I do not want my husband going on a guys trip with his cousins: Advice?

A lot of my husband’s male cousins recently linked back up at a family funeral after many of them not seeing each other in a long time. Now they are contemplating on doing a guys trip to Miami next summer. My husband has already said he knows he can’t go cause I do not have it. I’m not overbearing, but I know what I will and will not put up with. My question is, “what exactly are they supposed to do there for damn near a week?” I’ve been to Miami, so with that being said, I only see a group of guys only going to a club, some drinking, or the beach. My husband doesn’t indulge in any of those things since we’ve been married for the past 12 years. These men are 40 plus-year-old men. A few don’t have wives, and I know a few have entanglements while they were married. Family or not, I don’t want my husband in that kind of company. He doesn’t get much at all guy time; he works a lot and is home with me and our girls. I want him to enjoy himself, but I also don’t want him in the company of men with low morals. Advice, please!