I just had a preemie. Does any know for babies born at 29 weeks, the survival rate?

My brother’s baby son was 1lb 12oz. He is 25 now ! He was born at Christiania Hospital in Delaware. That was 25 yrs ago. As an Operating Room RN I can tell you we’ve come a long way. Technology today far exceeds 25yrs ago. Speak to your Neonatologist, that’s where all your information should come from so it is accurate, up to minute to minute report and unique to your baby. God bless your baby, you and your family.

I had my daughter at 28 weeks. She was 2 lbs. She is 27 and a music teacher. No health issues.

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Oh honey, only God knows that! Don’t put yourself through this agony. Have faith and enjoy your sweet sweet baby! My brothers twins were born way too early, one was 3 lbs and the other was 1 and a half pounds they are 42.

I’m 26 and I’m a micro preemie I was 1 pound 5 oz and my fiancé is also a micro preemie he was also 1 pound 8 oz and he is 32 :heart: don’t worry you’re baby is a survivor


My 20 yr old granddaughter was born at 28 weeks 2 lbs 5 Oz 14” NICU nurses said they love 2 lb babies. 67 days in NICU. 6 months on oxygen but she’s fine and healthy. Now a senior in college.

I had 3 preemies and all are with me today my oldest 47 and my twin girls 44 I carried them 7 months all 3 and not one problem from birth. All 3 healthy and always have been. That was when there weren’t much you could do for premature babies. So now is even better luck for them.

That percentage is high. I have twins, 2 pounders, one had heart surgery at 1pound 9 ounces… outside of that they are perfectly healthy and were out of the NICU in less than 2 months. They are sassy 14 year olds now… Good Luck Mamma

I have a daughter born at 32 weeks, they gave her a 50/50 chance and she’s fixing to turn 10.

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I was born at 28 weeks, 34 years ago and survived. Modern medicine and technology has come a long way since then, too! Praying for your little one!


Granddaughter was born at 2 lb 6 oz…she’s 13 now. Healthy. Put it in God’s hands. Prayers for you and your baby.

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My granddaughter was born at 30 weeks. She weighed 2 pounds, 2 ounces. She is now almost 10 years old and doing great.

I would say odds r good. I was born 2 months early and weighed 2 pounds 12 ounces and now im 37 years old. I’ll be praying for u both.

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First of all, congratulations!! Babies are such blessings! My nephew was born at 23 weeks. He weighed 1lb. He is now 14 years old! Every baby is different and has different needs. There will be good days and bad. Hang in there! I will keep you and baby in my prayers. :heart:

I know someone who had a premie at 30 weeks and he is 19 now. he spent a few weeks in the nicu with no hope but he was like nope nope and nope. He fought like a champ. We all prayed and gave it to God and let and behold he is as healthy as healthy can get at 19. He is studying to be a ems and loves life and relies on God to get him through

My niece and nephew were born 29 and 24 weeks premature. They are both alive and thriving. Keep your head up. Sending positive vibes and prayers

My nephews were both born at 29 weeks. They had small brain bleeds that resolved themselves. They are now 16 and 13 and healthy!

My granddaughter was born at 29 weeks and weighed 1 pound and 10 ounces and she is doing great. She was due in March and born in December. She had to stay in the nicu until her due date

My really good friend just had a baby at 30 weeks and he’s doing great!

My son was born at 26 weeks and he is 17. He was just under 2 lbs and 12 inches long.

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My cousins son was born very early as well, he was only a couple of pounds when he was born and he’s about to turn 15 years old this summer and he’s as healthy and smart and handsome as can be!!! Robert Rudy how many weeks was kamden when he was born?? Sending you both lots of love and prayers :heart::pray::heart::pray:

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My grandkids, twins, were born at 29 weeks. Both weighed a little under 3 lbs. They are now 19 and healthy.

My twin and I born at seven and a half months very underweight underdeveloped and we’re both grown children and families of our own

My brother was preemie and slept in a shoe box…hes 44…


My granddaughter was born at 27 1/2 weeks in 2011… she was born on tax day and was released from the NICU on Memorial Day. She only weighed 2 lbs 12 Oz and was only 15 inches long. Very petite bundle. So last month she celebrated her 10th birthday. She is 10 and she wears a size 7 dress. Petite. Plus I haven’t seen her since Christmas of 2018. Due to illness and Covid I have not seen her since then. She will be our only grandchildren so this is just heartbreaking. Hope to see her this coming Christmas.

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My Grandson was born 29 weeks ang he weight 4 pounds 6 ounces he only stayed incubator for 1 week. He is a healthy 4 year old now and very smart and Active.

My son was born 28 weeks know he’s 18 and a monster boy it’s rough at first he had it rough for about a year but is doing great know

My son was 26 weeks and 3 days gestation when I had him. He weighed 2.2 lbs., was in the hospital for almost 3 months at birth. Contracted spinal meningitis 1 month after leaving the hospital, had another month stay in the PICU. Was a very scary time for us! He will be 12 in October, and is the smartest, funniest, most loving kid there is! Prayers for you and your baby, I absolutely know what you’re going through!

Very good my son was born at 29 weeks he is healthy 19 year old baseball and football star I’m high school put baby in God’s hands

I know a boy born at 25 weeks. He’s doing great!

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I was born at 1lb 7 3/4 oz in 1986 and I just turned 35. Prayer works wonders.

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Daughter was 3 months early weighing 1pound 12 oz. She is 19 now. Please look up Haven Smith / Mandi Smith . Haven was a micro premiee . As a mom to 2 preemies I understand you need hope.


My granddaughter was 30 weeks, she did great even tho she was in the Nicu for 4 weeks. She is a thriving 6 year old now!

Pretty good odds. Hope all goes well for your baby. Over 24 weeks are good chances of survival with the right care. My youngest sister was born at 24 weeks in 1954 when they did not have the knowledge and treatments they had today and she did fine. She only needed oxygen for 24 hours and was breathing on her own. She came home at 4 1/2 pounds. Totally normal. God bless!

My son born 2 months and 2 weeks premature don’t know weeks will be celebrating his 44th birthday was in NICU one month not in incubator on table with some oxygen he weighed just a little over 3 pounds I would have to say that was a long time ago and they have learned many things to keep infants alive and well that are born so very small your baby will be fine and grow up and be very proud parents

One of my babies was born in November due in February she weighed 2lbs 9ozs she is now 33 years old and doing great praying for you and your baby

I had a baby born at 28 weeks in 1979. She was underweight and was on a vent for a few weeks. She came home at 4 lb 1 oz a few months after birth. She is now 42 years old and healthy.

It depends on their health at birth but I have a 26 year old daughter who was born at barely 30 weeks who works a full time job and graduated high school with honors and I know things have advanced since then.


My son was born at 32 weeks and weighed 3lns 7oz and was in the NICU for 33 days! It’s a long road with ups and downs but be sure to talk to everyone involved in your baby’s care! I started a journal and wrote down EVERYTHING day to day! Current situations, meds, milestones reached, nurses names, my feelings etc!! It was my out and how I dealt with it! I continued that until my son was 2! I have 3 journals!! He is now 4 and is as healthy as can be and doing perfect!!! Prayers to you!

They are better now than they were I’ve had two babies both preemie 124 weeks and the other one28 weeks 1 lb. 8 oz. 1 lb. 14 oz. both girls they say they’re strongerBoth of them are fine

My cousin was barely over a pound, he is 41 now. Technology has come a long ways since he was born. Sending prayers for you & your precious one. Congratulations!

My oldest was born at 27 weeks 1lb and 7 oz. She spent four months in the nicu, and was sent to a bigger Nicu. She is now 18 and graduating high school.

Niece and nephew born at 28 weeks and they are beautiful thriving 6 year olds!

My youngest daughter was born at 27 weeks and is now 5’11” and 40 years old.

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My BFF for 65 years was born a preemy and we both are still kicking it. She is only 4 foot, 11 and I am 5 ft. 6. She has 2 grown boys and I have 3. So just love that preemy and enjoy the experience.

There’s lots of hope. Our sweet great niece was born at 24 weeks. She is now just over two years old and striving.

My son was 26 weeks. He’s now a veteran , a father and a life saving emt. There have been so many advances since he was born. These little babies fight hard.

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My twins were born at 26 weeks. They usually stay in the hospital until their due date. It’s a up and down emotional roller coaster, but the odds are in your favor. This is also not taking in account any other health issues the baby has other than being premature

A friend of mine has triplets born at 29 weeks each weighing between 1-2 lbs. All 3 are graduating high school this month.

Another friend has a baby born before 29 weeks LAST SUMMER amid this pandemic… She was born with a mirade of medical issues…
Her survival was very iffy. But she is home from NICU, and while there are bumps in the road, she is growing and hitting adjusted milestones.

Wishing you the best of luck.

My cousin had a baby Dec 19, 2020, 1 lb 12oz, at 27 weeks. She just came home last Thursday, 8 lbs 12oz, after 130 days in the NICU.

My daughter was born at 28 weeks and is 10 years old. We spent some time in and out of the hospital but she is good now

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Prayers for your little one
My nephew was born at 24 weeks and is now 28 years old

My daughter was born at 27 weeks, weighing 1lb 14 ounces. She is now 32. She had 5 surgeries before the age of 4 and spent 3 months in the NICU and came home weighing 5lbs 3 ounces.

My grandson was born at 32 weeks and he’s and intelligent robust 19 year old college student

NICU nurse here. Odds are in your favor as long as cares for properly. Concerning feedings make it either your breast milk or donor breast milk for best possible outcome.

Grandson born 3lbs and is healthy 9 years old now

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My youngest daughter was born at 27 weeks and weighed 1 lb 12 oz and she will be 17 in July

My granddaughter was born 25 weeks 1lb lungs developed no health issues she’s 2 almost 3
They are fighters prayers :pray:

My son was a preemie in 1958 at 6 to 6 1/2 months. Still doing fine

My oldest son born at 28 weeks (56 yrs ago) !! Now 6’1 “ 180#. Auto immune concerns first couple years, received monthly gamma globulin injections and has excelled in life. We have been blessed.

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My twins were born 8-10 weeks earlier and were only 3 lbs they are 39 now and healthy

My grandson was born at 30 weeks. He’s now 26 years old and is 6’ 3"

My 29 week premie just turned 21 two months ago. Those NICU nurses are a special bunch. We spent 10 weeks there.

I have a baby born at 25 weeks he is now 22 years old.

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We have triplets that survived at 29 weeks. There 4 now and healthy. Prayers :heart:

I had a 26 weeker weight 3lbs 1oz. She just turned 40 with 3 kids of her own.

Survival rate is better today then ever. I was 3 months early weighed 3 pounds 10 ounces. I’m now 35 with 3 kids of my own…

My son was born at 30 weeks and stayed in the NICU for 8 weeks. He is now a healthy 19 year old with no health issues!

Mine were born at 31 weeks weighing 3lbs. They are now 12 and succeed at everything they do. Prayers!!:pray::heart:

Babies have a really good chance at 29 weeks! Congrats, it’ll be a roller coaster but you’ll get through it. Soak up the moments you have!

My daughter was a 30 week baby but she is now 21 and a Med student… I think she is doing GREAT.

When was born in 1989 and the other one was born in 2004 both were very different experiences I lost many babies in between all I can say is if it came out alive you’re way ahead of the game girlfriend Do you have any questions feel free to message me or reply to this message my thoughts and prayers are with you honey

I know two people who had their babies before 22 weeks and both survived and are doing well years later. I’m sure your baby will be just fine! Praying for y’all!

Our Baby Boy 3 months early to date. Yes So Many Prayers and in Nic U for 2 1/2 months. He came home on food tube and many drugs… 17 now and Smart as Ever. He was months behind in skill development. After 2 years he caught up on Activities.

My daughter was born at 29 weeks , 2 lbs, and she’s a happy healthy 10 year old now.

Don’t think about what the odds are and pray and visit and talk to them my son was 7 weeks early now a tall 27 year old

I had a 29 weekend. He just turned 2 and is doing great!

My friend had twins at 26 weeks and both are healthy at 6 years old.

Fairly good, depending on why it was born early, Mom’s history, all of the baby’s diagnoses. Hopefully the baby will receive surfactant and be placed on BCPAP fairly quickly. Plan on discharge to home at 40 weeks. Breast milk is best.

Are you really serious about asking people on Facebook about your child’s survival rate? What you should be doing is pouring every ounce of love you have into your child and even maybe saying prayers for the life that you have give!

My husband right next to me!! They do! And he is a Navy Veteran too!

My nephew was born around that and is in his mid 20s now! Thoughts and prayers to you

Not sure on stats but my youngest was born at 29 wks and 4 days gestation and is now a happy go lucky almost 9 yr old

2 of my nephews were born at around 22-26 weeks and now one is 14 and the other is 11.

My daughter was born at 28 weeks and will 17 this year!

My granddaughter was born at 26 weeks. She just graduated from nursing school and got married last weekend.

My day was born at end of 30 week 4 lbs and now is 25

My son was born 28 weeks and that was 33 years ago, he is fine, had to spend over 2 months in hospital. I am sure the survival rate is a lot higher now because of medical advances since then. Best of Luck! Congrats.

My nephew was born at 21 weeks, at 1 lb 4 oz. He turned 5 in March

I have known several preemies as little as a pound in something, and they are a strong surviving grown-up etc. I was told they’re usually smaller the first year than they catch up with their counterparts.

Watch for bloating of the belly, formula and even breast milk can give them NEC. I am a mother who didn’t know before it was too late.

The NIC U is an amazing place. Full of very experienced people. Trust in the Lord. I know lots of families who had preemies who survived. Let your baby know that you are there too.

My middle child was born 10.5 weeks early. She is now 8 and you can’t even tell she was born so early. Doctors say one thing but each preemie is different. Hang in there.

I had a 30 weekend 16 years ago and he’s healthy

Mine son was born at 29 wks is a healthy 12 year old

My nephew was 23 weeks. Weighed 1.66. He is now approaching 8. He is as inert as ever

Mine was born at 28 weeks, he is 28 now, do everything they tell you. Bless you and your newborn

Just curious, why haven’t you asked the pediatrician this question? Every child is different.

My son was born 27 weeks 2lbs 6oz. Today hes 13 and you would never know he was preemie.

My son who is 30 was born at 26 weeks. He did end up having Cerebral palsy and mild mental retardation. He lives in a group home with wonderful care givers.

With modern medicine infant mortality rate is better than ever.

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