I ate hamburger that has been thawed for a month...will I get sick?

I just used hamburger that has thawed in the fridge for a month… I cooked it in spaghetti… I didn’t realize hamburger didn’t last that long (I don’t normally cook) and now it’s been an hour and I’m not feeling well. I am pregnant as well… should I be worried?


You would have surely been cooking meat that had a terrible odor even when cooking it and surely it couldn’t have still been red…I don’t even understand, especially with the pregnancy nose,smells effected me my entire pregnancy.


Yes you can’t eat meat that has been in the fridge for that long I would go to the hospital especially being pregnant


Yeah, I’d go to the doctor/Urgent Care/ER before things progress. If you were an average Joe, I’d say ride it out for the night but you’re not, you’re pregnant. Depending how for along you are, it could create complications.

Oh my! Please please don’t make your own baby food! In the meantime get Healthcare then take a food handling course.


Girl, use meat within 2 days, I do anyways. It takes a day to thaw and I’d say one day after it’s ok but then it needs used. Never eat meat that’s just been sitting in the frdge for longer than a few days, never


It barely lasts 3 days if anything😬i would deffinitly be calling in to ask about it


Oh call the hospital. I ate Some mest that was under cooked. Just one bite. (A shop, so i did not make it myself) i ended up with contractions and my water broke. I was so sick.

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I would call your Dr or L&D and ask them.If you start to throw up,id definitely go to the ER and let them know what happened.

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Don’t ever think about cooking again. Meat can barely stand 3 days in the fridge but a month?? You didn’t see it molding? That green stuff on it was not parsley :nauseated_face: go to the emergency room but don’t say it’s been a month in the fridge. Just say a week at most.


I’d see a doctor, a month old meat would be bad at the best of times, don’t take risks waiting when pregnant.

Oh honey… I’m so sorry but it’s probably gonna be a rough night. Call the on call


You would’ve smelled it !
So, no you didn’t


Honestly how did the smell not get to you ? I’ve smelt hamburger that been in the fridge too long and that sour smell would get to you and even when you cooked it the smell is off too !! I’m calling cap on this one ! But if it’s true go to the doctors You most likely ate contaminated rotten food


Is anyone else concerned about the baby??? Aren’t we more careful about what we consume when we are pregnant??? This is a joke right???


Ugh, please let us know!? I have come close that timeline. I just want to know if anybody got sick?

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Wouldn’t it have been gray after a month? I think that would have been a clue not to eat it.

If you didn’t suspect it being rancid by the color, you definitely would have smelled it. Not sure why you’d cook it after the color and smell. Whether you normally cook or not, being pregnant the smell alone would’ve been potent and not sure how you were able to stand there and cook it. Being that you have access to the internet, if you cook in the future, you can ask the questions in Google before you cook or eat anything you’re uncertain of.


I saw this post in a group last week.
No offence!! You must be alright to be posting it again.


How did you get past the smell of it cooking? I’m sorry but you need to go to the ER ASAP, meat can grow bacteria fast.

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Seek medical help…you will probably get food poisoning,diarrhea and throwing up…it would be best to see a dr or go to the ER. I’ve had food poisoning before (accidental) and it was awful. Hope you feel better soon.

You don’t know the answer to this question and you are pregnant? Lord help you.


Some people are just plain rude, like really? must we shame people because they didn’t know. If you ain’t got nothing nice to say then don’t say it.
Anyways. Yes there is a possibility you can get food poisoning from being in the fridge that long, even with cooked meat after a week throw it out, the reasoning being bacteria starts growing on it. If you start feeling unwell go to the ER and get some zofan nausea medicine, that is safe to take while pregnant.

You’d think you smell it and notice that the color is bad…and you’re about to be responsible for a kid? Thats really scary


I think this is a spam post. I’ve seen this posted multiple times…days ago…

Well go ahead and get your phone charger, pillow and blanket. You’re headed for an all nighter in the toilet. Oh and something to drink. Maybe some crackers too so you’re not dry heaving.


Call your doctor. Omg :sob::woman_facepalming:

Go ask your Doctor. Do it soon. If you get sick the fetus won’t tolerate too well How old are you ? People usually know these things. I won’t eat anything that defrosted or just in the fridge if it’s more than two days old. Smells or is discolored


Didn’t it smell? I’d definitely seek medical advice


This can’t be real. No one is that dumb.


You’re probably going to get a bit of diarrhea.

Well it depends. Did you put it in the fridge frozen solid and it’s been sitting in there for a month? If yes, was it in the back of your fridge or the front, middle? Also what shelf. All these things come into play. So if it was frozen solid and you had put it in the back of your fridge on the top shelf then yea I could honestly say it should be fine. Now if it was thawed on the counter then you put it in the fridge then yea I’d Def go see a doctor.


I call bs . How can U not smell it?


Was it not brown? It probably had a smell I would think.

This instantly comes to mind.


You will be in for a bad time
Both on the loo and with a bucket between your knees
Sadly all you can do is drink plenty of water , parocearomal
And let it pass (No pun intended)
If you get to the point you can’t keep water down
I suggest you go to the ed for an iv fluid drip
Especially as your pregnant
Sadly there isn’t anything that can be done medically for food poisoning

You having a baby and don’t know that month old hamburger meat ain’t good? Oh boy.


Ya must Not be able to smell or Taste because hamburger left in the frig for 1 month would brown, slimy and stinking to high heaven !! make ya want to puke just opening the package.


Definitely gonna be sick. I’d personally go to the hospital, especially since you’re pregnant.


This is ridiculous. After a month thawed hamburger meat would be gray and green and stink …


You guys are being mean. Maybe her sense of smell is messed up, she’s here for advice on what to do, not be bullied.
You should stay hydrated and probably go to the er. Just to be on the safe side.


Yeah that’s not good at all you could get food poisoning. Any worse & maybe go to the doctor. Meat sitting in you’re fridge for a month is not good.

Hamburger?? You mean ground beef??


I’m so glad I read that it’s been posted before and probably fake. Cause daaaaaaamn

Wasn’t the smell and color an indication? Yikes…

I’m calling fake on this. It would smell so bad after a month she would have been gagging.


Well geez don’t understand how you could not notice the smell or off-putting color. Go to the ER, clean out your entire fridge when you get home, Google how long meats or any other items lasts in your fridge and learn how to properly cook.

Food poisoning is the ABSOLUTE worst thing I’ve ever been through. You’re gonna be really sick, get to the hospital while you can bc I promise you once it starts you ain’t gonna make it there without diapers, a driver, and a bucket to puke in

Surely this is a scam? It would have smelt terrible after a month, no way you could open it and not tell it was off.


Go to the Dr asap if you start having stomach cramps signs of food poisoning

This has to be a joke the smell and slime would of put anyone off


I’d be contacting the nearest emergency room- you’re pregnant and food poisoning will most certainly dehydrate you, not a good thing while pregnant .

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My 10 year old doesn’t normally cook either, but she knows that brown meat that makes you wanna throw up in your mouth has gone bad.

I hope this is a troll post because if not, the future of the human race is doomed!

In case it isn’t a troll post - seek medical treatment immediately!


hambgers meat should only be in the fridge 5 day max u ate old nasty meat ur most likely to get extreamly sick

Get medical help. Then learn to cook for you and baby. Many easy fix meals online to start. Best wishes…:heart:

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This why I don’t eat at nobody house but my own :joy:


I would go ahead and roll to the er !!

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This can’t be real :frowning_with_open_mouth: It would of Stank something bad

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Go get activated charcoal. Capsule form.

Lol this is wild!!:joy: and also, how have you not cleaned out your fridge in a month?


A ham burger that’s been in the freezer then defrosted in the fridge for more than 1 to 2 days before you have to eat it, you might need to see someone if your pregnant as your going to get very sick :disappointed:


No meat lasts that long…

Man I’m worried about eating hamburger I’ve had frozen for a month🤦‍♀️ I’d go to the hospital

And I thought the 2 day thawed in my fridge was too old that I
Tossed it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Fresh meat is good for 3/4 days, cooked is another 3 days not weeks

Bet that was a long night of :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:

If it’s gray & stinks, then yes, you should be concerned


Didn’t it smell to you lol

I’d think it would’ve smelt and looked awful but I thought once a meat is thawed you have 24 hours to cook it before it needs chucking :flushed: I would make sure you get plenty of fluids in you and call your midwife or preg unit to check as food poisoning in pregnancy can be dangerous

How did you not notice the awful taste, smell and Color? Even fresh meat doesn’t stay good for a month in the fridge?

Why would you have cooked the meat that was in the refrigerator for over a month?! And on top of being pregnant. While cooking it had to have a distinct smell to it!

So you’re telling me there was no odor to the meat? Surely there should have been an odor to the meat not only that but it wouldn’t have been pink anymore. The color and odor should of given it away :face_vomiting:

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Whether you cook or not. It would have smelled horrible! Are people really this clueless :expressionless:


Meat is never good after a few days… I give meat 2 days tops.
How could you not know?! Meat smells and turns bad really quick.

I’d do one of two things.
If your doctor has an after hours line, call it and ask them what they want you to do.
If they do not, I would go ahead and go to the hospital if you’re not feeling well. They can test you for the bacteria to see what type of food poisoning you have.

There is zero chance you cooked, and ate, month old meat without realizing it was bad. :woman_facepalming:t2:

I’m sorry people are being so ignorant.

I personally would go to the ER if you’re pregnant , make sure you don’t have a food borne illness

Go to your Dr right away!!!

If dumb and pregnant was a person​:rofl::rofl::rofl: lord help the child​:rofl::rofl::rofl::face_exhaling:

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Saw this same comment about a week ago on another site.surely there aren’t two idiots that done this.if you had meat in fridge for a month you would definitely know it was rotten!


Now come on a month that burger would of been brown and stinky use your head … I would of thrown it away … my son is to tell at me mom it’s only on the outside turned brown it’s still good but I couldnt eat it even in sauces sorry… I’d never sit any meat that long ham and bacon after being cured even after a month stinks lol people amaze me how you need to ask such things

Why would you even chance that while being pregnant? Seriously smh

Didn’t it smell like something died? Get anyone that ate it to urgent care.

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Omg next time order something from door dash.

I call bs on this story. And if this is true, I hope there is another adult around that child at all times


Yuck :face_vomiting: you’ll definitely get food poisoning from that. Drink lots of water.

I fear for that baby’s life. Please consider adoption !


Omg a month?! :nauseated_face: I would be shocked if you’re not about to be very sick!

Not sure how people manage to live this long into adulthood


You need medical attention asap

Eeewwww why?! It would smell so bad immediately how could u miss that?

Yeah you’re going to definitely get sick

There’s no way it didn’t smell lol

You should go to the Dr. and get your nose checked. The meat was either still good or you are nose blind.

Yeah, you just gave yourself food poisoning…

You’ll probably be in the hospital. That had to stink and be ruined.

Hamburger goes bad a 1 week after being thawed in the fridge. Sounds like you have food poisoning. Go to the Er/ Urgent Care get yourself taken care of.

Didn’t the smell or the discoloration tell you it wasn’t a good idea?? Because after a week of hamburger in the fridge it turns brown…

This can’t be real! A month? It would’ve smelled like roadkill!