I am nervous to have a 3rd c section: Advice?

I think its procedure once you have had two c sections you can’t try vbac. There is a reason why they won’t let you and my guess is it out weighs the complications of further c section. Surgeons/ Doctors know what they’re doing! They have been to med school to im sure. The procedures take longer the more children you have, because of the scar tissue. As you go on im sure the stitching will change to because of the scar tissue, when I had my c section I got away with dissolving stitches but my sister had 5 c sections of which one was a multiple birth and she ended up having a through stitch with beads at each end to keep it tight and in place.

I had a c-section to my first child.Doc said i could have only 2 more and it would have to be via c-section. But its not all true. When i was into my last trimester i walked as much as i could and up slopes …i delivered vbac. Anything is possible. Listen to your inner self what is it telling you

My story is not to scare you but to bring awareness. I had my 3rd c-section a year ago. I had placenta accreta and they didn’t see it in the ultrasounds. My placenta was still attached to my uterus and it ripped they had to perform a partial hysterectomy.


I just had a c section with twins and I can honestly say that having a planned c section is so much more terrifying than an emergency. In an emergency situation, things happen and move so fast that you don’t have time to think. When it’s planned, you have weeks to worry and play the what if game. My only advice is trust your medical team. Speak up if you’re in pain and stay on top of your pain, don’t ever try to play catch up with pain medicine. If you let your pain reach a level of intolerance, it’s much harder to regain control. Best of luck to you mama! You’ll do great!


Just had my 4th csection and it was fine. It’s been harder this time around just from trying to take care of my 17 month old on top of my newborn. I also had my tubes removed so that may have a bit to do with it as well. If I wanted more kids though I wouldn’t be scared for a 5th one. I just decided I was completely done lol

I had 4 c sections with my last one they told me absolutely no more pregnancies my uterus lining is too thin from the c sections. It was harder for anesthesia to work each time but that’s it nothing else was harder or worse. Healed the same every time

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I’ve had 2 c sections and recovered from the second faster than the first. I think it depends on your dr. My first dr was great and realized I’m fat so I needed staples on the outside. My second didn’t do staples and my incision opened just a pea sized hole and the incision weeped for months.

Also had my third c-section but also had 4 miscarriages before that. No one where I’m at would do a vbac. I’m not even going to get started on the doctors…

I’ve had three. The recovery wasn’t bad. I had a few problems with bleeding but I was also a lot older with my last

I had 3, and yes the third was the hardest recovery, but not too much worse than the others. Just take it easy!!! Don’t rush it and you’ll be fine! Good luck!

You could ask what hospitals near you do offer VBACs, if you’re comfortable seeing a different doctor. For me it’d be an hour away.


Get a second opinion. Not every doc is comfortable managing a VBAC


I have had one c-section followed by 2 VBACs and about to be my 3rd. I think if you are serious about wanting a VBAC you must find a doctor that is willing to do one. After my c-section my next doctor suggested that I have another but I was adamant that I did not want that. I found a wonderful doctor that looked at my situation and allowed me to have a VBAC. Good luck!

Not all hospitals and doctors are VBAC friendly. There were hospitals in my area that would not allow a TOLAC bc their facility was not equipped to handle some of the emergencies that can arise from it (according to them) I found information on it http://www.ican-online.org/ they have Facebook groups for multiple geographic areas. They have good information about vba2c


I’ve had 6 c sections and honestly, the anxiety going in has gotten worse with each one buuuuut the recovery gets easier and easier. 5 c sections I was cut horizontal… the last was vertical. I do NOT recommend the vertical… there is a reason they really don’t do those kinds anymore.

My one niece had two c sections her dr let her try a VBAC with her third abs it went great her and baby both did well she is now having her forth baby I’m not sure which way she is going now but I’m thinking no c section… good luck

I’ve had 4 c-sections, no major complications with any and healed fine. I know that other ladies have had even more than that. I had my first at 19, he’s 15 now. My 4th (and last) at 34 last year. My first 2 were 18 months apart. Everything went well each time. It’s a little scary but I always tried not to think about it too much and told myself it would be fine. The part I was always most nervous about was the spinal but it’s over in a few seconds, so thinking about it that way was a comfort for me. In my case, the c-sections got easier each time. You know better what to expect. I think both your doctor and your friend have their own opinions and you gotta do you :kissing_heart:

I had an emergency C-section with my first son. The doctors wanted us to sign a release for me to have a vbac on my second son but my ex-husband would not do so. I had a repeat section C-section and almost died from internal bleeding. My third son was a vbac and it was my best experience. Painful at the time but recovery was way better and I didn’t suffer nearly as much postpartum

i had all 5 c sections … all were great without complications. 11, 9, 6, 3,3, and 9 months. so that’s the age gap.

with my last child, i had a umbilical hernia that needed repaired … noticed it right after my 6 weeks check up. probably from where i had 3 big babies and then, twins and a 9lb 11ozs baby.

Definitely was told no from my doc too w/my third baby but I’m currently pregnant and this will be my 4th tbh it never gets easier surgery is scary I cried the last time I had my baby and I’m 100% sure I will this time around it’s a scary situation go with your gut feeling tho if you really want too .

I have had 4 c sections and working on trying for our 5th. There’s risks but that comes from all pregnancies and labors. But all my recoveries were the same none worse then the others

My 2nd c-section was a breeze compared to my 1st. I knew what to expect and knew to get up as soon as they let you. The longer you lay there, the worse the pain is. My sister has had 4 c-sections and she weighs about 95lbs.

Not sure if this has been said yeah but get a second opinion! You may still be able to get a VBAC!! So places will do it and some won’t

My dr said if I had a 3rd I’d need a c section (I wanted vbac) because the scar tissue from the previous c sections can tear open during labour and kill u and possibly the baby too. So quite happy to have another c section after hearing that.

I had 2 csections then a Vbac. It can be done. Recovery was so much better. If you want to try then go for it.

They said the same thing to me too but my husband an I are planning at least have one more child. I had 3 natural birth an 2 csections but planning til our baby is at least 8 yrs old. Than see how my health will be by than. At the same time I’m scared tho.

I had 3 c-sections and it was fine. I mean the pain is the same after :joy: but it was fine they are all healthy and so am I :woman_shrugging:t3:so it will be fine girl!

I would listen to your doctor.
There are so many factors here we don’t know. Why did you have c sections the first 2 times? Complications or failure to progress? Some of these are very very likely to repeat themselves, and your uterus can rupture if they occur, which is life threatening in matter of minutes. I had a VBAC after one C-section and it was much easier, but my Dr was confident because I had the first c section because my daughter was breech, which is unlikely to happen again in other pregnancies. I still had to labor in a hospital with a 24 hr on site surgical team to be prepared in case of a rupture, and my chances of that were only 5%. Just ask your dr exactly why they want you to have another c section, I’m sure they have a good reason. If not, ask for a 2nd opinion.

Find a VBAC supportive Facebook group and ask there. They will give you honest experiences and statistics. Drs are notorious for siding with what is convenient so you could always seek a second opinion from a midwife. If you want a VBAC find a dr/midwife who will support this or hire a doula who can be your advocate. A VBAC after 2 csections is definitely possible UNLESS there is a definite medical reason stopping it (eg placenta previa)

I had 3 C-Sections, for the birth of my 3 boys. My OB doctor would not recommend a 4th one. Each time, the muscles are cut through your chances are hemorrhaging becomes greater.

My third c section was planned and all 3 of them had the same recovery time

I had a emergency c-section with my 5th baby(only c-section) then had a vbac with my 6th. C-sections are so hard. I wish you luck

They say the risk gets higher with each section. (One is even a risk)
I know a few people that have had 4/5 sections but they were spaced out by a few years, I think it was 2/3 years each time.

Find a hospital / birthing center who will offer you a vbac or do a homebirth! Fight for what you want mama

I had 3 but that was over 25 yrs ago don’t know how they do them now but my 3rd one was the easiest to recover from

I have had 4 c-sections and recovery was pretty much the same for all of them.

I had complications after my 3rd c section but as far as healing it was better than the 2nd one. The baby was out in 5 minutes for baby 3!

I’ve had 4 sections and will have my fifth c-section in October I am ver ugh nervous as well as I do want to try for a girl I had one miscarriage a year before getting pregnant again. I’m scared I’ll have a complication or will be told I cant have any more if recovered pretty quickly after all my c-section but my 3rd was my hardest

I had 3 c-sections. (Breach babies first 2.) The 3rd was 5 years after the 2nd. Trust your doctor. My 3rd went slower, longer recovery but it all went just fine. U know ur body and ur limitations. Be wise and u’ll be just fine :heart:

I had 4 c sections and they said I could have had at least another 2. All of mine were within 5 years

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My 3rd csection was my easiest recovery.

Your doctor would not suggest a c-section and reject other delivery options if your risks of dying were higher. They aren’t going to do that to you for obvious reasons or themselves because its morally wrong and they have reputations they would like to keep as well.

My sister in law had three c section and then 18 years later got her tubes tied to have another baby with her new husband she was warned before they untied her tubes that she was a very high risk of bleeding out ect because she had so much scare tissue ect she did it anyways well she did ok then 2 years later she still haven’t gotten her tubes tied and her husband’s refused to get snipped she got pregnant and lost the baby at 4 months she then got pregnant again 3/4 months later the baby is about one month old now her husband didn’t even go in the delivery room won’t hold the baby ect and she literally almost died and he new this was extremely dangerous guess who still isn’t fixed and so isn’t either :woman_facepalming:t3: it’s like playing Life or death and the person who going to summer the most is all of her born children :disappointed: breaks my heart

Seek a second opinion! It could be very possible just depends on the doctor to be honest.

I had my 3rd c-section. It wasn’t as bad as people say. I was going over baby gates 5 days later. Bring a heating pad for your back and an extension cord.

I had two vaginal births and four c-sections. I thought the recovery time became easier with my last two c-sections.

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If you really want the option of a VBAC find you a mid wife. They will be the most supportive and have the knowledge your looking for. They should at least be willing to let you attempt it and if something were to go wrong they have a surgeon on call waiting to back them up. Good luck.

I had three and it was the easiest recovery. And I was 41 and hadn’t had a baby in 11 years. I was nervous as well but I bounced back faster than the first two.

I’m my moms 3rd child and she had a 4th after me. We were both successful Vbacs

I had 5 c-sections with my children and all came out healthy and everything went fine.

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I’ve had six c- sections. It is true the more you have the harder the recovery. My first one I had a placenta abruption. The rest were Elective although I was told I could never have had a natural birth. I think you will do just fine.

I would never have one. I would be too afraid to.

5 c sections here. Healing was a little longer. Pain was a little more each time, but I’m alive and healthy and so was baby (he’s 4 now)

Mite be true about it for some people but not all and she may have worked wth them however depending on how much older she is things have come a long way from years ago also again she may have worked wth them however she obviously dosnt now and she may be trying to help but she doesn’t know ur full medical history only ur medical team nows ur medical history nd are doing wat is best 4 u medically so I would go wth them in no ppl tht have 7 or 8 kids nd everyone has been by c section there is about 6 ppl I no nd only 1 person took a little bit longer but only because hers got a bit infected

I know someone who has had 6 c sections and the are fine the only issue they have is tenderness to there scar all the time an bad back pain

I had 3 c sections in 4 years. Never ailed a thing! X

Science changes all the time. If she is older, her knowledge could be outdated.

Vbac are safer in a larger hospital with Minutes access to a surgical staff

I had 3 c-section’s and probably recovered the quickest on the last one. Don’t let anyone freak you out. There is risk in everything but your mindset is what makes the difference. Good vibes!

My high risk dr (pregnant with #4) gave me the option to do a VBAC but I said no. A: I’m getting my tubes tied. B: It’s not recommend after a certain amount of time because of the scar tissue that develops AND the high risk of bleeding associated with it.

Not sure why the nurse is telling you something that she would honestly have little to no education on, but C-Sections are actually MUCH SAFER than vaginal births anyways, and MUCH SAFER if you’ve already had 2 or more c sections!!

Go with your gut, always trust what you want, if there complications while pushing they’ll do Evgeny c section anyways.

I had two c sections and then a successfully vbac2 so it’s possible. Do what you wanna do.

Find your self a doula, and research your self mama. Research and knowledge is your most powerful tool


The risks of complications increases with each c-section. I highly encourage you to look for and find an OBGYN who will do trial VBAC’s if that is something that you feel strongly about. I promise you that they are out there.


Some hospitals don’t offer VBAC after having csections. If that’s something you want you’d have to find a new dr and hospital that will at least let you try. Just know that even after trying you might just run into complications and need a csection anyways.


I had 3, all good healing was the same

I’ve had 4 with no problems.

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Find a new dr.
A vbac supportive dr

Omg I had 6 csection

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Find a new dr. I’ve had 1 c-section and 3vbacs.

Get a second opinion from another dr.

Check out VBAC Link website and blog…find another doctor if you really want VBAC

Find a different doctor seriously. Most won’t let women try because they are scared of tearing scar tissue and stuff but vaginally birth is easier on the body than a c-section. Go get a couple different opinions. If everything is good baby wise and you then shouldn’t be an issue trying for a vaginal birth.

Get a second medical opinion

I had a Csection then a VBAC

If you have had 2 C-sections you would have a VBA2C. The more C-sections the higher risk for uterine rupture during labor. You would need a doctor and hospital that is willing and prepared for any risks.

So this kind of happened to me where I got pregnant with another child and the baby was due less than two years after I had had an emergency C-section. At 36 weeks they tried to tell me that I couldn’t get to the back and I had to do a C-section. Here in Nevada if you get two C-sections you’re stuck with a C-section for any future kids after that. So I took control and I decided to fire my OB/GYN and go ahead and hire a midwife and I did a homebirth everything went fine my way back went great and then I ended up having another child around 20 months later also another vaginal in homebirth and then I’ll do it again.

So my recommendation for you is if you really don’t want that C-section to take control and find other options because there are other option and like you said if you do that the c section Most likely you’re going to get stuck having to do C-sections for the remainder of your children if you decide to have any more

Go with the VA back delivery just because your first one was hard to deliver has nothing to do with your second one third one or however many

I’ve had 4 csections. Every person is different and heals differently.

I just had my third one a little over a year ago at the ripe old age of 43. Unless you have some serious underlying health issues I wouldn’t be overly concerned

I have had 5 successful c sections.

But if I wanted a vbac I would have to go to another doctor about 3 hours away

My sister has had 4 csections.
Drs recommend 3 csections because scar tissue and bleeding issues

I have had 3 csections. My last one was by far the easiest. I have had two bikini cut and my 3rd was vertical the belly button. I think honestly each person is different.

More dangerous to habe vaginal delivery after c section. Trust your DR!

I’ve had 4, they got easier each time

I had my 3rd c-section

It’s true,I know somebody who had 5 c sections and if she gets pregnant again she’s at a high risk of her uterus rupturing because of how thin it is

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I have had 3 of them. Left in 24 hours after the last 2. Piece of cake. I was also a nurse on ldrp for 16 years and of course worked there abd was like…get me outta here so I can not see my work best friends for 12 weeks. Move time you get to your room. Take your meds around the clock. Refuse the duramorph they put in the injection in your back if you are prone to itching with pain meds. Take motrin 800mg then 3 hours later Tylenol 1000mg. Rotate them for a few days and you will not need narcotic pain meds hopefully. You got this mama! Last time was the easiest one for me. Good luck with you and your new sweet baby

Do not let them bully you into a c section i have has a vbac twice. My first child was born via c section had my second vaginally no issues. You can tell your doctor this is what you want they’ll make you sign a waver.

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You trust your doctor over the “sweet older lady” who is working off information from decades ago.

Girl my 3rd csect I left the hospital the next day like a crazy person :joy::joy: you will be fine take it easy and don’t be silly like me (1st spent 9 days until staples were out 2nd 5 days and idk what wild stuff they had me on with the 3rd but 1 day :joy:)

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I had 3 sections. I recovered from them all ok but I do recall the Dr saying a 4th would be risky so it wasn’t recommended and a vback was not wise due to risk of uterine rupture. So I had my 3 boys and my family was complete. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::blush:

I will say this as a nurse…if your cervix starts dilating and baby is down I would def try a vbac.

I couldn’t attempt a Vbac my pelvic bones fused together

I’m a mother of 4 c section babies

Find another dr. Abd do vback

I would look for another doctor and hospital. VBAC is way better than multiple csections. Your friend was right, the more you have, the high risk it becomes. I’ve unfortunately had 4. I wish I was able to birth vaginally. Look up a local ICAN chapter near you.

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I’d definitely get a second opinion. Try for a vbac while keeping in mind you could ending up needing a c

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