I just don't know what to do anymore

I wanna just give my baby my last name and then claim all the kids next year since I’m the one that has provided 90% of care and stability to all my kids. Is that wrong? I just wanna do the right thing. I’m emotional because I’m 22 weeks pregnant and it has been so hard to be taking care of everything with little to no help from the dad. He is 7 hears younger than me and has a hard time grasping reality that he is about to have 2 kids within a year; 2 under 2. I feel if i give him the satisfaction of claiming a child or both children, he would be getting free money and not being able to support with a job. My friends and sister tell me that i have worked like a dog for the past few years and that it just wouldn’t be right to let him claim kids he barely helps out with. Like i said, I wanna do the tight thing but I’ll be out of a way to get caught up on everything so the kids and i aren’t homeless. I do plan on working again after the baby so I’m not money hungry in any way. I just wanted to take a break during my last pregnancy and enjoy it while i can. Also, my ex has stolen my laptop for money this year on top of cheating on me for a whole year and i kicked him out so we can just focus on being good parents.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I just don't know what to do anymore

The last name doesn’t make a difference when claiming kids for tax purposes. If the children live with you, you claim them. The child’s father can’t claim them on his taxes if you do.


The right thing is the lawful thing here. You have them more than 6 months out the year obviously so you claim them. Also yeah In this case I’d go ahead and give baby your name


Your not married. Give the kid your last name.
Not sure what your meaning by claiming, he’s the dad and still entitled to visitation. You can’t just take his baby. If your talking about taxes that’s a whole different thing. The person that the kid lives with for the most of the year claims the taxes.


If you support then more than 50% of the time you should claim them


I’ve claimed my kids every year since birth. They live with me, I pay the insurance and all the bills plus provide for them so I claim them. You don’t get to claim a kid just because you’re the parent if the other parent is the one putting all the money out


If you don’t live together, and he does not provide for them (groceries, meds,clothes,rent,utilities, etc,) you can claim both. But if he has proof he has provided for them you might have a problem. If the oldest already has him listed as the father I don’t know if that can be changed without going to court but you can give the new baby your last name.

By law in court since threes are two he will be allowed to claim on and you claim one
I love how “I am lot money hungry” statement is stated with the statement he doesn’t deserve to claim them

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You can give that baby ANY last you want. When I had my first daughter 7 years ago I freaked out because I wanted the baby to have my last name and his last name. And the nurse looks at me and laughed and says “” honey you can literally name the baby lady Gaga or even give the baby no last name at all."

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Last name has no bearing on who claims the child I am one who felt dad or no dad my children had the right to possess his last name and they do and I have claimed them every year since birth as I take care of them financially, emotionally and physically while their father does not

Why would there even be a question on who claims your children? YOU are their provider, they live with YOU… whomever made you question is :woozy_face:. Even the law is on your side! And you can give your baby whatever name you choose. That is something that is not really anyone else’s choice no matter what.

Not giving a child the father’s last name or recognizing him as the father has nothing to do with him getting and kind of money so I’m not understanding. Whoever primarily takes care of the children will claim them on taxes period. So what?

I have it in my court order to claim my son every year even though we are 50/50.

Both my kids have my last name. No ducks given!

I gave birth to them, they get my name. There dad was pissed and I didn’t care one hit. We weren’t married. They got my name.

I am not married to my second child’s father but we live together. My second child has my last name and I claim him on taxes. You do not have to give that baby his last name if you do not want to He does not have to sign the birth certificate if you don’t want him to. You claim the child and say screw him

My kids have their dad’s last name and I claim them their last name doesn’t matter for taxes u are the mother

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If he doesn’t help claim them if you don’t see him being active in their lives in the future or helping with them give baby your last name

It has nothing to do with the last name it is based on custody. If you have them more than half of the year you are the one who has the right to claim them. He can actually get in trouble for claiming them if you take him to court. It is actually against the law to claim a child that you share if you don’t have them at least 6 mounts out of the year.

Get the baby your name don’t give him don’t give the baby his name at all and you claim the kids for support because you have paid everything you’ve paid the lights the gas the food diapers everything and it would be wrong if you give him the right to his kids because he don’t work and he’s a bum and he’s still your laptop and that’s just wrong so I would not give the babies his last name it’s not worth it I would not ever get those babies his last name I would put their name with your name that’s what I would do and you use the tax money for yourself and the babies

If they live with you and you support them then you claim them

Whoever supports and does the most I feel is entitled to claiming them …

You claim the children. Period.

He legally does not have the right to claim them if you support them. Don’t be dumb and let him claim them. You claim them and get ahead in life for your kids.


He doesn’t get anything when not not involved. And yes give those babies your last name! Normalize that!!!

First question…do you know it’s illegal for you to date a 17 yo?

You’re the bread winner and sldo all things wit kids. He doesn’t deserve a dime and dont let him try to convince u otherwise. My exhusband tried this wit me. After 5 yrs of not being in our sons lives his new wife made him get into contact wit my son and then tried to convince me to let him claim him cuz he pays bare minimum of child support! I told him to f off and guess who hasn’t seen my boy in 8 yrs?! I know its is younger so dif mindset. Mines 6 yrs older than I and hes worthless. I wldnt let him claim him if u pay and do it all on ur own. U need to take care of u and ur 2 babies. Hes not ur responsibility it’s his moms fault for raising him not to be a man and help u wit ur children and Bill’s. Sorry for venting hun but u deserve so much better and more. Good luck to u and ur lil ones.

I claim all my kids every year first baby daddy has no contact orders on him second baby daddy is a drunk who doesn’t like to help and my husband doesn’t claim any of the kids because I do

  1. You take care of them so legally, you claim them. The last name of the child is your choice alone. The end.

No he should not be anle to claim the kids. U claim every yr. If u want to give him cash then do so. Dont get caught up in the gov. changing up who claims.

I don’t get to claim mine and I’m homeless because of child support but greed will always kill the f****** retards later on in life

Get smart your kids your money !!!

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If you provide over 50% care for both then you legally claim them

Umm am I the only one who sees that this kids is 15 years old. Of course he’s going to have a hard time grasping reality of having 2kids under 2!!! Or am I just completely reading this wrong???


Legally claiming children on taxes is for whoever provides the most care.

dump his ass and look after your kids yourself!!


You are 22 and playing around with a 15 year old???

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Sorry this is just to clarify, like claim full custody or claim on taxes?

Claim them, if he also claims them though they live with you he’ll get the same nasty letter my Daughter’s ex boyfriend received… he couldn’t prove he paid over 50% of child’s living expenses, also if he stole from you (is that ex you’re speaking of?) bring charges against him. Don’t be a doormat, teach children how to be strong. Wishing you the best.