I am pregnant with my first child and feel anxious: Is that normal?

I just found out I am pregnant, my husband and I are both ready, but I feel very anxious, I will be seeing my doctor tomorrow. This is my first pregnancy. Anyone else felt anxious about their first pregnancy?


Definitely you don’t know what to expect!

Very normal. I’ve always been anxious through all three of mine lol. Talk with your doctor about your concerns and you’ll feel better :heart:

Always!! Use hubby for comfort as much as needed. First week home is the hardest imo. Around day 4 you’ll want help so you can actually get a night of sleep

Completely normal. I’ve had 5 and I got nervous every time. You’re a mother you will be anxious the rest of your life.


Congratulations :blush: Yes, and my second. Being anxious is normal. Your hormones are raging, it’ll subside some as you go throughout your pregnancy but mine always comes back towards the end. I’m 2 weeks away from having my second and I’m so anxious.

Yes I did! I felt anxious about a lot of things all the way through. Totally normal :hugs:

Very normal, I was anxious throughout all my 5

Lol if you weren’t nervous I would be more worried ! I’m 26 with three, i had my first at 17 and I’ve made it this far so I have all the faith in the world in you :grin: you’re going to do great :two_hearts: kids are the best part of life and I believe that with every piece of my soul.

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I definitely am this is my first I’m almost 15 weeks and still nervous excited every emotion

Yes! We tried for 2 years and I was still so scared and anxious. It’s so normal!

I’m currently pregos with my first baby as well and not going to let I’m anxious all day everyday.

Perfectly normal to be anxious you will be fine.

Let me give you one small piece of advice. All babies are different, so baby advice is NOT one size fits all what works for one baby does not work for others.

Good luck


Very normal, congratulations :heart:

Yes the entire time lol just remember you really can’t control much, what will happen will happen. Try to enjoy it and not your anxiety ruin this experience for either of you.

Yes girl …I’m abt 4months now …and the anxiety is dying down a little …I was hugely concerned abt hurting myself at work…I’m a cna …I am absolutely terrified of giving birth …I’ve been an emotion wreck and sick up till now …but thank God for my man …he has done more than put up with me :two_hearts:just try to take it easy !

With every single one lol.


Ive been anxious since I found out I was pregnant with my first son 22+ years ago. Im always anxious now worrying about my kids.


Totally normal hun. I felt extremely anxious though out my entire pregnancy with my first and now again with my second (I’m currently 9 weeks). My best advice is that it will take some adjustment and every baby is different. At the end of the day, do what you feel is right for you and your family. Also, it is not a bad thing at all to reach out for or accept help from family, friends or even a therapist if needed. You will do amazing mamma! Congrats to both you and your husband!! :purple_heart:

You will be anxious the rest of your life , lol Congrats :confetti_ball:

You will feel AAAALLLLLLL kinds of stuff the next few months lol

Welcome to Motherhood ! The anxiety hasn’t even got started good yet !

OMG yes… The weeks following the day I found out I just couldn’t believe it. I used to say to myself “Like what if it isn’t mine” lol and be worried until I was literally sick. You’ll be ok once it sets in. Congratulations!!

I was very nervous at my first appointment. I asked the doctor to do an ultrasound just to make sure there was a baby in there and not just a hysterical pregnancy. (I wanted a baby for over 10 years and thought it would never happen because multiple doctors said i would never get pregnant )But She did and i saw my tiny baby the size of a pea and then i started crying because it just all washed over me.

I was anxious both of my pregnancies. Honestly more so with my second then my first. It’s totally normal in my opinion.

I think it’s normal… I experienced a lot of emotions with all of mine but mostly my first. You are changing, your life is changing! Don’t stress to much, I’m sure you will be a wonderful mother to your new blessing! :heart:

Totally normal! This is my third and it never goes away! After you see the baby doing good on ultrasound you will feel better! Good luck

Girl I don’t think there is anyone that didn’t feel anxious about their first pregnancy. You got this! Enjoy it.

I always tell my friends who are expecting that it would actually be more concerning if you WEREN’T anxious. It goes with the territory.

Definitely normal! I’m pregnant with my 2nd and I’ve been anxious too! And it won’t go away :joy::sob:

Every “happy, sad, mad, crying, anxious, scared” etc. feeling you have, transmits to baby. So you might want to consider controlling yourself! :hugs:

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On my second pregnancy and I’m just as anxious as I was with my first lol

You’ll be anxious for all your pregnancies it’s mum instincts kick in :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m on my third pregnancy and I still worry

Just like every mother, ever! Tell your Dr how you feel

Perfectly normal to feel anxious. I’m pregnant with baby #7 (miscarried my 1st baby) and I still get anxious

I tried for my baby for 5 long years. 5 years of crying and asking why. And then finally happened, and I still felt so anxious!!
Totally normal, your life is about to change forever. :two_hearts:

Completely normal ! You’re hormones are going crazy right now, your body is changing. I was nervous with all of pregnancies :heart:

I was so anxious that I carried a paper in my pocket where I had written the chance of miscarriage every day for the first 12 weeks. That paper was constantly in my pocket and I looked at it often to see the chance go down every day. Probably sounds crazy but it helped me.

Aww it’s natural to feel anxious,there are so many horror stories online. Try to relax,you are gonna be amazing parents! You are feeling a million emotions and hormones it is natural you are feeling this way. Speak to your doctor for reassurance if you feel you need to though,none of us are doctors xx

My anxiety reached new heights after becoming pregnant with my son. I’ve had to learn how to manage. But I believe this is a biological response to becoming a mommy! I believe that when we are anxious and worry, it’s God’s way of ensuring we are watching out for our little ones and anticipate any danger that might hurt them! Trust in Him and pray. :pray:

Very normal!
Personally pregnancy was hell for my body and mind…
Just think of it this way, in nature, with no knowledge and Google, that anxiety would likely be a way to get us to prepare a safe home for the baby… So try not to stress too much…

Congratulations first and foremost! It’s a beautiful thing. I’m pregnant with my 4th at 40 and I totally get the anxiety and nervous thing. It’s natural to worry. Having children makes you think of things in a completely new way. Just always be real about your feelings, take deep breaths, talk to the little one in your belly and enjoy each and every moment. You’ll be a great mama!!! Best of luck. :two_hearts:

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I had my fifth child in November and I felt anxious every time. There are so many decisions, unknowns and what ifs you can throw in the picture. I felt it more for my first (healthy) and my forth (born with special needs). You can reach out to other moms for support.

I felt the same with my first. My mom reminded me what an amazing job I did with helping her with my younger sister. My sister then stayed for 2 weeks helping. Then watching her with my son, I knew then and there I would be ok!! You can do this momma!!! All of us mommas got your back!! :raised_hands::muscle:

Congratulations! Yes, I was very nervous/anxious with each pregnancy (3), but especially the 1st because everything is so new. You, your body, & your relationships will change. My tips drink plenty of water, remember your body was made for this, & enjoy/embrace it all.

Giiiiiiiiiiiirl! Wait until you have that baby! Your anxiety will be at its highest. It is absolutely normal to feel that way. You’re going to be a great mama!

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My first is 3 weeks old and frankly I was terrified. It got worse after he was born, but about 2 weeks in the anxiety calmed down a lot. I still feel a little now but it’s not nearly as bad. It gets better.

Congratulations! It is normal. I was anxious the whole time. I was told I might not be able to get pregnant so when I was pregnant it was that fear of all that could go wrong. Ready pregnancy books and talking to moms really helped. Think positive, dont do too much, be careful, have fun and enjoy the moment while you’re pregnant. So excited for you and your hubby!

Course it is, so many things go through your head, I was convinced my pregnancy test was lying and when I went for my scan I thought they was going to tell me there wasn’t a baby there :rofl: of course there was, but I felt anxious throughout, mainly thinking how the hell am I going to give birth when I’m such a wimp!

Yes it’s normal you have a gazillion emotions running through you right now and pregnancy puts your emotional meter at a different level lol relax love you will be fine congratulations to you both embrace this blessings to you

I was like that with my last he is #7 but got me and my husband buy surprise I thought I was going through menopause but nope I was pregnant and my entire pregnancy I was very anxious so it’s ok to be like that just tell ur Dr. He or she might give u something don’t worry it’s ok and congratulations on ur bundle of joy

It’s super fine to be anxious. If you provider has it you can always talk to a therapist who specializes in anxiety or just ppd.

Yes normal it’s a beautiful journey especially when its your first try to take it easy but anywho congratulations to you and your family

Ok so I have two girls (2.5 and 1.5) and I’m pregnant with my third baby girl and I’m still anxious about the first two lol it’s completely normal. Parenthood for me is series of “winging it” moments bc each pregnancy, each child, and each day is completely different and you never know what’s going to be thrown at you. It’s extraordinarily hard BUT it’s also completely awesome and more than worth it.
And at least you and your husband are somewhat prepared! My husband and I went with the less traditional route and were completely unprepared (but ridiculously excited) when we found out I was pregnant. Not just the first time but the second time too :joy: this time it was just like “Oh hey I’m pregnant again”

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Anxious about all of them. Lol. It’s normal. Best quote about being a parent is becoming a mother means carrying your heart in the outside of your chest


I am the father of 3. I know i didn’t give birth to them, but i think it’s natural to feel anxious. Just try to relax, everything will be ok. My son’s are adults now with kids of there own and i wouldn’t change a thing.

I was scared the I was going to lose my baby til it was born, I had no reason to feel that way but I did. Not being able to see your baby or not being able to be constantly reassured is so hard and scary and that’s completely normal

OMG if you are ever going g to feel anxious it is over bringing a life into the world. You might be mistaking this for excitement. It is so exciting. Enjoy and congrats x

I’m on my 3rd child and still anxious lol. Unfortunately it comes with the territory. Try to sit back, put your feet up and listen to some music. The less stress and anxiety the better.

This is perfectly normal. Most things are! Keep the Attitude one day at a time. And take it one day at a time. If your meant to have morning sickness (normal) if no morning sickness (normal). You get the idea. Enjoy every second.

I have 4 kids and every pregnancy was anxious! It’s totally normal.

Bound to be nervous its normal. Our emotions are heightened whilst pregnant. Goodluck. Xx

I did. It’s totally normal. I was even anxious about my 2nd. But, I’m an “older” mom, too (33 and 36).

It’s my second and I’m more anxious this time. Mostly because I’ve never left my daughter overnight and I know I’ll have to for at least one night.

I did it is normal to feel that way I was anxious and terrified with my first child. And I am currently pregnant with my second little one and I feel more anxious with this one than I did with my first.

Well I have 9 children and not every pregnancy was the same I kinda think I might be sorta of an expert and honestly I was anxious with them all

Absolutely normal. I’m 10 weeks with my 4th baby, 7th pregnancy. I’m still anxious. Every day.

Yeaaaah lots of changes , not sure what to expect, is/will everything be ok with bubs , omg I’m gonna be a parent and it goes on and on .

I’m 22 and pregnant with my first baby, I’ve wanted this little boy for so long but now that it’s actually happening it’s nerve wracking but I know when i see him for the first time it’s all gonna go away

Yup… it’s completely normal, my eldest is now 5 and I’m still anxious xx

I felt anxious with all 5 of my pregnancies lol it’s completely normal

I’m having my 3rd and I’m totally anxious! It’s 100% normal! And you will feel 1000 other emotions too! All totally normal unless it gets to a point where it’s out of control for you or when people around you are starting to worry :slightly_smiling_face: congratulations! It’s the best thing in life you could ever do!

My daughter is 11 and I am still super anxious qbout her.

Yes! I had four and anxious about every last one.

Absolutely because I was nervous of the unknown and if something I never had to experience before

Terrified with all 5 of my pregnancies. It’s normal sweetheart, I promise.

Yes it’s normal. Mine is 15 mo and I don’t think you ever stop feeling anxious and worrying about them

Someone told me once “the safest place for your baby is when they are in your womb”; never forgot that!

Don’t forget the scary dreams in which something is wrong with your baby,its all those normal pregnancy hormones messing with you.

My grandma use to say they dont feel as good coming out as they did going in

I was anxious and scared and worried about everything. Its perfectly normal. Just make a list of questions for your dr in between visits and ask away when you’re there

Bless you… now that you’re a mom,
It’s amazing beyond belief the journey you have now entered…
But worry and anxious,
You will most likely always be!!!:upside_down_face:

Yes with your first pregnancy and child every mother overthinks,overbuys,and overdoes everything. I think every mother is like this.

Yes … it is normal … but the world in general is an anxious place right now … try to have a homebirth if you can.

It’s normal especially for the first, you want everything to go well, baby to be healthy, and have a smooth pregnancy. Every mother worries :heart:

It’s the not knowing, is what made me anxious after the first one I was fine

I’m on my forth and still anxious. Its normal.

Very normal but if you feel excessive emotion after birth go to your doc or gynae

Im on my 4th and terrifeid its normal and it takes time to adjust but you do

Yes 11 year ago like but completely normal

Even more with the second one cause I didn’t think I could live her as much as my first, no problem.

Jessica is that because you’ve heard the stories about 2nd children. Lol

Sure did especially after years of being told I mostly likely would never get pregnant and at 36 it happened, my husband had just turned 51. The best thing I did was not read baby manuals and stayed off the internet. Just had conversations with my Dr. about my pregnancy, just like children no two are alike. Good luck from a mom of a crazy, healthy, happy 6 year old boy!

Omg. Of course. That’s so normal. Advise (that you didn’t ask for😂) books help. What to expect when you’re expecting was my savior.

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Yes. Its normal you are a new mom. You will be ok .Good luck

Omg… so normal :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, I’m still anxious and my daughter is nine

100% normal. Congratulations!! If it’s starts to feel overwhelming, talk to your doctor. But yes, we all feel that :wink:

Yes, hoping its only anxiety.

Yes of course it’s normal
I was anxious with both my pregnancys. But u will be fine don’t worry