I am pregnant and noticed blood after sex: Thoughts?

I’m currently 37 weeks and two days pregnant. My boyfriend and I just had sex a few hours earlier. I went to the bathroom, and I noticed blood in my underwear and when I wiped. I was just wondering if I should be concerned or if it’s normal? It’s not heavy bleeding, but I was wondering if other moms had this happen. Thank you.


May be your mucus plug

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Blood is common after sex when you’re pregnant… but if you’re concerned call your OB. At 37 weeks you could go into labor any time and sex can start labor.


That happened to me with my first child. I went into labor that night.

Our cervix during pregnancy is very sensitive so if he poked it a few times it can cause bleeding. As long as you aren’t bleeding profusely or cramping heavily and it slows down in a few you should be ok but keep an eye on it and call your Dr if you are concerned!


It’s common after but I would double check and ring the hospital x

Could be labour starting in next 24 hours

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At 37 weeks labour can start anytime, and sex is one of the things that can trigger labour.
Pack up and go to the hospital right away. Blood is not a good sign during 37wks of pregnancy unless it’s onset of labour or miscarriage.


Very normal, but mention it to your OB just in case

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Normal…body’s getting ready for delivery time

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I had this exact thing with my third child. I was 38 weeks. I freaked and went to ER. My doctor said it was normal to have blood sometimes.

May b mucus plug. If there isnt any pain associated with it most likely it isnt anything serious but if u r concerned or there is pain involved call ur OB

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Sex caused me to go into labor then miscarry…I would call OB on the way to hospital

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It can be normal but I would watch it for awhile then call if it doesn’t stop in the next couple of hours u might be going into labor

Call your dr but don’t panic. 37 weeks is a full term pregnancy so you are probably fine!

Was it red red or pink and brown?

Could be the “bloody plug” (normal to loose before starting labor) No harm getting it checked out. Good news is, you’re in the safe zone for delivery! Congratulations and good luck :blush:

Orgasm can trigger labor. But blood after sex is pretty normal.

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Wow What is wrong with people? Call your Doctor instead of posting your business online


Probably either mucus plug or irritated cervix… doesn’t hurt to check with your dr tho

I did this with all 3 kids and never had paim til about 5hrs later then came contractions wouldnt hurt to go get checked

Would be best if you’ll call your OB. Better to be sure than to speculate things.

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I did too. Went to doc. And had grown some polyps that would bleed from intercourse. But they went away on their own soon after. All was okay.

I think its the plug which is normal and means the baby will be coming in 2 weeks or less.

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I would call my OB…
could be losing your mucus plug…
Don’t panic it’s normal

Light spotting / bleeding after sex is normal , your mucous plug is usually lost around that time as well which could be the cause as well , unless it’s heavy bleeding or there’s pain involved I wouldn’t be worried and would just call the maternity ward at the hospital or your doctor for peace of mind if that’s what you need

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Call your ob, at 37 weeks you’re considered full term so it may be the baby getting ready to make his appearance. Sex helps induce labor.

Its just your body getting ready . Sex can induce labor at this point .

Don’t feel like you will be wasting your OB’S time, get checked x

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Call your dr and go to the er. You can never ever be to carful.
Just go

Why are you even asking on here? Call your doctor.

It’s happened to me and I cried because I was so scared. :joy: But it’s normal.

As long as it not bright red and heavy you’re good. But it can help induce labor.

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It’s your cervix loosening up lol.

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I wouldn’t be concerned if the blood isn’t flowing. You have a lot more blood flow down there so little veins can break easily.

You Can call your dr just to be safe but if it was just a little and not a flow then you should be fine. Might have to stop having sex for the remainder of your pregnancy.

Ring your midwife just in case

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Its normal. Your cervix is just softening


Light spotting after sex is normal in late pregnancy. (Mom of three).


If it isn’t heavy then usually it’s nothing to worry about. It could be your “show” or it could just be from your cervix getting agitated from the changes and the sex. Towards the ends of each of my pregnancies I’ve had it happen after sex and it was just from my cervix getting agitated which my OB said it very normal.

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Its normal. Its just getting soft in there. Body is getting ready for baby!

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It’s normal. The whole area is more sensitive during pregnancy and you can have spotting after intimacy.

Ask a Doctor not Facebook


Call your dr and get checked.

Your all good girl this is normal

Count your kicks and check with dr

Totally normal, it’s happened during all 3 pregnancies. Unless it’s heavier than a wipe then it’s a concern.

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Normal if a little spotting if more than that and your concerned call Dr.

You could be going into labor.

I had this with my daughter and went to L&D right at 37 weeks. Turns out it was my mucus plug and I was in active labor. :hugs:

Yes, could be a piece of your mucus plug. Always call your doctor with any bleeding, spotting or concerns


mucus plug …cervix os softening … sex induces labor too …

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Everyone is different. It is always best to consult your dr.

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It’s pretty normal to have a little bleeding after sex that far along. Unless it’s heavy I wouldn’t worry about it.

You can always call your doctor but if its light spotting that could be normal. If it’s more than spotting definitely call or go in.

Normal. But you should call your dr and let them know. That happened to me I had sex and bled hours later not heavy blood. But it was always there when I wiped. I went to the hospital at night when home in the morning and had contractions all day then they got worse in the middle of the night. Ended up having baby in the mornint

Please be careful because I had this happen to me after my husband and I had sex was told it was nothing to worry about and it was normal and ended up having a miscarriage

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A little spotting is totally normal. Happened to me often the first 13 ish weeks and the last few weeks! Could also be your mucus plug getting ready and your cervix is so incredibly sensitive right now! If you’re worried, call your OB for some reassurance :heart:

Everyone is different . What’s normal for some , could be the opposite for you . I’d definitely let your doctor know that your bleeding , and that it could be from sex . BUT with that being said , I’d definitely keep a close eye on baby kicks and any discomfort you may start to feel or experience . Sex this far along , can start labor if baby is ready . So I’d definitely watch for that .

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Call your doctor with pregnancy concerns. That is always the answer.


You could be losing you muscus plug. Considering you’re at 37 weeks it’s normal I lost mine at week 35. Doc told me no sex after that though can cause spontaneous labour

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Congratulations your having a baby soon!!!

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I would contact your doctor.

It can be normal but you should always call your doctor when you see blood

Did this with my daughter at 36 weeks. But I was bleeding pretty heavy. I went to the hospital & had my daughter the next day lol

From what I’ve read and been told by my doctor it’s pretty normal although I haven’t experienced anything like that yet but I’m also only 30 weeks along

Your cervix can be irritated easier while pregnant especially later in pregnancy so that’s more than likely what caused the bleeding. I wouldn’t worry but you can always call your doc

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I was 38 weeks pregnant had sex and delivered a baby boy next morning.

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For it was normal. Had it with both pregnancies. But if you are worried you can always call your doctor or midwife and they can always take a look.

I’m on my 4th pregnancy. I’m currently 30 weeks and 2 days. I have never had this happen after sex. I’d call my dr just to be safe

I would call your doc could be anything listed above. Doesn’t mean it’s not the starts of labour though. :heart:

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I had this happen after sex. I was 26 weeks along. I went to hospital to get checked and was 6cm dilated…was put on bed rest in the hospital until I delivered at 34 weeks.

Happened to me with my first pregnancy (I have 3 children🥰)…it wasn’t my mucus plug though…i went to the hospital it was just cervix irritation from the sex… If it were your plug it will be mucus consistency with a tint of blood not blood consistency without mucusy texture …still call your dr though.

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Everyone’s body is different, if you feel us easy about the situation call your local health office. What may seem mundane from one person can be the onset of labour or an emergency. Hope all is well little mama

Call and ask your doctor

:eyes: watch it. Sex through me in to labor. Your 37 weeks tho so if you do go into labor you should be fine

I bled threw out every time I had sex. My Dr said I was okay. But def get checked to make sure!

Probably losing your mucus plug

The cervix is very sensitive while you are pregnant, had the same thing happen to me when I was pregnant

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I spotted a couple of times while pregnant. They say if it is as heavy as your regular period, then go in immediately, but light spotting can be normal. IF you are worried, it doesn’t hurt to go in, they will check you and let you know.

Being that close to being due sex can induce labor. Call the nurse on call talk to them and see what they say.

I had the exact same thing happen to me! I would call and let your OB know but they’re prob just tell you to keep an eye on it. If you bleed like ALOT then you should def go to the hospital but a little spotting should be normal

If you need to ask this question you sunshine are not ready to be a mommy. Basic sex ed covered all this. Also get a brain in your head, nobody cares to know your business get off Facebook and call a damn doctor. Shake your head!!

Call your doctor just to be safe. It’s very rare but I had a little bit of blood that ended up being the beginning of placental abruption. It very well could be nothing though.

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It happens. Your cervix is thinning at the moment, and therefore activities like sex can cause a little bleeding. Nothing dangerous at all. If you would like peace of mind, consult your doctor of course. :grin: good luck with the birth mama!! :muscle:


This happened to me every single time, from conception til delivery, with my second child. If it’s like a light spotting and doesn’t last long, I wouldn’t worry. But call your OB just to be safe! Congrats and praying for a healthy and safe delivery!

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Not abnormal. If it’s mild and goes away you’re fine. The area is engorge with blood and is more prone to spotting and bruising as a result. But any bright red blood, heavy bleeding, signs of labor etc should be immediately evaluated.

Mucus plug is usually pretty gelatinous, stringy, gooey. Blood by itself won’t be.

I bled like that at 12 weeks. Everything ended up fine with that pregnancy. It was morning. But I bled like that at 28 weeks and went into preterm labor. It’s probably normal but just maybe let your dr know.

I dont wanna joke around, but Rachel telling Ross to have sex with her so she can go into labor, came to mind. Yes, this is thinning of the plug. Yay mom n dad!

As long as your not in pain it should be normal. If you start experiencing pain call your Dr asap. I had light pain and bleeding and it turned out to be a placental abruption, which is life threatening to you and baby.

My Second pregnancy was like that I had blood around the placenta that the baby wasn’t using and rough sex can cause bleeding too and in some case the uterus can be thining out to get ready for the baby to come but I was high risk due to me being anemic and having AB- blood too but call the dr and see what they say it’s always best to check with them I wish y’all luck and for a safe and happy delivery

It could be the start of labor also cause i did that with my son call ya dr and ask them and when i went in i was five cm everyone different every pergency different

No matter what kinda of bleeding always call your ob. Especially if this is happening all the time. Could be nothing or could be something. Everybody’s body is different. Always be safe

That’s totally normal. I’ve had that happen during pregnancy. My OB said it was because of increased blood flow and swelling around your cervix area


I had it. As long as there no pain it’s completely normal at the end of pregnancy just not towards the beginning. It’s probably the mucus plug. I was due to be induced at 37 weeks with 3 kids and they wanted me to go into labour naturally rather than induction and they told me and partner to have sex to try and bring it on. It just means that labour cud happen in next day or 2

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Normal and most likely just the result of an irritated cervix.
With my last pregnancy, I’d bleed every single time we had sex.

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I had that happen to me too and then 2 days later I had my baby. But every body is different. It could be parts of mucus plug. Cervix thinning.


It’s normal but I would call your doctor to let them know. It could be just from your cervix thinning. I bled a little after being checked a couple times.


My doctor always gave the advice that if I can fill a regular pad in an hour, to go to the hospital. Any other bleeding can be monitored at home, and if you’re still concerned schedule an office visit.

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