I do not trust my sister to give my kids healthy snacks...what are some easy ones I can paclk for them?

Ideas on good dye free, healthy snacks for toddlers and kids? My sister babysits but I don’t trust her ways of feeding my kids. She’s extremely lazy with it. Half the time I’ll tell her what to make or what they can choose from and the sides they can have with their lunches (I do breakfast) and she does whatever she can do that’s laziest. I worry about them getting what they need nutritionally. I’m looking for some good ideas that I can store for them to reach, dry and fridge snacks! I’ll be putting them in little to go condiment containers and ziplock bags.


These posts wind the clean life outta me ffs wise up :raised_hand: if i was your sister and seen you posting crap about being the laziest ect tell you what … youd be looking for other childcare options because my lazy ass would laugh you outta the house. Be greatful!

Wrap with peanut butter with sliced apple. So good.

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Depending on how old they are maybe let them each pick 2 or 3 snacks you have at home to take with them. They make cute lunch bags now just pack their lunch and take it with them.

Lighten up! It’s summer - it’s time for sun, fun, and eating popsicles and ice cream!


Personally, I would find someone to take care of my kids who fully respects the way I would like them cared for.

Sounds like you need to find another sitter. Most of the time family watches for free not as a job. If you don’t trust her and you don’t employ her, then you need to find someone else.


Just dont buy the stuff you dont want them to eat. Add a fruit and a protein to their breakfast then you dont even have to worry what they eat for lunch.

Snack in my house is yogurt fruit salad or mixed nuts (south african here so sometimes biltong or biltong bites)… other times when I dont have fruit I give cucumber and carrot sticks with hummas. Dried fruit packets. Or crackers with cheese.

If you only buy healthy snacks you wont have to worry

Can you make them their lunch’s the night before . Then she only needs warm it up . Good luck

I try to feed my nephew health snacks, it doesn’t always go that way. As I am the aunt id let him eat whatever he wants :rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m a cool aunt lmao. He loves to come over just to eat snacks and doesn’t matter what I have, he’ll eat it :rofl::rofl: as long as he’s happy I am happy, that all that matters to me.


I give my grandkids sliced apples with peanut butter on the side for dip, mandarin orange slices and Graham crackers or teddy grahams


Fruit and cheese. Nuts and dried fruit… send what you want then to eat.

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Fruit. We put fruit and cheese at our kids level in the fridge and they can have as much as they want. Tomatoes are another popular snack in our house. Cucumbers. Corn on the cob. My kid eats them as soon as we buy them before I can cook them.


Any fruit or vegetables. Nutrigrain bars. Fruit cups. Apple sauce. Some crackers. Yogurts. Yogurt and add fresh fruit or granola to it. Most of these options would avoid dyes also. Good luck!


Why not consider pre making their lunches? I mean if she’s lending you a helping hand, you could make it easier on her.


It’s summer and sounds like she feeds those kids only one meal a day. Let them live and enjoy! :sunglasses:


Yep pack their lunches and snacks - your Contribution toward food costs…leave the nutrition out of it. Get snack packs so they get to open them- like the potato chips auntie has!!


Goldfish, carrots, cucumbers, hummus

-Cucumbers, peppers, carrots and dip
-Raisins and pretzels
-berries, apple slices
-cubed cheese and crackers
-guacamole & chips
-PB & jelly roll-ups
-deli meats, salami sticks
-oranges, cantaloupe, melon
Anything you feed them at home?


I would have her feed them the snacks I already buy for them.

String cheese, Lil cuties, apples, bananas, there are lots of healthy snack choices. If she is doing you a favor and watching your kids you should be providing the food if you don’t like what she has.


If be finding a new sitter, if you can’t trust her to feed them, can you really trust her to watch them?

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That’s when you do a double duty and when they’re with you you take the time to amp it up. Be happy you have someone you trust to be safe and loved with your kid. You can handle the balance of nutrition on your time.


Well I’m glad you are at least going to provide and make it simple for her, because I’m sorry, I would not be able to continue babysitting, especially if she has her own children as well. I’m curious what your definition of lazy is when it comes to her feeding your kids.

Be glad you have a family member to watch your kids it’s one meal a day chill out


Veggie straws, crackers, cheese, oranges, cantaloupe, water melon, celery, carrots, cucumber with ranch dip, pb&j, fruit cups,

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Try assembling a
Bento box at home so
All she has to
Do is
Offer it. Oriental kids thrive on them lots
Of ideas online😀

Yogurt, applesauce, banana, raisins, animal crackers

You best keep them home where you can Hover.

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You don’t trust her to pick healthy snacks but you’re looking for help picking healthy snacks? To help yourself, you could have left out the part about your sister.


Why don’t u make them their lunches since she is happy to baby sit for you and make her time a bit easier looking after your kids

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Let her be the fun frozen chicken nugget aunt…

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Is this what we call a choosing beggar? Did i say that right? Like when someone does you a solid and your like whatever, do better? Dude if someone watched my kids for me id just be happy they were fed and returned alive and unharmed :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Fruit, veggies, yogurts, cheeses, meats, nuts

Agree! It’s not like it’s gunna hurt them, if you don’t, they will do it anyways when they go to school or friends house😉 EVERYTHING IN MODERATION

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So pack lunch for them and let them eat just that until they are back in your care…


You trust her watching them but not feeding them?


Your kids are getting fed. Be happy with that. They’re kids. If you’re really that worried, give them a multivitamin and move on. And also. Remember to thank your lazy sister for watching your children everyday.


You need to relax. Trust me. Do the reseach. It is the same food just costs more. Food companies are allowed to put what they want on the box. Just be grateful you have the help.


Healthy food is extremely expensive, so regardless you should have been sending pre made food and snacks from the get go. We are dye free, etc, but I know that it cost a lot to fees my girls that and I’d never expect someone to cater to that. That being said, fruit and cheeses, use yuka to look up healthy snacks for them, but carrots, cucumbers.

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My niece or nephew comes to my house they get whatever they want that’s what aunties are for🤷‍♀️


I hope you pay her enough to deal with you alone jk! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Fantastic mom! I just go with fruits veggies meats and cheeses just rotate maybe make into fun shapes.


pack them some healthy things to take over there daily if you’re worried

Our kindergarten class has daily snacks prepped… carrot sticks, chocolate cucumber slices, cheese strings, crackers, yogurt tubes, granola bars orange slices.
I would probably pack a lunch as though your sending her to school.
Not only does it solve your problem, but it’s thoughtful. I can tell you as a mom of almost 30 years, I appreciate when I have the lunch snacks prepared when I babysit others kids. Especially if it’s a schedule. She may not use all the snacks but just like school, she can eat the snacks or not eat them. You have done your part.
Hope it helps.

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Sounds like you should find someone else to watch your kid. Atleast she’s feeding them, even if it’s not to your standards. She’s taking care of them.

Just because you deem her as lazy doesn’t mean she is. I hope you do find someone else because your sister doesn’t deserve to be downed on the internet.

You’re so concerned yet still let them go?


You don’t trust her to feed them healthy but you trust her to not let them die :thinking:

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What are healthy things you would feed her kids?

Matchstick carrots and celery they can dip in a little creamy dressing, grape tomatoes, pre-packaged single serving unsweetened applesauce (some are blended with blueberries, cherries etc.), prepackaged individual yogurts or buy a bigger container of plain and add your own fruit (those applesause blends or crushed pineapple work well!), Ritz crackers or other soft crackers and pnut butter, cheese sticks or small cut up squares. I’m assuming your children are preschool. My son and grandson loved it. Of course they could have some ‘unhealthy’ snacks but some kids react to too much sugar and food additives by being cranky or hyper and you’ll come home to ìt after work.
(If you have time, bake some easy oatmeal/raisin (or other dried fruit) cookies with your little ones and they’ll be happy and proud to eat them plus spend special time with mom😊!

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The first line got me " I don’t trust my sister" :pensive:

Don’t leave your kids around me. They getting fruit snacks for sure! :joy::rofl:


She’s literally asking for ideas to have for them.


This post has got to be the winner today! You don’t trust her but you will send your kids there. You don’t think she feeds them properly but you have to ask what is good for them. Oh boy! Poor babies


As a Nana and Tia if and when the littles come over I give them whatever I want! If you don’t like it pack them food but trust me I will be giving them snacks. I have a candy jar, snack cabinet, and healthy stuff fruits and yogurts in the fridge. The littles know though, 3 candies at a time, your next snack can’t be the same as last, and I reminded them what there is to choose from. I have had a candy jar as long as I can remember and the only ones that went/go crazy with it are the adults :person_shrugging:

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Fruits Raisins String Cheese Pepperoni or Stix Slim Jim’s Cheez It’s Crackers PBJ Sammy’s little things of lunch meats cut up granola bars yogurts

Nitrate free Pepperoni, cheese, crackers, apples and peanut butter, cukes, cornichons, Strawberries, blueberries, Graham crackers w/pb and sliced bananas, popcorn, mozz cheese sticks.

But you trust her to watch them ! So :woman_shrugging:
I do not trust my mother to give my kids healthy snacks, so I don’t worry about it for a day bc they’re with grandma having fun and making memories ! It’s 1 day.


Send what you normally feed them??


Typically I’d do many of the already suggested items but now that it’s mid summer break…my brain has officially turned to mush…so that Cheeto he found in his crayon box from yesterday is free game! :woman_shrugging:t2::rofl:


You can provide every totally healthy option available and even put it at kids level to self serve but that doesn’t mean they’ll get it or eat it. Similar situation and we eventually just had to select an actual facility. However ours wasn’t getting food he was getting Cheetos and essentially Kool aid as instead of microwaving the easy fix stable foods they would walk the 3 blocks to gas station and she’d buy chips and kids “juice” drinks. If your kids are at least getting stable foods I’d let it be. If it’s literally just foods that would be considered an occasional treat item constantly (we don’t believe in good foods bad foods. All food is fuel for the body) then look into a different sitter.


So you want your sister to feed your kids healthy snacks yet you need suggestions on healthy snacks :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I would think if this is what you are giving to your kids, why are you asking for ideas??? Give your kids what you normally would give them when they are home with you !!!


If you don’t “trust” her ways, and she’s “lazy” why are you leaving your children with her? :woman_facepalming:t3:


Let them eat whatever when they are with their Aunt and be blessed and happy she is babysitting them. Think how much it would cost and think more of the memories they will have .
It won’t hurt them once a day. If yoy aren’t happy get someone else but shame on you.


Junk food is fine in moderation.


My kids love these apple sauce packets you can make your own or fill your own pouches and get the store ones they are great organic fruits snacks just the divider lunch boxes and out fruit and cheese in them as well with but little one for peanut butter end celery sticks ect !! High suggest life vac we send one everywhere our kids go for choking

Who’s paying for the food?

If I was your sister and knew you where calling me lazy I’d tell you where to shove it lol


I may be the odd one out, but here goes…

It’s great that your sister is watching them. But, and this is for the other saying “she’s watching them, they’re fed, be grateful, blah, blah, blah.” This mama seems grateful for the help in watching them, but that does not mean that the sister should be feeding them junk because she just wants to be lazy. There is so much crap in the food we eat today, and nobody realizes it. And dye is a major concern.

If you want them to eat the things you feed them, maybe make their lunches for when they’re with her. And add the snacks that you would allow them to have at your home, but also make it fun, like something they can open, or get themselves, etc.


Get over yourself. Atleast they are being fed… you don’t like what she feeds them? Then meal prep their lunches and snacks to bring over to your sisters house.

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Look she’s watching your kids they are fed and probably happy let them have a break you can’t control everything plus you might insult her and then she might not want to watch your kids anymore


If you’re paying her, fine. If she’s doing it for free then either provide the snacks or let it go.

Your kiddos will likely be fine if they eat some unhealthy food sometimes. I used to go to my nanas when I was little and she would feed me junk until I was sick to my stomach. But I loved going over there and I never wanted to go home. I’m still here, I’m healthy and I have three healthy kids. :heart: Don’t stress on every little thing so much and try to enjoy the moment. Everyone has already given you good ideas I don’t think I can add much to it. But you could always check Pinterest for healthy snack ideas. :blush:


If I were your “lazy sister” I would tell you to go get another sitter and pay the high cost of child care because I’m going to assume she doesn’t get any pay and if she does it’s very minimal, be grateful she’s doing you this favor and stop bad mouthing her .
Also you should provide them with things they like and not throw additional food costs on her . When my mom watched my daughter i would pack them both a lunchbox with snacks and many times I would even order them food to be delivered . Sounds like you’re the lazy one .


Oh wow… I’m sorry but you’re calling your sister lazy when she is watching YOUR kids if you don’t like what she is feeding them make their lunches and send it with them! If she is so bad why entrust her to watch them. :woman_facepalming:t3:


You won’t be able to control this in school. If she is keeping them safe relax a little she only has them during the day.


U sure sound hella unappreciative. Don’t like it, put ur brat in daycare

If it’s only at your sister’s you’re worried about why do you need healthy ideas? Clearly you have it at home all the time right?

Cheese and crackers
Fruits veggies

Whatever they will eat that you know is healthy.

Hopefully you’re paying your sister a good buck to babysit because it has to be a handful dealing with you plus your kids


Do you pay your sister to babysit? I’m guessing no, which means you should be grateful for such and be glad they’re getting fed at all. 1 meal will not hurt them and it will teach them you can eat what you like in moderation.

Buuuut her lazy a$$ watches them :rofl::roll_eyes:

You don’t deserve her.

what she provides isn’t up to your standards…buuut your also asking for ideas on here for better? so u don’t even know what you want them to eat…shes watching them and feeding them though…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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If it’s that serious, prepare all meals and snacks ahead of time and send them with your kids or have them readily available at your home if that’s where she watches them. Since you say she’s lazy, and you’re wicked picky and controlling, it’s easier for you to do all prep work and providing everything


If all she’s feeding them is lunch, they will be fine nutritionally. You either need to find a new sitter or be okay with them having a ‘fun’ lunch. Chances are even if you pack them healthy foods, she’ll still probably give them whatever she wants to. I feel like it’s just what family members do unfortunately.


One meal a day of not so healthy shouldn’t hurt them … ya can make side dishes you approve of and have them there … whatever snacks Yuu usually give to them have there for them

What do you feed them? That’s what you send.

If you’re having issues with your sister feeding them wait until they start school. :rofl: Even sending a lunch doesn’t avoid them getting hold of stuff you listed not wanting them to have. Teachers won’t listen either.

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God forbid a mom be nutritionally mindful. Sheesh.
That being said, it’s probably best you prepare their snacks and meals if you are concerned. The little lunches app has been helpful when meal planning for my toddler :).

I don’t know why someone laughed at this post :roll_eyes:
Anyway umm for snacks depending on age of kids. Cut up fruits, veggie sticks with hummus or peanut butter, snack kabobs like fruit then a piece of cheese repeat, homemade healthier lunchable
Use real fresh meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies, crackers. Just a few ideas. I’m sorry someone laughed at your post.


If you feed them so healthy at home then shouldn’t you already know what to send with them. This really just seems like an attempt to be messy. If I were your sister you’d be finding a new sitter since I’m so lazy


I’m assuming as you’re judging what your sister feeds children that you do a better job with healthy snacks already so I’d assume you already know ? Or you’re trying to find better snacks so you can look like you do better than your sister. Calling her lazy when she’s doing you a favour seems a bit heartless tbh. Just pack them the food they normally have when they are with you no point going out of your way to give them healthier food than you’d normally feed them just because they are with your sister.

You sound a bit too helicopter parent. One meal every now and then they will be fine. Unless they are allergic or have really bad food aversions leave her be to give them what she wants.

Your sister should stop watching your child. Doing you a favor… and this is how you treat her or talk about her? “She’s lazy but she takes care of my kids all day”… F outta here

It’s not gonna hurt a child to have some snacks like some have said it u don’t like her choice in food then provide it to ur sister food had gotten expensive make some veggie trays, cracker n cheese platters, meat platters, fruit trays and put some chips or cookies as a side dessert get creative

Wooooowwwww!!! If you were my sister and called me lazy or said I was too lazy to take care of your kids… you could find another babysitter AND another sister!


Just give send them with carrot sticks , some froobes and a few bags of wotsits .

The dr will tell you it don’t matter what they eat as long as they are eating


So you trust your lazy sister to watch your kids??


I am not sure why everyone is so judgmental on this page. I thought this was a page to lift Mothers up not to tear them down.

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She is certainly not too lazy to watch extra children…

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One fun meal a day won’t throw their nutrition off. Really not that big of a deal as a mom there are a million other things to be worried abt instead of calling your sister lazy for taking care of your kids and doing you a favor. Some ppl don’t even have the luxury of a babysitter. Call yourself lucky instead of calling her lazy for watching &loving your kids. How shallow.

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If you feed her breakfast and supper, then her lunch not being healthy isn’t a big deal. If you’re really concerned, send a Pediasure daily or find another babysitter.

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