I am pregnant and my husband didnt acknowledge me on Mother's Day

You better grow up fast girl.


Men don’t think like women do! :smirk: Sometimes you just need to spell it out for them!


U aren’t a mother yet why would he? Its your hormones making you crazy…


Let me define the word “mother” to you and everyone else here that’s confused. TO GIVE BIRTH MAKES YOU A MOTHER. Anything that’s stated other wise is just a personal opinion and is not factual.


Honestly I’m surprised his mom didn’t scold him and tell him to come back home with at least flowers and chocolate. Men don’t think things all the way through or in the way we think they should. You are not wrong for being hurt, but talk to him and give him a chance to make up for it. If he tries to make up for it, do your best to pretend he didn’t screw up the first try. Get him something for Father’s Day. He probably doesn’t realize that he hurt you or that emotions are so much stronger during pregnancy. I hope everything works out and Happy Belated Mother’s Day :heart:


He sound like an a$$hole, your literally growing his child and he can’t even say 3 word? Wtf


Choose your battles. Let’s see what happens next year.


What are you going to do for him on Father’s Day?

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Shameful , mean spirited comments. Him and his mama could’ve given you a good wish!. You’re expecting yalls first bundle, how exciting. Men are sometimes so extremely oblivious, I mean it in the nicest way possible. I’m sorry you didn’t get acknowledged, for all the hard work your body and mind is going through! I’m sure when the baby arrives, he will take more notice i hope Xoxox
People just don’t wanna give women a scrap these days. :roll_eyes: I’ll validate your feelings all day mama, happy belated firstMD :balloon: :birthday:


Just because you haven’t gave birth to your baby yet doesn’t mean you aren’t a mother. I would definitely be mad about it. Men’s brains just don’t think the way ours do. I even got flowers cards and gifts for Mother’s Day when I was pregnant and I wasn’t even expecting. People will buy gifts for a baby shower when the baby isn’t even there yet but won’t acknowledge the mother’s on Mother’s Day before they give birth. Happy late Mother’s Day hun💕

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Girl get urself something nice and when he ask about tell him it was a late mother’s day present to yourself. I would recommend like a mother’s necklace. Sometimes we just have to spoil yourself when our guys are being an ass whether it is intentional or unintentional. Hugs happy belated mother’s day.
** Also some guys don’t understand how real it is until they hear the heartbeat. Idk how far along you are but they may be part of it.

It’s just a day. I wouldn’t get to upset over it my husband didn’t tell me happy Mother’s Day either and we have 3 kids and one on the way so ya know pick your battles

I didn’t get told that on my first Mother’s Day when our child was actually here and we were still together

You aren’t his mother.

I would tell him how he’s gonna treat you from now on or he would live a life of hell he’s disrespectful you and your baby should have been his main focus and then his mother …give him hell !!!

He should have respect for his baby’s mother shes carrying a baby in her body and going through a lot to get the little one here he should be kissing her ass !!!

He should have made you feel special first and then his mother!!!

That happened to me one year, I got over it, you can’t force people to appreciate you. Sorry though that you got hurt, you deserve better.

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My bf didn’t say anything to me and I didn’t get anything. We have 2 kids. It doesn’t bother me

Remember that on Father’s Day next month and don’t cave on it either.


He should’ve said something but we’ve got to realize that to some people, were mother’s until the baby is born, not before. It’s especially like that because most men feel like father’s until the baby is born.

Get used to it if he’s not that kind of guy. You have a long haul ahead.

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There is always Father’s Day. And if he says something because you didn’t acknowledge, say well I took that cue from you.

Unfortunately we expect out of others what we would do ourselves, I supposed not everybody has the same heart. Of course it sucks to feel unnoticed and unappreciated. Just match the effort.

I have 3 children and my husband never acknowledges Mother’s Day. His theory is ‘I’m not his mum’ :worried: his mum passed away 12 years ago. He doesn’t bother on my birthday either. Luckily my kids acknowledge me :slightly_smiling_face:

We have a 1 year old and didn’t get anything

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This year for me was epic! My husband went all out. I’m normally disappointed but he showed his appreciation for me and our children as well. I really felt special this year. But to answer your question, yes you was right for feeling this way. He should have at least got you a card and flowers or something. Did you express to him, how that made you feel?

Hang in there. I have three kids and my hubby didn’t acknowledge me on Mother’s Day this year either.

Definition of mother moth·er

a woman in relation to her child or children:
“his mother was a painter”
female parent, biological mother, birth mother, foster mother, adoptive mother, … or a woman who brings up her child when you are pregnant with your first child you are a soon to be mother.

Yes you are parents !!!

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But you aren’t his mother! You must realize that this is how it’s going to be never going to buy you a gift for Mother’s Day that’s his prerogative you shouldn’t be mad at him you don’t buy me nothing for Father’s Day it’s easy enough

Me too.I dnt expect anything…my husband says he gave me kids…so glad fathers day is after mothers day.

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He is so dumb. I would tell him about it.

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Your husband is a dick.

It was a cheap shot on his part.

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The optic word is mother!

On your first pregnant?.. okay…after this slowly they forgetting birthday and any other special day …so please dont cry… After several kids …u will be ok with this new way…

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but your not his mother so why are you making a big deal about it

I didn’t get anything for Mother’s Day. I don’t expect gifts. I went to a fair in town with my kids and that was a great present for me​:blush::family_woman_girl_boy:

Edit: I take that back. My daughter and son got me a card and a bag of candy :lollipop:

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Your not wrong to feel that way. I’d discuss your feelings with him calmly so that it doesn’t happen again. Some people only acknowledge their own mothers and they don’t know any better. 

You weren’t a mother yet. My father said that to my mother so just to be a bad ass, I was born on Mother’s Day.

Why is everyone say but your not his mother??? You are the MOTHER of his children. That means he acknowledges you on mothers day or he is an ass. Period.

He maybe just didn’t think I’d talk to him about it he might be really sorry for his thoughtlessness and yes he should have got you a card at least… some flowers would have been nice I would feel the same

He should at least say Happy Mother’s Day !

Almost every female in relationships are mothers. With or without children. Because you have to mother the biggest child you will ever have, your husband haha

You’re a parent as soon as that test comes back positive. Happy Mother’s Day love :two_hearts:

When I was pregnant with my first my husband didn’t acknowledge me either, I don’t think their was ill intent he just didn’t count me as a mom yet.
Man logic🧠 

I would absolutely talk to him about it. All mothers should be celebrated… ALL.