I have been bleeding non stop since I got my tubes tied: Advice?

I had my son 2.5 months ago!!! I also got my tubes tied( I regret it) I have been bleeding since I had him!!! Now I have my period horrible painful and bleeding!!! But I always would wear tampons which dr says are safe now!!! Has anyone ever got their tubes tied and then can’t wear a tampons? It hurts so bad I feel like a first time teenager trying them again or a virgin??? Since I had mine tied I have had nothing but problems!!! Advice please


Following im about to get mine tide an i know nothing of what to expect help?.

I don’t have my tubes tied but after having my youngest I cannot use tampons anymore.

See different doctor


Talk to your doctor about it. I had mine tied 13 years ago no problems and my periods actually got lighter.

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I got my tubes tied and since then I bleed threw a tampon and pad within an hour

Get an opinion from a different doctor, this doesn’t seem normal.


Get to the E.R or your doctor asap


I’m way older than you but had my tubes cut and remember my periods hurt much more and I bled more. It didnt last for longer than a year or two though and eventually was ok again.

This is highly irregular! Go to your doc asap!!!

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Having your tubes tied should have nothing to do with wearing tampons. 2 1/2 months seems like a long time but really isn’t. You’re still healing.


I cant use tampons anymore either and I have had 3 kids! Not sure about the tubes tied as I plan on having one more. I’ll be following as wel

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Initially the pain is sooo bad but as it heals the pain should go away. If not id go back to the doctor

I’ve had no problems. Putting a tampon in and having your tubes tied are 2 different things 2 different areas. You should talk with your doctor


Talk to your Dr… But also tampons are not meant to be used so soon after having a baby… Babies/pregnancy does a lot of damage to our bodies especially in that area… Most importantly if your Dr is not listening to your concerns Go to another Dr…


you definitely need a second opinion, this isn’t routinely a problem as you are describing

I didnt have trouble with tampons but I never had cramps until I got my tubes tied,its been 21years and the periods are getting worse

I didn’t or couldn’t use tampons for years after my 1st baby…
That was 20 years ago in February. I only started to again in the last 5 years…
Had my tubes ties 3 years ago after my last baby and haven’t had any issues.
I’d talk to your doctor, make sure everything is good!

Obviously, I have no idea about the girl thing. But, the regretting tubes tied…I regretted my vasectomy, until they were older. Now I love it. I wanted more kids until I had a solid week without diapers after 7 yrs of diapers between 2 kids. Ever since then, I’ve been grateful for what I have, and wouldnt change a thing.

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My periods were heavier after I had my tubes tied. But shorter.
As for the bleeding since you had baby/tubes tied …I did not have mine done at the same time. So…after I had my children I had some bleeding…but not for 2 1/2 mths! And the same goes for after tubes were tied. I’m no Dr but I think you should go see one. Immediately. Bleeding for 2 1/2 mths is NOT GOOD! Go see Doctor right away. They’ll be able to help you more than any of us on here. Hope you feel better soon…

Got my tubes tied and regret it as well I’m having horrible periods as well bleeding through tampons and pads in short time period and irregular asf I just got done with a 2week period and my daughter is 15mo and I’ve seen specialist all they reccomend is birth control…like are ya kidding me

Second opinion from a different dr. I haven’t had mine tied but I bled for 7 months after giving birth to my son. No Dr could do anything about it. I saw several different Drs about it too

I don’t have the issue with tampons, but since having mine tied it’s heavier, I can feel when I ovulate, & it lasts longer.

I’m having a lot of pain , cramping and bleeding since I’ve had my tubes tied. They tried putting a iud and I was in tears from the pain. I’ve had them before and it never hurt like that. I’m having an ultrasound this week so… they’re thinking maybe endometriosis or cysts. They suggested the iud or a hysterectomy but also said it could be from having them tied . :woman_shrugging:

I had my tubes removed (salpingectomy), along with an ablation. That was 9 months ago now. Since then, I have had excruciating pain every time I bleed, which is basically all the time now. I am scheduled for a hysterectomy now due to my issues. My dr put me on a hormone therapy to stop the bleeding until surgery to avoid the issue all together. My best advice is to go to your gyno. I ended up with so many awful, long, painful months trying to figure this out. The sooner the better!

I Had This Exact Same Problem They Put Me On Birth Control To Control My Hormones They Were Still Outta Wack Didn’t Have Problem With Tampons I Haven’t Used Any & It’s Almost 2 Years Now Periods Was Heavier Until Got On Birth Control

I have heard of this, and many women end up taking birth control pills to control bleeding.

I had my tubes tied and have had severe pain and extremely heavy bleeding since. I have had nothing but problems and regret having it done.

Get a second opinion from another doctor I had my tubes tied and had no problems get it checked by another doctor


I haven’t had my tubes tied but it took 8 weeks for me to stop bleeding with my last. When I started having periods again, they were much more intense and heavy. That lasted a good 6 months. Still, the tampon thing is a problem. You should see a doctor. There could be things going on that have nothing to do with having your tubes tied.

I went through the same thing and it was 7 years ago and still for the first three days of my cycle I can’t leave the house it’s so bad! I got to get this fixed soon! Ask thing isn’t right and get sick and throw up with it every month! It sucks so bad!

Mine have been AWFUL since I’ve had my tubal ligation.:woman_facepalming:t2: my mom told me to get to the doctor an asked to have surgery to get my uterus burned. Then on birthcontrol. Because both of those are supposed to help…but idk I regret it just bc the pain an how bad I bleed an how I’m changing a pad and a tampon ever half hour to every hour bc I soak BOTH.!!

You are now being healed in the name of Jesus Amen


I also had my tubes tied but never had any of the problems you are describing maybe see another dr. This dosen’t sound right


I haven’t had my tubes tied but I was never really able to use tampons again after I had my oldest daughter🤷‍♀️ It made my cramping excessive and it just doesn’t work for me anymore. It’s a traumatic thing that happens to your body so everyone heals differently

Mine been tied 15 years…no issues

I recently had emergency surgery twice I had a fibroid on m uterus that prollapesed and I almost bled to death had to have surgery to remove it and I had to have a blood transfusion I lost 3 pints o blood

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Been there, and I regret it, go to your doctor and check for adenomyosis, endometriosis, and polyps. They may put you on birth control to help your cycle. Sucks to have your tubes tied and go back on birth control (sigh)

Ugh i got mine tied july 2018 and its been horrible. The pain is 10x worse, i have to wear thick pads when i never used to have to. I bleed so bad i can be sitting or sleeping and get up and have blood everywhere.

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And then I continued to bleed so my doctor finally decided to do an emergency historectomy and then I finally stopped bleeding after that

Thanks for posting now ill stay on birth control instead of getting my tubes tied after my baby’s born.


Please get checked to see if you have an infection brewing. I notes you said you are bleeding all the time. My question is is it your usual blood or is it discoloured or smelly or have lots of clots? I’m an RN and I had salpinectomy nearly 12 years ago. Sent me into early menopause too so get hormone levels checked. Please do not use tampons until you have been checked out

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Go to the doctor if you had any common sense


Before having my daughter all I ever wore were tampons, never had a problem. I’m 5 months postpartum and still can’t wear them, I don’t think it’s about your tubes could just be in general

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I had my tubes tied 23 years ago and never had a problem with heavy bleeding. Please take the advice of Jonnie Ping and have yourself checked for any problems. Good luck.

Katee Knapp read all these comments maybe you won’t want the tubes tied!

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My advise,instead of putting this fb. see your dr.

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Go back to your dr you shouldn’t be doing that

I have not had my tubes tied but I have not been able to wear tampons since having my last daughter, 9 years ago

You should see your doctor

I had Maine tied 33 years ago but I could wear a tampon before they were tied

I have not had it done but a friend had hers tied and had the most horrid periods, with heavy bleeding and intense pain. I believe she mentioned having a problem with tampons as well :frowning:
Honestly, her story alone made me avoid the heck out of ever getting mine tied. I’ll have an IUD until I can get a hysterectomy

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Go to the ER this doesn’t seem normal

I suffered horrible periods after tubes tied and couldn’t wear tampons. I dealt with it for 10 years and had a hysterectomy done 4 days ago .

Had mine tied and had the novasure ablation, never had that issue… I’d say it’s from having a baby, things change there, drop or get in the road…

Something seems wrong. Go see your doctor!

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Get checked out by your dr of course. FYI if you were on birth control pills or something similar prior to the tubes tied then remember you just stopped this so your period is back to normal with no med to assist with the thinner wall lining, hormones, etc. likely this is the reason for cramping/increased bleeding if applicable. Not unusual to have tampon issues for a while either post partum.

I suffered with horrible bleeding after my tubes were tied. I dealt with it for years and finally went to get a uterine ablation. The best decision that I have ever made. (My 2 choices were hysterectomy or ablation.)

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I haven’t had my tubes tied but had a hard time using a tampon for a 3-6 months afterwards. It’s probably just your hormones trying to get back to normal. Not sure if it was related but I breastfed/pumped for the 1st 3 months.

Definitely go see your OBGYN!

I bled for 14+ weeks after my last child (stopped counting at 14 so, idk how long). No tubes tied though. Dr had to put me on estrogen temporarily to “reset” my uterus. It worked. :woman_shrugging:

When I got my GM’s time I blend pretty hard for like two months but you’re not supposed to wear a tampon at all that’s not good get rid of the tampon

Horrible periods since having my tubes tied!!!

I’ve had mine tied 40 years and never had a problem


I had my tubes tied 14 years ago and I’ve had nothing but pain and problems since… I bled for 73 days after I had my surgery…

Wow I’m scared now
I’m a total bitch emotional rollercoaster when I get my period…I cant imagine for over a yr of it! I have to use tampons too.

Was thinking of getting tubes tied as I’m afraid I am pregnant on the nexplanon :neutral_face::thinking: so I was thinking of getting my tubes tied as I’m extra fertile but now I’m thinking not!

I think u should go see ur dr

I had problems with tampons after my first and second baby. Tubes tied after second and still had problems I switched to a menstrual cup and it’s great. I’ve always had painful periods since I was a young teenager

Had my tubes tied in 2011, had constant bleeding for years, had an endometrial ablation done early 2016 that didn’t help, ended up having a hysterectomy towards the end of 2016, it was the only thing helped

After my tubes were tied i onely have mine fore 4 days. Ones a month some time twice my youngest daughter on the other hand never been pregnant. And she has one everyday every week every month none stop she dont get a brake

Sounds normal for after having a child not including tudes. Of course I would speak to doc but no I couldn’t wear a tampon after my birth. Shit hurt to mad for about 6 month or so

Thanks ladies I’m never tying my tubes


My periods are 10x worse since I had my tubes tied(which I also regret). My cramps are horrible, and the bleeding is awful.

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Since my tubal Ligation my bleeding is like gone. its like one day a month, and no cramps. must have done the opposite for me. Feel so bad for all these girls in the comments. :’(

Had mine tied almost 20 years ago and never had any problems

Your tubes being tied has nothing to do with vaginal trauma. You’re body is recovering from child birth, it’s extremely traumatic, especially to your nether regions. If you’re still bleeding, it’s not likely your period but possibly a piece of something is left inside and your body is trying to get rid of it.

Go back to your doctor about the extended bleeding and stop trying to wear tampons so soon after pushing a human out of your nether region.

I haven’t had mine done but, with my first baby I bled for 12 weeks after giving birth.
Give it a bit longer and if you’re still having problems see your GP x

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I had tubes tied…no problems

I had my tubes cut and tied 10 years ago. I have nothing but problems.
Try Garlic Supplements with Echinacea and Goldenrod.They Work .
Have your Gynecologist check you for fibroids

After I got mine tied I did nothing but bleed after. Each period was worse then the last. Turns out I had adenomyosis which is bleeding in the muscles of the uterus. I had to have a hysterectomy. Get checked out and don’t let them just push you away and do nothing. I had to push to get the hysterectomy. But now I’m fine.


I had my tubes tied and burnt never had any problems…I would run and get checked something is Very WRONG…Don’t wait any longer…:pleading_face:


I had my tubes tied and burnt, something is wrong!! Get a second opinion , something is not right!!


I didn’t have any pain after my tubes were tied. You need to get checked out


W0W! I feel blessed, had my tubes tied when my last son was 19 months old & he’s now 52! Never had one problem!

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My best friend had her tubes tied YEARS ago and had never been able to wear them again :pensive:

I had my tubes removed and have a ton of issues now. Contact your OB because mine is doing testing now due to the issues that have started since the surgery.

Had my tubes tide 13 years ago my cycles hasn’t been regular since.

Go in have a partial hysterectomy that way you don’t have to worry about hormone therapy, periods, tampons let me tell you, Lady , let me tell you that’s living right there!!!:100::100:

Make an appointment with your obgyn

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I had my tubes tied 24 hours after my son was born. No problems. BUT and I say this gently, this is not something I would seek advice about on facebook. Check with your doctor, PLEASE!

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Go back to the doctor…:astonished:

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I have my tubes tried for about 15,years and had no problems what do ever


I think you need to get back to dr

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Go To tha Doctor…

You should be getting advice from a medical professional! This is NOT normal!


Had bad periods for the first yr, eased up some but after 6 yrs I quit having periods completely.

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I didnt have my tubes tied, but after having my first child I could never wear them again!! I would go get check out and if your ob wont do anything find a new one!!

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Somethingvis wrong go to the dr

Yes 22 years ago and still can’t wear them

Tbh I’m not sure whether my tubes were cut, burned or clipped. But that was 9 years ago and I’ve never had a problem and only use tampons. I would see a doctor ASAP.

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I bled for about 2 months after each pregnancy then had horrible periods for atleast 6 months after. I did get my tubes tied after second pregnancy but didn’t notice the bleeding being any worse than the first time.