I need advice from women with PCOS

I’d like to hear from other women that struggle with PCOS. I know that it affects all women differently. For me, I’ve had struggles with fertility and having a normal cycle. Here is another struggle that I think could be caused by my PCOS. I have a very low sex drive. If my partner doesn’t initiate it, we’d likely never have sex because I don’t care to. I absolutely adore him and being attracted to him is unquestionable. Once we’re started, there’s no issue, I just don’t care to initiate it and I know that it makes him feel that I’m not attracted to him or that he doesn’t turn me on and I don’t want him to feel that way. Could PCOS be the cause behind this? Of course, I know that I should talk to my doctor about this. I have an appointment coming up and could mention it but I just feel so uncomfortable/ embarrassed talking to a random man about this and almost ashamed to even have to mention it. And even if I have a hormonal imbalance and there’s medication that I could take, I’m breastfeeding and would possibly have to hold off until I’m done. So I’m just looking for advice from someone that has been in a similar situation and if there’s anything you did that helped, without medication. Thanks in advance.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I need advice from women with PCOS

I’ve been recently diagnosed with PCOS but I am the opposite, very hypersexual. I can’t speak for everyone however! If you’re on any medications that could affect your sex drive like antidepressants, anxiety medication that sort of thing.

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I took Provera to get my cycle…always tracked it on an app…was not always accurate but as long as I got it monthly I was happy…I dont ovulate so 2020 when I was ready for a baby I eventually took Femara to conceive N 3 months later it worked…I struggled with pcos since age of 13

I was diagnosed when I was 14 because of irregular periods and other common symptoms. As difficult as it is to stay on track, I really find that my diet helps a lot. Getting my water intake and I also take prenatal vitamins. I’m also on birth control, Sprintec, and it took me awhile to find one that works for me, but it definitely helps. I also struggle with low energy, and I’ve found that a B12 supplement helps with that. I just wanted to mention the medications in case that’s a route you decide to take after you’re done breastfeeding. And I’d definitely talk to my doctor! I know it’s difficult, I have a female OB/gyn and it was still difficult but she has been an absolute blessing. I switched to her after my primary care physician refused to treat me because I was “too young to have these symptoms, PCOS or a hormonal imbalance”
This probably sounds bad, but I feel like a lot of male doctors can be insensitive to these problems, mine definitely was, and switching doctors finally got me the help I needed.
Good luck!

Look up The Women’s Dietitian on Instagram or Facebook. I have pcos and I’ve learned so much from her that has helped me on my journey !

Seed cycling is a natural way to help us cope with pcos!

I think my lovely it might be the fact you are breast feeding ATM your body will only recognise the need to feed your wonderful baby. Forget about getting it on for now and just enjoy the young times with your little one I’m sure you other half would understand I had exactly what you had Nd I was more or less the same but defo mention it nothing to be ashamed of x

I was diagnosed with pcos back in 2018 and my testosterone levels were of an 18 year old male. Sex drive has been an issue for me but also has to do with self esteem ( body weight and facial hair) I was told that my female parts had endured to much damage and I couldn’t get pregnant again. I was taking estrogen pills for 3 months to try to stop the facial hair growth and it ended up messing me up mentally bad so I stopped. Reconnected with my first love and wouldn’t you know it that after being together for alittle over 3 months ( and 1900 miles apart) I ended up conceiving :woman_facepalming::rofl: currently 37 weeks and still low to no sex drive. I’ve been completely open with my partner about it and we have been working through it. Pcos effects everyone differently as there are mild effects and severe effects. If you feel it’s becoming an issue, talk to your doctor on what you can do to try and boost sex drive

I don’t have PCOS but I do have a thyroid condition, hashimotos. It does affect my hormones just without the ovarian cysts… and yes it can cause a low sex drive. Mine is opposite though. Talk to your Dr. You may need to change your medicine.

PCOS Support Girl is great and follow her quite regularly. I have pcos and have been trying to manage it for a few years. I get excessive weight, hair growth and dark patches of skin (neck and armpits.) Recently got married so not sure what I’m like on the fertility side of things but it’s best to listen to your body because everyones different! Lots of help out there if you need it x

I have pcos and endo, I was told I’d never have children. I have two. Sex drive though I’d go for ever without as it just doesn’t interest me. I also love my partner and find him attractive. I just don’t have it x

Pcos is horrible horrible and surprisingly no one is finding a medication to fix it.
Im taking 3 different medications and it’s been 5yrs and im fat, ugly and lost my beautiful thick hair, i have weird rolls and i hate everyone. Besides being tired and sleepy and I developed joint pain all over my body
I tried diet, herbal supplements but nothing really helps.

I don’t really wants kids, i just want to feel normal again
This pcos is worst than cancer

Emily Buckingham not too sure if you can help lovely xxx

Yes girl it could be related to variations in your hormone levels. Talk to your GYN or RE


Get some natural estrogen cream and talk to your doctor

Yes pcos could be the cause but so might the breastfeeding I wouldnt worry to much until ur 6mos from stopping breastfeeding even then it takes 2 yrs at least for hormones to level back out after having a baby idk what breastfeeding does to that number either way I think ur stuck till ur done breastfeeding u cant really start messing with ur hormones well nursing it would screw up nursing

Can’t advice on the pcos front but I breast fed exclusively for 6 months then weaned off for a month and only got my sex drive back I started weaning my LG off x

Yes, it absolutely can be the cause behind a low sex drive. I struggled with infertility for 6.5 years and finally had twins after 10 failed attempts of artificial insemination, and one positive IVF. Maybe make it a mind over body matter?

I was diagnosed 11 years ago at 17. It varies per woman. Women with PCOS often have too high androgen levels. Which can throw a woman’s hormones out of whack and cause low libido and low sexual satisfaction. Some women wont experience it, but others will. Same thing with the hair growth, irregular menstrual cycle, fertility, ect. Anti-androgens block the effects of androgens, and can help improve PCOS symptoms, such as excess facial and body hair, sex drive and acne. Ex: spironolactone, flutamide, cyproterone acetate and finasteride. Not sure how safe while breastfeeding though, but it wouldn’t hurt to look into it! Best of luck!

I have pcos and I’m the opposite, can’t get enough.

I have extremely irregular periods, no ovulation, hirsutism, dark patches around the neck, I’m extremely overweight, insomnia, sleep apnea… the list goes on. Have been trying for a baby for 7 years.

It’ll be your hormones but I would suggest you speak to the doctor even though it’s a bit uncomfortable but at the end of the day that’s what they’re paid to do and it’ll never be fixed unless you say something. My sex drive isn’t affect but it does go down the drain when I’m on my antidepressants so if you’re having any other meds it could be that?

I was diagnosed at 16 with PCOS. I have always had a high sex drive but within the last year I was diagnosed with endometriosis and my sex drive has went down hill. Breastfeeding could def be the cause of you not wanting it. But talk to your Dr. As everyone has stated, every female is different