I have been having pain around my belly button: Thoughts?

Has anyone had stomach pain around there belly button area? It’s above my belly button a few inches then over to the left a couple of inches. There’s a pulling tightness, the tender spot that feels bruised. Also, when I’m using the bathroom and kinda lean forward, it aggravates it a lot. Its just pain that I don’t really know how to describe. It gets worse when I’m up moving around or bending over, but I still feel it sitting down just not as bad. I went in yesterday, and they blew it off and said pulled muscle but just doesn’t seem like it to me. Has anyone experienced this? Has me worried there could be an issue with my placenta or something that I don’t know about since they didn’t check anything. If it continues, I will go back in for sure. Just seeing if anyone else had similar issues and if they were told what it was.


Could be a rupture ??!!:thinking::sunglasses:

You are pregnant? Your spleen is on your L side up under your ribs. If there is a lump that hurts and you can feel the lump about the size of a lemon then bring it to Drs attention. If you feel it’s your placenta then go to ER right now and have this all checked out. How pregnant are you? If you are 8 weeks or less it could be a tube pregnancy. Not trying to scare you just making you aware. If you feel something is wrong then something might be wrong. I am a retired RN 30+ yrs.

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I would say its likely a hernia


Sounds like a hernia. I had one a few years ago, worst pain I ever experienced… including childbirth


I’d say go to the dr, but I get muscle pulled easily when pregnant including stomach. It’s a possibility, but better safe and check with dr.

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Had same pain I had an ulser.

Sounds like a umbilical hernia

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Hernia… Get REAL medical treatment & stop seeking medical advice from people online. :woman_facepalming:t3:

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I’m actually confused as to why this page allows medical questions? Seems vastly irresponsible. These people need to be going to DOCTORS, not asking 22yr old Lucy who cant even pick a pop tart flavor about medical advice. :woman_facepalming:t3:

Literally just had this, I had an umbilical hernia. In same exact area

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I love how folks jump on here and blast the OP for asking medical advice online. Especially after they CLEARLY stated that they went to the Dr. and had their concerns blown off and not even addressed. All she wanted was advice IF you had had similar/same symptoms. How about DON’T respond with smartass remarks UNLESS you can be bothered to read the WHOLE post. It is sad when a person would rather be an asshole instead of being kind.


You know your body get a second opinion


Calm down Karens. She isnt seeking “medical advice” she is looking for anyone that has experienced the same thing sheeeesh!

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I had the same pain and it was my appendix. I was shocked by the diagnosis but the second doctor (other doctor could not figure it out because the appendix is on the lower right side of your stomach) said it was called referred pain. My appendix ended up rupturing and I had to have 4 inches of my intestines removed. I was in the hospital for a week on antibotics😔 Please get a second opinion if pain continues🙏

Agree with those that said hernia

Could be a sist maybe you need a scan your GP Can refer you good luck with your medical issue

Go to another doctor, second opinion

that sound almost like indigestion, at least thats what it was when I had that pain

I had a pain like that it felt like someone was pulling my belly button from the inside doctor told me I had a deep infection he then gave me antibiotic and it help me

A bruised feeling is a sign of step b and could be serious,but is usually more of a widespread feeling on your belly.if its only a small spot that’s bothering you,it may be nothing but better safe than sorry

I have a hernia that is near that area.


Be aware of appendix

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Pain is severe, on right side

Dont panic it’s just gas. Keep things in perspective and dont be scared. Just gas.

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I let a belly ache go for 10 days n turned out to be appendicitis!


Go to the doctor and ask a professional instead of Facebook


Diverticulitis maybe?

They would be correct on pulled muscle especially while pregnant. Unfortunately sounds like a hernia but there’s nothing they can do about it right now and once you have the baby it may end up going away your stomach muscles will be able to contract back that’s why they probably don’t seem worried about it. You could try wearing maternity pants to hold up belly if you don’t already. But if it gets worse I would definitely ask doc again about it .

This is where my hernia was. Had to have surgery.

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I had pain like that turns out I had really bad gall stones and had to have my gallbladder taken out. If you start getting pain and it feels like the worst contractions see a doctor.

Be your own advocate and demand to have ct scan , don’t let your Dr., Blow you off if you feel something’s wrong you know your body better then he does, so if you feel something’s wrong then possibly so. Pursue it.

My husband has been in and out if ER for the past week with same troubles. They did his cat, and ultrasound and nothing out if ordinary. Only 10% of abdominal pain is diagnosed.
I wish you the best!

Ask to get another check somewhere else. I’ve been having that too but I’ve also had abdominal surgery

Could be where your muscles have separated and you don’t have any support as such across your belly button anymore. Maybe it’s feeling the strain a bit or is going to pop out soon during pregnancy. My belly button was always tight and achey in pregnancy but then I have a wide gap between my muscles and it popped out early on! Was worried it was a hernia or something but I think it was just the lack of abdominal support for me and the pressure of the womb plus being extra gassy in pregnancy! Definitely mention to your midwife though as they can have a feel around to see if it is something muscular or maybe refer you for a scan to put your mind at rest :heart:

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Hernia possibly. Definitely get it looked at!

My pain ended up being my gallbladder but that also came with more symptoms later on.

I developed a hernia while pregnant with my second child sounds like what I felt.

Could be an umbilical hernia.
If it bothers you/causes pain, ask for a consult and get it removed.
I’ve had one for years, but it doesn’t bother me enough to have surgery.


Yup! I had that. My OB said it was pulled muscles. It went away.

Sounds like a hernia have it checked soon

Had that with my 3 last kids and its really not fun but my doctors always told me that its cause of the belly growing and bieng so small of a person

You should be able to get a second opinion from another doctor.

Did thy test you for UTI s and year infections? That’s what it feels like when I get one. Also could just be from bbay kicking you or moving alot Makin you sore

I had a similar issue near the end of my pregnancy. Turned out to be a rather severe kidney infection! Get that shit checked. It blows my mind that a doctor is refusing to examine the issue. I wish I had gotten mine checked earlier. But I was being stubborn until my mom found me at the bottom of the stairs unable to stand up from the pain and dragged me into the hospital.

U might have an umbilical hernia . I was diagnosed having that and had surgery last year with a hernia mesh implant. I recovered well and no problems since.

Happened to me. Baby was pinching something in my intestinal track. Also made me constipated. Took Tylenol and laxative. Went away. Also run my belly to try and get baby to move

I had the feelings after having my cystectomy (spelling?) and while I was pregnant. It feels like someone is pulling on something inside your stomach?

I had that! Mine was due to a laparoscopy I had years before having my daughter… the pregnancy caused the area that was cut open to stretch and tear… caused pain in my belly button a couple of years later (after i started to go to the gym again) … they didn’t realise it was that till I had another surgery though and they cut through the same spot and saw the damage.

Sounds like hiatal hernia

I kindà got the impression you’ve had covid?

I have the same thing, almost in the same area. My Dr told me I pulled a muscle. It’s been 4 months & it’s still the same. I gave up on trying to find what it is. Good luck.


check for endometriosis. sounds similar to what I dealt with and my doctors kept blowing it off. I ended up finding a new doctor because I was in constant pain even from a tshirt touching my stomach.

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Sounds exactly like the ligament pain i dealt with! There really isnt anything to do, but i was high risk so they did lots of checking to make sure. I would get another opinion or ask them to check and make sure its not something more serious. If it is ligament pain, you just have to be careful how you move and deal with it, but it did go away after delivering!


I had that issue. It was umbilical hernias that I had to have repaired. Mine were discovered when I was 9 yrs old before I was ever pregnant. My abdominal muscles split in half and it was quite painful.


I’m thinking hernia. It sucks when professionals don’t believe you. Had that happen with a GP with my gallbladder ended up in emergency surgery the next day.

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Check for endometriosis or as weird as it sounds get your kidney checked… I had the same pain and got told it was endo even though symptoms didn’t add up properly… 7yrs later they found a staghorn kidney stone which grows over time and resulted in me loosing my kidney!

We all know our bodies, if you feel the Dr. may be incorrect, get a second opinion. Trust your own instincts. My experience, I am female, I had same exact symptoms. For me I was diagnosed with a Hermia in my belly button. Along with the symptoms, I had noticed my belly button was sticking out more than usual. Check on that too. I hope you can get the proper diagnosis so that it can be treated

Please do a wellness check. If you are in the UK, they would brush it off to the point of aggravation.

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I had all those same symptoms with my gall bladder, definitely get checked it could be alot of things and none of them good.

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My doctor told me it could either be ligament pain or tiny contractions. We have contractions all the time just not strong enough to feel most of the time

Honestly it can be a number of things. My husband and two coworkers within days of each other had the same symptoms. One had an infection in her Fallopian tube. One had an intestinal infection. One had to have omentum removed. I hope you feel better soon and it’s not anything serious

It’s probably a hernia. I had a small one with my last pregnancy and unless it is large or gets worse, there’s not much to do for it. Wearing a wide support belt for my back under my belly helped put less strain on it so maybe that would help. You can get them for $10-$20.


I’ve had and have that. I was told it was hernia. I had hernia repair surgery. I personally think it is a circulatory issue with the veins and arteries in that area but I’m not a doctor and no doctors care. Good luck.

I had the same issues when I was younger, found out I had a big uti and PID. I’d call your dr and get it check, better to be safe then sorry.

I would get Checked for hernia, but I’d your pregnant you could be constipated. It’s very easy to get constipated when your pregnant and even if you are pooping, you can still have some back up.


Yep sounds like hernia…i have one in my belly button but thankfully it doesn’t bother me


I’ve had this with my two other pregnancies and the one right now idk what it is but it always goes away after the birth

I have had the same thing. Have them check for blood flow into your stomach. If the blood flow is blocked off it will be very painful. I just had surgery and I’m still in the hospital.

You definitely need a different Dr. Sounds like a hernia or if u are currently pregnant Diastasis recti can happen when the muscle separation starts does it dip in

I would push for more tests. My mom had similar pain and ended up with cancer. It could be nothing but you just never know.

The last time my belly button hurt I was severely constipated. I went to urgent care and they took a cat scan of my belly and found that I was blocked up.

I have it all the time. Especially since having my tubes tied. I mentioned it to my doctor and he wasn’t too worried about it. Maybe it’s just because our muscles right there get all out of whack from stretching for out babies.

Go back! If you feel like something is wrong you’re probably right. Sounds like hernia to me.


sounds like a hernia possibly. I haven’t had one but 2 people in my family have. I’d go get it checked out. Good luck!


Sounds like me. I went to the dr and he found a hernia on my belly button. At first it was just a weird nuisance. But it was not a health threat so we let it go a few years. Then it started to really bother me and they had to go in and fix it. You know your body. If it bothers you then make the dr listen or find one that will. Prayers for you

Oh my gosh I’m literally going through something just like this!! My pain is always an inch to the right of my belly button. I brought it up to my OB which didn’t even look at my abdomen just said “it’s probably just the baby moving”. In no way do I believe her. This is my 3rd pregnancy… and nothing like this has happened before. I go in for an ultrasound in about 10 days at the hospital so I’m waiting it out til then to see what’s going on. When mine hurts if feels like someone ripping a bandaid off with hair attached but from the inside. Stops me dead every time. Happens standing and sitting. No certain movement I do or when the baby is active. Can never tell when it’s gonna happen. Totally freaks me out!

Get it checked. They sent my daughter home before I took her back the next day after her appendix burst and she almost died of an infection. Hospital stay was almost three weeks long and with two surgeries.

My first thought was ligament pain. I also had a hernia, however, and it was repaired during my c-section.

I have that pain and it is either a abdominal cyst or hernia! See a doctor for a sonogram or MRI

I’ve had two hernias and this sounds like it could be a hernia

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If you feel nauseous frequently after eating fatty foods in addition to your pain it might be your gallbladder.

I had a ligament issue once and it just had to work itself out that’s what I paid for the DR to tell me that!:joy::joy: but if it gets worse or other symptoms with it go in!

Have you had any intestinal issues prior? I have severe IBS…that’s where my main issues are. No hernias…just IBS. I take Candex(I get it at a health food store), acidophilus and gas-x…

I had that when I was pregnant both times in my 3rd trimester. I am very petite 5’1” and 100 lbs my belly button became an outie and I could not bend over without that feeling. Hope u feel better

Could be hernia not appendix. Appendix in right side.

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Sounds like normal ligament stretching to me. If you strain them by moving too fast the pain can be surprisingly sharp and take your breath away!

I’d say hernia, I had something like that with my last baby. I had to get surgery for mine.

if you are pregnant it could be ligament pain I had that, but the doc should look into it more as pain can cause early labor

Yes, I am having surgery July 29 for umbilical hernia. Its very uncomfortable. got worse about a month ago so I went to a gastro dr and she sent me to a surgeon. I used Dr. Caruso from Du Page Medical. She is great. Then she sent me to Dr Vallina. He is great also. I can recommend them highly.

Ruled out possible gallstones or gallbladder, even though it’s over to the right a bit more…just a thought.

Sounds like could be gallbladder or stone stuck in bile duct.

Pain always has a purpose. Are u holding in an emotion that needs to be expressed. Sit somewhere and ask your body what its trying to tell you. Feel for your intuition it will guide you to what the answer is.

Instead of trying to find what you think it is go to a different doctor. Push to have investigations done. Xx

sounds like a hernia, i had an umbilical hernia that hurt and there was a bubble in my belly button

I am.doing this and I have a small placenta separation, that Thank God is resolving on its own!

Be careful. I went to the ER July 6th with abdominal pain and ended up giving birth to a little boy I didn’t know I was pregnant with.

Haven’t had this happen personally but a friend did and it was endometriosis

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When I had pain around my belly button. It was a hernia. I suggest you get checked ASAP to make sure it’s ok.

I had a hernia and my intestines went through it. It was partially blocked.