I am terrified of having a c-section but have an anterior placenta: Advice?

Hi all, first-time mum here, currently 24 weeks pregnant but already worried/thinking about labor. I have an anterior placenta and read that the majority of the time with this, the baby is breech. Have any first-time mums had this? What was the outcome of your labor? I am so terrified of having a C-Section I want to avoid it at all cost! Are there any tips or tricks to ensure the baby is in the right position for normal birth? Thanks


I’m not a doctor but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

I did with my second son and he was natural only problem I had was him becoming stuck and the doctors having to break his collar bone because his oxygen began to drop

They told me I was going to have an emergency c section b/c my baby was breached. Thankfully, I was able to birth naturally and him breached. Its your body, your baby stand your ground anything can happen you still have a ways to go and he can always flip just pray on it i have a friend who prefers csection over natural too

I had this with my daughter, first child and had a natural birth, she was turned and head down at my last scheduled ultrasound. Only odd thing was she came out face up which bruised slightly but other than that was 15mins of pushing and she was out

I had an anterior placenta and my baby was not breech, but she was sunny side up. My labor was long (26 hours), hard, and painful (white-hot back labor), but I did not need to get a c-section.

I had to have an emergency csection and it was also my first baby. I was supposed to have a normal birth but I was in labor for almost 24 hours but my cervix got swollen and my dialation went from 7 to 5 and my daughter was starting to go into distress. A csection is a last resort but if it happens it’ll all be worth it in the end when you get to see your baby!


I had an anterior placenta with both pregnancies. My first went smooth, she was head down and good to go.
But with my son we realized at 30ish weeks he was breech. They told me they would monitor it and consider turning him with whatever that is called. I was a nervous wreck thinking about having it done or a possible c section.
Luckily for us he flipped himself around 38 weeks. Give it time!

I had an anterior placenta woth my daughter. She was a planned c-section and it was amazing. Baby #2 is due in February. Again, I have an anterior placenta. I am signed up for csection #2.
If you do have to have one they are’t terrible. I honestly wouldn’t want to do it any other way.

My water broke at 40 weeks but still ended up with a csection. My cervix didn’t dilate past a two. So 22 hours later they prepped me for a csection. I chose 3 more c sections, one with each child. Healed easily and bounced back pretty quick.

Had it with one of mine and was not breech, had 3 sections and one natural id pick c section if i had the choice now, please dont worry i was petrified too and all 3 was fine xxc

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I had a anterior placenta but as I became farther along my placenta moved where it was suppose to be.

I had an anterior placenta with my first born and was able to have a natural birth. My doctor and midwife never mentioned there being complications or suggest a csection and by 36 weeks he was already head down and was delivered at 39 weeks. He was born not breathing for a full minute but it was caused by stress and how quickly I pushed him out.

Three daughters and three anterior placentas. All normal births (first was sunny side up and crazy painful) but the other two had no issues whatsoever

My granddaughter had to cesarean . She was too big for her tiny momma. Kenz was afraid at first, but so glad it happened that way.

I currently have an anterior placenta and my baby is already head down at 20 weeks. My sister also had an anterior placenta and delivered naturally.

had 3 c section easier than labor

I have had two its not bad at all. I opted for a second one immediately first appointment. Dont be scared. I tried to go home nex t day but they said no but was only there 2 days.

I had an anterior placenta with both of my kids, my first turned head down on her own, my 2nd spent most of my pregnancy transverse (diagonally with head under right ribs). The morning of my scheduled version he decided to turn himself head down 10min before the procedure started. No c sections needed. The only impact the anterior placenta position had for me was being able to have others feel the kicks in the beginning.

I have an anterior placenta. 33weeks pregnant and baby is head down

Anterior placenta emergency c section mama here! My baby was back to back chin up not on chest. They made the decision for c section because my labour was not progressing. During my pregnancy I was terrified at the thoughts of a c section but in that delivery room I was begging for one :sweat_smile: just my experience! I had my catheter removed after 24 hours and I was able to walk and move about the room sooner than that. I had my baby before covid so after 6 days from having her I was able to walk around city hall and register babys birth. Coughing and laughing is an absolute bitch tho when recovering from a c section. Sittinup and lying down but it does get easier after 3 to 6 weeks. I bled for 2 weeks after. I hope my experience gives you some reassurance but keep in mind everyones experience is completely different and I wish you a happy healthy delivery :slight_smile: xx

I had an anterior placenta with two put of my three pregnancies and I’ve always gone epidural free and vaginal just fine. None of them were breech or sunnyside up.

Loved having three kids by c section.

My son was breech had a c section and he had to be in NICU for 7 days he was 7 14 at birth

I had an anterior with my daughter and delivered naturally. Didn’t have one with my son and he was an emergency section. Would definitely recommend natural over section if at all possible.

I had an emergency csection almost 35 yrs ago. It was not so bad. My main bummer was I couldn’t drive my stick shift car for a month.

You can’t feel it. It’s an awkward tugging feeling. The incision hurts after but just keep it clean and you will be fine in a week or two.

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C csections aren’t bad at all. I hAd to have an emergency one with my first and was scared but then with my 2nd I opted to have one right off the bat. The only thing I didn’t like was how nauseous i was during/after and with my 2nd the dressing they put over it for the first however many hours…my skin reacted badly to it so I had some bad skin where it was but it healed fast. That actually hurt worse than my incision lol

My first was anterior and I had a natural birth. She was out in 10 minutes, about 8 pushes. Smoothest delivery ever I am certain.

I have had two back to back. Normal healthy pregnancies and normally healthy vaginal births.

My midwife has delivered a few hundred babies all naturally who were breech. It is possibly to vaginally delivery a breech baby.

There are lots of exercises you can do to encourage baby to be head down. Discuss your concerns with your midwife or ob. If they are a good doctor then they will be able to educate you on everything you need to know in order to calm your nerves and best prepare you for labor and delivery. They should also be able to give you a list of exercises to do.

I had an anterior placenta and had a natural birth

I had an anterior placenta and had a natural birth. She was back to back when I was checked at 38 weeks, but by time I had her at 41 weeks she had turned the right way. Delivered her no problem she was out 2 minutes after starting pushing :sweat_smile: I used the gym ball and certain exercises to try and get her to turn around into the right position

I was always terrified of having a c section then my 3rd child was literally about to come out butt first he was folded completely in half needless to say I had to have an emergency c section,I have 5 kids and have had 2 c sections,they are nothing like u would ever imagine,the healing process sucks but the c section itself isn’t bad,u won’t feel a thing

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3 c-sections, 1 anterior placenta,dry baby,and breech …knew them all to be the safest way for both the bub and I. Trust your instincts, talk to your midwife and doctor they don’t do them lightly. Wishing you a safe delivery and a happy healthy baby :heart:

I was told my son was breech but he turned last minute (about a day before I went into labour) they’re smart know what they are doing and only do it when they are good and ready x

An anterior placenta is nothing to be concerned about. It’s very very normal. I had a perfect full term pregnancy, vaginal birth no issues! I will say that you can never plan for a perfect birth. There are many things out of your control when the time comes :two_hearts:


All 3 of mine were and had natural births

I don’t have advice on how to avoid it but I’ma be honest it wasn’t that bad for me personally don’t move around your house furniture and the recovery can be a breeze single mom of 2 c section baby’s but that’s my personal experience never got the chance to experience vaginal delivery so I couldn’t compare but if it comes down to it just go with the flow trust the drs and it’ll be so much more peaceful. First was emergency c section went pretty horrible because the complications that were happening to cause it and I had a bad reaction to the c block but my second (different hospital) I knew it was a possibility if have to get a repeat but tried two days natural anyways when I got to the hospital and still wasn’t dilating past a 1.5 and the contracts were so strong they thought my uterus was tearing so I knew it was about to happen then baby went into distress and off we rushed to the OR as scary as that sounds knowing that the c section could happen brought be time to prepare myself and accept that do when It did happen I could still enjoy the birth of my second got immediate skin to skin and delayed clamping as I requested still and they bought enough time to rush her dad in as well so he got to be there it was still a magical moment for us and it doesn’t take too long at all just like 20 minutes for everything then back to your room with a baby you go haha

I had an emergency c section with my daughter. I know everyone’s experience is different, but, it was SO much easier than the vaginal birth I did with my son. And the recovery from my c section was 100 times easier too. You can pee without a spray water bottle after a C section!! :rofl: Don’t stress yourself out about it. Whatever is going to happen is out of your control and you will be okay! :slight_smile:

I had an anterior placenta with my son and delivered vaginally

I’ve had 2 pregnancys but I had 1 natural 1 c-section but they were face up instead of down but the 1st one they got to turn during a contraction but my 2nd one wasn’t coming down like he was supposed to he kept going up into my rib cage with every contraction but I was in labor so they weren’t sending me home with him till I had him

I actually preferred all my c-sections over my single all natural vaginal delivery lol

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An anterior placenta is fairly common. It shouldn’t really affect the birth to much. I have an interior placenta and my baby’s been head down since 32 weeks.
The only thing it really does affect is the movement you don’t feel it as much because they’re kicking the placenta and not you but as they get bigger that changes because their kicks gets stronger

I had a c-section with my daughter and all I can tell you is push the the pain and get up and move as much as you can those first few days. I had to bc my daughter ended up on iv fluids and to be with her I had to go to the nursery and I say it was a blessing in disguise bc I was pretty much back to my normal movements without pain within a week compared to others I know that took weeks to heal. It will hurt like hell but I promise it’s worth it. I actually plan to have another the next baby I have bc I labored for over 26 hours and never dilated past a 3 and ended up with a uterus infection so to avoid al that my next will be a schedule section. Good luck to you!!

I had 4c sections you will be fine

I have one baby, and ended up having an emergency c section. So I’m gonna talk from my experience.
It was the most horrible thing I’ve been through.
Because I did not dilated, I was given tons of pitosin and IV, I got so swollen, my legs my face, my feet.
The recovery was awful. I had hell day and night, and I was unable to do anything in my own. My mom bathed me for almost 2 weeks.
I’m not trying to scare you but if you need to prepare, you will know how awful can get.
If I had it hard with my mom, my husband and a night help at my beck and call, I can’t imagine someone who doesn’t have help.
After 2 weeks I started to feel a lot better.

Second baby, second anterior placenta. My daughter was transverse the whole pregnancy, but did move to the right position in time. I’ve never heard of that.

I had an emergency C-section and a Vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean) with my son I had an anterior placenta which didn’t affect anything other than I didn’t feel him kick until about 23/24 weeks, between the placenta and being a bigger girl. So, nothing much there. He was breech BUT it was due to the fact that I had an incompetent cervix and I went in for an anatomy scan at 25 weeks and ended up on bed rest in the hospital because I was 4.5 cm dilated and my amniotic sac was bulging out. He was breech because his feet were stuck in the bit of sac that was bulging out. The C-section was not bad and as soon as I could get up to walk, I was up and going. It’s the best thing you can do for it aside from keeping up with meds. Good luck to you and your little one!

I didn’t get the chance to have a vaginal birth, I knew from the get go bc I have epilepsy I was going to have a c-section, bc they did not want to chance me going into a seizure from natural birth.

I was so excited about my baby, that I didn’t care how he got here.

As long as the nurses were bringing my medicine in when they were suppose to, moving around and walking and whatnot was a breeze.

I stopped taking the medicine the same week and just kept myself moving so I wouldn’t stiffen up.

My best advice, walk as soon as they will let you. Have a shower. And take your medicine when you are suppose to. Don’t just lay up, because your body will stiffen and you will hurt.

I thought anterior placenta was a common placement for a placenta because I have it with this baby and the baby is fine but he is flipping back from breech to transverse I’m 33 weeks

Hello! I have a nearly 4 year old (Christmas Eve baby) and I had an anterior placenta with her plus she was breech until just a few weeks before her delivery and then she moved! I delivered natural after 16 and half hours of my waters breaking and honestly it was fine, I did however need to be cut to help get her out and a good few stitches which hurts during healing more than actually being cut but if you baby ends up breech they have plenty of time to move so I wouldn’t worry at all! I’m currently nearly 26 weeks pregnant with my 2nd (a little boy) and my placenta is anterior again but from my own experience and what midwifes have told me this doesn’t affect anything apart from feeling kicks less early on…now I feel his kicks very strong as the more my pregnancy progresses! Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and Labour :grin:

Having an anterior placenta doesn’t mean you will definitely have a breech baby. Also if you do have a breech baby there are several ways you can turn bub. Some exercises and positions to get into. Search up spinning babies if it comes to that.
And, a c section may still even happen due to other reasons. Discuss your concerns with your maternity health provider.

They can attempt an external cephalic version if baby ends up breech. They try to turn the baby from the outside. They tried for me but babygirl wouldn’t stay head down. I ended up having a c section. The healing process is rough and takes some time. Sleep in a recliner not bed. It’s easier to get up and down. I ended up having another c section 11 months later with my son. You will be okay. It’s scary but you will be okay

I begged my Dr for a c-section. Numb me and take the baby! I have 2 boys and don’t know what a contraction feels like. I knew that by a certain date, my son would be here. No waiting around on my water to break. There are advantages!

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I had a somewhat normal pregnancy but ended up having a c- section and I’m thankful I did. My daughter was faced the wrong way and cord around her neck twice. They said it these words she would have ripped you from hole to hole and pulled your inside down to where we would have had to do a hysterectomy.

I had 2 c sections. The first was an emergency. When it comes down to it you just want them out safe. It wasn’t that bad. I get its not ideal but whatever gets the baby out the safest

With my first baby I ended up having a c-section because I was not progressing past 4 cm. With my second I asked for another c-section. Each time I was already turning down pain meds before I was even discharged from the hospital. The best advice I was given about c-sections was get up and start moving right away. The nurses were all commending me for getting up and walking the maternity ward so quickly. I healed up super quick and my scar is very minimal.

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Even the healthiest pregnancy can end in a c-section. If you need one you need one and there’s nothing you can do to avoid that. At the end of the it’s about getting baby out safely


My first son was breech so planned c section my second was emergency csection and had no issues with either… whichever way is safest for baby and mumma

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I had a Csection. It doesn’t really hurt. It’s the recovery that sucks.

I had a c-section and it wasn’t anything to worry about… never even took a pain pill… just used Tylenol

I had a C Section. It’s fine! Just focus on having a healthy and as close to full term baby as possible. Sending you positive vibes! :baby_bottle::teddy_bear::safety_pin::footprints::yellow_heart::green_heart:

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I had an anterior placenta with my first pregnancy and never heard this. Baby was not breach and I had normal vaginal delivery.

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I had anterior placenta both times and both my babies were breech until 36 weeks then they flipped!

I had 3 c-sections. The first was an emergency, it sucked for several reasons. But the other two were planned and honestly I loved the entire process. It’s not that bad. A few tricks: get moving right away, stay on top of your pain management, let the nurses help you for the first day (don’t try to be super human), and keep your wrap on as long as possible.

Im a first time mummy now 4 year old
I had a c section my little girl was breach there out my hole pregnancy
I had to have an emergency c section due to my little girl heart beat dropping dramaticly c section went well no problems just suffer with real bad back from the epidural

I had an emergency c section and honestly it’s not that bad, the recovery is worse than the procedure and for me personally more so because I had complications after

I had an anterior placenta with my first and went on to have a normalish delivery… he ended up being posterior (spine on spine) and got stuck so needed forceps… this had nothing to do with the positioning of the placenta though
Second baby the placenta was at the back and she was posterior as well, i didn’t forceps with her though

I had an anterior placenta and I had a normal birth. My daughter was never breech and I was told to sit with your knees below your hips as often as possible as it forces the baby into the right position! X

I have an anterior placenta. My son wasn’t breech but was too big to pass through, I never dilated, and had no contractions so my doctor did a c section. I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant and have scheduled a csection but this baby isn’t breech either.

I had a c-section and second baby vback and didn’t want a c-section at all but I trusted and lo ed my doctor TALK SOMEMORE TO YOUR DOCTOR u need to feel comfortable with ur doctor

Ur Baby can be in breech position right up until 37weeks, being early on in ur pregnancy I wouldnt worry too much about how baby is situated. Try to focus on the joys of being pregnancy and leave the worrying until you get to the point of bringing this bubs into the world, ur doctors will see how things are going throughout the pregnancy and will let you know the plan closure to ur due date. I myself had an anterior placenta and it made no difference to the progress of pregnancy or delivery, anterior placenta means the placenta is on the front wall of the uterus that’s it which can be very normal and healthy. The biggest issue with it is that it cushions the babies kicks which means it may just take longer to feel movement earlier on thru the pregnancy and you only start becoming concerned is if the placenta drops towards the cervix .

I had an anterior placenta w/ my first, had a c-section & she was head down from 20weeks til I had her…
My C-section wasn’t bad at all…
Currently pregnant w/ #2 almost 28weeks, another anterior placenta & baby was head down 3weeks ago & having a planned c-section again in February

I had 3 c-sections and they weren’t that bad. Of course I can’t compare them to natural but was up and moving good the next day. You will be fine either way and enjoying your bundle of joy!

I had anterior placenta with my 2nd baby, delivered naturally, no problem, never had an issue with baby being breech or in a weird position. With my 2nd, I went to 40 weeks and 6 days And was induced.

I had a c-section with my 4th. Recovery time is a little longer than natural but it wasn’t awful. Just make sure you have help at home for at least 2 weeks.

I had c section with my son. No problems, anesthesia and dissolvable stitches. I lived to tell the story. Players for safe delivery.

Had an emergency c- section and I too was terrified but everything went good

I had natural, c section and natural. They both had their pros and cons.

I had an anterior placenta with my first. I’ve never heard this though! Mine was head down early and delivered naturally

I’ve had an anterior placenta with 3 of my pregnancies. Never heard of it affecting position. Mine were all head down like burns but I had c sections for other reasons

I ended having an emergency c-section after pushing for an hour and a half with no progress. Just stay calm and you’ll get through it.

I have anterior placenta, 33+4 and little man is already in position.

I had an anterior placenta and my baby was head down. Look at the website spinning babies for tips to have baby in the right position.

I had an anterior placenta, and my son was head down. I ended up being induced 40+1. I did spinning babies dvd several times a week my entire pregnancy though!

I had an anterior placenta with my 2nd child… she wasnt breech… vbac delivery everything was fine.

I had an emergency c section the first time the second time I had it planned

Check out the website “spinning babies”. I also had an anterior placenta and ended up with a natural birth. :relaxed:

I had two c sections no problems. Whatever way is safest for you and your baby❤️

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I had one and delivered vaginal. She was healthy

Mine all flipped at the end

No tips on avoiding but a CSection was my absolute worse fear going into labour! It was the one thing I wanted to avoid and ended up needed an emergency one. I can say it was 1000% not as bad as I thought it would be. Definitely takes a little longer to heal up but the surgery felt like it flew past, so did recovery!

The worst part is anticipating it. Once you are there and getting prepped, things move quickly and you will be so excited to meet your baby! :heart: Healthy babies are best, regardless of how they get here. Good luck.:heart:

I had anterior placenta with both my first and second child. I did not have a C-section. My second turned late, at approx 35 - 36 weeks, in the pregnancy. Both were born at 40 weeks and 3 days. Everybody was good after birth with no complications.

I had an anterior placenta with my 2nd babe- all natural birth and everything was completely fine and normal :heart:
I’m 31weeks with our 3rd and again have an anterior placenta, she’s already head down, and everything has been completely normal again :heart:

Praying for a continued super healthy pregnant and delivery! :heart:

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I had one with my second and still a completely natural and safe delivery! :heart: Due to the shape of my cervix, all of my babies turn completely around at the last minute ( I am told and so far, so true ) but even with that we were able to turn them around and everything worked out great! don’t let the internet or stories of others be a source of fear. You’ve got this and if a C-section happens, it happens. I as well as very scared of it and it’s a huge priority for me to not have one but in the end… a safe momma and baby is all that matters. I pray everything goes great and you get the birth you want and a safe momma and baby. :heart:

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Had an emergency c-section, 7 weeks premature, a twin (lost the other twin at the beginning of 2nd trimester,had a prolapsed cord (contractions were cutting off his air, vaginal delivery would have killed him but…we both made it!! Keep that pillow on the belly especially if you need to cough! You and your and baby will be fine! My baby is 33 yrs old!!


All three of my pregnancies were different first one he was breach had a C-section then had two natural births after that the second I had to be induced and the third I barely made it to the hospital three pushes and she was out so don’t worry about labor it’ll be what it’s going to be and doctors and nurses are so wonderful nowadays and knowledgeable on how to make things easier for you