I am upset my boyfriend asked for a paternity test: Advice?

Some background… my boyfriend and I have been together for six months. We live together, and I’m the only driver. I have one child already, and he thought he couldn’t have kids. He had a bike accident when younger and has never got anyone pregnant, nothing the doctor advised. Well, I just found out I’m expecting! He’s really excited and is thrilled about the miracle, very involved. The thing is, he grew up in an area where women trap men. His brother raised a child thinking it was his but found out the truth when the kid was 16, and his dad is very adamant about DNA testing. So my dilemma is this, he wants a paternity test. He swears he doesn’t think I cheated; he trusts me, which makes his request sound so stupid… I feel so disrespected. He said me being so upset about it and crying makes me look guilty…I have nothing to be guilty about; my tears genuinely come from a hurt heart. He fell in love with me bc I’m blunt and don’t hide things, that I give my all. He thought I’d be excited to prove it’s his that I really did get a baby out of him. I finally agreed, but my feelings are still really sour; I can’t help but keep crying.