I found out my kids were watching inappropriate videos on youtube: Advice?

I just found out my kids have been watching youtube without my knowledge. They are 13 and 15, and I thought I could trust them with their phones, but apparently, I was sadly mistaken. Has anyone watched this Jeffy character? Is this really what kids are into these days? I was watching a few of his videos, and I was horrified! How do I go about punishing them? I am not okay with these types of videos.


What I did with my daughter for the same thing is remove YouTube from all devices first off, then sit them down and talk to them about what’s ok and what’s not ok to watch or do. My daughter was 9, so it was easy for me to take the phone permanently away along with all mobile devices and she can only watch YouTube in the presence of me and her dad.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I found out my kids were watching inappropriate videos on youtube: Advice?

Your kids are probably watching porn at their ages. I wouldn’t be too concerned with what they’re watching on YouTube. I think it’s insane a 15 year old needs permission to watch YouTube.

I looked and all I see are puppets that cuss.

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Talk to them and tell them how they’re not allowed to watch those type of videos because at the end of the day YOU ARE THE PARENT. Take phones away as punishment and make them earn it back. :bangbang: point blank.

I’ve banned Jeffy from my house!! Not appropriate at all

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Some parents never check to see what there kids are doing 9n there phones week up pll

My 7-year-old grandson is allowed to watch this character I’ve sat and watched it with him to see what it was all about my grandson has swallowed a penny because of Jeffy he has shut off the circuit breakers in the house because of Jeffy he has driven his mother’s cars because of Jeff I feel they’re not going to be happy until he kills himself this should be banned

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Definitely not appropriate idk how they arent demonitized. My 9 year old sister was watching it, we turned her phone to childlocked and had youtube kids on there only. They talk about murder snd stuff too!

:woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face: if your kids are not homeschooled completely then they are getting exposed to way worse things than what I just googled.


Take their phone away.
Or if they have internet change the password and only make them have just a phone.
Sooner or later they will understand why you did it.
Otherwise there isn’t much you can do.
My kids never got a phone until they was 15 and it was phone only with no internet.
Yes they will find a way to watch things .
However watch their friends watch how they are being with.
Then you can take more of a action on them.
Otherwise there really isn’t much you can do .
And it’s because government let’s this happen.
And then wants to say they don’t know why and we need to do something to stop it.

Block it? It’s completely inappropriate but I don’t see a huge reason to “punish” Maybe sit down, have a good talk about what you allow and don’t allow them to watch. Block the channels you think are inappropriate, monitor what they watch on a regular basis and move on :woman_shrugging:


My 6 yr old use to watch that. I banned it! No longer watches it anymore.

I hooked my granddaughter phone on my Gmail so I can see everything she is doing.

My fiance banned YouTube in our house because his boys love to watch jeffy and it’s not appropriate. The oldest goes around cussing and ends up getting in trouble and says he didnt say the words so its banned.

Ok i get bein upset that they did something without your knowledge,especially internet things. For instance my daughter is 12 and i just found out she has a tik tok and a snapchat which she didnt ask to do. I was upset at first then i figured ok just monitor her closely on what shes posting…because this IS the age of tech and they are teenagers. I dont think punishment is the right action here. Explain to them why you are upset with them and that you particularly dont care for those videos and set boundaries for YouTube. However as i said they are teens-my daughter watches creepypasta;stuff like Slenderman Jeff the Killer etc…theyre videos though. These kids are exposed to waaayyyy worse on a daily basis. As long as they are aware thats not reality than letting them watch at their age shouldnt be an issue

Jeffy is BAD he’s banned in my house.

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Tiffany Amber Monture Jeffy :joy::joy:

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Kids will find a way to watch what they want no matter what you do, especially at 13 or 15. I’d just be glad they are not watching porn or sending nudes. You can take their phones but they have friends who may have old phones. Honestly they hear that kind of language everyday; school, hang out spots, grocery store, and tv. If they are watching it in your home and not hiding it from you, you will be able to talk about the content and even why thats not appropriate and or how they should react in situations. It is life, you can’t protect them from life but you can prepare them and instill your morals and values at the same time.

My 5 yr olds I caught watching Jeffy videos and yeah they no longer have an access to internet.

They are 13 and 15. :rofl:


I’m not being funny but it’s most likely ur teenagers have been exposed or know about way worse. 1 is nearly 16. In the Uk that’s legal age for sex and marriage in some places. I’d totally understand if it was younger kids but they are teenagers. Each parent to their own but I think it’s just over reacting. As long as uv taught ur kids right from wrong then there shouldn’t be an issue at that age


Block YouTube on their devices and now there’s a child YouTube version app but, I’d view that first too! xx

A 13 and 15 year old?! Ma’am….puppets that curse are the least of your worries. Wait until they discover there’s a puppet category on porn hub :joy:


Lol girl be mad for porn not YouTube and jeffy he is somewhat bad but not to be punished

I go through Verizon and have an app set up I can monitor my daughters time and what apps she can have, I don’t allow YouTube but she has YouTube kids and can only watch age appropriate stuff.

My 6 and 4 yr old watch YouTube at their dads and he doesn’t monitor at all… they came home singing a song they saw on jeffy :woman_facepalming:t2:

My 4th grade students were watching Jeffy like 4 years ago. They are only 9-10! :flushed:

Have supervised phone time at the kitchen table.


13 and 15 girl bye…. I think
You’re definitely overreacting over some cursing puppets at that age… hell
Kids saying all
Kids of
Things when they not in your presence
Believe me

My oldest son went through a jeffy phase and he was banned from my house too! Thankfully he hasn’t done anything stupid but still I cant stand that videos :rage:

Theyre 13 and 15. :woman_facepalming:


Can you do parent restrictions?

Ok Karen have a good day. LOL youtube is the least of your worries as far as what your kids could be doing, especially that age.

The children should not be punished for they had know idea you disapproved.


Mine tryed watching that, they will lose their devices if they try anymore.

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Ugh I hate JEFFY! Soo inappropriate and stupid I swear :woman_facepalming:t4:

My kids keep getting YouTube on their TV. I have tried EVERYTHING to using a code and what not but they keep getting it and I can’t block the app. It’s so frustrating. I end up just taking the remotes and locking them up.

Lol I just pulled it up bc I had no clue what Jeffy was and I’m dead you are this upset about your teenagers ( key word) watching cursing puppets :joy::joy::joy::joy: listen you may want to get some Xanax bc the next few years of teenage shit might kill you


Totally normal for 13/15 yr old to get themselves into nonsense available on YouTube. Put in parental restrictions (although there are videos that bios this somehow). Or have supervised table time. Perhaps a conversation about the things they are watching on YouTube. Perhaps do your own research as well. EVERYTHING will mortify you. What you think is a cartoon may not be as innocent as u think. I have a different parenting style…. I have a 16 yr old with rules and strict household but no restrictions as far as YouTube. Kids talk about it all. Prob know more than I do! But we have a strong relationship and she often comes to me to ask questions or show the “hip” thing of the season.

If you go into settings you can block access to certain sites/apps

I must not be a good mother because I curse and yell all the time and my kids watch Jeffy I just explained to them that what he says on there they cannot use and say themself and my kids are from the ages of 19 all the way to 5 years old I guess I’m one of those hippie moms I don’t put limits on my kids plus I work nights and if my teenage kids are watching Jeffy I know my younger kids are watching them but they’re not acting are doing what he says on the show. now he’s just a puppet but like I said I must be a bad mom for letting them watch it

Family link app is a lifesaver!! Highly recommend :relaxed:


Just have a conversation with them. If you punish them they’ll just want to watch it more and resent you


Remove YouTube from their phones and set parental restrictions on their ability to download any apps. They would need your password in order to download it which means they would need to ask for your permission to an app. Or try to set up parental restrictions on the youtube content.
As far as punishment for their usage…if they knew they were not allowed and did anyway then maybe take their phones away for a set time as punishment…if they didn’t know they should not have been watching it then a good conversation is to be had to.make sure they understand why and so on and then go from there.

My son is13.this show was introduced to him by a much younger child. I think if you push the issue of not allowing. Their going to do so behind our backs. So instead I had a talk with my son. And told him. That I personally don’t like this character and neither should you. So please don’t watch it.
And these days. We really don’t know 100% of the time what our children are watching or doing on their phones. There’s so many hidden apps. And ways you can hide whatever. That’s why my son & I have a tight bond. I want him to come to me for anything.

When I was there age my mom was strict like this and it made me extremely sneaky

My 10 and 5 year old discovered Jeffy they no longer have YouTube on anything

Honestly i think you might be over reacting. They’re teenagers. If they were younger i could understand. I’ve seen since of these Jeffy episodes i can guarantee they have seen worse and guarantee they know more than you think about the things they discuss on there. But to each there own with them being teenagers i think the only thing you can do that might have any impact is to take away their phones but even then i bet they find a way to watch it if they really want


Have your TV service block or discontinue that channel.

They are 13 & 15…
Teenage years are for sure a wild ride…

I keep it 100, honest and straight with my teenager because the last thing I want is for her to hear it from her friends, school, social media, or TV. In doing this she truly understands this crazy thing called life in teenage years…

I said all that to say. If you are open with your kids and they are with you, puppets that swear shouldn’t worry you to much BUT if your teens aren’t around swearing or still really naive (not in a bad way) then I understand why you are upset…So if this is the case set restrictions on YouTube :woman_shrugging:t4:

You didn’t even know they were watching it…you had no idea what it even was…but now that you know and you don’t like it so you’re going to punish them? What? It’d be different if you knew what it was already and told them not to watch it and they did anyway, but the fact that you had no idea what this even was and you want to punish them for it is beyond me. Tell them you don’t like those videos and you don’t want them to watch them anymore. No point in punishing your children for something they didn’t know was wrong.


Time to take away the devices

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Let them grow up. Regardless of parental control, there’s ways to go around and watch worse things. You can’t restrict everything in the world. It’s not protecting them, it’s encouraging them cause you’re being a hovering parent. Same thing as micromanaging. Jesus Christ. Yall are ridiculous. We had SO much worse shit growing up.


I hate that character. I’ve disabled YouTube and downloaded YouTube for kids

Just talk to them
They are growing up

Why would you punish them for your slip up you could’ve prevent this by supervising and restricting so maybe just talk to them and tell them why and what is wrong with the videos and be more on top of your parenting game :100:

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You thought you could trust teenagers? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Wait until they start watching porn :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


At 13 & 15 I can say they see & most likely have seen more than you think
they have & wont tell you my boys are 20 18 & 9yrs old. Why punish them over some puppets who curse bit harsh. If your like this over this when they see or do something they certainly won’t come to you over it. Give them the trust to make own choices.

If you restrict them they will just find another way to watch them. I would have a talk with them about why it is inappropriate. Unfortunately sometimes you just need to let teenagers be teenagers or you could have some rebellion on your hands. (my mom tried to stop me from doing things so I just found out how to do it anyways and then hid it) eventually I grew up but I’ve always just kind of done what I wanted…

Well, good luck… your kids are gonna see crap you dont want them too, be it at home, friends, school, family members, they are gonna get influenced… you best chance is just telling them why you dont like and would prefer them not watching. Or maybe, I did this with my daughter… we looked through YouTube and found things she liked and I didnt find anything to be disagreeable. granted i didnt always like it.

Jeffy is not aloud in my home no sir


Come on they are 13 and 15, in 5 and 3 years they will be grown adults and you’re worried about a puppet that pretends to be an idiot? I know I wld much rather my teens watch Jeffy than out doing some of the things that their peers are doing.

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Every night the electronics get taken and viewed to see what they are watching … when they watch bad things they get warned once if past that point they continue to watch then no electronics

well better that then pornography! :flushed:


Yo I just asked my 12 year old son who is Jeffy…:flushed: he gave me the run down and described it to me. Said it’s dumb, stupid and funny and probably has the same rating as a porn site. He didn’t care for it. Ikes! I was hoping he was clueless :woman_facepalming:

I think he’s funny it could be worse they could be watching porn just sayin

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I let my 13 and 11 yr old watch jeffy they hear cusswords on a daily numerous times a day whether in my house or on the street


They’re 13 and 15 geesh.


Jeffy says a lot more then just “curse words” . I walked in while my son was watching and heard them talking about “orange pussy” soo yeah not suitable for kids.

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Then ground then from the tv

My kids have watched that and many other things that would seem inappropriate to others. I find that when you don’t restrict them from the adult world, which they will ultimately be apart of, they rebel and want to engage in adult activities sooner.


Holy crap they’re teenagers chill your lucky they’re not doing worse things :rofl:


The more you tell your kids not to do something the more they will rebel and do it :woozy_face:


They’re not toddlers.

You mean to tell me you’ve not found stiff socks or sheets in their laundry?

Ma’am. :joy::joy::joy:

kids my mistake teens are advanced these days you can stop it in your house but it’s not putting a complete stop to it especially if your kids went to a public school and will continue to. talk to them about it if you’re really that worried but i feel like you’re overreacting a little bit.

You let them have phones and didn’t put parental restrictions on it that’s your fault punish yourself.


I just seen it for the first time last week and I was appalled! Sad that this is made up in one’s mind smh


They are literally teenagers. :joy: and your pressed about a swearing puppet?


I took my daughters phone for awhile tried to gain her trust back she messed up again and i bought her a flip phone


Have you talked to them as to why they are watching jeffry star?


Ugh. I got you beat and I feel for you mamma. My 11 year old has been doing some really scary stuff involving the internet. In turn. To protect her the best I could( she was giving her address to total strangers, and sending inappropriate pictures) I decided to go old fashioned. They now have no access to the internet for the summer. Only have dvds for them to watch. And we have added a lot more family time. Family games, teaching them to cook a plant gardens. That sort of thing. Everyone kept saying I was being harsh. But. After pulling up the sex offender registration is our area. I became really scared. The kids have enjoyed it. And I didn’t realize how much we needed these family memories. Kids grow up too fast these days.


My 7 year old will watch Jeffy.
He thinks it’s hilarious


if they don’t hear from jeffy, then they will hear it else where.

I caught my 8 year old looking at a big set of titties on pornhub… I’d have preferred Jeffy :sob::rofl:


I got news for you all… there is no “fan” making these ridiculous posts. Who could be a fan to this nonsense? There sure are a lot of useless “parents” in this world though. No wonder things are so messed up. Congratulations on all your contributions to the end of human kind…

If you don’t believe me, follow this nail page for a month… and put your braincells to work, or just keep publicly incriminating yourselves…

Check their phones limit… screen time…set parental controls…on tv and phones.

Really? She’s complaining about a 13 and 15 year old watching Jeffy?! It’s a plushie show. There are way worse things in YouTube and she seems this one as inappropriate for their age bracket? She is truly overreacting. She probably would’ve had a heart attack if they were watching a music video with video vixens in it🤦🏽‍♀️

My 8 year old and I have a very open relationship, and it works for us. He doesn’t hide anything from me, tells me everything. I’ve never heard of Jeffy so I asked him and he said no I don’t watch that it’s stupid. For the most part he watches YouTube on the tv in the family room so I always see what he’s watching and it’s always the same kind of videos… Fortnite. I was raised in a household with very strict parents, which caused me to lie and sneak around. So ive found being more laid back is working so far, and hope it stays this way into the teenage years. But do what works for you.

I took my daughters iPad and now she has to watch YouTube on the tv in the family room where everyone can see what she’s watching😂

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Relax a little bit if your kids are in public school im sure they will hear MUCH WORSE 🤷🤦 plus they are teenagers lol


No YouTube allowed for my kids

We are to raise our children in this world and not of it…

Talk to your children about what they are watching? And why?
Parents can’t shelter their kidos bc this is a big bad world. We are to teach them to navigate through the crap that is out there.

What do you think they are talking about with their friends?? Chill out before they sneak around and keep in u in the dark…:roll_eyes:

Dont punish them for you not setting parental controls as for jeffy i have not seen any videos but from the comments imma go with its not super bad so chill and just explain to them not to watch it anymore


Those aren’t kids… those are teenagers. Imma have to be real with you, they’re probably watching worse on other sites :eyes:


My 5 year old has came across jeffy videos theu are a bit out there an not for young kids. Teenagers eh

I dont allow my daughter to have tik-tok and i also dont have tik-tok because she isnt allowed to. I have it set up to where she has to have me approve any sites or games shes allowed to visit