I have a migrane that will not go away since having an epidural?

Has anyone else experienced, after giving birth and getting an epidural, you get a migraine that don’t go away even with medication? My midwife said I might need a blood patch if it’s a spinal headache. Has anyone else experience this before?


I had a spinal headache for 3 days after having my son. It eventually went away on its own but by far the worst headache I’ve ever experienced. Laying down helps!

I had a migraine for a few days after my epidural. They said it was a side effect and would go away in a few days

Have you been checking your blood pressure?

My wee girl is 5 i still suffer really bad head aches an back pain but its natural some people will suffer for long term like I have… only thing helps os going an laying down flat in a dark room. Im also on strong medication for the headaches an back pains from the epidural

I had to have a blood patch done and the pain was gone immediately when the blood was injected into my spine. Never had any issues afterwards.


I had the same experience as Emilie. Once I had the blood patch done, I was better immediately and never had an issue again.

Call your dr you might be leaking spinal fluid

I had a spinal headache after my spinal for my cerclage. I spent several days in the hospital. The headache was almost as bad as labor. Laying down definitely helps. I would run to the bathroom with my IV pole and put my head in between my legs just to get relief. I received relief right after my blood patch.

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I had a epidural migraines that started right before I gave birth, it was horrible. My baby was in the special care unit and it was over 24 hours before I got to see her because I couldn’t get up it was so bad! I had a blood patch it lasted long enough for me to have 3/4 of a day with her and it came back the next evening! You have to lay completely flat… I couldn’t even go to the washroom! I finally had to go back exactly a week later and have a second blood patch because I couldn’t take it anymore! Thankfully I had my husband and my mom and his mom to help cause I was honestly useless for a whole week ! After my second blood patch I have been fine since…except back pain which is tolerable! Hope that you feel better soon

I been thru this. My headache never would go away. After 2 whole weeks i could not take it anymore. I called the hospital & explained & they had me go in and they had to draw blood from my arm & inject it in my spine just like an epidural. My headache instantly went away. I hope this helps u bc i know the pain u r going thru

I had one and it is miserable. I had to have a blood patch and it was instant relieve. I would check with your Dr for sure you may need to go to ER to be evaluated!

I had spinal headache from time after he was delivered till 2 days postpartum and it didn’t go away till had the blood patch. No more headaches or migraines but I did have severe back pain by the time I got home and now 3 months postpartum by the end of my work shift I have back pain but it’s not as bad as it was. But I also had three different needles injected in my spine by the time I left the hospital.

Get the blood patch i crawled on the floor for 3 weeks without it

Yes. Drink 3 2 liters of name brand coca cola and it will get to a point of manageable enough for tylenol or fioricet to work. My son’s pediatrician told me this at his 1 week appointment and it worked like a dream.

Get a professional massage to circulate that fluid out.

Hydrate, drink some caffeine and Tylenol. If this doesn’t help then go see your midwife. This is what we tell our patients

Yes. I held off for a week. After that, with no improvement, I called my doctor and they set me up for a blood patch. Instant relief!

Yes go check yourself. I experience it and it only went away if I was laying down flat. You need a blood patch. It will go away instantly after doing one. Its an epidural but using your own blood. I recommend it to get rid of your migraine fast…

Yes, you need a blood patch. I could hardly function and it hurt so bad. I had to call and ask to have it done since they sent me home without doing it. Spinal fluid is leaking causing the headache and blood patch will fill it to stop. Took care of it pretty quickly.

Had one with my son. It lasted bout a week and went as fast as it came. Dr said 1 in a hundred will get it and guess I hit it

I was told in the hospital if i experienced any headache pain to let the doctor know asap. The nurse came in several times a day/night to check vitals and they always asked if i was experiencing any headache pain. I didn’t, but, i gather it’s a pretty serious thing. I’d call your doctor asap. Better to be careful.

I would go and be seen, it could be a postpartum headache or an epidural headache but if you are having other symptoms (blurred vision or dizziness) it’s good to get checked out.

I get headaches often but just had a TIA mini stroke weds. Worse headache I’ve ever had. Always check to make sure its nothing serious!! I had a blockage in my MRI.

My daughter had that after her 1st child was born and went to the ER she had to be given a blood patch.

Worse pain in my life! I had this almost 3 years ago and I felt like my head was going to explode whenever I stood up. I chose not to get the blood patch bc it could end up making it worse, but my doctor said to take caffeine pills and drink a lot of mt dew and water.

I really didn’t want to get the blood patch bc the doctor had poked me 3 times in the back trying to get the epidural to work so I did not want him doing it again (small hospital). The headache lasted for about 2 weeks. The bright side was I didn’t have any appetite so I lost 30 lbs in those 2 weeks :rofl:

Blood patch works wonders!! I literally couldn’t get up because I was in tears from the pain. that’s how much pain my headache caused.

Same happened to me. A spinal headache. They can only take care of it if it’s within 7 days of delivery after that they say it needs to go away on its own. My Dr told me to start drinking caffeine again and it would help. It was gone almost instantly after that

I had a spinal block headache with my first child (30yrs ago). It was the worst pain of my life. I asked them to do something, they said oh, we can give you a blood patch- but they never did.

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Yes, with my third, a year ago today! You can get a blood patch and I’m told they work wonders, but I chose not to. The neurologist who came to consult with me said that laying flat would help it heal (hahahahaHAHAHA it’s my third boy so that’s unlikely) but that caffeine would trigger the body to produce extra cerebrospinal fluid which would restore the pressure imbalance. I chose venti Starbucks from the hospital lobby until I got home and side-lying to nurse. It does go away within a week, so if after that you are still having pain, seek medical attention.

Try dark Chocolate :chocolate_bar:

Yes. I had this after my second child. I was leaking spinal fluid where my epidural catheter was. I suffered for a week before I gave up and went to the Dr. I had to have a blood patch and just a matter of hours later the headache was gone.

I had 1 in 98. I had a blood patch done. It felt like the shot they give u before the epidural

Could have a fluid leak…one of the symptoms…call a consulting nurse at your hospital

I get migraines all the time an I have headaches 24/7 so if u know anything let me know too.i have tried everything.

I would have it checked out for sure… I had a botched epidural with my daughter in 2009 and now we both get horrible horrible migraines frequently where we get nauseous, sensitive to light and sound the whole 9 yards. Scary stuff

I had an epidural back in 97. I could not stand up for 6 weeks. I had such a migraine and it felt like someone stabbed my brain. And being electrocuted at the same time. Finally it stopped after 6 weeks.

I did and ended up getting a blood patch a week post birth … was the best decision EVER!!

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My daughter had this happen after an epidural and had to go to the ER where they had her have the blood patch done. She was leaking spinal fluid which was what was causing the headache. I’d go have it checked out if I was you.


I had one for about a week after my csection with my first. The only things that helped were laying flat on my back in bed and drinking caffinated tea.


My c-section was 41 years ago…I had a headache from the epidural that went on for weeks…I remained hospitalized for 10 days…

Yes. I had one after my epidural from my cesarean section. After two days they did a blood patch on me and it was gone immediately. If you can get the Blood patch get it. Immediate relief.


I had the same thing happen. I drank some coffee and it helped alot! Plus took some tylenol.

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I was told by nurses not to lift my head for eight hours or I will get a bad headache!


I do have problems with migraines, so when they warned me about the possibility of one, and I then had to stay in hospital, I took the warnings VERY seriously. The attending nurses thought I was silly when I asked their help in turning me, but I remembered that warning all over again and insisted. I didn’t get a migraine at that time…

Yes, I had one too. Mine actually went away by drinking Coke/Pepsi and black coffee. This was my last resort before doing a spinal patch and it worked for me.

You wanna check your blood pressure too to make sure it’s not preeclampsia (it often happens after birth as well)… I had an epidural and had a bad headache for weeks after and my back hurt reaaaaallly bad… my blood pressure was high too and they upped my bp medicine dosage which helped.

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Check your blood pressure!!! A week after having my youngest I got unbearable migraines that wouldn’t go away. My BP was insanely high and I ended up going blind, had a stroke, then a seizure, and had to be life flighted where I stayed a week in the ICU. Go to the ER if you need to!! I ended up with postpartum eclampsia.

Yes. I had this happen with my first delivery after an epidural. The headache was horrible. I went back to the hospital and got a blood patch then the relief was instantaneous.

Blood patch worked for me. Headache went away almost immediately and this was 30 plus years ago


After delivery l was told to lay flat and not raise my head for 12 hours and didn’t have any headache at all


I had a spinal leak from my epidural and the migraine for about a week. Drs told me caffeine was better than any medicine for it. So I was drinking cold black coffee and Pepsi all day and the more I ate the better I felt.

I had one and had to get the blood patch because it would just not go away. I couldn’t eat or get up with out being in serious pain. Some people say it goes away on its own but mine lasted two weeks and I couldn’t hold my baby without wanting to cry from pain so I finally got the blood patch. It was cleared within a couple hours.

Yes many yrs ago. Thought my head would blow off. 11 days of this. Lay on stomach as,much as possible to help heal the hole. It worked. I didn’t like the blood clots idea n I had 4 little holes. Neurosurgeon was,going to put me back in hospital n give me iV alcohol. But finally healed as,fast as started. Good luck .

I had a blood patch done about 5 days later and that took the headache away. It’s an epidural induced migraine. GO TO THE DOCTOR AND GET THE BLOOD PATCH. You will feel SO MUCH BETTER.

I had one after my epidural. I was sent to the ER and instead of doing a blood patch the doctor had me put two big q-tips with hollow tubes all the way up my nose. Had me lay on my back. He then dripped lidocaine down the hollow tubes and within 10 minutes my headache was gone.

I had those after both of my kids they lasted for 2 weeks n were awful the only thing that helped was laying down with no pillows n back then only gave like Tylenol with codine, but I understand it’s hard to just be laying down when you have a newborn. I hope you get relief.

It more likely a spinal headache I’ve had both a blood patch will fix it

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Go get checked I had one bad and went back to the Er and I had spinal fluid leaking it can cause more damage always go get checked

Yes!! When I went in for my baby well check I couldn’t even sit up. Had to put my head between my legs…
the doctor took me straight back to the hospital where they gave me a blood patch.
Worked in seconds!!!
You have to patch that hole in your spine because you are leaking spinal fluid which is causing the migraine.
The blood patch Did Not hurt a bit and solved the problem instantaneously!

That happened to our daughter after an epidural for a c-section. She was I inexcusable pain. She had the blood patch and her pain immediately disappeared.

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It happened to me 32 years ago,after 3 days they finally did a blood patch,omg it hurt but was worth it!

I was given prescription caffeine pills and told to drink coke as well. Went away after a couple days. I didn’t need the blood patch but that was the next option.

Your mid wife is right, get a blood patch it works, had it done instant relief

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Yes, I had the same thing and they did a blood patch, took my headache away

If it’s a normal headache pain reliever and increased caffeine should help. If nothing helps and the pain increases with movement go to the ER. You may need a blood patch as others have mentioned. I’ve experienced both.

I had one for a few weeks while trying to manage a new born and a 17 month old. Coke worked to help. I was recommended for one too, but mine eventually went away.

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I had preeclampsia after my c section and my headaches were so bad when I went for my follow up they rushed me to another hospital and I was there for a week

One of my best friends needed a blood patch after an epidural. She was having headaches and severe ringing in her ears. The blood patch made it all go away almost immediately.

Is it different when lying down. If it dissipates when lying flat when lying flat, I agree with a spinal head ache. Caffeine helps also the blood patch of it doesn’t resolve with lying flat. How long ago did you give birth?

It does go away by itself. It’s cause is from leaking spinal fluid. It’s a headache that gets worse when walking. I’m a labor and delivery nurse. It really doesn’t happen often

My best friend had one so bad she couldn’t even get off the couch, they did a blood patch and she felt better almost immediately

I chose to have and epidural with my 3 baby (had 2 natural with no meds with the first two) but you must pray… A lot of praying :pray: but I use/rub on my forehead, temples, neck and shoulders the essential oils, peppermint, lavender, frankincense… and also take 2 pills called, “pain aid”… and drink plenty of water and rest in a dark cool room away from noise and light. If you can get someone to massage :massage_woman: it helps too…:pray:Hope this helps you​:heart:. Another thing, try to Stop eating chocolate :chocolate_bar: … I know it’s tough but it is a trigger. It was tough for me but I now choose Health over cravings. Over time they will subside. But if they get worse… please go to the ER just to be safe​:heart: God bless you and may The Lord Jesus Christ heal you now in Jesus Mighty Powerful Name Amen :pray::heart:

I have and i know how you feel.i had at least 5 blood patches.Than help for a little while.It took almost a year before mine closed up.

Sounds like a spinal headache from the hole in the epidural sac from having an epidural the headache is worse than a migraine and will make you want to kill yourself literally and the only way to make it go away is have a blood patch done. I had the same issue but mine was after a spinal tap.

My daughter got that. It’s spinal
Migraine and no medication will help. Only that will help is a blood patch. Sone spinal headaches can last 7-10 days and sone can last weeks or months. Praying you get the relief you need :pray:

I had to get a blood patch done. After that headaches went away!!

Many years ago I had a spinal the headaches were horrible I always thought natural childbirth would’ve been easier . They will go away in time .

Blood patch worked for me too! I did have a spinal headache due to epidural.

That happened to me after having my second child.They had to do a spinal tap to relieve pressure from my head.After that I felt so much better.

My epidural went wrong with my 2nd child and I had excruciating headaches for 8 months.

My niece had one. The needle caused an air bubble in her spine!!

Go to the er immediately! They will give you a blood patch. It’s nothing to mess with at all!!!


Go back to OB. You need a blood patch. It will fix it immediately.

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I had a blood patch done. Took care of it! Definitely get it taken care of.

It sounds like you have a spinal fluid leak that will subside with a blood patch which is done in your local ER. I am a nurse and it happened to me twice. Your headache will go away immediately. Good luck.

Yes. After a spinal anesthesia I had a spinal headache. They had to do a blood patch and gave me caffeine IVs and had me eat a couple of chocolate candy bars. It worked.

Yes I have had many of them from an issue I have with extra fluid. A blood patch will fix it like previously suggeated.

They made me wear a back brace for this. Spinal fluid was leaking. Go get treated. Wrap an ace bandage around it making sure to apply it to the epidural sight tightly. If it’s a spinal headache it will go away immediately

I had this after a lumbar puncture. Got a blood patch and it helped immensely.

The migraine is caused by spinal fluid leakage. I had one for weeks after giving birth! Call your doctor and see what they can do for you. Mine would have lasted at least 3 months at least had I not called

Yes, my daughter had this and her husband stayed home with the newborn twins and I took her to the ER. A blood patch was done and there was immediate relief. She had a c section but was awake.

You might have a spinal fluid leak and need a spinal patch. Go to the ER. There are multiple other things this could be!

I had that after an epidural and they did a blood patch. Magic.

Have you had migraines before? I have migraines and when I got my epidural I had a migraine for days and nothing helped. The side effects of the epidural is a headache but if you get migraines its 10 times worse

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I had really bad headaches for a year after getting an epidural. Natural birth is the way to go.

When did you give Birth? If it’s been in the last month or two migraines happen. You can call your Dr and see if there’s anything you can do if it’s been longer I would call your Dr

Yes, 56 years ago after giving birth to my son. I had to lay down for one week

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Caffeine, lay down, and lots of water for hydration. Or blood patch. Assuming it’s not blood pressure related

You need to go to the doctors! You could be leaking spinal fluid. It’s a real thing - it happened to me after having to have a spinal tap.