I am terrified of having another c-section: Advice?

I am due in November and am having my 2nd c-section. My first was an emergency due to his heart rate dropping during every contraction. I will have a scheduled c-section this time around and I am absolutely terrified. I have a great support system but every time I express my fears everyone just tells me it’ll be fine and not to worry which doesn’t help much. I’m developing such anxiety thinking about it and really would just like to hear others positive experiences with scheduled c-sections. Tia


I had high anxiety with my second c section! It went great it was so much smoother! You’ll do great just think good thoughts

I have had 3 c-sections. Each one got easier because I already knew what to expect :woman_shrugging:

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I just had my 3rd c section a month ago. My first was an emergency. My 2nd was a scheduled c section and I was terrified! That being said, it was so much better than my emergency c section! Everything was so much better about it!

My first was an emergency and the second and third were planned. I’ll be having my 4th soon.

Nothing will really ease your mind until it’s over but in my personal experience, my planned sections were a WAY better experience than the emergency. Both times so far i was in an out of the OR in a out an hour.

I had a scheduled c-section with my daughter in 2018. It went so well. It was a very relaxed atmosphere

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I’m going on my 3rd on in less than a month. It gets easier. You know what to expect the 2nd time around

When I was having my 2nd baby via c section I swore I was going to die. I had a tough pregnancy full of pain I could barely walk and I was so afraid. The scariest part of the procedure for me was the spinal because my husband couldn’t be in the room but you can’t feel the actual C-section procedure. All you are going to feel is tugging which is awkward but not painful. Take a deep breath. All will be fine. Good luck and wishing you a healthy delivery for you and the baby. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I had an emergency C section with my first and a scheduled with my second. Scheduled one was far easier. I wasn’t drugged up like the first time and recovery was way better overall. The operating room was calmer. Good luck!

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I’m feeling the same as you. Due in December. First was an emergency c section this one will be scheduled and I’m scared.

Following, going to go through the same.

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I personally haven’t had a csection but my mom had 2. Her 2nd (me) was harder because it was an emergency csection where my sister wasn’t an emergency. I would talk to your doctor about your fears and anxiety they can help you feel more calm about it.

My 2nd c section went so much better than my first. I was up and walking around within a few hours. Very minimal pain but I do have a high pain tolerance.

My first was a scheduled C section. Worst part was the needle for the spinal honestly! Having it planned is going to be easier for you this time as you won’t be exhausted from working to have the baby first. My recovery was really not bad at all and I never took any of the prescription pain meds. Was nauseous after the c section but that passed in a few hours. This time I have a plan on how to keep the nausea at bay with baby #2.

If it helps, the second time was a lot easier for me. Healing wise was shorter also because that tissue was already dead.

Loved my scheduled C SECTION.

Mine went smooth. I had went into early labor so I was exhausted after anyway lol. Baby was healthy & so was I.

Is there anyone who does VBACs nears you?

I thought I would have a c-section because I had that with my first, but dilated with my second and ended up with a VBAC.


I’ve had 4 and honestly I think they are easier than the first time.

I have had 2 csections.

My second c-section was so much better than the first.

I was soooo nervous for my second c-section! It felt like my first all over again. It’s okay to be nervous, just remember none of it matters whenever it’s over. And if it does make you feel any better, the healing process is a breeze with the second! Since they’re cutting through dead nerves and tissue, it won’t hurt as bad during the recovery process :blush:

Do you HAVE to have a csection again? Is VBAC an option

I had 2 c-sections long ago just found out I was pregnant again this whole process is way scarier idk why… this one will be c-section to … I’m horrified as well … praying for your peace my due date is November …I’ll keep you in my prayers please do the same for me !

I have had 2. My second one was so much easier to recover from than my first.

In the end, it will be okay, but it is normal to have those fears and anxieties.

It was easier going in the second time around.

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My first baby/delivery was the same as yours, emergency c-section for the same reason. And, just like you I was so nervous and scared with my next child and the scheduled c-section! Well, it went perfectly and we got a perfect baby. In fact I felt “normal” again and no incision pain after just 1 week. I could hardly walk for 6 weeks after the first one and I think maybe because of laboring, contractions and stress. My third scheduled c section also went perfectly and we got a perfect baby! Best wishes, try to relax because it’ll be FINE! :grin:

I’ve had 3 and felt the same exact way the last 2 times :sweat: Its an unpleasant experience, you know what’s coming which can sometimes make the anxiety worse. Honestly the only thing that helped me during the actual procedure was breathing exercises. It slowed my heart rate and truly lowered my anxiety. It’s something to practice. Good luck to you!

It was scary of course. But much less of a panicked rush to get baby out. But c sections are not a breeze in general. Mine went well. Typical repeat. Is vbac not an option for you? Its the route we chose for our 3rd and 4th (last) baby.

First time around for me was horrible i was in so much pain so I was so scared of the second time around but it was so much better the pain was no where near as bad just lots of walking after :blush:

I have had 3 (1st was emergency) the next 2 were much easier! Recovery was much faster and on the up side no laboring

I have definitely felt this as well! My first was also an emergency c-section due to preeclampsia. It took me a while to decide to have another baby because of my fear of another c-section. I was not able to have a vbac because my first c-section was very extensive. My second one was a breeze! I think because I knew what to expect, I was fine. I did have a lot of nausea after but they got it under control quickly. Fast forward 5 years, I was surprised with baby #3! Now that’s when I was really scared! That one went fine as well. You’ll do great and it’s totally natural to feel anxious and nervous about it. Just remember it’s quick and you’ll have your babe in your arms before you know it!

I had an emergency csection with my daughter and then my next was a schedule one. It was alot easier going in I knew what to expect and It wasn’t as painful as my first.

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VBAC and Birth After Cesarean Facts — Evidence Based Support

I had the same situation. Hang in there. It’s so weird the second time when its scheduled. Just have your partner or person with you and focus on them and yall talk through it all and pay the surgeons and nurses no mind until they are talking to you. Mine were talking about their vacations while doing my surgery.

I had an awful experience with my 2nd c section (I’ve had 3 total) MASSIVE panic attack during the whole thing. I thought i was gonna die.

My 3rd was a breeze. I had expressed multiple times to my doctor and the anesthesiologist at the hospital about my bad experience the previous time and everyone was very understanding and caring. Just make your concerns be known and your doctors and nurses and everyone in the operating room will probably be more understanding. Its a good and bad thing knowing what you’re going into. Thats why I was freaking out for my 2nd. If its scheduled its a much easier experience. Best of luck. Im hoping everything will work out for the best

My first c-section was scheduled and I was so terrified and it ended up being so easy, longer to recover but my push experiences with my other two were awful!! My last C-section was emergency because he came at 26 weeks this one was terrifying because of the situation but the C-section part was fine. I almost like the C-section better because if anything was yo happened to the baby, it’s faster and less stress for the baby. You will be fine! Also a C-section forces you to slow down a bit which allows for more down time with your new little one! Congratulations, it will all be okay!

Same with my two! My daughter was diagnosed with bilateral clubfeet, so they deemed it necessary for her to be born via csection! It wasn’t as bad as my emergency csection with my son! They were more prepared for it, in my opinion!

I had 2 c-sections. The first one I thought I was dying. Everytime I stood up I thought my insides would fall out and stayed in the hospital for 3days. The second one was a breeze. I hardly felt any pain and was up walking around the afternoon I had my son.

Im about to have my 4 c section sitting on the table is the most nerve wrecking but i have never been in labor and I’ve heard horror stories of that too at least c section i know what im getting into

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My first c section was exactly like yours an emergency die to heart rate dropping during contractions but I was also about to push so went through almost the whole labor, it was a very rough time emotionally and physically I had to push myself to quickly get better as he was in the NICU but I had a rough painful recovery. Now with my second child it was a planned c section and I too was like you and scared and a bit overwhelmed with the impending date coming closer but I just prayed and kept pushing it out of my mind as much as possible, when the time came I had my support and the drs made me feel better as well it was still scary and worrisome til the dr turned on his music and got to business it went quickly and I had an amazing recovery and best of all was able to bond with the baby afterwards as I wasnt so doped up and worn out like I was with my previous labor.

I had a traumatic ‘natural’ birth for my first and it was awful! Second wad a scheduled c-section and it was so much better! Wouldn’t hesitate to have another (other than the fact we are done with 2!)

I have had 5 my 1st, 3rd and 5th where emergencies and 2nd and 4th was scheduled. My body bounced back quicker after 2 and 4 and i had less pain. The 3 emergencies were horrible honestly.

I felt the same way with my second one. It went smooth and was so easy. I had my day and time went in. They prepped me. Answered any questions I had and within the hour I was in the room having her. It was much better then my first emergency one. It scared the crap out of me and the wait all day trying to have her natural just to end up with a c section.

I’ve had 7 c sections and no issues at all

2nd one is so much easier to recover from I was back to work with light duty after 2 weeks but I was afraid to for my 2nd one its normal my 1st was emergency as well

I would look into a VBAC

Emergency c sections fuck your shit up BAD! PTSD bad. So everyone goes into their planned csection like they’re on death row. But the nurses and doctors and family are all like, “you survived the tough stuff, this will he a breeze.” And good lord were they right! I had my usual bad reaction like 1 day post, but that’s a me thing, not an anyone else thing. But even with my bad reaction, it was easy peasy lemon squeezie! I was up and showering and shaving my hooha with in 36 hours. It was NOTHING like my e-csec. Not even close! It was like going in for outpatient surgery. Wham bam thank you ma’am! Except for the fact I couldn’t sleep for 3 days, it was awesome. Pain was totally bearable. I was ready to walk a mile by the end of the week. After the first one I was still in the hospital on day 5! This time I walked to the park on day 7! Then I quickly realized why that’s frowned upon, but I certainly felt like I was ready until I did it! The first one I couldn’t even hold myself upright until 3 days post partum, and I had to sit for the whole shower. Nah. I was in better shape. Had better sleep. In a better mood. Just so much better. So much.
Deep breath. It is seriously real how much better it is planned! I thought they were all a bunch of no good dirty liars! I swear! They were not.

It will be fine this next one will be a breeze. No worries i have had 3 of them. The first one was scary but the second i was more prepared by the 3rd one i was done… But think good thoughts

The anti-nausea meds are where it’s at! They bring on a calm like no other and bam, baby’s out.

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I laid there and talked to everyone while the dr was taking him out!!

I’m due with my second in September and had to have an emergency c-section when I had my daughter cuz she was a premmie and I had preeclampsia. The doctors have said they’ll try to let me do this one naturally but I’m terrified as well of having another c-section. It’s harder I think because you know what it involves and what you go through recovery wise. Just ready to get it over with either way lol

My baby was breeched (firstborn) so I had a scheduled c-section

I had the best experience!! From the start to end. My recovery was super fast as well…

Everyone’s experience is different. So I wouldn’t think negative your only stressing yourself out even more…

Currently pregnant with my second baby and will be having another C-section…:sparkling_heart:

Good luck mama :kissing_heart:

I had an emergency C-section with my first 16years ago. My second followed the following year and I chose vaginal. Just because the first was a C-section doesn’t mean you have to opt with another C-section. You are by choice allowed to change your mind and have a vaginal if you’re not 100% on board with going through with it x :blush:

Its honestly a breeze !!! Knowing that your having it and no labour ! Yes your sore just like the first but it’s nice knowing your baby is coming right then on thay day lol. I’m due and having my third c section in August and I’m so excited :slight_smile:

Don’t think to much about it I know it’s hard but you’ve got this…
I much preferred my c sections over my naturals :blush:

I had an emergency c-section with my first for the same reason. I scheduled a c-section for my second because my dr said it was safer and I was afraid of having another emergency. The scheduled c-section was so much better than my first. They explain everything before they do it. Don’t listen to all the people talking about v-backs if that’s not the way you want to go. Do what’s best for you and baby.

I’ve bout to have my 5th in august and my anxiety is over the roof. Honestly my first was my worst it really gets easier the anxiety comes because I know what to expect good
Luck mama

I was terrified with my second csection too. My first pregnancy was an emergency c-section and my second child was a scheduled c-section because I was high risk. I think I was more scared about the second pregnancy and scheduled csection because I had time to think about it. Obviously, with my 1st pregnancy being an emergency the decision happened so fast. You will be fine. Don’t think about what could go wrong or the recovery. Honestly, my first csection it took me closer to 4 weeks to feel the best. My second I knew what to expect and I felt really good within the first week or two. Take it one day at a time! You’ll do great.

I will have my third one July 9th they have all been scheduled and all gone smooth. A scheduled one is a lot more relaxed I would guess and more methodically done than an emergency meaning they’re not just trying to rip you open to save a baby. They have the leisure of taking their time and minimizing damage. Good luck

I just went through this same thing! And it was so much easier this second time around :heart::heart::heart: you’ll be great! Had the same problem with my first two with his heart rate, baby number two was smooth sailing my water even broke and I had to go in a few days earlier then scheduled it was pretty anticlimactic actually​:blush:

Is there a reason for the second c?

Don’t do it… Doctors tell you that if u had one all your deliveries after that should be cesarian as well but why? I had one and my two after that were natural and everything was fine. If u keep getting incisions because of c-sections it may be a faster recovery but in my opinion it’s scar tissue and harder to loose the baby belly plus there’s no feeling there… My scar is still “numb” plus you’re drugged up and can’t hold your baby right away verses a vaginal birth

I freaked out also my second time around and honestly it was a walk in the park! And way more relaxed and better then my first one because the first one had so much panic and the second one was way more relaxed and just NOT stressful. You will do great!

My 2nd was so much easier than the 1st.

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I can totally relate! My first c-section was for the same reason…heart rate dropping with contraptions. My second child was a scheduled c-section due to a low lying placenta…I was so nervous leading up to the delivery. The 2nd c-section was a breeze once I got there. Everything was ready for me, and the support from my family there with me, and the staff reassuring me everything would be fine, helped so much. I just had my 3rd, and last baby via c-section 4 months ago. I was actually nervous again, but this time because I was almost 39, and only my spouse was allowed at the hospital with me. The delivery was scheduled and again, a breeze. It was tougher being away from my other 2 children while I was in the hospital, than the delivery. You will be just fine.

I had an emergency c section and it was the best experience ever!! I was up and moving around within a day or two. Try not to stress I know it’s scary.

I felt the same way with my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Its normal to feel anxious. But we all know its worth it once that first cry reaches our ears. But where I had so much scar tissue AND I got my tubes cut out AND high blood pressure, it hurt the worst on my last. I freaked out and had to get oxygen. But after I was back in my room, the doctor told me that i let my husbands fear take over me. He had never been through this since it is our only one together. Just relax and you will be fine!

My first c-section was unplanned and borderline emergent. My second c-section was scheduled, and I feel like recovery was SOO much better the second time around. Also, I found it less stressful, personally, because I knew baby #1 and I had done just fine the first time, even being unplanned. To have it planned the second time was SO much less stressful. More time to prepare, no huge rush, and like I said, recovery was WAY faster the second time around.

I had an emergency C section with my 1st as well (it was a nightmare - my dr was gone so i had some random dr and they didn’t do my epidural right so i had to be put to sleep to deliver). I scheduled my 2nd one, it was so smooth. We went in about an hour or so early, they got us checked in and prepped quickly & I was actually awake and things went without a hitch. Also I thought the 2nd time around I was up and around much quicker (same day) and got discharged a day early because I knew how to get around and do what was needed. Overall, i think my scheduled one was as smooth as butter.

I do see people saying you can do VBAC (vaginal birth after csection) but for me it was too risky. During my 1st i was hemorrhaging & after 26 hours in labor never dilated past a 2 so my body didn’t react as it should have and put baby in major distress & me at risk from bleeding excessively. Do what you think is right for you and baby.

My first c section was an emergency and it was he’ll. Although my second one was planned and it went really well my advice get up and moving as soon as they let you it will hurt at first but honestly within 24 hours I was up moving and in min pain with no pain meds

Had my second 9 weeks ago. I was scared bc my daughter was huge and I was afraid of having another huge baby and possibly tearing. My water broke 2 weeks before my scheduled c section and I was really scared. Turns out the cord was wrapped around my sons neck so it was a good thing I had the c section. I think your second is scarier bc you have a living child and it’s scary knowing something can go wrong. I felt that way. When I say don’t worry, it comes from someone who has experienced the same fear and cried silently the night I left the hospital wondering if it was the last time I would see my daughter. Don’t worry. You will be fine. If you feel off at any point during pregnancy, call your doctor. Ask a lot of questions and don’t feel ashamed about it. You got this. Trust me I have been there.

I’ve had 3 (scheduled) c- sections. Honestly for me the last two were much better then the first. Wishing you the best.

I had an emergency the first time and the second was planed one kind of my baby decide to arrive one week early but still went in Wednesday had her Thursday everything was very controlled I feel I recovered faster then the first time but i was nervous going into the surgery room but then I saw my doctor and she made me feel so confortable you will be fine

ive had two. My second one went MUCH easier than the first, although both of mine were emergency ones. Healing process went much better with the second one as well.

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7 scheduled C-sections the anxiety is always there no matter what trust your Dr and ask questions let them know that you are scared they will listen to you

I had an emergency c-section as well. I became infected and was on a wound vac for 8 weeks. Listen to your body, don’t push yourself. You’re stronger than you think you are!

My 1st was an emergency C-section and I’ve had 2 repeat scheduled ones as well. A planned C-section is SO much easier. You know what to expect all while it being ALOT more calm and routine.

Mine was amazing, so relaxed and calm, there was music playing and Jimmy husband was there the whole time I didnt have to go to recovery alone. It was the best labor experience so much different than an emergency

I also had a emergency csection with my second he had fluid hydrops and they tried everything but his dad decided to stop because they said he wouldn’t have any quality of life sorry I don’t want that to freak you out it wasn’t the doctor’s fault or anything I just want you to have the backstory so I can fully explain anyways I got pregnant two years after with my babygirl I decided to opt for a csection because I didn’t want to risk a rupture and I still had a lot of fears about having a csection I made sure to do my research and ask my doctor’s all kinds of questions ( they were probably annoyed honestly) the day came and I was so excited and terrified I walked in shaking like a leaf it was a very calming environment I was actually shocked at how they were so chill about it but it really put me at ease. They did the epidural and started doing the test to see if I could feel anything and I was like oh yeah I can feel that and she said touch is fine just don’t want you to feel pain so finally my husband got to come back and I was so relieved seeing him. They started cutting I had no idea so I’m over here telling my husband I’m scared it will hurt he’s like they already started😂 so I was like really wow I didn’t even feel it. Probably 5 mins goes by I’m laying there asking " do you see her? is she okay? " I was very very terrified given my background so I just said over and over is she okay is she okay finally she was born I heard her cry and it was just instant relief all the anxiety was gone it felt like the entire earth lifted off my shoulders and I bawled my eyes out I cried more than her cause I was so relieved she was okay they gave her to me I took pictures I got a little weak so I gave her to my husband and the rest of it was pretty fast and all I was thinking about was her and how she was okay. I’ll never forget how much relief and happiness I felt that day

i just had my second on Friday n it was so easy…lol i panicked cause i looked around but i was ok…recovery has been great. the more active u r the better u feel just dont over do it.

My second was easier than the first.

My first was an emergency, the 2nd and 3rd were scheduled. I won’t lie to you. I had a spinal for the 2nd and wasn’t completely numb, so they put me under for the rest of the delivery. No complications after. My 3rd went off with zero problems. My 1st was terrible… i spent 9 days in the hospital with an infection and my incision burst open. So in comparison, the other 2 were just fine. It is very unusual for a spinal not to take. It seems that I have the same issue with novocaine for dental work, so it’s probably me.

My first c-section was also an emergency one. When I got pregnant again I had a scheduled c-section. It went so smoothly. With the emergency one it was rushed and I was scared but the scheduled one they explained everything and kind of took their time. If I was planning one getting pregnant again (I’m not) I would definitely do another scheduled c-section.

You will be fine! A scheduled c section is going to be much less stressful than ur emergency first one. U will be fine! Do not stress! :heart:

I’ve had 3 scheduled c-sections. I had high anxiety with all 3 of them going in and no supportive partner with any of the 3. The first was the hardest to recover from but they are easier the more you have. By the third one I was up rocking my baby that night like I hadn’t just been cut open and a human pulled out of me. As long as you have a supportive partner you will be good and by reading all of the comments here you have support here too! Prayers on a safe delivery and enjoy your new family member! :two_hearts::blue_heart::purple_heart:

My first was emergency and the second was scheduled. I was still scared and worried but I gotta say that it went so much easier and I recovered much faster with the second one

My twins were meant to be a scheduled c section but they came 6 weeks early and it still went really well! Up and walking around the next day, just dont stress.

I had a scheduled c section. It went very smoothly and I understand your fears and they are valid. Just remember your doctor is experienced and trust in him or her. The only trouble my doc had was making the incision larger since my second was 8lbs 1oz and first only 7lbs 9oz. Ask questions and try not to stress. But its ok to have fear just dont let it overtake u

1st c section was an emergency
2nd was scheduled but my water broke the day before
It was a breeze!!! The 2nd is way easier!
Just get up and move around as soon as you can
The sooner you get out the bed and move around the faster you will recover

Anything is better than hard labor

I have had three C-sections the first was an emergency and the last two was scheduled and went so much easier and I seemed to get up and moving quicker with the last two. Praying for you and wishing the best for your family

I have had one emergency c section and two plan c section everything went fine i was scared to but thungs went good

I’ve had 1 emergency c-section, and 2 scheduled. I had the same doctor do all 3. I really had a good conversation with her with my fears and that really helped me. Just had our baby in April. I was super scared and nervous because of the whole virus thing. She really helped me feel confident going in. Thoughts and prayers heading your way. Just take it easy when you start moving around. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You don’t have to feel like a failure asking for help. I became more confident asking for help with this baby which really helped me to not have such bad post partum this time around.

Contact a local Doula. A mom I know had a c-section with first baby but with the help of a Doula she had the second baby by perfectly normal delivery. You will still have your Dr. And nurse. The Doula works closely with you a few months prior to the due date and will be there during the delivery. You actually become close friend’s and she is still helpful after delivery.

I’m gonna be 100% honest with you. I had an anxiety attack before my second and third children and they were both scheduled c sections. It is scary! Your fears are valid. But every c section has been an easier recovery each time.

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I just had my second schelduled after my first was also emergency, just a week ago and it went better than my first! I was so convinced that it would be harder cause I knew it was coming but in reality it went better I was more calm than expected and I think even recovery was better this go around!

My first was an emergency as well. Just had my scheduled 3 weeks and ago and the whole experience was better. Nice and calm, planned. And recovery was 100% better. My emergency c section recovery was awful and LONG. I found myself very anxious before my second as well. But everything went great.

I’m 2 weeks off having my second csection… Last baby was only 18 months ago… I also have had a natural birth… I would gladly have a csection 100 times over as opposed to natural birth… Recovery was way better… It is hard because it’s major surgery still, but it’s definitely something I’d do again if I had to

I too had an emergency csection for my first…the next one that was scheduled was amazing! I knew what will happen and how it will happen and it was sooooo easy! It was the best! My 3rd was scheduled but my water broke and we did an emergency csection again but it was better than the first! Lol

Girl I could have wrote this myself. Exact same scenario including why I had to have emergency c section with my first. 2nd and 3rd were planned c sections. Same I had the most terrible anxiety that I ended up needing oxygen because I was having a panic attack. With my 3rd, I asked for oxygen before They even started and that made a WORLD of difference. It was so easy going and I was calm. That would be my suggestion to you is ask for it beforehand. Hang in there mama!