I’m Torn on What to Do

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"I found out about something’s my husband has done, being on dating sites and exchanged messages with other women about meeting up for example. This obviously is not okay with me. I am now torn on what to do. I don’t want to ruin Christmas for my boys by doing anything prior to the holiday so I guess my question is, do I say something to him now about knowing or wait until after the holidays? Along with not wanting to mess up Christmas, I would like to be financially in a place where I can simply just leave with the boys once bring it up, however I’m not sure I can act normal until then. Has anyone been through something similar and can share some advice?"

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"As long as you and your kiddos aren’t in imminent danger, keep what you know to yourself for now and plan an exit strategy."

"If you truly don’t want to work things out then get yourself financially set up so if he does take you to court you will be protected."

"Get your financial ducks in a row - then let him have it!"

"Let your boys celebrate their Christmas then while waiting, gather more evidence and investigate."

"Loose lips sink ships…say nothing for now. If need more reassurance make a fake account and play along…screenshot everything. Save money…plan your exit…when the time is right…youll know. And lastly he will too…"

"Do something about the money BEFORE you open that discussion."

"Try to get something behind you, just start preparing to leave once a cheat always a cheat"

"Save all the info keep getting evidence of affairs for the lawyers your hubby will be back living with his mother in no time and you won’t have to go anywhere"

"Take screenshots of everything. Put aside as much money as you can! Get referrals and meet with a few attorneys for free consultations."

"Every time you get groceries pull an extra $20$40$60 out an stock pile it somewhere safe. Gather all your financial documents, important paperwork, etc an tuck them away. Better to be prepared for the inevitable then not"

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