I feel guilty my kids will be so far apart in age

So I am currently pregnant and I have a 6 year old. She just turned 6 on the 30th of December. Anyways, I feel really guilty that they will be almost 7 years apart by the time I have my baby. I feel like that is such a large gap that they won’t be able to enjoy each other or play together. I didn’t have any children between them because my first daughters father and I split up when she was 2 weeks old and I wanted to be with my current husband for a little bit before we had a child because there was/is a lot of trauma with my daughters father. But anyways. Idk. I just feel like it’s such a large gap


My boys are 22 yrs apart. I didn’t feel bad at all, I wasn’t in a position of having more kids as a single mother then unfortunately God had other plans before bringing our lil one to us so many yrs later. I look at it as blessed, would I like another of course would we get what we want maybe not. Don’t look at it negatively be positive.


You’d be surprised how close a bond can be between siblings regardless of age. There’s 9 years between my brother and I and he’s one of my best friends.


I have 6 siblings and my bond with my oldest sister was strongest (she’s 12yr older than me, R.I.P she passed in 2016)


I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the age gap.
My daughter was 7 when my second was born. Then, I had another almost 3 years later.
The two youngest are hell together and my daughter is amazing with her little brothers.
They won’t be peer level close but that’s ok. She’s always been super helpful with them when they were babies etc.

My second and third sons are 8 years apart. My ex was abusive, and I couldn’t get out of the relationship but I refused to have more kids with him.
My second and third sons have a great bond, despite their age gap. I found it easier bc my older boys could help distract him while I did dishes or went to the bathroom without worrying for 2 mins lol.
My first and second sons are 19 months apart. It was difficult bc I did it with and abusive " partner "
My third son and daughter ( youngest) are 17 months apart. A lot easier bc my partner is actually a partner and helped a great deal. But the sibling rivalry is real lol.
My point is, Don’t worry about the age gap. They’ll bond, they’ll play, your oldest will teach the baby things. They’ll be okay.

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My kids are 13yrs apart and they are fine. Mind you the oldest is a girl so she was helpful and still very helpful to this day

My first sibling and I were about this far apart with me being the older sister. I absolutely loved it and thought it was the best thing ever. I remember teaching her many things and most times I didn’t even notice much of a gap, especially when she started talking and doing more.

My boys are 5 years apart they are 8 and 3 and have a great bond there was a time my oldest had a hard time because he did not understand why rules were different for his little brother I explained that certain rules are for certain ages (chores,bed time etc.) but now they get along great my younger son really looks up to his big brother they play together a lot and it so sweet to see how protective and helpful my older son is to his little brother

It’ll be fine.e amd my sister are 6.5 years apart and yes there was a section of time where are interests didn’t align. But we do have a close relationship.

I just had my last baby and his older sister was 5.5 when he was born. And my son was 8 years old and they get a ling fine. They are very helpful and like him. They do enjoy playing with him and help him.

Almost the exact same story with me!

I just had my second 6 months ago, and my first is turning 6 in March! (Waited to have another because me and my ex broke up when my first was a month old) my kids are very close to the same age gap and my oldest LOVES teaching his brother how to play and sitting with him. He’s also super helpful with him and adores him so so much ! Since he’s older now and more independent it actually makes things a lot easier in my opinion!

It’ll be great OP don’t worry :heart:


I’m a little nervous too. I’m 36 weeks pregnant and due ON my sons 8th birthday

I have 3 older siblings my oldest sister is 8 years older than me and we were closer than any of the other siblings. You’ll have a little helper I wouldn’t worry so much about age they will be best friends!

My sons 10 and I just had my daughter 2 months ago it’s a huge age gap but I love it because he helps lots and is older so he does a lot on his own their bond is amazing regardless of age :woman_shrugging:t4: I tried to have kids close in age but went through multiple losses. I don’t get how people have kids so close in age I can’t imagine how hard it would be and also how the kids might feel left out at times the thought of having another baby close to my daughter scares me lol

My sister’s oldest will be 12. Then she has a 2 & 3yr old. Listen, the oldest absolutely loves those babies and they love him. He moms them. They do play together and get along. Sometimes they annoy him, but that age gap doesn’t mean crap. They will figure it out in their own way.


It depends on how your little girl is in temperament. I was 3 when my younger brother was born and 6 when my youngest brother was born. I loved them dearly helped change diapers and feedings. I learned not to ask my mother for a doll because she kept spitting out kids.

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My kids are 18, (almost)16…
And then (almost)7 and 4.
Itll be ok. It’s completely normal to worry about the gap but you’ll see how much your kids will adore each other and all of that will melt away!
My only advice (if you’re asking) is to make sure you have one-on-one time with the older one. Having a little one can be demanding and it can be difficult to meet the needs of your oler child. Also, I ask my older children for help with the littles but I never demand it. I always accept “no” as an answer. My younger kids are my responsibility, not theirs. I pay them to babysit when needed or hire another sitter altogether but they get the choice.
As the oldest of 4 myself, I know that while unintentional, sometimes too much can be put on an older child.
You’ll do great! Congratulations on your growing family!


I feel like your daughter will love being able to help and be independent. She will love giving baby love and attention. My oldest brother is 13 years difference and he actually turned into a father figure for me. Took me and my other brother out to the movies and what not. It’s just a different kind of bond :heart:good luck with your pregnancy and delivery!

My kids are 16,12,6, and 10 months. My 16 and 6 year olds are best friends. My 6 year old loves his baby brother. I actually like the age gaps

My daughter is six and I just had my second in October. She adores her sister and is a very big helper so that’s a plus. My sister and I have 6 years between us and we are very close as well. I wouldn’t worry! :heart:

All my kids are roughly 7 years apart and it’s pretty wonderful. Each kid kinda feels like they had mom to themselves and they’re able to help out with their younger siblings. They hardly argue or fight the way some siblings do. My oldest is 18, two girls are 11, and the baby is 4. Best of luck to you momma :relaxed::pray:

Me and my brother are 6 years apart. He was super excited when I was a baby. Then didn’t like me when I was a toddler. Then through my preteen/teen years we fought alot. In my 20s I went down a dark path, my brother had nothing to do with me. Now we are best friends and I can literally count on him for anything. We talk every single day. Same for my sister who is 10 years older than me, except now she’s hit a mid life crisis is what I call it and I talk to her maybe twice a week

There is 11 years between my oldest stepdaughter and my 1 year old, and they are absolute best friends. All three of my older step kids have a close bond with their brother.

My kids are 6/7 years apart also! My son is 11 and my daughter is 4. I can’t say I really ever worried about their age gap, more about my son bc he was sooooo used to being an only child (plus he was the ONLY grandchild on both sides for the same amount of time). My sister in law and I were both pregnant at the same time with my second (her first). I’ll say it was an adjustment for him
But he is such a great big brother!! I mean the best!! They love each other so much and he is still real young. They don’t have to grow up too soon! Enjoy ur kids, it’ll be ok.:heart::heart:🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

My sister is almost 10 years older than me. She was always like a second mom and now as adults we are very close.

My kids have the same age gap! My daughter was a month away from being 7 when my son was born. It was honestly great, she was a lot more independent and able to help with baby if needed, my husband works afternoon shift and was back to work 3 days after my son was born so I was home alone with both, and they are BEST friends (now 4 and 11). She adores her little brother (they do still sibling fight though lol), and he worships her. It’s been awesome for us!

My littlest brother is 14 years younger than me. Best thing that ever happened to me and his other 2 older siblings. He was our baby too!

It sounds like you made a responsible decision to wait, and there’s nothing wrong with that. My older brother is six years older than I am and we always had a great bond growing up.

I have two sons, one is 9 years old and the other is 2. They have a large gap and I was worried, but honestly they love each other so much. I had my older one when I was nearly 17 and waited until I met the right man and married for our second. My baby pesters his older brother sometimes, but they are really close. Big brother doesn’t let anyone bother little brother. I constantly go back and forth about wanting a third, but we haven’t made that decision yet.

They be raised in totally different families we are 12 years apart and the family members were totally different in age, health, and monetary circumstances. I took me years to understand why my little bro just didn’t seem to fit or care but we finally had a big pleasant talk and I understood what we got through that and felt Sorry for him rather than disappointed. Nothing to be ashamed of…

I wouldn’t feel bad. I was 7 when my little brother was born (one of them) 19 when my littlest brother was born.
The biggest pain was how much my mother relied upon me for help. Don’t do that to your daughter.

You already have hundreds of comments, but i just wanted to say, my oldests are 20, and my youngest is 7. They get along and fight like siblings do. They’re still very close.

My girls are 14, 10 and 4. I love the age gap and they all have a strong bond, play and wrestle together. It’s fun!

My oldest son will be 11 in 8 days, my youngest son is 9 and I am due any day now. My 2 boys are almost 2yrs apart and even they don’t always get along. I think all siblings, no matter the age gap will go through moments of not getting along. My oldest son was all about brother, until brother could crawl and touch his toys. Ever since my youngest could crawl it’s been hit or miss if my boys get along or not

My daughter and son are 5 yrs apart and they were best friends growing up. She has an older brother they are 2 yrs apart and not nearly as close. We said she was mama #2 .

My 15yo son and 16yo daughter have a great relationship with their 10yo sister and have since the day she was born.

At this point, the 15 and 10 year old are best friends, they’re into the same things (gaming primarily) and are constantly hanging out. My 16yo clicks with my 10yo through their mutual love for art.

Kids of all ages can definitely bond and play - and I’m sure you’ll experience this first hand!

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I had the same feelings…I’m due February 15th with my 2nd,my first born just turned 10 at the end of November…luckily my Dr calmed down my anxiety by telling me she was 10 years older than her sister…they were very close as kids and still remain extremely close as adults.

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I am 7 months pregnant right now and have a 9 year old. I’m nervous about the same thing

I was 6.5 when my brother was born & 17.5 when my 2nd brother was born. Didn’t bother me. So quit worrying about it

I can honestly say I have kids that are close and far apart in age. My kids are 23, 21, 18, 13, and 3. My older kids get along very well with their youngest sibling. It’s how you raise them, not their age.

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My oldest and youngest are 13yrs apart and they are BEST FRIENDS!!! Don’t worry mama! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a 6 month old and 8 (almost 9) year old girl. She loooooves her baby brother. She’s like little misses mom, carries him everywhere, changes him, helps bath/feed him. I’m sure their bond will be great :heart:

I’ve got a 15 year old daughter and 3 year old son. They get along great. Play together and help each other. The daughter helped a lot when he was a baby. <3 I think large age gaps are great.

My son was 6 almost 7 when my daughter was born. He’s 13 now and she’s 6 and they have a really great bond! Also it was a bit easier to navigate 2 kids since my older child had a bit of independence by that time (potty trained, able to dress self, etc)

You will have the family that you need and your kids will be great friends.
Out of 6 kids I am the 5th my closest siblings are 6 years older and ten years younger. I love my older sisters we are vary close and we just lost my baby sister but she was my baby sister wouldn’t trade her for anything.
Just make sure to make quality time to do fun things and have a sitter/spouse watch baby so your older knows they are important. Goodluck its gonna be
***************FABULOUS ************

same age gap as mine my daughter adored her brother till he got about six then she called him her little pain in the butt. As adults they are very close my daughter introduced her brother to her best friend (it worked) they have been married now for 8 years

My daughters are 5 years apart. Oldest just turned 6 in Dec. my 8 mo old baby absolutely adores her big sister. While I can’t let her play with everything big sis has, she still tries to follow her around and lights up everytime her sister comes in the room.

My oldest is 15 (almost 16), my middle is 12, and my youngest is 3. Wasn’t planned that way but they love their little sister and she loves them. My mom’s sister is 14 years older and although they weren’t super close when they were younger, it was fine later on. It’s not as big of a deal as you may think. Don’t sweat it!

I have 7. My baby is 12 years younger than my other youngest. They all love her. She annoys them, but they love her

You can’t really change the fact that it’s going to happen and it is what it is. It’s not so bad, your oldest will enjoy being an older sibling and helping with baby. My oldest is 14 and my baby is 9 months lol. It’s great honestly.

My second was born when my oldest was 6, my third child was born when my 2nd was 5, my 4th born when my 3rd was 4. We stopped at 4- all the same father. My oldest was 16 when my youngest was born. Older children are wonderful with their siblings, feel love and empathy and naturally want to help mommy. I would have liked them closer in age but repeated miscarriages prevented it. Things will work out just the way they are meant to be.

There’s 10 years between my 2 and they have the best relationship. They’re 12 and 2 right now, best friends. My 2 year old ADORES his big brother and my oldest loves spending time and playing with my little. He has his moments of not wanting to be bothered by him, but you’ll have that with any age gap. There’s going to be an adjustment period, but again; that’s normal adding in a new person to the household.

My boys are 7.5 years apart. They are soooo close, absolutely adore each other… For the most part. They fight like any other siblings too- despite the age gap. Don’t feel bad, honestly… They’ll be fine :blush:

My baby is 18 months old my youngest before her is 10 he loves his little sister to pieces all her older siblings adore her also my oldest is 25 years old. Yes there’s a big age gap but it won’t be that much of an issue I’m sure don’t worry too much.

Why waste your time feeling guilty about something you can do nothing about. There’s going to be a 6+ year age gap and that’s how it is, just deal with it. One of my siblings is 12 years younger, one 9 years younger and we have great relationships.

Almost same with mine! But, my youngest is now a year and my oldest is 7 and a half and they have such a good bond. My oldest really helps her to learn things and be independent. Although there is some jealousy sometimes, they have such a good relationship :heart:

My daughter is almost 7 years older than my son. They are very very close and she is his best friend. Bc of the difference in ages, she never got annoyed with him for tagging along.

My oldest (9) adores the youngest (2). Always has. Of course she loves her brother (8) and her sister (5) but they annoy her a lot :joy:

My boys are 10 years apart! I felt the same way when I was pregnant but they have an incredible bond. The big one plays with the little one, the little one learns so much from the big one, both adore each other… they are just typical siblings!

My son is 6 turning 7 in March and my daughter just turned 1 , they’ve been playing together alot , they play toys ans share play kitchen Nd a ball pit they play in as well , he also is a big help with her and you can tell he loves her so muvh and will be more of a protector but thats ok because he is so sweet with her ! :heart: he just gets upset when she turns off his Xbox :sweat_smile:

My Sister is 13 years older than me. I have an amazing relationship with her.

My oldest daughter is 8 years old, my 2nd is 1 and im :pregnant_woman: … My 8 year old is THE best big sister…

It’s really not a big deal

Me and my brother were 6 and a half yrs apart we have a good relationship and we’re pretty good growing up

My daughter’s are 10 years and 18 days apart. They adore each other and always have. They are 22 and 12 right now. But even from the time the youngest was a baby They have loved each other and played together.

Girl! Mine are nearly 14 years apart. Lol but i get it. Me and my sister are 10 yrs apart and our relationship is different than those close together. But its a great relationship. We always have eachothers backs.

It’ll surprise you my oldest is 11 years older then my second and 13 years older then my 3rd. She plays with the 2 year old all the time and loves to help with and read to the 9 month old.

There’s 17 years between my oldest and youngest-and 16 years between me and my oldest sister. They’ll have a different type of relationship but they’ll still love and enjoy one another. My oldest sister is more like an extra mom.

My daughter is 7 years older than her brother and so far, she worships the ground he walks on and vice versa.

My daughter is 8 years older than my son. I felt the same way in the beginning, but it’s been a blessing! They are very close.

My kids are 11.5 years old. He’s 29 she’s 17, but they are very close. My brother is 5.5 years older then me and my sister is 4.5 years older. And we were close growing up and still are. Don’t stress momma. It will work out fine.

I have 14 years between my first and second… no issues with it. She’s not treated like a baby sitter. Just a sibling. They adore each other. And we have another due in April.

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My oldest is 12 my youngest is 2. Almost exactly 10 years apart (birthdays are a week apart). They’re so close. My youngest is obsessed with her sister and my oldest adores her.

I’m 10 years older than my sister and 13 years older than my brother. We have a great bond. It’s about how you raise them. Not they years between.

There’s an exactly 8 year gap between our first and second children. They never really played together, however, that was okay because they were never competing with each other. Once they were both older, they became great friends. They still talk to each other daily, even though they live 3 hours apart.

No reason to feel guilty over something you can’t change. Yes it’s a gap but they can still be close.My grandmother and her sister were 8 years apart and they were best friends. My sister is 5 years younger than me and we don’t speak to each other. Age gaps don’t determine how close siblings are.

Don’t make it weird, just expect them to get along. They’ll take their cues from you. Friend had kids 10 years apart. My son & the older boy were thrilled to have a little one to dote over, they were always friends. My two loved taking him out trick or treating on Halloween because they felt they were too old to go door to door, but often got candy as the chaperones.

It will work out…my oldest is about 6 years older than my youngest. They are typical brothers but absolutely love each other. Now 9 and 3. Everything happens for a reason and when it is supposed to. Have faith!

My children (now 27 & 20 ) are 7 years apart. Their bond as siblings is unbreakable ask either one of them who their best friend is and they will tell you each other. I’m 2 years apart from my own brother and we have a strong bond but not one quite as close or as strong as the one my children do. They see each other on a regular basis they hang out on a regular basis even though they’re both grown out living their own lives doing their own thing. Not a day passes that they don’t at least hear from each other once I really wouldn’t worry about it too much you raise them to be close they will be.

My littlest is 2 months old and my oldest is almost 8 and I don’t think i would want it any other way now . My oldest does his own think . Can look after his basic needs all while wanting to help with his brother and spending time entertaining and playing with him .

My step daughters were 9 & 12 when my son was born. He is incredibly close with both of them and they are very protective of him. Don’t feel guilty.

I have a 14 yr old, a 3 yr old and a 7 month old! And the teenagers bond with both of them is amazing!
They will be fine and so will you mumma, don’t stress!
When bubs is born, ask your older one to help out, with bath time, change time. Include them in everything

I have an 8 year gap between my boys. They love each other so much! I wouldn’t want it any other way. My oldest helps with my youngest, they don’t fight over stuff, and I only pay 1 full time daycare each week until my oldest was old enough to stay home by himself after school.

My daughter was 6 when I had my baby my baby is now two and her sister will still play babies to her they’re lucky they get the best of both sides an older sister to help her and a friend to still play with her

Girl it will work out. Mine are 13 yrs apart! Life doesn’t always go as planned or hoped but they will love eachother.

There’s 9 years between my 2. I can honestly say if my daughter was the older one it would’ve been easier lol. Boys ain’t interested in little sisters much. But they do care for and love each other.

Me and my sister are 6 years apart and except for a few moments during our preteen/young adult years we were always very close
My youngest and oldest are 5 years apart and they’re also very close

My older brother has two kids his oldest is 19 and his younger one is 7 and they get along great

I have 4 kids and here’s their ages - 30, 25, 21 and 10. I also have bonus kids (sounds better then step kids) who are 19, 17 and 15. I wouldn’t change any of it. My youngest loves all her older siblings for many different reasons.

I felt the same but somehow sibling love is still strong. My sons are 15, 13,13 and my daughter is almost 3yr.

My 2 oldest are 8 years apart and they live eachother and even though one is 13 and the other 5 and than I had another baby who is 11 months. they have a lot of fun together and the older one was a lot of help to her 2 younger siblings
They will be fine
Age doesn’t discriminate against the live of siblings

My kids are exactly the same age apart my daughter is 7 in a month and my son is a year. They are BESTFRIENDS. His face lights up when he sees sissy, and he just loves her so much and she’s the same way super protective won’t let anyone say even no to bubba and if they do they hear it from her she loves him just the same! Always talks about how cute she is and how she’s got the cutest brother ever. Their relationship MELTS ME.

My oldest is 34, then I have 2 26yr olds, and my youngest is 13! They are amazing!! The love they all share, I couldn’t be more proud!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sunflower::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sunflower::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My 1st and 2nd are 10 years apart I had a 3rd so she could have someone to grow up with and closer in age :joy:

My sister was 19 when my mom had me. We didn’t play together much when I was a kid, but our bond as adults is as strong as any siblings’

I do want to add that my aunt had her 2 boys about 18-19 years apart, they have a really great bond

My oldest is about to be 6 next month. My youngest is 16 months. They are only 5 years apart. And my bonus son is about to turn 5 in June. They both love their baby brother and play with him.

Believe me they will fight more then anything but I also wouldn’t change it for the world. They fight a lot but the older ones are definitely help take care of him. My kids have large gaps too. My 2 oldest are 4 years apart my 2 middle are 6 years apart and then my last 2 are 8 years apart lol. The ages now are 25,21,15,and 7. My oldest was 18 when I had my youngest.

Oh no mamas, that just means that they’ll have a big sister that will protect them in the later years. By the time ones a teen the other will be curious about the big world and the older one will protect then from all the things and people. Parents to miss some and they’re big sister will pick it up

They will find a way to work it out. My 2 are almost 13yrs apart, same parents. Plenty of miscarriages between and after the last, I’m blessed to have the 2 I’ve got, so age difference was the last thing I worried about.

My kids are exactly 5 yrs apart and now that they are a little older they are best friends. My brother is 4yrs my senior and we are super close like we talk 5 days a week close. They will get to a point eventually that they can be close if they choose.

My kids are 14,7,1 :blush: the adores each other and shockingly to me they are friends