I am nervous to have a 3rd c section: Advice?

I’m currently pregnant with our 3rd child after five years. I have talked to the doctor about trying for a VBAC. However, they said no. my neighbor, a sweet older lady whose a nurse and worked with an ob for ten years and has done both C-section and vaginal says what doctors don’t tell you is it’s harder the more C-sections you have to recover and have more kids and the probability is higher or death. I’m now freaking out about having a 3rd C-section. My husband and I want to keep having kids, especially when we still are trying for a boy, lol. I don’t know what to do. Do I trust my doctor (I mean, they did go to medical school) or trust a friend who has experience personally and professionally? I’m at a loss and freaking out. I feel like we’re starting all over again, so all the anxiety is freaking me out.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am nervous to have a 3rd c section: Advice? - Mamas Uncut

Get another doctor, if it has been more than three years and you haven’t had more then two, you are still a candidate

I don’t know about 3 personally but I had my 2nd c section 9 days ago , I left the hospital after 24 hrs and took pain meds my first day home after that I was fine !

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I have a friend who has 3 kids and is doing vaginal on 4th

Trust your doctor. Chances are you’ll end up with girls.

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I healed from my 2 csections quickly.

I’ve had three c sections and everything went just fine:) usually it’s your anxiety that is scaring you. When you have more then one c section the risk for your health is something you should be worrying about. I understand wanting more kids but also worry about the kids you do have right now. And being healthy for them.

I’ve had 5 c sections , they told me the risks were to high for a natural birth x

Your friend is correct. Most if not all doctors will tell you that, each time you have a c sections your chances and risks go higher

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I’ve had two c-sections, my dr told me that having anymore children by c-section wouldn’t be good. I didn’t ask why because I don’t plan on having anymore children.

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Ive had three c sections and from my experience my third c section was WAY better. I healed faster than my doctor thought I would.

I had 6 children…4 c-sections and all was fine!

I’ve had 3 c sections. All scheduled. My last one was 9-22-2017. I did take longer to heal afterwords. I had to go in and get cauterized maybe 4 times but eventually closed up and haven’t had issues with the incision sense. Hope this helps

My first child was born by emergency C-section. I elected for my 2nd one to be C-section. With my 3rd my Dr said that I had to have one because of the chance of ripping at the C-section line. My 2 younger ones are only 17 months apart in age though. I healed fine with all 3.

The issue ur going to run into is alot of doctors rnt willing because of the possible complications from having a vback as well as if ur insurance will even pay for it because alot wont

I’ve had two and my friends have had three- one at the age of 40. Ignore her

Breathe. Everyone is different, but for me, I’ve had 3 pregnancies, 4 children and all 3 deliveries were c-section. Mine were 5 years apart. Honestly, my first one was the worst because of it being a twin pregnancy. The 2nd one, I was out of the hospital in 3 days, went home and cleaned my house. My last one, I had a c-section and a tubal at the same time. We went home the next day, and life was back to normal. I think it depends on what they do. I had staples with my first c-section and then I was glued with my 2nd and 3rd. They also cut me about 1/4 inch higher on the last one, so they weren’t cutting through scar tissue again. Ask about that option. But for me, my 3rd c-section was no worse than the 2nd and my 2nd and 3rd were easier than my 1st.

I have had 4 c sections. Not bad at all

I’m on my 3rd pregnancy, first 2 were csections. 8 years ago (today) and 3 years ago. My doc also told me no to a vaginal. I healed great from my first two, so I’m hoping this one is the same! I’m due in sept , if you’re after that I can let you know how healing from this one goes! lol

I had 3 c sections and didn’t have any problems.

Walk. 3 emergency here. Walk and move. Uterus cut 4 times, 2 singles and one cross cut. Walking helps healing. I was up and walking soon as they let me

I have had 4 c sections and then a c section revision before having a hysterectomy. It honestly wasn’t bad. Definitely recovery time but all my children were fine!! There is always risks for surgery however the drs know what they are doing and you will be fine… promise!!

I had 3 c-sections and was fine. I could have had more if I wanted but chose to have my tubes removed because we were done (mainly because I had preeclampsia twice).
My doctors (there are I think 8 in the practice) all said it was fine to have multiple c-sections tho.

It depends on the cut in abdomen after your last two c sections. Trust your Doctor because he knows best. Haven’t heard of anyone dying but I know it get harder for your abdominal cavity and uterus to heal after each c section. Don’t lift
More than 10 lbs for 6 weeks after. Walk a lot because it cuts down on the development from gas which hurts more than the incision.

I’ve had four c sections with no issues.

I’ve had three and plan on a fourth. The third was easier than the first and equal to the second recovery wise.

If you cant trust your doctor, get a new one.
However I would hope you do trust your doctor )who is still in the medical field!) more than the old retired lady that lives down the road and probably used to reccomend castor oil to bring on labor🤦‍♀️

you can go ahead with c section. Its safe

Ive heard u should only have up to 3 c sections
I had 2 and my second was way easier then the first and with so much time between I feel like you’ll be fine
Not like youve had 3 in 5 years

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I have a 3yr 9 month old and pregnant due in October all 3 have/will be csections 🤷 dr isnt concerned since i did well with recovery with my other 2

I had 3 c-sections and never had any issues. But I stopped at 3.

I had two c sections and v back on the third. I have never been more determined in my life to accomplish something. It was perfect. Had her within four hours of arriving at hospital.

While people do have more than 3 c-sections, the risks go up substantially after 3. There are doctors out there who do support VBACs after 2 c-sections. Very few support it after 3. I would ask your doctor if she recommends getting your tubes tied after 3, because some do. No reason to not get another opinion. Check out your local ICAN, c-section support group for provider ideas. The risk of more is in part placenta accretia, basically your placenta growing abnormally due in part to scar tissue on the uterus. I stopped at 2 c-sections.

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I recently had my 4th c-section it was a text book delivery but I have been advised to definitely not have anymore!

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My first was natural second e section and third natural however depends on how long between babies I have a big gap but would always push for natural over surgery I had a fight but I won I refused unless life or death was Labour 43 mins and he was here xx

I had 3 within 4 years you will be fine. I made it without any complications and all 3 kids healthy

I have had 3 c sections my first one was my hardest 2nd one was ok my 3rd was genuinely the easiest ever had her 10.03 and was discharged from hospital and walking round my neighbourhood (slowly but still walking) by 14:30 I felt like I recovered so quick with my 3rd but the more u have there is more risk but trust your doctor he will be honest with you no matter how brutal it may be if he thought it was super dangerous he would tell you and good luck and enjoy your pregnancy

You need to move. That’s not a nice neighbor.

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I’ve had 3 and my surgeon said I can have more just have to do the incision a lil higher

My sister had 4 and all the kids were healthy and fine I had 2 and my kids were fine and healthy

I had 3 csections. 2nd and 3rd were 13 years apart. And I recovered much faster with my last one. Trust your body. Everyone is different.

A lot of MDs try and go through the same scars so that women don’t have a bunch of scars which would make that part of your uterus very weak and give you a high chance of a rupture/tear but I would think 5 years in between would make you a good candidate for a vbac - I see it frequently. The for sure reason you would have to have a csection is if you have ever had a classical or vertical incision on your uterus. Don’t be worried about having another csection though - our moms come to recovery with no foley, regular diet, PO pain meds and walking within 6 hours and they are fine


How long ago was your last c-section? That usually plays a factor on the safety of trying to VBAC. You can find doctors that will let you try. But it also has to do with WHY you had your previous c-sections. My body didn’t react right trying vaginal birth with my 1st, I was hemorrhaging, baby was in distress & I couldn’t get past 3cm dilated. So with that info my Dr. Said with my 2nd (5 years later) he would let me try VBAC if I wanted but didn’t recommend based on my first one. I took his recommendation and scheduled a c-section for my 2nd because I didn’t want to be traumatized again with an emergency one.

My third csection was rough. I don’t intend to startle you, just telling you how it was for me. I had so much scar tissue they told me my decision to have my tubes tied was definitely a wise one and that I would have a difficult time carrying anymore children. I got three hernias before I was even discharged from the hospital which in my opinion were more painful than the csection itself. If you’ve had to have three csections for medical reasons I would strongly consider not having more children, it will most likely only get worse if you have to have more of them and if they won’t grant you a vbac this time they definitely won’t after you have three.

Ive had 4 so far my fourth one was kinda rough… Im on my 5th n last one… Wasnt supposed to have anymore… But couldnt find a dr to tie my tubes… Hopefully found one this time…

I just had my 4th baby 3rd and last c section on Tuesday and momma lemme tell you I’m already out driving myself around and taking my baby with me . It’s really how much you get up and move and push the positivity from yourself for your recovery barring any complications but this c section was pretty easy . Good luck momma!!

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I had 3 c-sections, no issues…stopped at 3!! :pray::pray:

My sister had four and they told her she can’t have more

I’ve had 6 c sections and I’m able to have 1 more before they said I should stop because there are risks after you have a bunch

I had 4 c-sections. My doctor recommended no more pregnancies due to scar tissue. My doctor did mention that complications increase with each c-section.

I had 4 the first 2 was 13 months apart then 8 years later and the last 6 years ago at the grand age of 43 don’t worry you will be finex

Ive had 3 c- sections. There was 17months between my first and second and 4 yrs between my last. I recovered quicker with the last. Never had any problems. With all c-sections there is always a risk of something. Whether ppl wanna admit it its a major surgery!! You’ll do good and just be open with your doc on the worries and what not. Good luck and congrats on your new baby!!

I had 6 c-sections all my kids was healthy and my last one I was out of the hospital the next day and doing great in my experience each c-section got easier to deal with.

I had 3 c sections, one 12 years ago, 1 6 years ago and 1 2 years ago. I was fine. No more kids for me though but recovery was fine and you know what to expect

I’ve had 3 and recovery seemed easier with each one.

I would see if you can find a doctor/obstetrician who is comfortable in allowing you try for a VBAC. The question is also why you had the c-sections to begin with whether they would allow you to try a VBAC.

Trust the doctor. The answer to your question is dependent on several factors that are unique to YOU. Everyone’s experience is going to be different. I am high risk and have been told I should not have more than 2 C Sections. Other people haven’t been told that. Personally, I trust the person who went to medical school and has probably delivered so many babies they could do it with their eyes closed.

My sister in law had all three kids with a c section and she is fine.

I had a successful unmedicated VBA2C earlier this year, its possible. Your delivery hospital may not allow vbacs, so id be looking around.

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I had 3 csections. You got this mama. They wouldn’t have approved you to had one if they didn’t think you’d live through it. IMO

I’ve had four and perfectly fine

I’ve had 3 c-sections as well and the second was the hardest recovery for me. I had my last five months ago and it was the easiest. I think it just depends on the person honestly

My mom had 5 c-sections and so did my sister, they are all perfectly fine and healthy. My moms c-section incisions all had to be made vertically as well, her first was breeched. My first was vaginal (pregnant with #2 so well see) but I know my Midwife does offer VBAC, so if you are really wanting to try for one maybe get a second opinion from a Midwife. It is possible!

Tell them you want to try a VBAC. After all THEY work for YOU.


Since she is older she may think differently. If the doctor said no, you will be fine with a third C-section. I know many people who have had three and four C-sections and never had any problems other than a bit of scar tissue buildup.

I healed way better with my 3rd because they didn’t use staples


If you want a vbac and are healthy, no iffy past delivery etc then you find a new dr to try it. You are in control of your body on this more than you think. I’ve heard the second is easier but I have been told 3/4 is rough so I’m praying for my Vbac too

I have had 3 c-section they say no more after 3 because the scar tissue but I know someone who had 7 an all kids are great she just made sure she waited 2 or 3 yrs in-between to make she healed inside an out

Studies show …that women that have had c sections prior …says roughly 60 to 80% can successfully have a VBAC . Doctors would rather do c sections they make more money and its more convenient for their own schedule. So depending on your personal HEALTH issues …you should go the way you prefer noting that a virginal birth is definitely better for the baby .

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Your dr is probably going off your chart that includes things to determine what’s at the best interest of you and your unborn child. Im sure your neighbor has probably seen tons of different scenarios and VBACs included. But if you’re questioning your dr, ask them specifically why they say no. And if still unsure, get a second opinion.

I have had 5 csections. 2006,2008,2010,2017,2018 . recovery was ok except the 2018 one took longer than normal to heal from but i had also got my tubes tied too.

I had 3 c- section’s and did just fine and I had my last one 26 years ago.

I’ve had 4 c sections all a few years apart I have 11 9 3 1 but it’s nothing to it. All of them are happy and healthy and that’s all that matters listen to the doctors

I’ve had 3, my 3rd was by far the easiest to recover from. However, my doctor said that I should not have anymore children after my last one due to excessive scar tissue.

I’m pregnant with my 4th which will be my 4th csection. The recovery has gotten a bit worse each time but you already know what to expect so it’s not too bad. My Dr talks about me having more and doesn’t seem concerned at all 🤷 I would talk to your Dr about it.

Talk to your doctor about it. The nice neighborly nurse doesn’t know your full medical history. Your doctor does. Your doctor will be able to give you better information for your specific case, not a general blanket statement. I’m sure the neighbor nurse has good intentions and isn’t wrong for what she witnessed, however she doesn’t know your full medical history either. Your doctor is your best bet for the best information.

It IS harder on your body and you ARE more at risk for things to go wrong. That being said, some women have 5 c sections without major complications. Some women have a ton of scar tissue and that can cause problems where a doctor might tell you that you shouldn’t have any more because of it.

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I have three c sections. My last one I left the hospital the next morning… went home and took care of my babies and two other children had help and rested alot but I swear the third one was much easier then the first two

I’ve had three, last one was the easiest recovery I think. The doctor knows best.

4 csections, doctors were ready and prepared for any and all bad stuff that could happen, she was worried about excessive hemorrhage and scar tissue, was shocked after she went in bc I had virtually no scar tissue and hardly bled. Recovery was worse after my first, they got easier after each one strangely

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As a nurse, I’d recommend that you ask for all of your records and meet with a new OB for a second opinion.

Honey I have 3 boys - natural, c-section, and vbaq. I was 41 years old when I delivered my 3rd child vbaq! If I can do it, you can do it. I just told my doctor that this was what I was going to do because I wasn’t going through another c-section recovery. I told her that she could get on board with the plan or I would find another doctor that would.

I’ve had 5 C-sections, yup you read that right FIVE, in MY experience they got easier after each one
My last one was a walk in the park, I was up, no catheter, walking with no assistance within 3 hours
I did have 1 all natural vbac after my first to C-sections and it was absolutely HORRIBLE and so was the recovery from the tearing

Also I would like to add not all recommended C-sections are just a money grab there are a lot of other factors that doctors do look at
Ultimately I would go with what my doctor recommended rather than push what I think will be easier because I am not the medical professional
I’d rather have a repeat section than insist on pushing and have my baby go into destress or my uterus rupture

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am nervous to have a 3rd c section: Advice? - Mamas Uncut

Why is this page suddenly about birth!? Wtf

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am nervous to have a 3rd c section: Advice? - Mamas Uncut

There is always going to be a greater risk with having multiple c-sections because you’re having a major abdominal surgery each time. Which increases your chances of bleeding and infections. Personally, I would be seeking a doctor that is supportive of you having a VBAC if that’s what you want. Not a VBAC tolerant doctor where they put stipulations on having a VBAC, but someone that will truly support you to have the birth that you want that can still handle an emergency just in case. Honestly, there is also just as much risk to laboring and vaginal birth after multiple c-sections because your scar can rip or can cause thinning of your uterus.


I’ve had one c-section and one VBAC. I definitely healed faster with the vaginal and appreciated the mobility with my toddler. I was induced at 41 weeks with straight pitocin as they wouldn’t give me anything to soften my cervix because I could rupture. It was an intense labor, but my doc convinced me to get an epidural so that if we had to have a csection, id be ready in an emergency. Once I had the epidural I was fine. It was a great experience, and suggest you seek other opinions. My doc did not deliver at a hospital that performed VBACs so I went to a neighboring hospital and saw their team/clinic starting at 37 weeks. However, my doc supported me having a VBAC and was very helpful to get a referral to the hospital if choice, etc.


There’s always a risk with any surgery, I’ve had three c-sections and my third was the best. Maybe because there is a 9 year gap between my last two I’m not sure, but it wasn’t bad, I was up moving around faster than the previous surgeries…hardly needed any pain killers.

I’ve had 3 c sections. The third I was def scared but I trusted my doctor. They had two doctors in the room as it was protocol for a 3rd time c sections to have 2 doctors rather than a mid wife present. It might take a bit longer as there is more scar tissue to get through. I was very honest and up front about my anxiety and they gave me medication to calm me down during the procedure. Everything went fine! I feel like after it took a little longer to heal but the pain was manageable with the medication. Just move around as much as possible. You’ll be okay! Message me if you want to talk! :heart: you’ll be okay mama!


I felt the exact same way as you 2 years ago
It was my 3rd section. That made 3 boys 3 sections for me. It had lots and lots of anxiety leading up to it bc my dr also would not attempt vbac (hospital policy)
Another reason I was so worried was bc my first section my dr cut me straight down my belly button like 5 inches bc my first boy was so big and really high he never dropped so I’ve had to have the same scar cut 3 times but overall
It worked out fine and I healed just fine!!! Itll be okay momma😍

Maternal and Newborn Nurse and mother of 5 (ages range from 4mos to 16yrs) all born via csection. My sections were all fine. No issues. A lot of Drs just don’t like allowing vbacs after multiple sections due to the risk of uterine rupture (because of the scar tissue) which can be fatal for mom and baby. Not saying it isnt possible but most would just rather not take that risk. There are risks either way…try not to stress yourself out about the worse case scenarios…not good for you or baby :heart:

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I just had my 3rd c section about 5 months ago and had these same feelings. Everything turned out fine, the recovery was definitely harder though compared to the other 2.
My first 2 were back to back basically, and the 3rd one was about 2 years time difference.

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I’m going for a vba2c. You just have to keep looking for a doctor that will let you try and a hospital that supports it. They are out there.
I’m in AZ now sure where you are.t
They told me tho if I do end up in a c section for the 3rd i will always have to have c sections and it does become harder and harder on the body to recover.


I’ve had three c sections. The second was easier than the first which was an emergency. The third was 8 years later and my uterus was very thin at the incision site my Dr said she could see my baby through it and that my body could not so another c section. Recovery was hard with my third too probably due to my age (37). I would not worry about having the c section but I would accept that your body likely can’t do many more. Good luck!

I got pregnant 12 years after my 2nd child. I was terrified of having a c-section at 39 years old. But I had no problems at all. Had my tubes tied as well. Went back to work after 16 days. That was March last year and still no problems.


If you are really wanting to do a c section seek out another opinion! I was told by the doctors that after 3 c sections VBAC isn’t an option(could vary by doctor I’m guessing?) I’ve had 4 c sections and doctor said absolutely NO MORE BABIES due to my c section scar being super thin and possibly could have ruptured had I not gone to the hospital when I did. So if you want more kids seek another opinion!!

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In all honesty, doctors recommend no more than 3 c-sections but at the same time, they cannot stop you from having more kids. I know someone who had all 6 of her kids via c-section.
Having 2 c-sections myself, I do not want to have more kids. It’s hard on the body and the recovery time is hard.


The thing you have to think of is you can’t completely plan anything ever. Sometimes life has its own way of doing things. You can always find a dr who specializes in VBAC and still think “worst case scenario” you have a c section. Sending prayers for a speedy healing and wonderful birth.