I am not confident with my body: Advice?

Hi friends - I need some uplifting advice- I have always been super small (A’s) I’ve always been super self-conscious about my boobs since I’ve been young. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for awhile. I’m uncomfortable with him touching them & seeing them. We have many friends we hang around with (women & men) All the girls are bigger than me. Always wearing low cut tops with them hanging out. Of course he always looks. It bugs me so much. And yes I am jealous! I feel like I’m a disappointment to him. I’m sure he’s not thrilled that I’m so small & would like mine to be bigger. He tries to touch them & I push him away. I cringe when he touches them & I want to cry. How do I deeply know that he likes them? I always keep my shirt on. It is hurting our relationship. I wish I could get this out of my head and be confident he’s happy with them.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am not confident with my body: Advice?

I am very small and love it
I’d hate to have big boobs

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I would assume if he tries to touch them he must like them :woman_shrugging:


You need to get over your insecurities. If he didn’t like what you have he wouldn’t be with you… right now the only thing that is hurting your relationship is you pushing him away from showing how much he cares and wants to be with you


Girl if hes touchin em he likes em!


If he tries to touch them he likes them!! Boobs are boobs no matter how big or small men like boobs…

If you’re unhappy with your boobs buy some new ones. Only if you’re truly unhappy with them because eff what he thinks and wants hell he knew you were part of the itty-bitty titty committee when he got with you :woman_shrugging:t4:

The good thing about having small breasts is we don’t really need a bra, unless we want them to appear larger or have to run lol And probably a few of your larger breasted friends wish they were smaller like you. No back pain, less expensive bras, easier self breast exams with more likelihood of detecting anomalies. And your bf must like them because he likes you. Of course he’s going to notice cleavage, we all do. But it doesn’t mean that’s what we want.


If uts something your really struggling with then you can change it. You don’t have to go under the knife but look into other options like the injections which boost you up 2 sizes.

Your issue - not his. He knows what size they are


Let him appreciate your body! He loves you- ALL of you. Pushing him away and cringing when he’s trying to be intimate with you is probably a reason for the suffering relationship. You say you’ve been together for awhile, has he specifically given you any reason to think he’s not attracted to you?


You should go to therapy. He’s obvi interested if he’s trying to touch/see them & if it’s harming your relationship lol. I think it’s natural to look at anyones boobs that are showing, but it sounds like you’re paying them more attention than he probably is. You need to figure out why you’re so deeply bothered by this & try to handle it.
Also, tiny/small boobs are soooo common & are actually back in style thanks to the trendy Y2K stuff lol. Be confident or let your boyfriend go lol.

I’ll be 50 years old in less than 2 weeks and my little girls are still as perky as ever!
Being smaller has its benefits. Just own it!!


Not sure your age but i think my smalls are a blessing at 43. People tell me i look younger than my age now. I wanted boobs when i was younger tho. If he wants to touch them he must like them.

If he wasn’t happy and satisfied he wouldn’t be with you .he knew exactly what you have and he chose you ,all men look at boobs it don’t mean they are not happy with what they have at home …why don’t you try therapy to get over your insecurities

They were that size when he got with you. And he wants to touch them. He likes them and he likes you. So try your best to let your insecurities go. They’re will always be someone with more than what you have and that goes for just about everything in life. Stop comparing yourself to other people it will drive you crazy. You are just the way you were meant to be. Do your best to be happy with what you have and who you are.


Every body is different. Don’t judge yours. Embrace it and let him love all of you.

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Speak to him about it… he clearly cares for u and is happy with u ALL MEN LOOK AT OTHER WOMEN … they only see them as objects don’t let it hurt u but I truly understand :heart::muscle:t4::heart:

I wouldnt complain I have small boobs when I see very large boobs I think too big

He’s with u because he wants to be. Something about u makes him happy and that’s what matters. Men do look, regardless of what they have at home…it’s a natural male thing :roll_eyes: doesn’t mean he’s not satisfied with what u have to offer. I was the same about mine…I have had 4 children and lost a tonne of weight so mine are saggy and sad now but my partner loves me for me…not my boobs and I’m sure Ur partner is the same :kissing_heart:

I can relate with low self esteem due to body confidence everyone dislikes something about themselves. I think you should perhaps talk to him about it but remember he wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t like what he sees. I’ve said to my other half that I hate my legs. But he loves them. Men are attracted to different things.


I agree with you when it comes to him looking… I’m a decent size chest girl (D) and mine still looks… embrace your size girl… he wouldn’t attempt to touch you if he didn’t like them…


If he’s trying to touch them he likes them. It’s your insecurities that are causing issues. Guys don’t care what size they are as long as they can touch them lol but pushing him away is definitely not gonna help


Honey you are perfectly made the Lord says… and if someone can’t see it including yourself adjust ya mindset… I feel for you baby…same kinda thing us fat girls experience yet when I understood from the bible we are all made different and He loves us changed my life… I’m accepted in Him I am confident in Him and you can be too sweetie… I hate it because society has done this to alot of people by judging and putting so called perfect bodies on TV and such… when will they judge their ugly hearts when will they show the real beauty of a woman… the bible tells you your worth go read up on that… I think your fabulous… and don’t let no man make you feel any different my love … maybe he’s not the one if you have all those negative feelings
Much love and peace to all

If that was what he wanted, he wouldn’t be with you. You’re missing out on a lot. Relax!


Don’t let your insecurities derail your relationship with your boyfriend! You have this.


Lotion and massage them every night and they actually grow a friend of mine was like an A or B after she did that they were almost as big as mine I couldn’t believe I said how’d you do it she said her Boyfriend did that every night maybe every morning too can’t remember but they grew trust me they had no money for a Boob job lol But you also need to Love yourself I feel the same way about my butt but I always find men that say they Love it so but I still bad but at the same time I learned to Love myself the way I am and trust me I’m self conscious about MANY things :sob::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart::heart:

You are the one who doesnt like them , He does doesnt matter about the size , ITS HOW YOU LOVE YOURSELF … SIZE DOESNT MATTER BIG OR SMALL THEY WILL ALWATS LOOK THEY ARE MEN …:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::rose:


I’m a triple D,…and hate it…I want to be a full C. I’m getting a reduction


If he is trying to touch and play it them he likes them. Don’t push him away. Let him and you enjoy it. But if you are that unhappy then get them done. There are multiple options to increase your size. But you should try to talk to him about it.


He must not be too upset with your size if he’s looking and trying to touch. Many men are boob men. They are just fascinated with boobs, of any size. Comedian Lewis Black said that he can’t understand why any woman would undergo breast enhancement surgery. He said it’s unnecessary. He said that any breast is a great breast. I’ve heard the old saying that “anything that won’t fit in the mouth is wasted”, in defense of the small breast. So, chin up, girl! You’re fine!

As my brother-in-law so eloquently said, “Guys love titties. They don’t care if they’re big, little, full, flat, or floppy. They like them all.”
Try to let yourself be comfortable and let your bf enjoy them, too. :heart:

Girl, welcome to the Itty Bitty Titty Committee :joy:. I’ve also had little boobs my entire life. I confess from a family of women who are all easily 3 times my size, not just boobs lol. Try not to think to hard on it. Have a conversation with your man and tell him exactly how you feel. Tell him you notice him looking at others and it bothers you. He’s not a mind reader. Hunny let him grab those boobies. I was worried about this and my man has always said to me, if it doesn’t all fit in my hand, it’s to much. But you can never have to much booty. Lmao. He’s an ass man. But seriously, have a talk with your man. Don’t be shy.

He loves them. He is trying to touch them. The issue is you. Take out a loan and buy some if it will make you feel better.


That’s supposed to me anything over a mouth full is a waste…

Lady I always said anything over a .outhouse full is a waste. Don’t stop having a good sex live ask him how he feels u said he wants to touch them enjoy him and your relationship…

Talk to him and ask him if he likes them or not and tell him you want him to be completely honest. All men going to look at women and it actually has nothing to do with you. If he didn’t like what he sees on your body trust me he wouldn’t be with you. Go to therapy also for your insecurities. If you want bigger ones save money up and get implants.


If he wanted big boobs he’d be with someone with big boobs
The fact he looks might be because of you rejecting him

Listen. As a “more mature woman” (I’m 45) with 34DDD, I wish mine were smaller. We always seem to want what we don’t have. Rock those A’s girl!!! If he’s grabbing at them (even if he’s not) he wants YOU! Find your confidence, it will make things so much better! Plus, you have less boob sweat than the big boobed girls. I’m also jealous of that…


Hes dating you so hes ok with em and ofc seeing other girls hang out hes gonna look hes not blind


Honey be proud of you and your body. Every woman can find something that they dont like about themselves. I am a small B only because i gained weight which is worse than small boobs i was very self conscious about it. Now that I am in my 50s i know its ok. If i am with someone who is that shallow that they make me ashamed of a part of me they know where the door is. This is what I am doing about it. I have schedule a photo shoot. And it will have a few sexy dresses and lingerge. I will not body shame myself anymore and if they turn out terrible, than i know what i need to work on. We don’t often get to see what others see. Try it.

Breasts are beautiful in all sizes. Try boosting your confidence by looking in the mirror and repeating positive affirmations. Since he seems like he is interested in them by what you wrote so I think a little confidence will help you feel better. Try to remember he picked you for a reason :slightly_smiling_face:


My mother and my daughter have about the same size as you… they both are beautiful confident woman… So are you girl… Rock it… Trust me i am a 38C and i wish i had smaller ones… Be proud of what you have, There are shirts , bathing suits that will look great on you!!! go shopping and find things that make u feel comfortable and confident… Your Bf wants u for u… boobs is a guy thing trust me at almost 50 years old my husband is still a boob baby…

Girl I feel you! I am the definition of flat chested, like even kids bras don’t fit. I used to be the saammee way. My husband and I have now been together 8 years ans have 4 kids. I STILL don’t like taking my shirt off and I STILL hate when he wants to touch them, but honestly, I’ve realized that if he wanted a big chested woman, he’d go get one. Yes he still looks at all the other girls boobs, and yes it hurts alot, but I’ve just accepted it. I am still self conscious and I still cry inside and die a little every time I look at my own naked body…but as long as HE loves me, then HE loves everything about me too. He chose this. Stay strong girl and keep your head up. If you don’t want to keep hurting your relationship, you have to trust that if he is with YOU, he likes YOU. :100:

I used to belong to the itty bitty tittie committee too, but After my second child… I filled out nicely… don’t worry, your time will come. But in the meantime… don’t worry, your boyfriend might Look but he chose You! So enjoy being little… it definitely has it advantages…
No Pun intended but don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!:heart:

Get a boob job :person_shrugging:t3: he doesn’t care, you do. Oh and 1764279 people can tell you small boobs are beautiful but if you don’t believe it then it doesn’t matter.

I am a 42 DD I hate them. They get in the way of alot of things. I would suggest getting a boob job if you can afford it. Of course talk to your husband first but he may like them just the way they are

Maybe he’s looking at others because you won’t let him touch yours? You’re pushing him away and ruining your relationship over your hang-ups. Don’t let your boob size control your life. And try Fantasie or Freya bras. You’ll most likely go down at least one back size or even two and find you’re suddenly a C cup anyway x

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Be confident. I had large boobs and had a reduction. They are not that great when they’re big. Enjoy your life with your boobs as they are. Men always look at big boobs but they don’t make the personality of the person.

Tbh I’m the exact same. I get insecure at times with my small chest but I’ve learned what really helps boost my confidence is just getting some nice lingerie (the skankier the better) just gotta try and love yourself a little more boo :heart: & if he’s trying to love on you, let him :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: some guys are okay with small chests just like some of us women ain’t a huge fan of biceps.


If he wants to touch and play he likes them, but he’s going to react when you cringe as no decent person is going to want to touch and play when their partner is obviously bothered by it.

Him looking at another woman’s cleavage doesn’t necessarily mean he’s disappointed in yours. Some people are just immediately drawn to look at cleavage and it would still be true if you yourself were a D cup, they just can’t help themselves.

He is with you for a reason…

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Let’s just say, he can see what size you are with the clothes you wear, if he was a big boob man, he wouldn’t be wanting to touch them.
You need to love what you’ve got!!!
And let someone else too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


He doesn’t have to like them. It’s your body you need to like them. You can’t let how he feels about them effect you. You need to be comfortable and confident with your on body that is what matters here. That’s something you need to work on for your personal self. He’s trying to show you he likes them and your kinda shutting him down.


Be happy with what you have, some women have none!


Big boobs are hot but really how much time does a man spend on them while intimate NOT ALOT rock what you got and don’t compare yourself your somebody’s perfect :star_struck:

I’m very insecure about my weight. Guy I’m with now has helped alot cuz he can’t/won’t keep his hands off me. Sounds like your man is trying to do this but you’re not letting him. If he wasn’t happy he wouldn’t be trying to touch you all the time


Breasts are sexual. They’re used in fore play. Men will look. It turns them on. You look at good looking guys. Why can’t he look. As long as he don’t touch. Talk to him and see what he says.


Clearly he’s interested in them if he’s still attempting to touch them.
This is a conversation you need to be having with him. How long have you been together? Clearly he’s aware that you’re not as busty as other women, but from this post, he doesn’t seem to mind.
Show him your body. Talk to him about your insecurities and allow him the chance to show you how beautiful he thinks you are


Ok sp this has nothing to do with ur man and everything to do with YOU u need therapy , some kinda help. U will drive every man away with thoughts like urs. U need therapy hunny nothing more nothing less.


I am exactly the same my word I’m even contemplating surgery

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You know he wants to touch them because he keeps trying. And honey, you are more than boobs.

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I had OK boobs, but after breast feeding 2 babies they were like pancakes. They looked great in expensive push up bras but after my divorce, I felt so ashamed when a man I was dating would take my bra off and they would literally flop to the floor. I felt like a sham and a phoney. So I did the only logical thing, I got fake boobs… Dugh… BIGGEST AND DUMBEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFEEEE. I hate them, especially now that I’m 40. I want tiny, little sporty, not heavy, bulging blobs attached to my chest. The grass is always greener on the other side Mama. YOU ARE NO DOUBT STUNNING AND BEAUTIFUL. if it bothers you that much you could look into surgery, but MAKE SURE IF YOU CHANGE YOUR BODY YOUR DOING IT FOR YOURSELF AND NOT TO PLEASE SOMEONE ELSE. :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

breast augmentation. More women have done this than you think. Bcuz if you’re not comfortable in your skin, it doesn’t matter WHAT he says or does, you’ll never believe him.


Let’s start an itty bitty tittie committee group for just us small girls. We can all get on there and talk about our insecurities, talk about ways to make us still feel good, talk about how to feel comfortable with ourselves, share pix of longerie we foind for us flat chested girls, etc. Who would join the group?! :pray:t5::raised_back_of_hand:t5:


if he’s always trying to touch them he likes them girlfriend! stop pushing him away. in the end he’ll feel like you don’t like him and he’ll also be turned off by the lack
of confidence. he knew your size when he decided to be with you. and he decided to be with you because he likes you the way you are. he wasn’t forced. he could’ve waited to be with someone else
with big boobs but he didn’t because he wants YOU! if he didn’t want you he wouldn’t be with you, much less touching up on you always.
ps. men look. they’ll always look. you cannot let that bother you. i’m territorial and somewhat jealous and I don’t have an issue with my man looking because guess what? I LOOK!!! lol how can you not?

I promise I mean well when I suggest therapy. You gotta get well and right with yourself first. :heart:


Self-love and confidence is what attracts others to us… it sounds like you’re self-conscious about your boobs and it’s creating issues in your relationship. Jealous or envious of others boobs? It’s challenge to love oneself, “faults” and all…

Until you learn to love yourself just the way you are, you will always feel that way


This is one of those things you have to talk to him about and be super honest. I am not crazy about my own chest but my grandma told me in high school that any man worth having wouldn’t be so shallow that any part of my body would make or break the relationship. You as a person offer so much more than just your body. So if the guy really cares about you he wouldn’t be mean or treat you bad because of it. He will be supportive and assuring that its you he cares for and loves. Ive been married for a decade and my husband is very supportive and every now and again if I feel bad about myself he reminds me that he loves me no matter what I look like on the outside. My heart and the way I love him are the most beautiful thing in the world :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Sheeeeeesh, stop creating the drama.

Your body issues are your problem, not his.

It is not your boyfriend’s responsibility to shore your body issues.

It’s not like your need for reassurance about your breast size is a one or two time occurrence. It is a constant, neverending need that no one can fulfill for you.

Your boyfriend, obviously, think you are attractive.

He must like your breasts as you say he keeps trying to touch them.

You are the one who pushes him away.

As for looking at breasts on display, I am not remotely attracted to breasts but I can’t help looking. Sheeeeesh…

You are making your own misery.

Get some therapy so you will feel better about yourself and stop making your boyfriend miserable.

I wish you both well.


Ask your individual therapist to help you develop some emotional independence and self esteem.

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When I was growing up I was told mine were bad all the time. As mine grew I kept wishing they’d stop I hated them. You need to learn to love your body that god gave you. I still wish mine were smaller cause men seem to think I’m a bimbo.

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The value, sexiness of a woman doesn’t depend on how big her boobs are , bigger are not always better .
You need to accept and love your body the way you are because not matter what he says or do you are the one with the issues not him .
If he doesn’t like youee te body he will not be with you.
And my dear , a man looking another woman has nothing to do with you , us in theirs nature

honey be very grateful you have boobs, Many women have cancer & had to have them removed, Then as you get older, those big boob women will have those suckers hanging down, while yours are still good, So God gave you what was just right for you & be grateful with what you got,

Sm(all) boobs are beautiful! Small ones in particular don’t sag, look great even when you lay down, don’t hurt your back. You need to love yourself first before letting someone else try. Who cares what anyone else thinks! He knew they were small when he got with you and still pursued you. Self love can be hard but not impossible. Don’t over think it babe. It took me years to be comfy with myself.

It sounds like he loves you and your girls…you just won’t let him play, you’re always pushing him away when he tries to play…poor guy, he obviously loves you for you and sounds like you need to do the same. Do some soul searching and be happy with the body God gave you…if you aren’t happy then start a boob fund jar and keep a certain amount of your paycheck put aside for boob job :blush:


Boobs do not a relationship make! And don’t blame a man when he looks, I look too when they are right in your face.

I know the feeling. I’m dating a very handsome man that most girls find attractive. I also have small itty bitty titties but he likes them, of course he is going to look at other girls. So am I. I’m not a lesbian but it’s currently summer in nyc. Girls get wild here. I did mention to my boyfriend how I feel. One day we was watching a movie and out of nowhere he said “please don’t get surgery, I love the way you are” it touch my heart because I always felt the same way you do. Mine never grew since jr. high. So just imagine. I’m 33. cries but you got to look at it this way. Your man choose you. Loves you. Wants to be with you. If he wants a big tittie bytch he would. There’s a lot of those but he wants you. My man even send me a SpongeBob meme saying “Lemme squeeze them titties like lemons for my tacos” because I’m half Mexican. Lol he was trying really hard to make me feel better. His hands are so huge on top of that so what I do is I ask my man to bite them instead or smack ‘em lol TMI, but hey I hope this helps. After a while I got use to it and he finally found a way to make me feel sexy. Ask your man to pinch your nips or twist instead of trying to put his entire giant hands. I’m not against surgery but if you are planning ask yourself what does it say about you? What message are you sending? You can always work out and even use a tittie pump. That cost less than surgery. Welcome to the small itty bitty titty committee.

Talk to him about it, or loose him over what is in your mindset

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I have very small boobs. I used to feel the same as you until I realized that aside from surgery to alter how my body looks there isn’t much I can do. I have to say even if he looks at other boobs (which even if you had bigger boobs, he’d still look, men want to see all the boobs) he’s happy with yours. I’d let him see them and touch them. Doing so might actually help improve your confidence about them. He could see the size of them when he pursued you. He knew what he was going for…of all things that too should be a confidence boost. Also I bought some pepper bras, and that helped a lot too. I got sick of wearing padded bras, cuz they felt like lies.

Let him touch or he will go elsewhere

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A lot of us are part of the ityy bitty committee, if your man is happy with them on you, let him touch them. Quit taking it out on him

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If he really loves you he will love everything about you small boob’s and all , more than a mouthful is a waste


He wants to touch and look at yours, but you stop him. Then you get mad because you think he notices them on other women (I say think because this could be your insecurity talking, since he seems to want your breasts at the size they are). Idk, you might be creating a self fulfilling prophecy here…


I was small and after I had kids and got a little older they started to get a little bigger but I was the same way until I realize who cares boobs are boobs and if he loves u than boobs shouldn’t matter and it seems like he loves u for u…

But you have to love yourself first and and obviously he loves you for you. Trust me I love the way I am

Sounds like he has chosen you. You need to learn to love yourself as you are. He will go elsewhere if you keep pushing him away.


You have to get out if your head. Comparison is the straight up killer of joy


Please be Happy with what you have. I always wanted Bigger Boobs. I got them But got Breast Cancer to get them thru Reconstruction. I would give ANYTHING to have my Smaller Boobs Back. There are Guys who like Small Boobs, more than you think. He must like them he is with you. Good Luck!!:kissing_heart: I am a 21 Year SURVIVOR OF BREAST CANCER ,an doing well. Thank God!

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When I met my husband I was a A cup. I’m now a DD. I was 98 pounds when we met. I’m now a healthy 130. A little weight and exercise can make a huge difference. My husband always said, more than a mouthful is a waste. All the women in my family have huge boobs. The joke was that I took after the men. Now that I have the boobs, I’d give anything to go back to the little manageable ones when I could wear anything I wanted

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Men like big ones of course but at the end of the day. They only care about the other stuff if u know what I mean.

You know he likes them from the fact he tries to touch them dear, I doubt he’d be with you if he didn’t like you.


Love your body but there are natural methods to get fullness. Any type of nuts, milk(whole milk and even almond milk is effective) cookies and the finish by exercises like chest press, butterfly and over the head press five lb weights to start with which you can get for less than $10 for a pair :kissing_heart: he’s your bf for a reason. Let him in instead of pushing him away

As many have stated, he wouldn’t be trying to touch yor breasts if he didn’t like them. He has chosen you instead of a large breasted woman; that should be your cue!


Look coming from a woman with bigger breasts, I personally feel it’s not cracked up to be. I wish I had smaller ones, infact if I had money I’d go in for a reduction. Tell your man how you feel maybe he might be looking but, you need to have communication. He doesn’t know why you won’t let him touch you. Talk to him, it’s the only way you know where he stands.