I keep forgetting to take my pre-nantals: Advice?

So lately. I haven’t been taking my prenatal. I’m just concerned if it’s going to affect my baby’s health. I know it’s essential. But with my first child, I did take them due to my iron. But now with my second. I forgot every time. And when I remember to take them. It will be when. I have to take my medication. Or when I see them in front of me. And it like almost every other day or sometimes I skip like a week. I have been eating healthy. No sugars. Caffeine like I would with my first. It’s all naturals. How can I keep up with my prenatals. I even set an alarm. But when I turn it off I just forget to take it. I’m currently 22 weeks.


Keep them next to the bed / couch with a bottle of water

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Put them on the table or somewhere you will see them everyday I put a note on the fridge

Maybe get an older alarm clock and set you prenatals on top of it, so you have to move them so you can turn off the alarm.

Putting them somewhere you visit frequently like on top of the refrigerator. Try taking them with your breakfast first thing every morning.

Set an alarm on your phone. That’s what I did with all 4 of my pregnancies

I get rare kidney stones when I get pregnant and my doctor told me it might be due to prenatals and she told me that I don’t have to take them as long as I’m not eating potato chips and soda everyday you have a decent diet that they are mainly if you have a poor diet and not enough vitamins for you and baby but if you still think it’s affecting the baby’s health try baby booster it’s a smoothie protein powder that has prenatal vitamins and is a filling breakfast as well if that’s something your interested in

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You’ll be fine… I didn’t take any till I was 7 months with my last one she was over 8lbs an healthy!!

Probably gonna get crap, but I took them hit or miss with my last pregnancy. Before that I took Flintstone gummy vitamins as prenatals for my previous 3 pregnancies. I couldnt stomach the regular ones. All of my kids are healthy as can be. I have a horrible memory when it comes to pills.

Well I can tell you have the baby’s best interest huh.

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Set an alarm or take them every night before bed and have them on your dresser or nightstand so you literally can’t forget? Prenatals are so important. It doesn’t matter how healthy your diet is. Your baby needs all those vitamins and nutrients.

Put them by your toothbrush

Put them by your toothbrush

I just always took them with breakfast. If you make it a habit it’s easier.

I haven’t took them with my youngest and she came out healthy

I have 4 kids. I never took any. I tried a few and that was the only thing that made me puke

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I didn’t take them for either of my pregnancies … kids came normal Ave weight/length … on time. As long as you have a balanced and healthy diet … talk ur dr abt it

Get a pillbox put it where u see it and take before you do anything else

I was faithful to my prenatals, didn’t eat lunch meat, etc. with my oldest and he was healthy, but still ended up having different issues (delays, autism) and with my youngest, I couldn’t take prenatals and he came out as chill as a cucumber, healthy pregnancy, etc. Try remember taking them when you eat or by your bed.

Pregnancy brain happens don’t worry, as stated if you are eating healthy you’ll be ok. Put the pill bottle in the glass cupboard so in the morning when you get water it’ll be right there.

Set an alarm on your phone to go off everyday to remind you. Thats what i had to do. Babies need the folic acid and iron in the prenatal for good development.

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I get sick with every prenatal so I never took them I’m on my 4th pregnancy and my kids have been fine. I just took an iron pill if it was low.

I didn’t take any when I was pregnant with my daughter because they made me more sick. And she came out perfectly healthy! :heart:

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I never took them with any of my kids…

You should definitely be taking them!

I forgot a lot with my 2nd… he’s fine… I’m almost 15 weeks with my third and still forget some days… I have them on the counter next to the fridge where I’m most likely to see them every day. Next to my kids daily vits and my dogs vits… so with all of us taking them it helps me remember too!

I have one of those pill boxes and put it next to my electric kettle because I drink tea every morning and I have one next to my toothbrush for the ones I take at night

Try putting them where you’re toothbrush is. When you go to brush you’re teeth, pop a pill. Lol :woman_shrugging:t3:

They made me sick and I couldn’t take them amd both my kids was just find

I couldn’t take them with either of my 3 kids. I had to do the flint-stone gummy’s as a fill in and recommended by my doctor. As long as you’re getting some kind of vitamin it should be just fine.

The fact that you’re setting an alarm and still not taking them just tells me that you don’t want to. At the very least you should try an over the counter vitamin.

Goodness I always forge t to take them. My doctor said they’re more for me and my health than they are for baby.

I’m pretty sure most pregnant women don’t even take them. I mean honestly probably at least half if not more.

I stopped taking mine at 8 weeks, I just kept forgetting. She’s fine at 10 months :woman_shrugging:t2:

I wasn’t able to take them with both of my pregnancies. I had hyperemesis gravidarum and prenatals made it worse. Both of my kids are healthy and had no complications as a result of not taking them.


Tbh my kids were all born health no issues and I took my prenatal half the time

They’re not essential. I mean sure they help, but you’ll be fine without them. But if you set an alarm and still don’t take it, that’s just you being lazy about it :woman_shrugging:t4:

Put them in a ring bowl next to your toothbrush. Take gummy ones. You eat them, then brush.

I couldn’t take any with my second. The baby should be just fine.

I didn’t take them with all 4 of my kids because they made me sick. I was highly anemic and just took iron. All my kiddos were born healthy.

My dr told me once that “Pretty sure cavemen didn’t take a daily prenatal yet here we are” when I was pregnant with my first. Hardly took any with my second and didn’t bother to buy any with the third.

I take mine with my other meds. I put them all together and in the same place. My boyfriend also helps me keep track of them. I didn’t take them like I should have with my first, but the issues he has aren’t from lack of taking them. Take them when you remember to. Good luck, Mama!

Get in the habit of taking them when you put your deodorant on. That’s the one thing that people don’t forget to do!

I was nauseous for like the first 5 months with both my kids. I tried choking those horse pills down but sometimes they’d come right back up. My doctor just told me to get those vitamins in other ways. My kids are 6 and 3 and just fine.

I stopped taking them in my second trimester.

I make it part of my toothbrushing routine and put it right next to the toothpaste which I see every day

I dont take prenatals. I take folic acid and fish oil.

if you are concerned about taking them use that alarm or reminder but DONT shut it off or mark it completed UNTIL you take them. i’m on heart meds and this is the only way i have been keeping up with them. i’m not used to taking meds daily so it’s taking some getting used too. i just set a reminder telling me which one to take and i don’t take it off my screen until i have physically taken it

With my 15 year old I took them daily!
With my 11 year old & my 9 year old I took them when I remembered…
With my 4 year old & my 2 year old I didn’t take any at all cuz they made me have horrible burps & made me super nauseous! I honestly don’t think they make much difference (I could be wrong) but all my kids were healthy!
If you want to actually take them daily I’d set some type of reminder or set them next to something that you pick up daily like your phone, car keys or purse!

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I was the same my first pregnancy,this pregnancy which is my 2nd,I haven’t taken any the entire time. As long as your levels are fine and your dr doesn’t see any issues with your levels,you’ll be just fine.

I take mine right before I go to bed before I brush my teeth. The bottle is on the bathroom sink next to the toothpaste so I can’t forget

I never really took them. They are more for mom than baby cause baby just sucks all the nutrients put of you. It will get what it needs. Prenatal ate there to give you mama the extra nutrients babe takes from you.


Got pregnant in 1995 and could not take them. They made me nauseous. My son is now 25 and no ill effects from me Not taking them.

I had to take mine before bed or they would come right back up

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I never took a prenatal. Ever. I took a flintstone vitamin-if and when I remembered.

4 perfectly healthy babies. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I didn’t take them at all and mine turned out healthy

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Sounds like take them if you want to

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Just try to add it to something you already do every day. Like put them next to your hairbrush or on the counter near the refrigerator so you see them first thing and remember to take them.

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I was like this with my third baby I always forgot to take them with him! He came out fine but now with my fourth baby that I’m pregnant with now, I’ve been doing really good with taking them because I take pills at night to help with my nausea so I put them next to my pills at night and take them then! It doesn’t matter when you take them in the day just as long as you’re getting them! This just seems to help me a lot!

I put them in the cupboard with the cups and plates so when I set the table I saw them and took them.

Girl I didn’t take them for both pregnancies & I had two healthy babies.

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Prenatal are more for the mother since yours will be depleted. Honestly the only real essissiental for the baby is the folic acid that helps with the baby’s brain but that I took separate anyways

Put the prenatal bottle ontop of your phone when you go to bed then when you wake up you have to acknowledge it before you can touch your phone then pop that sucker in your mouth

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Im the same way well I did really really great till like 20 weeks and I take seizure meds that could have gave my son a cleft palate and the folic acid or something prevents that so I was strict about taking them then when I seen my ultrasound and seen everything was perfect I started slipping on them I did this with my last kid as well then with my first two I wasn’t on any meds so I really didn’t do my prenatals at all cuz I got so sick with them but all my kids were born healthy but you should still take them as much as you can a remember because it doesn’t only help the baby it helps you cuz the baby takes all your nutrients away and Im telling myself this too lol but don’t worry yourself too much or beat yourself up too much about it

I didn’t take mine most of the time and she’s steller they were making me sick

I was the same way with all my pregnancies now I set an alarm for right after dinner and make sure I take it.

Women gave birth to healthy babies for centuries without taking vitamins, as long as you eat healthy there shouldn’t be a problem.

I pop 2 of the gummies right when I get out of bed just to be sure I remember to take them. It really just helps replenish the nutrients your body is providing the baby but I didn’t take prenatals with my last baby besides in the beginning because I was so sick, baby will be fine!

Set an alarm on ur phone

put the bottle on your nightstand beside your bed and take them right then when you go to bed

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Leave them in the open and you’ll be reminded to take them

Put them by your tooth brush that way when you brush your teeth weather be morning or night there they are

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Honestly tho. I never took mine coz they always made me so sick all 5 of mine came out fine…no issues

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Put them somewhere you spend a lot of time.

I didn’t take any after the first 2 or 3 months of my pregnancy. They made me sick. My baby boy is 3 weeks old and absolutely healthy

Put them beside your tooth brush

My midwife said “sometimes is better than not at all”


Do you brush your teeth every day? Put the bottle beside your toothbrush.

I take mine at night before bed.i always bring a big glass of water to bed, so I put them right next to my water.works for me.

I did not any Prenatal vitamins because it made me sick and my kid will be 18 and he’s all good


My prenatal made me puke…no matter what kind I took…so I just ate extremely healthy, and my baby came out just fine.

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It’s not really a big deal. Many healthy babies are born every year without their mothers taking their prenatal vitamins. Baby will be fine. You can set an alarm on your phone to remind you. That way you won’t feel guilty.

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I take my meds at night and have them by the bed.

I took it with everything I had to take for the day and put them in daily pill thing. I had to take quite a few extra vitamins so it was imperative to make sure I took them.

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You’ll be fine and so will baby just make sure you’re eating a healthy diet and your fruit and veggies!

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I always put mine somewhere I leave something I use often like my keys or phone

I never took prenatal vitamins even when I was pregnant with twins.

I put them in my bathroom and take one before bed after I wash my face and brush my teeth. They used to make me sick but I take ones without fish oil which helps and sleep through any discomfort they cause

I took them for like a month with each of my 2 kids…but that was it…one is 9 and the other is 3. Everything will be fine.

I used to get sick with them if I hadn’t eaten yet so i would keep them in the kitchen so when I ate I would see them and remember. Most will say it’s okay if you don’t take them and they are right, but if you CAN take them do so.

You stressing about not taking them is probably worse lol personally I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s not something you have to take!

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I ditched mine somewhere along the way , my kids perfect. Just have a healthy diet. For yourself and the babes.

It can also effect your health. Your baby needs a heathy momma as well as being healthy themselves your body will take what it needs for the baby and it might not be enough anyway. I say this out of experience

Meds I have to take daily and forget about I stick by my coffee mugs … Im looking at the coffee every morning. Lol

I couldn’t take prenatal with my first, I would puke them up every time and was actually causing me to lose more nutrients. Just eat healthy and try to take them when you do remember. Set them somewhere obvious that you use daily and leave a bottle of water with it so that when you notice them you can take it immediately. Don’t stress about missing some days, baby will be fine.

I took them because I was so sick when I was pregnant that I needed the extra vitamins. Sick 24-7

I had HG with my pregnancy and I couldn’t stomach my prenatal. My son is fine

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I don’t take mine at all. They continuously made me sick. So I quit them completely. Haven’t taken them since I was 13weeks pregnant. Baby is perfectly healthy and so am I. You don’t HAVE to take them, what did women do before modern medicine? They didn’t have the luxury of prenatals. Unless they are needed for your iron like with your first pregnancy, then you’ll be okay. Your body knows what to do; it’s pretty much prepared for this since puberty. Don’t stress about it too much mama.


I’m terrible with taking mine too. If you’re taking other meds do it at the same time. That’ll help with a routine.

I set an alarm on my phone

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Don’t worry too much, I honestly stopped half way through because they made me feel gross