I am thinking of putting my infant into a single bed: Thoughts?

Personally, I wouldn’t. They move and roll and will roll right off the bed. To risky.

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My biggest concern would be her getting use to sleeping there and then later it be a huge headache to get her into a crib. But really and truly its up to you! If it worries you, don’t. If you think it’ll be fine, do it!


I’m definitely not concerned about co-sleeping. But I’d be concerned about putting the baby on a bed with no sides. Once they start rolling, that’s going to be an issue.


My son slept in my bed from the day he came home from hospital I had no room for a cot I used the Moses basket on my bed as long as he could then at 6 months he was I’m my bed

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Way too young not to be in a crib!!

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No. It’s not safe. They can get stuck between the mattress and the wall and suffocate. Crib or pack n play.

I took side off cot an put up tight next to bed ,I found that helpful as .
Bubs right there can smell you an everyone still has their own space .

We never did co sleeping with her in bed because the week we brought our daughter home a 6 week old had suffocated in their moms bed so we did the play pen and then the crib and sometimes the swing when she was sick but she’s been in her crib since 3 months and we have no problem with her putting her self to sleep and she’s a year old but in couple months we will be having twins and we’ll be doing the co sleeper bassinet we’ve heard amazing reviews on them they aren’t in our bed but close enough they could feel me by them

Great idea!!!:+1::+1:
We did this with my 2nd son.
We did it cause l couldn’t fit in the cot lol
Best way for the whole family to sleep especially so my partner could sleep an work​:+1::+1::heart:
Bed had a rail.
Great idea👍

Do it, itll be safer for her too
I slept with mine the first few months cause they needed that bond from me, but back in those days i was much younger and slept as lightly as a cat, nowadays if i had a baby i dont trust myself to stay still because of how deeply i sleep
Do it mama

My 2 year old has slept in my bed since she came home … So ignore the Karen’s do what you feel best

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Take a side off the cot and push it up against the bed. When you need you can put it back on

One Step Ahead makes awesome full length mesh safety sides. My kids went straight from a crib to a full size bed.

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I absolutely would not put the baby on any bed without safety railing and padding.

My daughter was pretty much always in a double bed she hated her cot

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Never co-sleep. We don’t believe in it. Bassinet next to our bed and he has slept in it since day one,(he is only month old). Then crib either 6 months or when to talk for it

Way too young for a single bed still.

Personally I think it’s too soon

Both my boys had a hard time sleeping in the bassinet. I realize that there is not a lot cushion. I got a lounger that is a lot cheaper than a deck a thon and it fits in the bassinet. It’s also safe to put in the bed. Best of luck.

The only thing I would worry about in a regular bed is when she gets old enough to roll over there may be some suffocation hazards. That’s why cribs or bassinets are recommended for babies.

Everyone is different but Id never want to be the mom or dad that rolled over on my baby suffocating the baby. When you are asleep you might not feel the baby under you. I have known 2 people that have killed their baby accidentally this way. Please be safe.

Crib or pack-n-play only. No blankets. No stuffed animals. A crying uncomfortable baby is better than a dead baby. That’s reality.


Not without safety railings full length. Just do the crib. Your partner and you need the time as well. I did the bassinet bedside for mine until about 2 months and crib after that. If they don’t like it, it makes it hard on you for about 2 weeks waking all night long. If you can make it through, you’ll be fine after that.

Maybe try a next to me crib, they can be attached to your bed, you can have them very slightly lower than mattress so no risk of rolling onto your mattres.

get a bassinet at least. 3 months is too young to be left in a regular bed.

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Way too young u should never co sleep with a child they could die Bc u or they could suffocate smh my son sleeps in his crib or playpen and has since he was born

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A crib mattress for 0-12 months are firm for a reason. To prevent sudden infant death. You are just putting ur baby at risk especially 3 months old!

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I would suggest a pick n play or crib rather than allowing the baby to sleep in your bed or on a mattress next to u. The baby is at risk by doing either. Best wishes to you and your baby.


My twins slept in their bassinets (in my living room while I was asleep in reclining couch.) until was ready w get back in my bed I put them in the crib (3 in 1) a few days in the bassinets to get them used 2 the room then went 2 the crib but I put my pregnancy pillow in it with them until they got 2 big and it made them go right 2 sleep. Made them feel comfy and relaxed.

I would suggest a bassinet by your bed but who am I to judge another parents choice of Method for their baby :woman_shrugging:t3:


As the Pediatrician if there’s any safety concerns but otherwise fo for it

controversial (also from reading comments an emotional) question :wink: I have co-slept with all 5 of mine. If done safely it is fine. The downfall is that it is so hard to get them to sleep a full night without your bed. We have an almost 2 year old and she has taken over our bed, even though she has her toddler bed in our room. I know from passed experience that as soon as she gets her own room and bed she won’t want our bed anymore. Being my last baby I think I will miss the little foot kicking my tummy or the elbow to the eye. These moments are only here for a briefly. So you have to do what is right for you and your family as long as it’s safe and puts the childs needs first. Good luck, hope you find the best solution for you and your family.


Way too young. Get a memory foam crib mattress. More comfortable than a regular crib mattress. Just bought one on amazon for $100 for my godchild

My daughter has slept in bed with me since birth I tried a bassinet she wouldn’t sleep in it we found out when she was about 4 months old that she was blind and she has always needed to feel someone by her. My son sleeps in a play pin which we bought a mattress to go inside it and he sleeps just as good. I’d say maybe try that just to be on the safe side!

My daughter was a couple months old (almost 10 years old now)I had a scary incident where she almost broke her arm by twisting it in the crib. She wouldn’t sleep well in the crib either. So I got a twin mattress put it on the floor between my bed and the wall so she couldn’t roll off. She did very well with it.

Co- :clap:sleep :clap: with :clap: your :clap: baby!


Thinking wayyyy too ahead

I cosleep with my 5 month old. Tried the crib and bassinet and shes just not having it. She has to feel someone there she has had traumatic little life 9 surgeries already. So weve coslept since being home from NICU. I also coslept with my 9yo until she was 4. Both are great there are safe ways to coslept.
Your her mom you know what is best for her!

Take one rail off the crib and bump it up against your bed, so that way the bed is right next to yours, but the baby is in her own space, an area that she can’t roll off of, or get squished by bodies, or tangled in sheets.


I’d check into the better quality crib mattresses or if you do a regular bed get good sturdy rails. Then take the sheet and kinda hug it/rub it on you and her dad to get y’alls smell on it. She feels safe when she can smell you. I’ve had to spray hubby’s cologne on my oldests pillow or stuffed animals to get her to sleep when he wasn’t home. She’s about to be 2 and still cosleeps. My 5m old wants to be held during the day and at night wants to stretch out in her bassinet but she’s about outgrown it and I can’t get her to stay asleep in her pack n play which is where I want to move her (we are limited on space and don’t have a crib).

I slept with all mine and I found it easier on mind and just give the boob and everything else


My boy started sleeping in my bed when he was 6 months old, he wouldn’t sleep through otherwise, I just made sure I was careful, i was a bit of a light sleeper at first & would wake up through the night to check him, still do!

We co-slept with my daughter for the first 4 months just because it was easier for me to nurse her through the night. Now she sleeps in an Arms Reach Co-Sleeper Bassinet and I love it. She’s right next to me so it’s like having her in bed with us but she also has her own safe space. I highly recommend it! :slightly_smiling_face:

No, with you is safer if your not one that falls in a deep sleep to where you can roll over & crush her. Not all people can safely sleep in bed with an infant. & the times your over exhausted I wouldn’t have an infant in bed with you either.

Oh come on this can’t be a real question …


My daughter was in a toddler bed at 8 months and my son was about 6 months, had the bed rails tho and didn’t use a quilt just a baby pillow and their own little blankets, in my opinion they were more then safe, and a toddler bed is really low to the ground so if they did fall they wouldn’t b hurt :blush:

You could always get a play pen or crib look on market place sometimes you can find really good prices

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My 4 month old sleeps in a halo bassinet that attaches to the side of our bed

My child has never slept in a cot. And like u said my child seems more comfortable in a bed. So guess what… we did exactly this !! Got a bed guard and put her in the bed.


We got a pillow top mattress cover for our baby. He slept really good as if it were a boppy lounger.

Get a bed guard and do it if it will make your nights easier and she gets her own space why not :woman_shrugging:


My daughter has a double mattress on the floor she kept almost falling off so i took the frame away

Seriously considering selling my practically new not even used crib to get a bed and guards cause my son is just too big and moves too much to sleep in the crib

Crib mattresses are firmer because it is safer for infants. I would talk to your pediatrician and see what they think.

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Probably safer than co-sleeping and risking rolling over on the little one. I would also talk to my pediatrician

I think she will do fine in a bed with rails and one side against the wall. Cribs are really a waste of money unless they turn into beds. Babies can sleep in pack and plays but that board mattress is hard and they are really meant for travel not nightly sleeping. a twin bed if you do and she will rolls but wont fall off if you take cautions. Cots are uncomfortable really.

Remeber not to surround her with blankets and pillows 3 months is still small enough to swaddle for some. Sleeping her back too.

When my son was little I put him on the crib mattress right next to me

Once she can roll and flip you’ll have issues in a bed that doesn’t have high walls such as a crib or playpen. Then again once they learn to try standing and lifting themselves they’d easily flip themselves out if they do get out of the bed they could get into something without you knowing or while you’re asleep which is a scary thought. 3 months is still very young for a regular bed, you may want to discuss safer options with a pediatrician


Cosleeping is dangerous and not recommended by pediatricians


I really think you should get your baby used to sleeping in their crib alone. It is very hard when you wait until they are older to transition them to a room and bed of their own. Start now it will be so much easier.


This is a bad idea. Babies that small need a firm bed. No pillows, no blankets,no stuffed animals. There is much higher risk if SIDS with soft bedding and over heating


I co-slept until my son was 6 months. I transitioned him to a single mattress on the floor. No box spring, frame or anything. Just the Mattress.

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By the way we are the only country to bash and frown upon mothers for co-sleeping.


just get a crib… you dont want an accident happening when she starts rolling or learning to crawl… get a AGE APPROPRIATE BED.

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My daughter slept on her pack & play mattress since she was born. Its not much if a mattress but its very safe. Now that shes 10 mo i made it just a bit more cushiony with 2 blankets fit tightly around it so its not a risk to her.
Your baby is still too small for a bed and a pack & play will be very useful throughout her infant months


A single bed is dangerous as the baby can roll off and injure themselves. A play pen would be safer. Especially when baby starts rolling in 3-6 months.

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I had a pita crib small next to bed then got toddler bed used baby mattress n both worked great , close by but not in my bed

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My oldest was a co-sleeper but I didn’t move him out of his crib until he was crawling out at the lowest setting… about a year, year & a half. Three months is getting to big for a bassinet… how about a playpen??

I would just get the baby used to a crib. Doesnt need a big bed that’s not safe

Put that child in her own room and take your bed back.

Its probably because your bed smells like you that she sleeps so much better. I’d try sleeping with her cot sheets and blankets for a few days then try her cot again

I used a pack and play when I was done co sleeping (medical reasons :sob:) she hated anything else

I have a 9 month old n he sleeping in a car bed. N he does great all night. Doesnt roll off or anything.

I mean in montessori rearing aren’t they advised to put a baby mattress on the floor even for an infant? It’s the same thing. Go for it as long as the set up looks secure and I’m sure if it’s not you can alter it or try something different

I wouldn’t! You have to plan for the future. She will get in a routine of sleeping in a bed then you will have struggles to get her ti sleep on her own. Plus once she gets older you will want to be able to put her down for a nap and leave her and know she’s somewhere secure. You will want her in the cot so you have some freedom while shes napping. She will get use to the cot.

My kid slept on a full size bed from birth until now, we’ve switched to a bunk bed. He’s 8.

Get a next to me crib? I had one for my little man and he loved it… you can have them next to you and you can touch them and they can see you x

Put her crib or pack and play up against the foot of your bed. She should be sleeping on a mattress designed for infants. I co slept sometimes with my son but he also slept well in the room with me with his crib right there. You’re her mom and know what will be best but I personally think a single bed is not the best option.

I am a sound sleeper so is my hubby so we chose the bassinet in our room then to the crib when was to big for that we have a camera monitor in her room. Sleeps through night 12 hours safe and sound

This is a good idea if u wanted to put ur baby in a twin size bed…

Personally I would not - right now I’m guessing she is not mobile, once she is having the crib rails is helpful so she doesn’t tumble out. Adult mattresses are more comfy, yes, but the crib mattress is firmer for a reason so that baby doesn’t suffocate. Under a year should still be in their own bed, on a safety rated mattress, with nothing else in the crib. I’d speak with your pediatrician before opting for a single bed. We did crib in our room for the first several months, then moved her crib to her room once she was sleeping through the night.

Side car a crib. That means you’ll take a side off the crib and put the crib directly next to your bed. Crib mattresses are safer for baby to
Lay on than an open single mattress. Co sleeping is not dangerous when practiced correctly. Biologically Normal Infant & Toddler Sleep join if you’d love any help getting your side crib fixed up or any other questions related to cosleeping. You can learn the safe 7 here too. My 13 month old son sleeps with me every night.

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