I am pregnant and noticed blood after sex: Thoughts?

Call the doctor for peace of mind, this happened to me but I actually had a miscarriage and lost my son at 20 weeks.


Call your OB and let them tell you if it’s normal or not… Everyone and every pregnancy is different! Good luck!!


Its normal but if it doesn’t go away and gets heavier I would call your doctor I’m 18 weeks with my 5th child and after my first exam I had sex afterwards and I had some spotting for a few days I told my doctor on my next visit she said it was normal but to let her know if it happened again ur close to having your baby so it’s more sensitive right now


No sooner you see blood or notice any chances at all with babys movements and that or feeling unwell you should be calling up your midwife and then going in to be checked over and assesed

Most of the time when it happens it is normal but, go to the doctor and get ultrasound , examination done to confirm that everything is fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes this happened to me all through my last pregnancy doctors said it was normal

That happened to me. Soon after, I started having contractions and my baby was born the next day. I was 37 and 6


A little bleeding is normal. It could also be you losing your muscus plug or your membranes the doctors scrape being “knocked loose” during sex. If its only light spotting and doesn’t last long, there isnt a concern. But if its heavy and dark i would call your doctor immediately.

Happened to me but early on in my pregnancy doctor said it’s just cells hint hint “rough sex” I think you should be fine but get checked out just in case!!!

Happened to me at around 30 weeks. Definitely call and let your ob know but its fairly normal from my understanding.

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What color is the blood? If its bright red or a pinkish color call…my last child i started bleeding a little bit and went to the hospital and i was 5 cm dilated lol call your doc.

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Make sure to see your OB for an office visit. Although bleeding isn’t uncommon adding pregnancy calls for a health check on a fetus.

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Normal, but still call your doctor so they’re aware.

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Happened to me at 35 weeks with my third… i was in preterm labor so doesn’t hurt to call doctor

It’s completely normal to have a small amount after sex or an exam


This happened to me I went to the Er and they said everything was ok but if was good to be checked in case

It’s normal for some as other have said either call doc or if appointment soon let them know then so they know. Congratulations and good luck.

At 37 weeks I’d say labour is probably not far away, they say sex can be a natural induction… good luck and congrats!!!

This happens to me frequently after sex. I am 31 weeks. My doctor said as long as it wasn’t heavy bleeding it was normal.

When i was pregnant with my last child, during the middle of my pregnancy i notice bleeding after sex and i mention it to my gynecologist and he said its a result of hard penetration, and nothing happens to my bby but u could still check out ur situation

Make sure you kick count everyday, maybe twice a day while bleeding. If you have pain call your doctor…if baby stops moving all together then ER (one with a maternity ward) …otherwise most likely it’s probably just your mucus plug or cervix starting dialation (can start weeks before labor actually starts so don’t be alarmed).
That said, you never know and could be a sign of distress. Long as the baby is moving like normal is the most important thing.

Normal! But of course if you are very worried go in!

It’s normal this late in the pregnancy don’t worry sex is good for you helps you get ready for labor


That is completely normal unless you have to put a pad on and change it within 10 to 20 minutes cause it’s saturated you will be fine. Or if there is pain and discomfort with it.

I had my boys both 38 weeks on the dot. When’s your next weekly visit? If you’re concerned call the OB; that’s what they are there for​:relaxed::heart:

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If your really worried best thing is to always contact your midwife but I expect it’s maybe a plug or what they call a bloody show your not far away from labour now xx

Normal. It may get heavier tomorrow if you have damage in your uterus but if not I wouldn’t worry. Happens to me and my husband too. Just take it easy and take breaks to let your vaginal canal heal in between.

This happen to me around 37 weeks and 6 hours late in went into labor.

It could be a subchorionic hemmorhage - which isn’t necessarily serious , but you should def get it checked out

It’s not normal it can be ur membranes rupturing. Ithappend to me with my 2nd baby. Went in for a check up that morning an ended up having her that night

Nothing ever with 4 pregnancies but you are far enough I wouldn’t worry But… call your ON nurse

Sex will jump start labor when your that close. If it’s light no worries if it’s a lot or you start contracting it may be that time. Good luck!

Probably normal. May be part of your mucus plug. Unless you start to cramp or notice less fetal movement, I wouldn’t worry.

Sounds normal… monitor baby’s movements and any pain. Labor isn’t far again

It’s most likely your mucus plug starting to come out. If you have any concerns call a on call doctor.

Its normal. Currently 36 weeks and it has happened to me twice. My doc put me on pelvic rest though due to last time being very heavy

Probably partial mucus plug and stuff getting knocked around and ready for that babe to come. Haha.

You might want to stop for a bit. The semen can give you contractions consult your OB. Good luck

That happened to me as well. I was told my cervix was sensitive.

Thats normal. Especially because you’re so far along. If its not heavy bleeding dont worry about it :slight_smile:

That happened to me a day before my water broke at 37 weeks

I’d keep a eye on it,you may end up having a show. Plug of womb coming away n then you go into labour. I did with my first.

I was told its completely normal to have a “wipe of blood” after sex during the 3rd trimester. If its concerning to you just call the nurse at your OB/GYN!

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That Is called a bloody show you should go into labor within 24
Hours best of luck

Normal as long as there isn’t pain and baby is moving like normal. You may be losing your mucus plug or your cervix may be changing/dilating. Sex also helps start labor…

At 37 weeks it most likely isnt a concern at all. Just mention it to your midwife/doctor when you see them.

Happened to me too and I was told it’s normal. As long as there is no pain involved

Sounds like a bruised cervix I had the same thing

My husband was terrified when it happened and kept rubbing my belly after to say he was sorry lol

As long as your not blood type O- you should be fine but if you are call your OB ASAP but either way still call your OB every one is different

Normal. Your getting thinner so its just what happens.

Sounds like your mucus plug came out…

It’s normal as long as you don’t start bleeding as if you’re on your cycle.

It’s normal after sex when you’re pregnant.

Mucus? Could be start of your mucus plug

I did that then 1 hour later i was pushing my baby out

Its normal and dont be surprised if you go into labor

Its not normal go to hospital right away

Did you happen to call your physician?

Could be your plug starting to come out. Normal

Any concerns always give your OB aheads up…it may be nothing but every women’s body is different…js

Sound like your ‘show’ shouldn’t be long for labor 24 hours or so

How do you know you are 2 days pregnant?

It’s always better to be safe - call your doctor to let him or her know - Good Luck to you

Instead of asking Facebook ,How bout the doctor?

Totally normal, but it never hurts to call your OB just to ease your mind


Can this happen at 21weeks? Iv had 2 previous sections n my consultant said my cervix is like a sheet of paper!! X

You have a friable cervix. Look it up

Keep an eye on it but some spotting is normal sometimes

Happened to me twice after sex at the end of my pregnancy w my 1st. Baby was fine each time I went to the OB ER.

Could be your plug is thinning.

Light spotting is normal after sex and cervical checks when you’re that far along. Call your dr and not these facebook drs that wanna give you worst case scenario

Its perfectly normal sweetheart youre just gonna be welcoming that little peanut to the world soon…congrats


Everyone is different. It may be nothing and then again it could be something. Call your doctor. That is his job!

This is normal, your vagina and cervix are vascular from stretching to prepare for childbirth, no worries, it happened to me with my 2nd child from the 34th week till she was born

Sounds like you will be having a bundle of joy soon :heart:

Get checked it can be normal but better to be safe than sorry xxx

Call your doctor. Me personally would go to the hospital.

Ring doctor don’t hurt to check or get advice

You can have sex rigth up till the day as long as it doesnt cause you pain and 37 week the baby would be ok if you went into labor

It happens.Any pain call your doc.Best of luck♥️

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When do you go back to the doctors

You veteran Moms rock!

U might need to call the Dr

Probably just fine but ask your Dr at your next appointment

Call your doctor! Don’t ask Facebook.

Call ob to be safe but monitor it.

Mayb its a show n u might go into labour soon

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Yes normal I had that with all four of mine.

Normal if you have contractions go to the hospital

Be careful of sperm it can kick start labor

Call and let your obgyn know.

Mucus plug more then likely

Your going to start labor in the next 2 days

I would just mention it to your OB. But light bleeding is pretty normal.

Kudos to you for wanting to have sex at this point in your pregnancy :clap:t2::muscle:t2:

And congratulations :balloon::confetti_ball: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Normal just placenta is low

Let ur doc know hun safer xx

Call your obgyn and let them know

Shedding of the cervix

They say it’s normal spotting after sex when you’re pregnant. If you bleed more then I would call your doctor