we become self conscious sounds to me like your co workers are jealous of your amazing weight loss due to the fact they chose things to rudely comment about instead of being supportive about your amazing accomplishment turn a deaf ear to there sarcasm keep pushing till you reach your goal and when your there if YOU decide you want a boob job go for it however you can build the breast muscles back up with simple breast excercises you can also moisturize an treat your crepe skin to become hydrated remember it’s not about what others think an say don’t let the cruel words from others discourage you there losers your not

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Because, many of us feel we will never be good enough. You have to start with the inner you and work to the outside. If we are not satisified we will keep searching and searching for what we think is better. Many of us will actually never find it. Because it is us that are the ones who are not happy with what we hsve become.

Its a sucky catch 22, because I was truly soo happy with everything. Life was fantastic. Then one day I saw a “memory” of me pop up on FB and couldnt believe I had let myself get that “fat”… (I was pushing 220) but honestly didnt even feel it. I ended up having some major stressor happen, and my appetitie decreased major. In a 3 mth time frame I lost almost 60lbs. So, down to 165 and I felt amazing but still so much stress. Finally the stress went away, and I have gained 12 lbs back. Im so pissed about it But, it turns out I eat when im happy. Lol my point is, NOONE made any “wow” you look amazing comments except my husband. (Which he also lost about 50lbs, and now gained a few back) I also am 40yrs old so had the skinny boobs, saggy skin, floppy arm muscles NO ASS AT ALL.
Honey, just be proud of you you are- wear a push up bra, wear a pair of spanks if that helps ur confidence. :slight_smile: you got this!!!

Sounds to me like your just a crybaby get over it everyone gets old it’s part of life take what you was given and make the best life with it remember we only get 1 life make it count

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Honestly it just takes time to learn to love yourself. At the end of the day the only opinion that matters is your own, and why be your own bully? You are in control of your thoughts, so when you think something negative just shut it down. Do things that make you feel pretty. Use positive language when you talk about yourself. It’s a long journey to love who you are. Trust me, I’ve been there. It’s been a decade since I decided to stop being mean to myself. Some days are harder than others but I genuinely like myself. You gotta let stuff roll of your back.

Some people make themselves feel better by putting others down, and sometimes people are just mean, especially women! I work in a very toxic environment too, so I can relate. I am very obese, I weigh twice when I should. So I can tell you from a place of understanding that you should be very proud of all the hard work you have done to lose weight and get healthy! I know it’s hard, but try to ignore what those women say, or I have found that when people are bullies the best way to shut them up is to say something back to them, because as the old saying goes most of them can dish it out but they sure can’t take it. Concentrate on your wonderful accomplishment! If you are unhappy with the resulting skin issues, that is up to you to decide if you want to pursue surgery, but please don’t let people bully you into it. You and your husband have worked hard to achieve your goals, please try to enjoy it!

It sounds like your coworkers are making you feel like this. They sound like judgemental Bs. If you can find another job without them you may start feeling better. Don’t let anyone talk about you and definitely don’t let them call on someone else for their opinion. You work in a toxic environment and that negative energy is bringing you down.