I just found out I am pregnant with twins: Advice?

I just found out I am pregnant its twins I am so nervous because all the stuff I’ve heard goin wrong with twins. I would like some advice an experiences from other twin moms a how your birth went.


Start saving money! :relaxed::rofl:


Double the trouble. :laughing: (im a twin. My mom always said that what one was not into the other one was)

You’ll be fine. So thinking so negatively and enjoy the process.

Load up on the those diapers lol and wipes. Oh and sleep and enjoy all the sleep you can get now. #twinmomhere

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That’s awesome! I know you got to be nervous but remember healthy momma + happy momma= easier pregnancy. You will be just fine just make sure you continue to take your prenatals and get sleep, you wont get as much when they are here lol. Congrats!!

Identical or fraternal?

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Omg congratulations! I would be scared to have twins but that means you got 2 amazing blessings :heart_eyes:

I had my twins at 35… I think it’s natural to worry about carrying multiples but don’t stress. I had a a rocky start with some bleeding but it mended itself out and I ended up carrying full term and had them at 38 weeks by c section Healthy at 7lbs and 6lbs 10oz. Get lots of rest. Drink lots of water. Eat when your hungry (It’s really no different then being single with one other then more ultrasounds and appointments to monitor babies growth). I’m sure everything will be great! And congratulations! It really is a blessing.


I was sick the whole time but my labor was a hour and half and they were born at 38 weeks healthy

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Congratulations momma :two_hearts: I got pregnant at 20 with twin boys. I worked up till the day I had them at 37 weeks and 1 day, I had them via C section because my first one was breached. Take it easy, take deep breaths and everything will be okay. :heart: They are honestly easier in some ways than one baby because they have each other to soothe and play with!


My twin pregnancy was honestly the easiest. The c-section was the worst part of the whole thing and not being able to hold them right away, but everything went so smoothly.

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That’s pretty much everyone’s reactions when they find out their having twins. It’ll be ok. Twins are so much fun, but a handful too. As hard as it is don’t stress, it’ll just make everything harder. Congrats and good luck.

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Be prepared for anything and don’t be disappointed if your birth doesn’t go as planned.
I wanted to do a natural birth but I got sick really fast and had to have my twins at 31 weeks. Try not to stress and enjoy the pregnancy. My best piece of advice is don’t let yourself get hungry. I would eat small meals 4-5 times a day if I didn’t eat I would be super sick and throw up so never letting my stomach be empty actually helped me. Lots of water, rest and don’t be afraid to ask for help

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Lord please i need twins,focus on your blessing dear.

I’m also pregnant with twins. So far no problems yet. I too worry sometimes but my best advice is not to listen to people’s horror stories about their nieces cousins wife lol. Best of luck and congratulations!


The risk of twins having a birth defect is really low and with technology they can detect super early if anything is wrong. I have two 10 yr olds and they are best friends. I do recommend getting a diaper genie for all the diapers you will using.

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I helped my sister when she had twins, IDK about carrying them but after birth for the first 2/3 months they had to sleep together. It’s crazy fun! Good luck

Real quick does anyone know who this is out if shes even on this page??

I had twins @39 weeks, all went well

Twin mom!!! Consider yourself blessed. There are different struggles at different ages but you are guaranteed your kids will always have a best friend.


Twins would have been awesome for me! My second pregnancy was tubal blew my tubes.

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My twins were #4 and 5 for me. I had a repeat csection at 36w3days. I actually went into labor. They were going to plan it for 37 weeks but my girls picked their own birthday. They are almost 7 now and the whole thing is a blur. Take a lot of pictures! I can’t remember most of it lol

Be prepared to have them early mine were 6 weeks early

I have identical twin boys who will be 8 next month. Get lots of rest, don’t let yourself get too hungry and stock up on diapers and wipes! I delivered mine at 35 wks 3 days, but I was at a higher risk of pre term labor because my singleton before them was a preemie. My c-section was super easy, I just had to make sure I took it easy afterwards. It was such a relief to be able to move without a huge belly, I’d forget I was recovering from surgery :grimacing:. If you are wanting to breastfeed I highly recommend Mothering Multiples by Karen Gromada - it was INCREDIBLY helpful. I was able to successfully tandem feed mine for almost 2 years. I think there is a Facebook page on here for her book as well.

I have cousins that are healthy and they are in their 80’s.

I didn’t have twins but will say this try not stress bad for babies BEST ADVICE I CAN GIVE: 1)buy 3 VALUE SIZE boxes(each size) of diapers sizes preemie-2 AND 2 BOXES of wipes(YOU CAN EXCHANGE SIZES IF NEED BE they go into newborn and size one quicker than you think). 2)If you drink coffee invest in a good QUICK pot (BUN is good ready in 3 mins lasts FOREVER) 3)have a RELIABLE support system in place for help especially after hubby goes back to work 4)REST WHEN THEY SLEEP TO HECK WITH HOUSE CLEANING 5) breathe you can do this

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I just had twins on the 26th of december i was worried about all the crazy things u hear about twins as well but mine came out healthy as can be everything will be ok mamma :heart:


I was induced at 39 weeks with my twins. Didn’t need c section. Weighed 5-10 and 6-5 and we all went home together

Get them on a schedule asap. It’s a lifesaver.

I had twins 8 weeks ago got induced at 37 weeks and had a natural labour no complications during the pregnancy

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Join a twins support group on Facebook…

Everyone is different. My twins came 6 weeks early, but my friend had a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks. Listen to your body. Also, check out Twiniversity. It is a Facebook page for mothers of multiples.

It’s just a variation of normal. Mine were born at 37.5 at home. I just woke up pushing. My easiest births out of seven kids and twin b was born en caul. Read birthing from within and eat 130g protein per day

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Having twins really means you do everything you do with a singleton twice. Yeah its a lot of work. Esoecially the 1st year. But you will figure everything out.

You’ll be fine. Don’t be scared, you will find the inner strength you didn’t know you had. Like the time I flew from AK to TX and GA alone while their dad was deployed. They were a year old at the time, but have great stories from it. You got this!

I always wanted twins!

My advice would be to have your husband or SO take off at least the first week, if not two, to help you out- you will need it, plan out easy meals for that first month, and have family and friends lined up to give you breaks when you can get them.

If breast feeding is too taxing on your body, or your mental state, don’t be ashamed to formula feed.

My twins wer my 5/6 babys born 32 wks but now they 24 yrs old struggle at first but worth every min of my life to me xx

Jessica Glass any advice on doubles?

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My girls were only 8 days early, vaginal birth, no epidural. They weighed 5lbs 14oz and 5lbs 3oz. Delivered on a Saturday and we went home Monday. :two_hearts:


Same. I’m 35 weeks pregnant with twins and freaking out.

Whitney Walker :joy: twin expert! Got any advice for the lady?

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Poppy Mccann can you give any advice hun x

I had twin girls 34 years ago… and had no problems…both were healthy…

I had twins it is great it can be a challenge but not to bad they were little early but still big enough to go home after I had them natural I would do it all over if I could

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My twins are now 22 yrs old, i had them when i was 18, they were delivered vaginally at 34 weeks weighing 5 lb 3 and 5lb 14, i had no complications and neither did my boys, it is hard work when they babies but once in a routine it gets so much easier, don’t panic, just try and enjoy your pregnancy xx


My Identical twin boys were born 6 wks early by c-section 4lb 3oz & 4lb 5oz no serious health issues think we stayed in for 2 weeks just because I felt like I had no idea what I was doing, still don’t some days lol, they’ve grown into hilariously funny healthy 18 year olds, take 1 day at a time, go with your gut feelings, accept help, always have someone to talk to xxx

You’re going to be considered high risk and will have lots of ultrasounds and care… but ultimately, it’s is in God’s hands, or fates hands or whatever you believe.

I had two singleton pregnancies and then my twin pregnancy. The twin pregnancy was by far the easiest!! They did come 6 weeks early but they came home when I did. They were both breach so I had a c-section. My boy was 6 pounds 3oz and my girl was 5 pounds 5oz. Happy 14 year old teenagers now. It’s scary as hell when you first find out but you can do it. Just listen to your body!

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Early in my pregnancy there were concerns of ttts(twin to twin transfusion syndrome) things just got better and better with them. Do what the doctors order. One was a bit smaller than the other and I had them at 34 weeks…unfortunately for me it wasn’t a natural birth(Just because it hurts so bad when it’s time to heal) I just prayed and prayed and things went great with them. My one twin has a hole in her heart but so far it is not a problem and they’re both 8mo. Now and healthy.

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Had my twins at 35+6… girl and boy :slight_smile: girl was 4lb12 boy was 6lb 1. Only advice I can give is dont overthink it! Nobody can tell u how its gonna go and it will only scare u and make u worried! Just gotta take it as it comes. Make sure u eat little and often during ur more later stages. Babys squash ur stomach so not able to eat as much and the heartburn can be a bitch! I had both mine naturally 51 mins apart x they 8 weeks on weds x

I had twins and they were perfectly healthy both delivered at 36 weeks no nicu time no csection. I would up having sudden preeclampsia but went right away to the hospital and they did there test and kept me monitored until deciding how to proceed but that can happen in any pregnancy. Only problem I had was one didn’t want to drop down and come out so three nurses had to keep him from floating back up and turning :joy: he’s still stubborn. I honestly had more issues with my first and last than with them. It’s quite an experience but an exciting one at that!

My twins are 8 weeks old on Friday born at 35 weeks t1 was 4lbs 8oz t2 was 5lbs and honestly the birth was amazing so calm and enjoyable i loved it afterwards was a little scary as 1 twin stopped breathing but only for a couple mins then was fine they spent 1 night on NICU then 1 night with me on the post natal ward then we went home in the 3rd day, you are taken such good care of have loads of extra scans and monitored really closely so try not t worry being a multiple mum is amazing :blush:

I had twins, my story doesn’t have a happy ending though. First one died at 17 weeks, second at 23.
They had TTTS, so depending on the type of twins you’re carrying this may not even be a risk for you, or else you may be high risk.
Know the complications, advocate for yourself and the care you need/deserve.
Don’t be scared to carry them, twins are such a blessing.

My twin girls are one year old. They were born at 36 weeks 1 day. Doctor’s recommendations due to studies of mono-di twins (one placenta, 2 amnotic sacs). One wieghed 5 lbs 11 oz the other5 lbs 4 oz. They stayed in the NICU for 4 days because they couldn’t regulate their temperature. They have been healthy babies since and have more than tripled in size. It is difficult but such a blessing to be a mom to twins!

Had my twins at 36 and 4 days they were 5’5 and 5’6 and only stayed a week and than gone home, yes you will have lots of appointments because twins r high risk and yes handling twins are not the easiest but as soon as they crawl and walk they become best friesnds and play with eachother just take one day at a time you got this, my girls r healthy and growing strong they r now 13 months

I had mine at 36 weeks…they are now 15…at first its bloody hard and you just live day by day…pretty much the same with 1 but you have 2…as they get older it will get easier and they will be little monkey…they will work together and pick on older sibling…mine did :blush: I have to be honest apart from the first few months I found having twins was easier

Kerri Schuetze Any advice?
This girl was a rock star with her twins!

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Be prepared for an emergency c section. I didnt want one but it was best for my babies. Remember to relax. Expect lots of ultra sounds.


As with any pregnancy always be prepared for anything. I havent had my twins yet but try not to worry to much and just enjoy when you see them and having them. And never be afraid to ask questions no question is a bad question.

I had planned C section… I delivered at 37+4 days… 5lbs 3oz and 6lbs 4oz… I had gestational diabetes (i was 35yo), really wasn’t an issue for me, actually helped me keep my weight gain down… My pregnancy was good… Positive attitudes and healthy mindset goes a VERY long way!!

Twin mama here. Don’t prepare yourself for the worst, You will cause unnecessary stress. I heard negative things the entire time I was pregnant. I didn’t have issues at all. Minus my iron being extremely low and needed blood transfusions before and after birth. I carried them to 37weeks by drs choice. They were born at 4lbs 10oz & 5lbs 12oz. They were PERFECT! Take care of yourself. That’s the best thing you can do. Do not prepare for the worst. Not even a c section! I had one because my 3 other kids were born by c sections. I had a friend who delivered her girls naturally :purple_heart:

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Just breath lol, I was scared to death but my pregnancy was not bad and I was able to carry mine up to my due date. I wish you all the luck!

Pregnancy was rough. Double hormones, extra weight, I struggled. Tons of tests and extra everything. Birth was easy 15 pushes for my first and 2 for the second. Born within 10 minutes of each other and pushing for 35 minutes. I didn’t realize how hard 2 babies were in comparison to 1. Thet don’t sleep at the same time so even less sleep then with just 1. If you have any specific questions feel free to pm me.

There’s no reason to be panicky until there’s a reason to be panicky theres 3 sets of twins in my family with no issues…dont let yourself absorb all the panicky shit your gonna be reading from the comments people are gonna post…uts perfectly normal to have twins…you shouldn’t even have posted anything your just setting yourself up for everybody’s doom an gloom

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Congratulations! Twice the love and joy.

Just breathe and enjoy! The more you stress the worse itll be. :black_heart:

My husband is a twin (sister) , our daughter has twin girls, not identical, one blue eyed, blond hair, fair skin, the other is brown eyes, brown hair and not fair skinned…they are as different as night and day…we love it! They are best friends…10 years old. Our daughter had them as a regular birth, breast fed them, 6 lbs each…

Twins are amazing. They’re hard work but man is it beautiful and rewarding. Enjoy your pregnancy as best you can. Yea it will be uncomfortable but it’s beautiful. I had no complications at all, but my twins came at 34 weeks because my water broke. Other than that, enjoy it !!!

My birth was spontaneous at 34 weeks and all went smoothly no intervention needed they spent two weeks in special care for rather normal issues apparently twin 2 was breech and wasn’t coming down so the midwifes had to make my contractions start again with something through a canulla how ever you spell it depends what types of twins you carry different risks with different types 25 minute gap between mine to be honest I found it quite traumatic having a baby then not being able to move was bizarre knowing you’ve got to get another one out and being sent up to the ward to sit alone whilst everyone else had there baby’s and there’s so many people in the room it’s ridiculous I found it personally daunting and confusing but the special care team were amazing made sure i knew what to expect and see when I went down there I’d never seen a nicu before it took
A bit of getting used too

Don’t listen to Facebook. Listen to your doctor


Don’t think too far into it, you’ll freak yourself out & stress. As with every pregnancy, every situation is different. Just expect the unexpected. Good luck❤

My sister just had two healthy large baby boys… she has a csection… ot was hard on her but soo worth it!

The nicu are prepared for everything this day and age it will be all okay mine are now 6 months and are proper little people
So alert and Into everything

My twin pregnancy was my easiest pregnancy :joy:
I delivered at 36.3 to heathy babies. I had my baby A vaginally and completely unmediated (he came out within 30 minutes of getting to the hospital)
They lost my baby B’s heart rate and brain activity so she was an emergency c section born 14 minutes later. But we all went home 34 hours later. They are now 3.5 and I’ve loved every minute of watching their bond develop


I have twin boys, aka “bonus babes” - pregnancy was rough and delivered at 32 weeks. They are now 16, and would never know the were “preemies”. I would do it all over again. Just listen to your body, I didn’t and should’ve been in bed rest (I had 2 other kids I was chasing around), that is the only thing I would change. Best of luck, it’s the best!

I don’t have twins, but I know 2 people who did so I know 2 different ways it could go.
Story 1! Her pregnancy was completely normal, did end up having a c-section but they were both very healthy!! They are 2 now and just perfect.
Story 2! Her pregnancy was completely fine until 26 weeks. Her water broke and she developed HELLP syndrome. They were born and spent 3 months in NICU, but both now are healthy perfect babies!!

My mom had a section early. Both my brothers made it. They are 21 now.

Don’t panic!!! I did, because I’m a realist and pregnancy with two can cause complications. HOWEVER, I had a healthy pregnancy. My advice, try n take it easy! Everything works out, & you were meant to be a twin mom, if god blessed you with 2. My twins, will be 4 months & it definitely gets easier. Try n have a schedule is best advice. Don’t stress on feeding at same time, what helped me was half hour difference between the 2. It’s definitely more work, but also so rewarding. Try and relax and know, it’s a beautiful blessing.

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My pregnancy was perfect up to about 32 weeks, then I started get pre eclampsia and was induced at 36 weeks. I had them both naturally, the birth itself went perfectly, both were 5lbs.
I would recommend getting into a strict routine from the very start. We started at 3 hourly feeds, then by 1 week old moved it to 4 hourly. Everything we did was like clockwork, didn’t matter if they were asleep or not. Both were feed, changed and put down for a sleep together. I found doing this was perfect for me rather than them being up 24/7 dealing with at least one of them.
I would recommend getting in touch with your local multiples group too


It’s amazing. Just keep in mind that about 80% of multiple gestations are delivered by cesarean. Keep an open mind. Your goal is to have two beautiful, healthy littles.


Take more prenatal. Make sure you make all appointment.

My twins are 16 now. Don’t think too hard about it and do what you can to be healthy. There is t much more you can do. I carried to term and wound up having a C because they bottlenecked! Lol

Keep up to date on all your ultrasounds. Theres more for twin pregnancies. Prepare for wearing only flip flops for the last couple of months. Enjoy your pregnancy and relax everything will be fine. The first few month with them will be hard but it gets easier as they hit 1 because they keep themselves entertained and get into less trouble then one baby I found. Goodluck!

My pregnancy with my now almost 15 year old twins was rough. Preterm labor at 28 weeks. Doctors stopped my labor luckily. Spent two weeks in the hospital then rest of pregnancy on bedrest. Gave birth to them at 38 weeks! Doctors were shocked I kept them in so long. My son had a really rough birth but was perfectly healthy after 48 hours.

I have twins…had at 36 weeks 6.5 and 7.8 vaginal and no complications during pregnancy

I had my twins at 38 weeks via csection. Everything was great no complications no nicu no nothing. It also depends on what type of twins you have. I had didi twins so mine was alittle less risky. Once the twins are born get them on a schedule as soon as possible that’s what saved me from going crazy lol. Mine are now 19 months and it’s a crazy yet rewarding journey. There’s nothing better than twins!

My single babies were both early due to pre eclampsia. My twins were full term. They are 9 now

I know someone that had twins…no issues with either baby and they were born at 38 weeks.

I have twins. I had placenta previa that didn’t change then spontaneous placental abruption. Emergency C section at 35 weeks. They spent 8 days in nicu mostly for minor, normal stuff with preemies. 5lbs 6oz and 5lbs 1oz.

My daughter had twins. She did have a C-section because her doctor felt that with multiples it is safer for the second baby. I had never heard that before. Everything was fine.

I have twins. My little boy was only 13month when I gave birth to my twin boys. Came at 32weeks…one did need to go to special care for a bit help with his breathing but we were all home 5days after having them. They’re 4month now and happy little babies. I was petrified when I found out too especially with having a 5month old. But you adapt. Its hard dont get me wrong but when they’re asleep and you look at them both it’s amazing, knowing you’ve carried and gave birth to them both. Good luck and wish you all the happiness :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Key is to not stress!
We’re more medically advanced now and you and babies will be looked after well.
My aunty has 5 kids, 2 of which are boy/girl twins.
She had c section and painful staples!!
Thank god they dont do staples anymore! It’s much nicer for mums nowadays.

I have twins and every thing u hear isn’t true I carried mine till I was 37 w and both was healthy little boys they will be 3 here soon don’t stress and worry bc that will just cause anxiety that u don’t need.and every set of twins are different. Some people say twins are hand fulls but I can say not all twins are mine and another girl ik who had a set are our good kids. You do have to have a c section but recovery isn’t as bad as people say it is.

DONT STRESS it’s your experience make it stress free focus on the positive the more babies the more happiness you’re blessed truly what a magical thing do research online and don’t be afraid to ask your doc any little thing you might want to know everyone experience is different

I am currently pregnant 21 with twins. So cant tell you how the birth went. We are opting for a c section because they are my last so getting fixed as soon as they are out. Just get ready for lots more Drs appointments. I started seeing ultrasound tech at 20 weeks and I will ever month until they are born. Congratulations and best of luck.

Good luck with that!! :joy::joy:

The more you worry and stress, the worse your gonna make it on yourself. Everything will be fine, just don’t overdo anything and eat right, exercise. Keep hydrated. You should be fine. Women have 6 or more babies at a time, I’m sure you can handle two.

Im not a twin mom but carried twins for a couple in China. Keep all appts, address any concerns with your Dr. If they tell you to go on bed rest then do it. I had to be put on bed rest at 28 weeks and have the twins at 36.6 weeks vaginally. They were healthy and left the hospital two days later.

I’ve managed to keep mine alive 14 years. My pregnancy was my very first so I can understand the anxiety. It was super easy for me (other than my personal experience, I had smell sensitivities I didn’t have with my single). My best advice is trust your OB and if you don’t you can always find a new one, don’t hesitate to stand your ground they’re your babies and it’s your body. I had a csection bc my pelvis was too small to deliver my sons. I went 38w6d with 2 normal sized tiny humans in me hehe. Best wishes to you momma Breath you got this!!

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