I am really struggling with morning sickness: Advice?

Hi, I want to ask for tips I am 6 weeks pregnant and have been suffering from morning sickness for seven days straight, the past two days can’t stomach even water down. I have tried lemon ginger candies, and they made me throw up, iv done crackers, Gatorade chicken noodle soup, and still throw up. I ate a vegetable stew, and that didn’t go well either. I am asking here since the emergency room said they wouldn’t look at me for this reason and I called my doc twice and can’t see me either until a cancelation pops up, so I’m desperate for DIY remedies and how it worked for you all


Saltine crackers always helped me.

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Try the preggie pops…I think Target and Amazon sell them. They helped a lot when my daughter was pregnant

I had HG. The only thing that helped me was zofran. I understand how much it sucks. At this point it’s more important that you stay hydrated. 1 tablespoon of water ever 10-15 minutes. Or maybe try ice pops. Good luck

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Jello and Sprite (sip it)
Crackers before u get up. Worked for me.

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Apple Juice makes me feel better when I’m nauseas. I’m in my 2nd trimester and still no appetite :persevere:

Maybe dramamine I think it is safe and keep trying clear and bland like the brat diet maybe, bananas, rice, applesauce, toast…jello, broth…pedialyte instead if Gatorade…you will eventually find something that works , just don’t give up, sorry your so miserable and uncomfortable, going with out nourishment can be so exhausting…i hope you find relief soon.

Mints helped me when I was sick with a blockage !! Sending prayers your way !!

Dry bread and mild cheddar cheese. I literally lived on this through my pregnancy. Keep it by your bedside at night and have a nibble if you feel nauseous
And first thing when you wake up. Usually the sickness is due to low blood pressure and low blood sugar and you need to keep both in balance .

Banana, mint tea, chew mint gum, eat smaller meals throughout the day, breaky, lunch and dinner smaller meals. An empty stomach makes it worse. It’ll feel like your eating all day :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I know this sounds weird, but proteins and sometimes sweets helped me with my first pregnancy…I ate burgers (in this case, In-n-Out burgers) to curb nausea. My second pregnancy, it was enchiladas (carbs) and grapefruit… As you try to eat, pay attention to what relieves the nausea…I never even liked grapefruit.

Sea bands they are for motion sickness but will help . Cvs , Walmart most drug stores carry them

I used sour candies and lemon juice. It helped with the morning sickness

Peppermint. Steer clear of mixing sprite and bananas. It will make you ill even if not pregnant. Ice cream and popsicles.

Motherhood maternity (if you dont have one locally try online) had pregnancy suckers that help. I had the all day sickness too so badly I needed Zofran to stop the puking. I would have them next to the bed and as soon as my eyes opened I had to pop one or else I’d be horribly sick!!!

My bff had similar problem. Her mom bought her prenatal without iron and her morning sickness and bubble stomach stopped after a couple days. Some women can’t take extra iron in there diet while pregnant

Wal-Mart has something called preggie pop drops I havent had any morning sickness with my pregnancy but my friend bought those and said they work

Popsicles became my best friend until it subsided for me and anti nausea meds!

Ginger Ale and any food that doesn’t have much seasoning/smell to it. Your HCG levels must be high at this early, don’t be surprised if you find out your having twins or triplets :blush:

Ginger Ale and any food that doesn’t have much seasoning/smell to it. Your HCG levels must be high at this early, don’t be surprised if you find out your having twins or triplets :blush:

The fact of it is things aren’t staying.down u call your doctor and demand u see.him or her morning sick ess can vary I found lying down helped me the thought of certain foods bothered me nothing fried forget it but try n.getna hold of your doctor drink.lots of water until the good luck

Ginger tea eased my morning sickness, but ultimately I was prescribed Zofran. Mint also helped. Try to avoid anything sweet or basically anything with flavor.

The only thing i could stomach my first trimester was frozen Gatorade and pretzels

Try ginger ale or warm sprite and saltines

I also had really bad morning sickness with my fist pregnancy, to be honest nothing really helps try eating really small portions sipping on water every 10 min to stay hydrated and stay away from any type of heavy food. Try ginger ale, apple sauce, jello and fresh fruit.

eat at midnight whenever u feel hungry… in india we eat handy sweet besan laddo or any healthy instant energy giving thing… empty stomach gives u nausea more. ask dr for tablet may b it can help.
and its ok not to brush in morning if it can give you feeling of vomiting

My ex sister and law and a old co worker of mine couldn’t keep anything down… Their doctors were able to prescribe nausea pills and it helped. Ask your doctor of this could be an option.
My morning sickness wasn’t too bad. But it did last until I was 22 weeks! Good luck

Children’s pedialyte on crushed ice. Sip slow.

Smaller more frequent meals. My dr recommended to wear sea bands. 1/2 Unisom tablet tablet at night. And b6 vitamin. Before taking zofran daily.

Red Raspberry Leaf tea.

Ice pops or popsicles!

I just dealt with it but glad to know there are things.

Oh my…many yrs ago I too had constant all day morning sickness to the point where i weighed in @ 107 @ 6 months- every pregnancy…my wonderful ob told me a handful of dry frosted flakes cereal…it worked…he also said take a toke of canabis to stimulate the appetite and calm the nausea…but eat good food, not junk…Good luck

High amounts of vitamin B’s (like tomato juice) after you take a zofran

Mint gum or ice to keep hydrated atleast

Chilled watermelon, peppermint tea (black) and if you can get things like eddoes and sweet potatoes just boil and add a little salt to taste.

Chicken broth (any kind of broth nothing in it), jello, toast, rice, apples and bananas. Pedialyte (I liked the frozen pops). Gingerale. Smelling lemons or peppermint helped with nausea. Green tea, chamomile or peppermint tea.

Do you have a craving for any type of food or drink.??. 7 up at room temp with nibbled of whit soda crackers is good. No eggs or smell of eggs as that will cause you to throw up. Take small sips of 7 up and it does help lessen nausea. Nibbling on cheese also helped me. Perhaps milk toast will help. Tear up a piece of unbuttered toast into a bowl. Add a few sprinkles of sugar and just enough milk to cover the toast. Eat slowly. You need to keep hydrated thus gator aide is good but 7 up will be better tolerated. Best of feeling better to you.

Teas as suggested are excellent to help with nausea.

You need the doctor to understand how serious this is for you. I was the same with my first child. I was sick 24/7 and my doctor told me he would put me in hospital if I couldn’t keep anything down. It’s a real medical condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. I was sick my entire pregnancy but during my second trimester I wasn’t as sick as the first. Good luck.

Best to go to your antenatal care g.p there’s a tablets that you can stick under your tongue and it desolves , however you’ll need to drink heaps of water, i was bed bound for the first trimester plus having a 3year old was not fun , but sleep when you can

Peppermint or ginger tea. Sip slowly. Also get in your dr ! That’s BS that they don’t have time for you

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Go to the doctor nothing will help if your that bad I struggled for nine months with both of mine nothing worked now they medication for it

Ginger helps with that

2.5 to 25 mg of Vitamin B6 per day good luck not a good feeling at all

Tea and light dry toast

When i could eat NOTHING ob said try slim fast, it is the one drink with the most nutrition for baby. I did this with promethazine & got by.

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take your prenatal vitamins at night and little sips of sprite and club crackers when you first wake up -good luck

Hot GINGER TEA every morning on an empty stomach. Bear in mind, that i didn’t say GINGER ALE. If you can find GINGER ROOT at the supermarket, wash, and grate it and let it steep for at least 10mins (or boil.) Add a little sugar and sip very, very hot. It’ll stop you from vomiting, as long as it isn’t a serious issue. If you can’t find GINGER ROOT, then try drinking cold GINGER BEER, in the bottle, not the can. Hope this helps!

Pedialyte if you can keep it down. If your throwing up that much you will dehydrate yourself.

Fritos were my go to. I’m not sure what it was about them but they worked wonders. Also if you take prenatal vitamins try taking them before bedtime. I found they often brought on nausea.

Nauzene and Sea bands saved my sanity with my 3rd son.


Literally nothing worked for me until my dr prescribed me a medication. I lost weight through my first and beginning of my second trimester because I was so sick! I hope this doesn’t last long for you. Good luck mama :sparkling_heart:

The only thing that helped mine was regular Coca Cola and peppermints.

Zofran and unisom at bedtime. That combination was a game changer for me. I wish someone had told me about it my first two pregnancies.

My big sister told me when I got pregnant with my first that she drank regular mt dew for her morning sickness and its worked for me through 2 pregnancies! I know its not healthy or recommend but it works🤷

They also make bracelets for morning sickness releif

Eating fresh nice cool food like watermelon and melon helped for me even plain toast try drinking under armor drinks. Good luck!

It could be HG I had it twice Zofran helps.

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My doctor recommended taking vitamin b-6 or unisom whenever I had mine.


So i same boat but further i find unhealthy works better atm and try the nausea med but i find it puts me to sleep but worth a shot but i deff suggest unhealthy things

How about watered down ginger ale?
Is there any possibility that you’re having twins? When I was pregnant with twins the sickness was double from my singular pregnancies and I was sick day and night as well.

Doctors for my girls I had to have anti nausea medication nothing else worked I was sick the whole pregnancys with them also keep food by your bed like crackers and water so if you wake up in the middle of the night hungry you can nibble on them don’t eat fast take it really slow and also congrats mama

I got seabands and put them on the pressure points. They really work you can find them in the pregnancy section in target. And the prego pops are helpful. After that it would be asking your obgyn to get you a prescription for it

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Unisom and vitamin B6. If your doctor will prescribe zofran it really works.

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Vitamin B6 and ginger capsules. Look up dosages online but that’s what my doc said to try first for me. If you are dehydrated then yes an emergency room should see you to help give you fluids. You also might try the Body Armor electrolyte drink- that was a life saver for me.

Eat what you crave couldn’t keep anything down not even water but glazed donuts and red licorice I could …lol

Milkshakes. I have stage 4 cancer, and cannot eat a lot of times, but milkshakes go down good and stay down.

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have you tried the electrolyte drinks?

Go to your dr. It sounds like you have hyperemis. If you dont go in now you’ll end up in the er with iv fluids. I have it and im 12 weeks 2 days and it blows

I had it until the day I delivered with both my girls. Peppermint and coffee kinda helped. I’m sorry hang in there

You sound like me. I ended up getting diagnosed with HG (Hyperemesis Gravidarum). I’ve spent my entire pregnancy on Zofran to control nausea and even then it doesn’t always work. I’ve been in and out of the ER for IV fluids because I could barely keep water down. Unisom and B6 did nothing for me. Neither did ginger or other remedies people usually recommend. Even with a diagnosis people still try to recommend I try peppermint or ginger and it makes me want to scream at them…lol. People who don’t have it don’t understand. For some it’s so debilitating that women consider terminating the pregnancy because of malnutrition and even depression. It’s rough to deal with. Some women even need a pic line of nausea meds because it literally sucks the life out of your body. There’s not a lot known about it except it’s genetic and there’s no real cure except finding a med that works for you. A lot of doctors won’t even diagnose it or look at your funny but don’t give up because it is REAL and it is DEBILITATING. Stay strong momma :heart:

Try these they help a ton

I suffered like you cannot believe with all 4 of my pregnancies, my first however was so bad that I lost 45 lbs in the first trimester. Nothing worked except, freezies and French fries with salt. Best of luck. Try not to get to worried

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Try ginger biscuit or try bands round wrist for motion sickness good luck xx

Eating ice chips and peppermint help me

When you wake up in the morning say laying down and try to eat either a few saltines or unbuttered popcorn that should help

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Try watermelon! I’m currently 7 months pregnant and have been horribly sick the entire time, watermelon helps with hydration and has been proven to help with morning sickness to an extent. Fruit is really the only thing my daughter let’s me eat

Unisom at night not the gel ones. It helps for in the morning

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I was the exact same way around that time. I thought I had the flu, I was sicker than I’d ever been. It started slowly going down after about 2 weeks. I wish I found something to help

You’ll definitely want to see if they can try to fit you in. I’m just over 13 weeks and have Hyperemesis Gravidarum and have been admitted to the hospital twice for IV meds and fluids. Ive also been in and out if the ER for meds and fluids. I lost 26 pounds. I have to take multiple meds a day to try to help the vomiting and even in days like today. Nothing works.

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Sea bands they’re at Walgreens idk if it was all in my head but they worked for me. They’re like bracelets that use a pressure point to make you feel better

I lived off of club soda and wheat thins. My OB finally prescribed me an OTC of reglan, which I hated because it made me feel weird, and then Zoloft since reglan didn’t work out. But by that time I was already starting my second trimester and the nausea subsided.

Drinking ginger ale helped me

Take half a unisom tablet and 50 mg of
B6 at night

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scratch a lemons skin and sniff away my dear! the only thing that helped the whole 9-10 months… i got morning sickness 3 or 4 weeks in and it never stopped and ginger and all the tricks never helped… good luck!

Nothing helped me with my first or current pregnancy. I lost weight during the first trimester with both. Couldn’t even keep down water. With the first I ended up in the hospital after they tried multiple meds. The one that finally worked for me was Reglan and I requested it with my second once I ended up having the exact same problems before it got to the point that I needed the hospital. Mine finally subsides once I get into the second trimester. Best of luck!!

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This this this alll day when the ginger doesn’t work I used these pregnant with my youngest, I use em now with motion sickness, sick from sitting in the passenger seat and back seat, roller coasters ALL OF it and my youngest wears them for car rides and hasn’t been car sick in ages. You can buy em at Walgreens target amazon you name it

My doctor called in a prescription for Zofran dissolving tablets and it worked like a dream but otherwise I ate ginger snaps as soon as I woke up

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Oh man, I was there. Right there where you are suffering. My last pregnancy was by far my worst. My daughter is now 22 mo and I’m pregnant with my fourth. Thankfully this one I have not had nausea or vomiting at all.
I was terrified with my last. I thought because I couldn’t eat anything due to sickness that I wasn’t gaining the proper weight. Fortunately I found that ice cream (no complaints) was my savior at bedtime. Nothing absolutely nothing else worked. I woke up I puked. I went to pee I puked. Got dressed puked. Having my girl put a hex on me during those pregnancies. Just like my first girl. Finally at 3.5 mo my dr gave me a catheter with reglan to help with nausea and vomiting. I had to insert a new catheter every 2-3 days into my stomach. Was wearing a “pouch” in order to function. I used this for two months and finally had some relief. Not complete relief but able to eat. You’ll get through this I promise.

Secret news… sounds like you’re having a girl :heart::purple_heart: I say this because they have all those extra hormones that force your body to produce and give… all her eggs 3 million eggs your carrying for your little girl!!! Hats a heck of a lot of progesterone and hormonal changes on your body.
God bless you :hugs:

Sucking on a lemon and snacking on cucumbers and crackers helped me. That was all I could keep down until week 13. I couldn’t drink plain water without it coming up so I would take small sips of sparkling water.

Nothing helped me except meds from the doctor. They worked great. I was hospitalized with 3 of my 4 children because I couldn’t even hold water down. I’ve tried every trick in the book.

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I had to wait until after I threw up to try and eat anything, crackers and ginger ale mostly and I would still throw up. ER gave me phenergan, stopped working after a little while. When I got to around 20 something weeks my dr gave me zofran which helped a little more but not great, I stayed sick until 28 weeks. Preggie pop drops would help sometimes, but it was really hard for a while. I hope you can find something that will help!

Forgot to mention… stay strong. Even if you can’t hold anything down… eat everything you want!!! At least you’ll get something in you. Even if it comes up.

Have the dr call in meds for nasua

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I had morning sickness with my first one all day long for several months. Saltines helped me & eating lemons . Thankfully after 4 months I did feel better. Did lose slot of wt then things settled out & then put on a total of 23 lbs

They have morning sickness drops at walmart in the baby section

Sea sick bands and they have patches for behind the ears to… suck on hard candy like jolly ranchers. Ice chips.

Buck up girl … it could last a long time … usually the first trimester